Athlete Entries

6th & under Boys 3,000 Meter Run 220 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Nichols, Garrett Trinity Christian Academy
Sykes, Eli Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Dick, Jesse Liberty Elementary School
Harston, James Dunn Elementary
Sears, Wade Oldham County Homeschool Element
Kirk, Kenneth Grant County
Wells, Jay Woodford County
Kyde, Brady Liberty Elementary School
Folks, Grayson Dunn Elementary
Hobbs, Holden Rosa Parks Elementary
Hernandez, Carlos Woodford County
Doyle, Paul Oldham County Middle School
Arnold, Myles Beaumont Middle School
Seward, Dade Elkhorn Middle School
Cameron, Will Dunn Elementary
Phillippe, Nash Trinity Christian Academy
Gupta, Ekansh Rosa Parks Elementary
Beardsley, Boothe Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Crase, Logan Liberty Elementary School
Breetz, Kaleab Dunn Elementary
Mattingly, Ian Grant County
Benns, Sebastian Dunn Elementary
Nomura, Kota Rosa Parks Elementary
Banks, Gavin Woodford County
Bailey, Tucker Oldham County Middle School
Amstutz, William Beaumont Middle School
Alvis, Ryder Elkhorn Middle School
Hancock, Houston Second Street Elementary School
David, Thomas Dunn Elementary
Lumley, Preston Saints Peter and Paul School
Fishback, Teddy Dunn Elementary
Schulcz, Kurt Grant County
Crowley, Aaden Trinity Christian Academy
George, Aaron Rosa Parks Elementary
Thompson, Nicholas Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Blakeney, Kade Oldham County Middle School
Barlow, John Paul Classics Home School
Ramsey, Bo Liberty Elementary School
Godthaab, Graham Dunn Elementary
Moseley, Tommy Rosa Parks Elementary
Logsdon, Silas Woodford County
Flannery, Thomas Trinity Christian Academy
Krohmer, Owen Rosa Parks Elementary
Costa, Tyler Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Rathbun, Andrew Saints Peter and Paul School
Gardner, Gavin Dunn Elementary
Frazier, Eli Christian Academy Middle School
Franks, Jaxon Grant County
Robison, Caleb Oldham County Middle School
Franklin, Tucker Classics Home School
Capellan, Luis Liberty Elementary School
Cleary, Cole Dunn Elementary
Suzuki, Go Rosa Parks Elementary
Gresham, Nate Woodford County
Gratto, Everett Dunn Elementary
Chappell, Lee Rosa Parks Elementary
Dixon, Maximus Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Hoskins, Asher Redwood Cooperative Elementary S
Porter, Eli Portland Christian
Moringiello, Theo Saints Peter and Paul School
Hoekstra, Everett Dunn Elementary
Taylor, Ayden Christian Academy Middle School
Powers, Andrew Grant County
Perpich, Ethan Dunn Elementary
Nida Jr, Randall Rosa Parks Elementary
Cummins, Will Woodford County
Elmore, Foster Oldham County Middle School
Hisel, Henry Classics Home School
Krantz, Connor Liberty Elementary School
Carter, Amarion Dunn Elementary
Borders, George Rosa Parks Elementary
Voss, Hank Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Hoyer, Micah Portland Christian
Bailey, Hunter Oldham County Middle School
Rusing, Alex Beaumont Middle School
Ingle, Holman Saints Peter and Paul School
Brooker, Luke Dunn Elementary
Gibson, Gavin Christian Academy Middle School
Park, Asa Liberty Elementary School
Dierking, Will Dunn Elementary
Vaish, Shiva Rosa Parks Elementary
Butler, Luke Woodford County
Duerson, Walker Classics Home School
Guillaume, Carter Liberty Elementary School
Hollister, Eli Dunn Elementary
Morgan, Clayton Rosa Parks Elementary
Henderson, Josh Portland Christian
Toledo, William Oldham County Middle School
Natour, Sam Beaumont Middle School
Farmer, Jackson Saints Peter and Paul School
Weckman, Easton Dunn Elementary
Brown, Ryan Christian Academy Middle School
Schornick, Sutton Trinity Christian Academy
Moore, Landon Liberty Elementary School
David, Elias Dunn Elementary
Naehr, Charlie Rosa Parks Elementary
Lamas, Asiel Esau Woodford County
Jones, Kyon Liberty Elementary School
Morris, Van Dunn Elementary
Corbin, Scott Rosa Parks Elementary
Carpenter, Tobin Portland Christian
Hurley, Nolan Oldham County Middle School
Johnson, Blake Beaumont Middle School
Weismiller, Grey Dunn Elementary
Mattern, Beck Trinity Christian Academy
Clements, Matthew Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Dick, Jimmy Liberty Elementary School
Woeste, William Dunn Elementary
Oswald, Andrew Oldham County Homeschool Element
Bantique, Josloid Grant County
Shea, Wyatt Woodford County
Folsom, Caleb Liberty Elementary School
DeMasie, Rory Dunn Elementary
Gill, Jack Rosa Parks Elementary
Goetz, Anderson Oldham County Middle School
Barrett, Ryan Beaumont Middle School
Davis, Scott Dunn Elementary
Hall, Elijah Wesley Christian School
Heppner, Eric Trinity Christian Academy
McCord, Chase Rosa Parks Elementary
Clements, Patrick Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Emery, Landon Liberty Elementary School
Breetz, Tibebe Dunn Elementary
Gedeon, Brody Oldham County Homeschool Element
Marksbury, Tyler Grant County
Murphy, Warren Dunn Elementary
Roenker, Josh Rosa Parks Elementary
Dowdell, Bennett Woodford County
Baldwin, Mason Oldham County Middle School
Antoni, Drew Beaumont Middle School
Bratton, Kolston Elkhorn Middle School
Vasquez, Louis North Hardin Christian School
Fiel, Pollux Dunn Elementary
Hernandez, Oliver Dunn Elementary
Trimble, Silas Jessamine Striders
Davis, Desmond Grant County
Calihan, Graham Trinity Christian Academy
Fidowicz, Alex Rosa Parks Elementary
Thompson, John Paul Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Craig, Cole Liberty Elementary School
Wright, Tyler Oldham County Middle School
Amin, Kishan Beaumont Middle School
Starkey, Bryan Second Street Elementary School
Speiden, John Dunn Elementary
Barlow, Henry Classics Home School
Ramsey, Cooper Liberty Elementary School
Keating, Henry Dunn Elementary
Morris, Ryan Rosa Parks Elementary
McAllister, Ethan Woodford County
Rathbun, Nathan Saints Peter and Paul School
Fishback, Gibs Dunn Elementary
Walters, Crew Grant County
Maas, Benjiman Trinity Christian Academy
Suzuki, Kai Rosa Parks Elementary
Parker, Hayes Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Drury, Daven Oldham County Middle School
Keating, Jed Classics Home School
Maradik, Kaius Liberty Elementary School
Mehling, Perkins Dunn Elementary
Nida, James Rosa Parks Elementary
Hudson, Ethan Woodford County
Imamura, Masato Rosa Parks Elementary
Morales-Guizer, Abraham Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Lawson, Levi Redwood Cooperative Elementary S
Hoagland, Judah Portland Christian
Noe, Lincoln Saints Peter and Paul School
Gardner, Eli Dunn Elementary
Fitzgibbon, Ethan Christian Academy Middle School
Walters, Croix Grant County
Haynes, Clark Dunn Elementary
Roentz, Tristan Rosa Parks Elementary
Gampper, Colston Woodford County
Holton, George Oldham County Middle School
Allen, Bennett Classics Home School
Coots, Brody Liberty Elementary School
Kirts, Callum Dunn Elementary
Smith, Colin Rosa Parks Elementary
Goonan, Martin Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Lyninger, Noah Portland Christian
Morgan, Cole Saints Peter and Paul School
Mehling, Charlie Dunn Elementary
Kratt, Andrew Christian Academy Middle School
Hall, Abram Dunn Elementary
Fidowicz, Adam Rosa Parks Elementary
Crain, Jake Woodford County
Hisel, Charlie Classics Home School
Jones, Bryce Liberty Elementary School
Owen, Christian Dunn Elementary
Rowe, Liam Rosa Parks Elementary
Young, Jaxson Portland Christian
Wendel, Dielo Oldham County Middle School
Quenon, Carson Beaumont Middle School
Gorman, Jack Saints Peter and Paul School
Woeste, James Dunn Elementary
Dale, Elijah Christian Academy Middle School
Morgan, Jayden Liberty Elementary School
Weisenbarger, Clark Dunn Elementary
Burgess, Andrew Rosa Parks Elementary
Burns, Blake Woodford County
Franklin, Avery Classics Home School
Gaunce, Locke Liberty Elementary School
Harrison, Dallas Dunn Elementary
Fain, Colton Rosa Parks Elementary
Dawson, Zach Portland Christian
Rowan, Maxwell Oldham County Middle School
Natour, Freddie Beaumont Middle School
Stewart, Christian Dunn Elementary
Westerfield, Owen Trinity Christian Academy
Goonan, Chris Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Roberts, Colton Liberty Elementary School
West, Jack Dunn Elementary
Olivas, Joel Grant County
Stickel, Kyle Woodford County
Hudspeth, Tripp Liberty Elementary School
Jaber, Ben Dunn Elementary
Corbin, Tristen Rosa Parks Elementary
Brown, Nicholas Portland Christian
Hill, Jaxson Oldham County Middle School
Glenn, Caleb Beaumont Middle School
Heffernan, Parker Dunn Elementary
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6th & under Girls 3,000 Meter Run 217 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cooper, Maia Oldham County Middle School
Rodriquez, Genova Dunn Elementary
Hisel, Lillian Classics Home School
Roper, Katie St. Michael
Trammell, Kara Rosa Parks Elementary
Soeder, Sarah Oldham County Middle School
Giacobbe, Isabelle Dunn Elementary
Hogg, Isabella Classics Home School
Shuman, Stella Dunn Elementary
Thompson, Julia Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Fardo, Emily Liberty Elementary School
Istre, Stella Portland Christian
Turpin, Catherine Saints Peter and Paul School
Hall, Charity Wesley Christian School
Koetter, Kenzie Oldham County Middle School
Watkins, Kate Dunn Elementary
Keeling, Abigail St. Michael
Smith, Kherington Rosa Parks Elementary
Bebee, Madison Oldham County Homeschool Element
Tyler, Kelsey Woodford County
Campbell, Summer Dunn Elementary
Hosey, Sarah Louise Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Roberts, Reagan Liberty Elementary School
Gish, Ava Portland Christian
Turner, Naveah North Hardin Christian School
Hall, Amber Wesley Christian School
Fitzgerald, Rachel St. Michael
Baker, Arden Rosa Parks Elementary
Sears, Josie Oldham County Homeschool Element
Hamilton, Lily Woodford County
Hefner, Jenna Oldham County Middle School
Combs, Scarlett Dunn Elementary
Anderson, Alanna Liberty Elementary School
Gwag, Sophie Beaumont Middle School
Hughes, Hailey Elkhorn Middle School
Looney, Cate Second Street Elementary School
Hunter, Amelia North Hardin Christian School
Keys, Lilly Dunn Elementary
Yerkes, Kinsley Dunn Elementary
Pugh, Lucy Liberty Elementary School
Gilbert, Olivia Oldham County Middle School
Weismiller, Harper Dunn Elementary
Lambert, Aleah Liberty Elementary School
Price, Tia Redwood Cooperative Middle Schoo
Embry, Elizabeth St. Michael
Arain, Ilma Rosa Parks Elementary
Grace, Mariela Oldham County Homeschool Element
Moore, Addison Woodford County
Wlliams, Elizabeth Beaumont Middle School
Welsh, Addison Elkhorn Middle School
Miklavcic, Emily Second Street Elementary School
Fortner, Jordan North Hardin Christian School
Giacobbe, Eve Dunn Elementary
Blackburn, Kylie Liberty Elementary School
Henage, Sophie Oldham County Middle School
Riley, Leila Trinity Christian Academy
Yerkes, Brantley Dunn Elementary
Omohundro, Emma Kate Liberty Elementary School
Quenon, Lainey Rosa Parks Elementary
Kolacki, Kate Oldham County Homeschool Element
Ingram, Signe Liberty Elementary School
Suzuki, Ann Beaumont Middle School
McClain, Kendall Elkhorn Middle School
Starkey, Maddie Second Street Elementary School
Nordyke, Glory North Hardin Christian School
Hughes, Evelyn Dunn Elementary
Wayland, Lucy Oldham County Middle School
Corse, Ella Trinity Christian Academy
Haynes, Cecilia Dunn Elementary
Harrell, Leah Liberty Elementary School
Dalibor, Gwen Redwood Cooperative Elementary S
Estepp, Vivian Rosa Parks Elementary
Walters, Emmerson Grant County
Skillern, Elizabeth Oldham County Middle School
Joshi, Maeher Bondurant Middle School
MacLeod, Juliet Dunn Elementary
Franklin, Audrey Classics Home School
Broadnax, Kaliyah Liberty Elementary School
Rhodes, Eyla Oldham County Middle School
Lee, Yullianne Beaumont Middle School
Barber, Kenzie Second Street Elementary School
Nelson, Phillips Dunn Elementary
Mattern, Gabby-Kate Trinity Christian Academy
Reale, Rebecca Dunn Elementary
Adams, Alexandra Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Gonzval, Lia Liberty Elementary School
Mims, Bella Redwood Cooperative Elementary S
Brooks, Kennedy Rosa Parks Elementary
Millet, Tatum Oldham County Middle School
McKeehan, Renaee Bondurant Middle School
Dendy, Tyler Dunn Elementary
Hisel, Eleanor Classics Home School
Yeast, Min Jing Liberty Elementary School
Lutz-Buford, Mia Oldham County Middle School
Imamura, Miku Beaumont Middle School
Nelson, Katie Ross Dunn Elementary
Barlow, Eva Classics Home School
Mueller, Aubrey Trinity Christian Academy
Wang, Erica Dunn Elementary
Brown, Corinne Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Edwards, Journee Liberty Elementary School
Lumley, Keira Saints Peter and Paul School
Plummer, Anabelle Christian Academy Middle School
Falciola, Gianna Oldham County Middle School
Waterfield, Izzy Dunn Elementary
McCormick, Kennedy Classics Home School
Trammell, Navaeh Rosa Parks Elementary
Williams, Sylvie Oldham County Middle School
Breitigan, Cora Beaumont Middle School
Jett, Lily Dunn Elementary
Duerson, Addison Classics Home School
Hopper, Laynie Trinity Christian Academy
Mehling, Ava Katherine Dunn Elementary
Voss, Maggie Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Griffin, Gia Liberty Elementary School
Mullins, Evie Portland Christian
Bell, Sophia Saints Peter and Paul School
Bailey, Mackenzie Oldham County Middle School
Bucher, Marisa Dunn Elementary
Foster, Mila St. Michael
Young, Maggie Grace Rosa Parks Elementary
Tyler, Loralei Woodford County
Krizsan, Eszter Dunn Elementary
Parker, Nora Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Fardo, Hope Liberty Elementary School
Brown, Alexandria Portland Christian
Farmer, Maddie Saints Peter and Paul School
Hall, Hannah Wesley Christian School
Owen, Reese St. Michael
Hazelip, Eiley Rosa Parks Elementary
Sears, Caroline Oldham County Homeschool Element
Thurman, Clara Woodford County
Robison, Lily Oldham County Middle School
Rominger, Ellie Dunn Elementary
Menjivar, Bianca Elkhorn Middle School
Fils, Chaundra North Hardin Christian School
Reinhart, Cecilia Dunn Elementary
Sloan, Hadley Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Reed, Harper Liberty Elementary School
Browning, Katie Portland Christian
Tracy, Taryn St. Michael
Burgess, Anna Grace Rosa Parks Elementary
Grace, Kateri Oldham County Homeschool Element
Bessinger, Jamie Woodford County
Lay, Elizabeth Oldham County Middle School
Godthab, Maggie Dunn Elementary
Higginbotham, Hazel Liberty Elementary School
Dunne, Ellie Beaumont Middle School
Amoah, Angeleen Elkhorn Middle School
Vaught, Abby Second Street Elementary School
Saulton, Micah North Hardin Christian School
Howes, Isabel Dunn Elementary
Weisenbarger, Anna Dunn Elementary
Gonzalez, Mila Liberty Elementary School
DeVault, Kiera Oldham County Middle School
Ralston, Emery Trinity Christian Academy
Wilson, Lanie Dunn Elementary
Omohundro, Lexie Liberty Elementary School
Rush, Katie Rosa Parks Elementary
Gedeon, Rowena Oldham County Homeschool Element
Barkley, Maddie Liberty Elementary School
Van Heemst, Nora Beaumont Middle School
Chagoya, Nilah Elkhorn Middle School
Moore, Emme Second Street Elementary School
Routt, Paige North Hardin Christian School
Weckman, Annie Dunn Elementary
Wayland, Ava Oldham County Middle School
Mueller, Lila Trinity Christian Academy
Hoekstra, Camille Dunn Elementary
Howard, Addison Liberty Elementary School
Schept, Talula Redwood Cooperative Elementary S
Weber, Colette Rosa Parks Elementary
Kalbfleisch, Mackenzie Oldham County Homeschool Element
Lesniak, Carissa Grant County
Park, Tye Liberty Elementary School
Dowling, Natalie Oldham County Middle School
Sharp, Addison Beaumont Middle School
Monroe, Julie-Anne Second Street Elementary School
Nordyke, Selah North Hardin Christian School
Turner, Reb Dunn Elementary
Wilson, Emma Trinity Christian Academy
Speiden, Lucy Dunn Elementary
Peterson, Emma Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Gonzval, Ziva Liberty Elementary School
Brewer, Isabella Redwood Cooperative Elementary S
Arain, Diya Rosa Parks Elementary
Proctor, Autumn Oldham County Middle School
Bryant-Perez, Dakota Bondurant Middle School
Murphy, Veda Dunn Elementary
Maglinger, Hope Classics Home School
Roberts, Sydney Liberty Elementary School
Burkhardt, Cameryn Oldham County Middle School
Leahy, Macy Beaumont Middle School
Nelson, Ruthie Dunn Elementary
Clark, Isabel Trinity Christian Academy
Cravens, Riley Dunn Elementary
Wallett, Ava Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Matcheswala, Jennah Liberty Elementary School
Salsman, Elizabeth Saints Peter and Paul School
Barrett, Jane Christian Academy Middle School
Farmer, Mallory Oldham County Middle School
Schweickart, Emily Bondurant Middle School
Miller, Ellie Dunn Elementary
Brown, Rylee Classics Home School
Montgomery, Bailee St. Edward
Khan, Fatima Rosa Parks Elementary
Reed, Presley Liberty Elementary School
Hurley, Cameron Oldham County Middle School
Cox, Ellie Beaumont Middle School
Miranda, Bella Dunn Elementary
Smith, Sophia Classics Home School
Stewart, Reagan Trinity Christian Academy
Pumphrey, Bri Dunn Elementary
Hernandez, Olivia Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Bevevino, Noelle Liberty Elementary School
Bogale, Lilly Saints Peter and Paul School
Collins, Piper Christian Academy Middle School
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JR Varsity Boys 5,000 Meter Run 237 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bazemore, Jaxson Cabell Midland
Crescenzo, Luca Oldham County
Upton, Craig Paul Dunbar
Steen, Spencer Portland Christian
Ice, Graham St. Xavier(Lou)
McGowan, Colin Woodford County
Hamm, Ryan North Oldham
Rentle, Chase Trinity (Louisville)
Mangione, Daniel Highlands Latin School Elementar
Fischer, Andrew Oldham County
O'Laughlin, Colin Paul Dunbar
Passafium, Samuel St. Xavier(Lou)
Sparks, Manabu South Oldham
Mayer, Nicolas St. Xavier(Lou)
Koch, Michael West Jessamine
Brand, Hunter Apollo
Elswick, Braden Cabell Midland
Boone, Brigham Franklin County
Johnson, William Oldham County
Gedritis, Jack Paul Dunbar
Steen, Alex Portland Christian
Frye, William St. Xavier(Lou)
Masters, James North Oldham
Charmoli, Jack Trinity (Louisville)
Hines, Rob North Oldham
Isaacson, Joel South Oldham
Schadt, Callahan St. Xavier(Lou)
Mattingly, Bryce West Jessamine
Jobe, Gavin Highlands
Gassama, Alioun Dixie Heights
Gregg, Jerry Apollo
Chick, Josh North Oldham
Goins, Luke Trinity (Louisville)
Straub, Trevor Cabell Midland
Adkins, Christian Franklin County
Roberts, Xander Oldham County
Sanning, Ethan Paul Dunbar
Cornett, Cole St. Xavier(Lou)
Hill, Conner Western Hills
Lecky, Ben Highlands
Elliot, Max Dixie Heights
Parsons, Atri North Oldham
Ashley, Parker St. Xavier(Lou)
Blower, Carson Cabell Midland
Mark, Wendell Oldham County
Naehr, Jack Paul Dunbar
Very, Nate St. Xavier(Lou)
Vidourek, Nicholas Martha Layne Collins
Sander, Christian North Oldham
Stopher, Luke Trinity (Louisville)
Erickson, Matthew Highlands
Dennis, Jason Larue County
Hooper, Caden Dixie Heights
Morgan, Owen Eastern
Chesser, Andrew North Oldham
Grubb, Elijah Russell
Disselkamp, Spencer St. Xavier(Lou)
Hoopes, Ian Cabell Midland
Cook, Aaron Oldham County
Corman, Dylan Paul Dunbar
Stodgill, Trevor South Oldham
O'Bryan, Colin St. Xavier(Lou)
Lopez, George Martha Layne Collins
Brothers, Cameron North Oldham
Hardy, Riggs Trinity (Louisville)
Schwartz, Andrew Bishop Brossart
Gaesser, Connor Eastern
Bell, Jonathan North Oldham
Short, Bryce Russell
Payne, Jack St. Xavier(Lou)
McSorley, Evan Highlands
Locke, Tristen Larue County
Miniard, Braden Oldham County
Collins, Liam Villa Madonna
Ashworth, Jacob Cabell Midland
McBride, Jacob South Oldham
Collins, Davis St. Xavier(Lou)
Beckerich, Robby Bishop Brossart
Weston, Ashton Highlands Latin School Elementar
Dumke, Brooks Oldham County
Willaims, Ashton Paul Dunbar
O'Bryan, Ben St. Xavier(Lou)
Shea, Kai Woodford County
Arroyo, Caleb Eastern
Welch, John North Oldham
Rizzo, Mason Highlands Latin School Elementar
Sergent, Noah Highlands
Nicholas, Connor Larue County
Nash, Thomas Oldham County
Martin, Ethan Villa Madonna
Bailey, Justin Cabell Midland
Nash, Judson South Oldham
Browning, John St. Xavier(Lou)
Rhodes, Ian West Jessamine
Hon, Cooper Christian Academy of Carrollton
Rothpletz, August Highlands Latin School Elementar
Tichenor, Gus Oldham County
Pruden, Jack Paul Dunbar
Goul, Matthew Portland Christian
Metts, Weston St. Xavier(Lou)
Watson, Scott Woodford County
McConnell, Drew Eastern
Moore, Sam North Oldham
Hamilton, Jake Highlands Latin School Elementar
Desola, Will Highlands
Linnean, Nick Oldham County
Ransdell, Logan St. Xavier(Lou)
Gumm, Connor Villa Madonna
Verst, Luke Bishop Brossart
Hiner, Caleb South Oldham
Harney, Gabe St. Xavier(Lou)
Branan, Levi West Jessamine
Riedell, Conner Apollo
Eldridge, Logan Oldham County
Chapman, Tyler Paul Dunbar
Porter, Jackson Portland Christian
Knockwafel, Nick St. Xavier(Lou)
Lavin, Shaun Woodford County
Jewell, Patrick Eastern
Hoyer, Trey North Oldham
DeBroka, Gregory Trinity (Louisville)
McGraw, Aaron Highlands Latin School Elementar
Hopp, Justin Oldham County
Thorne, Ryan St. Xavier(Lou)
Cooper, Nathaniel South Oldham
Besendorf, Andrew St. Xavier(Lou)
Labarbara, Jeff West Jessamine
moore, Caleb Pleasant View Christian School
Smith, Leland Apollo
Gibson, James Cabell Midland
Moore, Jackson Oldham County
Overstreet, Nick Paul Dunbar
Hammond, Conner Portland Christian
Hernandez, Santiago St. Xavier(Lou)
Keith, Kamden Woodford County
Mooring, Ethan North Oldham
Frederick, Alex Trinity (Louisville)
Johnson, Stevie South Oldham
Matthews, Joseph St. Xavier(Lou)
Kierstead, Charlie West Jessamine
DeCristofaro, Andreas Highlands
Bell, Ethan Apollo
Espinola, Mathieu North Oldham
Ryan, Luke Trinity (Louisville)
King, Jonah Cabell Midland
Prewitt, Jackson Franklin County
Boa, Elias Oldham County
Kubo, Rinta Paul Dunbar
Evans, Andrew Portland Christian
Dilger, Talbott St. Xavier(Lou)
Lang, Jackson Highlands
Webster, Eddie Dixie Heights
Watson, Jacob North Oldham
Hoffman, Jacob South Oldham
Beam, Sean St. Xavier(Lou)
Sanders, Greg Martha Layne Collins
Wilson, Kyle North Oldham
Boggess, Dane Trinity (Louisville)
Mcfann, Logan Cabell Midland
Quiram, Ayden Oldham County
Roach, Griffin Paul Dunbar
Baker, Isaac St. Xavier(Lou)
Negron, Marcus Western Hills
Daly, Jacob Highlands
Green, Xander Dixie Heights
Gross, Zach North Oldham
Conley, Ryan Russell
Early, Ryan St. Xavier(Lou)
Watts, Ty Cabell Midland
Drury, Joseph Oldham County
Hinshaw, Darin Paul Dunbar
Prewitt, Preston St. Xavier(Lou)
Patton, Elijah Martha Layne Collins
Gay, Ethan North Oldham
Webb, Kyle Trinity (Louisville)
West, Davis Dixie Heights
Davis, Owen Bishop Brossart
Jackson, Mason Eastern
Blakely, Matthew North Oldham
Harless, Tyler Russell
Sheehan, Benjamin St. Xavier(Lou)
Gamble, Cooper Highlands
Bigenho, Chase Larue County
Adkins, Josh Cabell Midland
Farah, John Paul Dunbar
Rushing, Alex South Oldham
Johnson, Landon St. Xavier(Lou)
Bobay, Gabriel North Oldham
Branch, Ryan Bishop Brossart
Chmielewski, Luke Eastern
Reid, Cannon North Oldham
Bame, Zeb Russell
Queen, Michael Highlands
Miller, Reed Larue County
Rogers, Hayden Oldham County
Kolar, Adam Villa Madonna
Huffman, Jaden Cabell Midland
Stephens, Christopher South Oldham
Burns, Trae St. Xavier(Lou)
Strange, Johnathan West Jessamine
Nau, Clayton Highlands Latin School Elementar
Cassada, Calvin Oldham County
Sigsgaard, Anton Paul Dunbar
Gilcreast, Rowan Portland Christian
Napier, Aaron St. Xavier(Lou)
Bradshaw, Jarom Woodford County
Arroyo, Conner Eastern
Turpen, Jake North Oldham
Mardis, James Highlands Latin School Elementar
Smith, Elijah Highlands
Faulkner, Will Larue County
McAllister, JT Oldham County
Hassoun, Adam Villa Madonna
Rowe, Logan Bishop Brossart
Larsen, Sam South Oldham
Beierle, Seth St. Xavier(Lou)
Martin, David West Jessamine
Mullins, Blake Apollo
Arnold, Micah Highlands Latin School Elementar
Neal, Trey Oldham County
Morgan, Sully Paul Dunbar
Istre, Lincoln Portland Christian
McDaniel, Daven St. Xavier(Lou)
Scott, Mitchell Woodford County
Cox, Sean Eastern
Hutchins, Charles North Oldham
Michels, Justin Trinity (Louisville)
Keisling, Hans Highlands Latin School Elementar
Leckie, James Oldham County
White, Collin St. Xavier(Lou)
Alquizola, Vincent Villa Madonna
Losure, Parker Bishop Brossart
Blair, Jackson South Oldham
Sautel, Ty St. Xavier(Lou)
Durrance, David West Jessamine
Vannunen, Dillan Pleasant View Christian School
Gray, Michael Apollo
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JR Varsity Girls 5,000 Meter Run 231 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Haner, Keely Highlands Latin School Elementar
Donelan, Ada Highlands
Jones, Carly Notre Dame
Tolson, Lily Eastern
Dumke, Kate Oldham County
Ritter, Ava Bishop Brossart
Hart, Olivia Highlands
Padget, Ella Notre Dame
Bond, Rylie Villa Madonna
Noel, Angelia Dixie Heights
Rowe, Addison Bishop Brossart
Stricker, Hannah Cabell Midland
Freeland, Samantha Oldham County
Jackson, Del Paul Dunbar
Nordyke, Sophie North Hardin Christian School
moore, Grace Pleasant View Christian School
Kelley, Bessie Sacred Heart Academy
Miller, Casey St. Henry District
Mudd, Marissa Highlands Latin School Elementar
Donelan, Nora Highlands
Noyces, Julianne Notre Dame
Sprinkle, Emelia Woodford County
Jewell, Maggie Eastern
Watkins, Emma Oldham County
Whisman, Olivia Bishop Brossart
Murray-Shrader, Paige Cabell Midland
Dunn, Tyler Oldham County
Elliot, Lynlee Paul Dunbar
Vannunen, Josie Pleasant View Christian School
Jansen, Caroline Notre Dame
Yochum, Isabella Sacred Heart Academy
Arthur, Sydney St. Henry District
Swartz, Jasmine Williamstown
Diaz, Sophia Beechwood
Henn, Jordan Eastern
Hopp, Sarah Oldham County
Shekell, Shelby St. Henry District
Hawkins, Emma Bourbon County
Moran, Anna Highlands Latin School Elementar
Fecher, Ellie Highlands
Klosterman, Brooke Notre Dame
Mulvey, Lauren Portland Christian
Moore, Lauren Woodford County
Zimmerman, Claire Notre Dame
Pape, Sarah Sacred Heart Academy
Bagshaw, Sarah St. Henry District
Amos, Caroline Beechwood
Davis, Ryann Cabell Midland
Casey, Shayla Oldham County
Ackerman, Claire Paul Dunbar
COX, Catherine Bourbon County
Bippus, Julia Highlands Latin School Elementar
Crawford, Lexie Highlands
Schutzman, Kylie Notre Dame
Hedden, Jessica Portland Christian
McSorley, Maggie Woodford County
Baise, Auburn Eastern
Dumke, Reagan Oldham County
Rolfsen, Ella St. Henry District
Sheely, Abigail Notre Dame
George, Helen Sacred Heart Academy
Beimesch, Hannah St. Henry District
Gonzalez, Maria Beechwood
Wallace, Hannah Cabell Midland
Rissler, Kendall Oldham County
Bryant, Ella Paul Dunbar
Wilson, Jennifer Bourbon County
Schneider, Keira Notre Dame
Keith, Arissa Woodford County
Campbell, Emma Oldham County
Meyer, Brooke St. Henry District
Colwick, Sawyer Oldham County
Radhakrishnan, Camille Paul Dunbar
Scheffter, Ellie Notre Dame
Craddock, Mary Sacred Heart Academy
Koch, Emma St. Henry District
Williams, Lauren Beechwood
Rachal, Chloe Dixie Heights
Baker, Reagan Notre Dame
Zaranko, Penelope Oldham County
Baird, Brittany Paul Dunbar
Higdon, Ashley Woodford County
Hamm, Shelby Martha Layne Collins
Bier, Madelyn St. Henry District
Verst, Carmen Highlands
Hayduk, Molly Notre Dame
Muncy, Abby Villa Madonna
Mittlestat, Elise Oldham County
Abell, Brooke Paul Dunbar
Smith, Sarah Bishop Brossart
Fullenkamp, Hailey Notre Dame
Doyle, Megan Sacred Heart Academy
Brunner, Shelby Dixie Heights
Robison, Cami Oldham County
Zohary, Jenna Paul Dunbar
Caldwell, MeiLi Woodford County
McDaniel, Hannah Martha Layne Collins
Rodino, Sophie St. Henry District
Yu, Sarah Highlands
Fernando, Dinithi Notre Dame
Lenihan, Avery Villa Madonna
Burns, Kaylee Oldham County
Hallman, Alyssa Paul Dunbar
Fisher, Bentley Bishop Brossart
McCarty, Kaley Notre Dame
List, Alyssa Dixie Heights
Leese, Natalie Cabell Midland
O'Leary, Meaghan Oldham County
Scholl, Zoe Paul Dunbar
Steely, Isabella Woodford County
Brockman, Maria St. Henry District
Krumhansl, Sophie Highlands Latin School Elementar
Harris, Adrienne Highlands
DeJonckheere, Laura Notre Dame
Northrop, Natalie Oldham County
Prim, Haley Bishop Brossart
Tibbs, Alix Highlands
Wenstrup, Piper Notre Dame
Virzi, Sofia Villa Madonna
Fieger, Isabella Dixie Heights
Schultz, Lily Bishop Brossart
Lovejoy, Karsyn Cabell Midland
Ghrist, Coral Oldham County
Parks, Emily Paul Dunbar
Crain, Katherine Woodford County
Sperry, McKenna Sacred Heart Academy
Meiman, Cora St. Henry District
Stierle, AnaSofia Highlands Latin School Elementar
Gamble, Sophia Highlands
Dunaway, Anna Notre Dame
Kohlstruk, Caylin Eastern
Zarotny, Kara Oldham County
Kelley, Nicole Bishop Brossart
Stevenson, Alexis Cabell Midland
Elmore, Isabelle Oldham County
Gedritis, Anna Paul Dunbar
Carpenter, Eden Pleasant View Christian School
Rink, Sarah Sacred Heart Academy
Mahan, Sarah St. Henry District
Henn, Madison Eastern
Thornton, Breanna Oldham County
Stiles, Maddy St. Henry District
McDonald, Alison Bishop Brossart
Bueno, Jasmine Bourbon County
Pryor, Myla Highlands Latin School Elementar
Verst, Abbie Highlands
Voelker, Olivia Notre Dame
Santos, Abigail Woodford County
Kleman, Caroline Notre Dame
Shean, Molly Sacred Heart Academy
Blasingame, Maria St. Henry District
Fabela, Lily Williamstown
Blackburn, Isabelle Beechwood
Stevenson, Molly Cabell Midland
Carlton, Sidney Oldham County
Aldarondo, Isabella Paul Dunbar
Casey, Cameron Eastern
Boa, Chloe Oldham County
Schmid, Grace St. Henry District
Lindsey, Addie Bourbon County
Coons, Audrey Highlands Latin School Elementar
Turrano, Ava Highlands
Alcorn, Isabelle Notre Dame
Porter, Ella Kate Portland Christian
Gilbert, Raegan Woodford County
Bailey, Ella Notre Dame
Hinkle, Liz Sacred Heart Academy
Goetz, Kelly St. Henry District
Brar, Mehr Beechwood
Leedy, Caitlyn Cabell Midland
Vazquez, Mari Oldham County
Gill, Asha Paul Dunbar
Young, Tori Bourbon County
Hanel, Marlowe Highlands Latin School Elementar
Thomas, Maddie Notre Dame
Lacefield, Brianne Woodford County
Gullett, Megan Eastern
Monk, Madeline Oldham County
Williams, Camille St. Henry District
White, Ava Beechwood
Hoopes, Zoe Cabell Midland
Frost, Crystal Oldham County
Arbra, Claire Paul Dunbar
Slocum, Kate Notre Dame
Dumstorf, Emily Sacred Heart Academy
Schira, Megan St. Henry District
Page, Lillian Bourbon County
David, Ella Notre Dame
Herman, Marlene Oldham County
Jetton, Emily Woodford County
Potter, Izzy Martha Layne Collins
Flaherty, Shannon St. Henry District
Osborne, Katie Oldham County
Jaeger, Caroline Paul Dunbar
McMurty, Camille Notre Dame
Lovan, Olivia Sacred Heart Academy
Arnett, Kassie Dixie Heights
Mcnickle, Hope Notre Dame
Zaranko, Abigail Oldham County
Mardini, Maya Paul Dunbar
Hayes, Emma Woodford County
Call, Olivia Martha Layne Collins
Wilson, Anna St. Henry District
Cullen, Livia Highlands
Ghazala, Cathrine Notre Dame
Dumas, Macey Villa Madonna
Johnson, Jada Oldham County
Swartzentruber, Carolyn Paul Dunbar
Reis, Cate Bishop Brossart
Elliot, Kaylee Notre Dame
Terrell, Lily Sacred Heart Academy
Bavaro, Morgan Dixie Heights
Valdez, Alicia Cabell Midland
Patterson, Kailyn Oldham County
Zohary, Rowann Paul Dunbar
Hewett, McKenna Woodford County
Mueller, Morgan St. Henry District
Heiert, Holden Highlands
Donnelly, Paige Notre Dame
Dewald, Hannah Villa Madonna
Schulte, Coral Oldham County
Dunn, Kaleigh Bishop Brossart
Halbauer, Helen Highlands
Schutt, Sara Notre Dame
Vivero, Alyssia Dixie Heights
Irwin, Chloe Cabell Midland
Jones, Avery Oldham County
Perkins, Tamari Paul Dunbar
Watercutter, Lauren Woodford County
Greenberg, Lauren Sacred Heart Academy
Adkins, Abby St. Henry District
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Middle School Boys 3,000 Meter Run 370 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rissler, Jaxon Oldham County Middle School
Owsley, Christian Beaumont Middle School
Merricks, Isaiah West Jessamine Middle School
Delfin, Jack Shelby West Middle School
Reed, Elijah Mason County
Moore, Caleb East Oldham Middle School
Kane, James North Oldham Middle School
Roberts, Christian Elkhorn Middle School
Noe, Dax Saints Peter and Paul School
Aldelgaber, Yeseen Milton Middle
Klepac, Abram Jessamine Striders
McCain, Owen Highlands
McDonald, Dillon Oldham County Middle School
Tatro, Joshua West Jessamine Middle School
Irvin, Zayin Newburg Middle School
Vost, Callum Shelby West Middle School
Overly, Deshawn Mason County
Thornton, Bryce East Oldham Middle School
Knopf, Josiah North Oldham Middle School
Castro, Zavier Beaumont Middle School
Runyon, Ryan Ashland Middle School
Adams, Carson Milton Middle
Terry, Miles Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Thompson, Henry Highlands
Wettlaufer, Landon Woodford County
Whitlow, Luke North Oldham Middle School
Beardsley, Boothe Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Turner, Philip Gallatin County
McCain, Josiah Williamstown
Mckinzie, Austin Bourbon County
Holton, Arlen Oldham County Middle School
Brooks, Jackson Beaumont Middle School
Adams, Ethan West Jessamine Middle School
Blevins, Kaid Shelby West Middle School
Downs, Henry North Oldham Middle School
Amoah, Clement Elkhorn Middle School
Wait, Thomas Milton Middle
Mohr, Conner Highlands
Doran, Noah East Oldham Middle School
Wood, Tyler North Oldham Middle School
Fitzpatrick, Rick Beaumont Middle School
Gray, Taylor Ashland Middle School
Stricker, Ethan Milton Middle
Stucki, Liam Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Jennings, Liam Highlands
Lay, Christian Woodford County
Thompson, Nicholas Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Scott, Jake Bourbon County
Young, Ben North Oldham Middle School
Bratton, Kaden Elkhorn Middle School
McFann, Carson Milton Middle
DeCuir, Ben Oldham County Middle School
Young, Alex Beaumont Middle School
Gregory, Kyler West Jessamine Middle School
Moreno, Eli Shelby West Middle School
swimm, jayden Russell
Crume, Jase Woodford County
Costa, Tyler Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Koch, Jack Bourbon County
Petaja, Cooper East Oldham Middle School
Smith, Jasper North Oldham Middle School
Quenon, Evan Beaumont Middle School
Lunsford, Isaac Milton Middle
Tipton, Trey St. Michael
Zekoski, Joseph Christian Academy Middle School
Busby, James Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Parson, LeLand Grant County
Beasey, Daniel Highlands
Thornberry, Taytumn Walton Verona
Bottorff, John Tyler Oldham County Middle School
Salyer, Ian Beaumont Middle School
McMillen, Carter West Jessamine Middle School
Whitt, Jared Russell
Turpen, Josh North Oldham Middle School
Farr, Kaelin Elkhorn Middle School
Jordan, Cohen Milton Middle
North, Griffin Woodford County
Frederick, Morgan St. Patrick School
Dixon, Maximus Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Perraut, Stephen Bryce Bourbon County
Neal, Kiefer East Oldham Middle School
Brodsky, Connor North Oldham Middle School
Blitch, Bennett Beaumont Middle School
Dial, Dylan Milton Middle
Howard, Gaines St. Michael
Stephens, Luke Christian Academy Middle School
Janes, Nathan Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Schultz, Harrison Highlands
Word, Luca Madison Central
Dye, Grayson Walton Verona
Soffel, Mike East Oldham Middle School
Holton, Jack Oldham County Middle School
Naehr, Will Beaumont Middle School
Miller, Zeke West Jessamine Middle School
Edwards, Michael Ashland Middle School
Lemaster, Xander Russell
Twehues, Charlie Woodford County
Neal, Grant North Oldham Middle School
Ellis, Brady Elkhorn Middle School
Kamphouse, Clay Christian Academy of Carrollton
Miniard, Brycen East Oldham Middle School
Sapra, AJ North Oldham Middle School
Barthlow, Jacob Milton Middle
Bohn, Jacob St. Michael
Kratt, Joshua Christian Academy Middle School
Robertson, Alexander Highlands
Lamb, Carter Madison Central
Shearer, Wyatt Walton Verona
Lehmkuhler, Jack Woodford County
Hawkins, Andrew Newburg Middle School
Voss, Hank Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Becknell, Parker East Oldham Middle School
Robison, Jonathan Oldham County Middle School
Kelsey, Carter Beaumont Middle School
Robbinson, Finn Ashland Middle School
Harless, David Russell
Jetton, Joshua Woodford County
Masters, Broedey North Oldham Middle School
Kemper, Drew Elkhorn Middle School
Wells, Carter Bourbon County
Royer, Andrew Oldham County Middle School
Jacobson, Ezra West Jessamine Middle School
Habtemariam, Nahem Newburg Middle School
Whitehead, Ben Shelby West Middle School
Magee, Casey Mason County
Johnson, Sean East Oldham Middle School
Materna, Bryson North Oldham Middle School
Forrest, Gabe Saints Peter and Paul School
Hathaway, Jamison Milton Middle
Sills, Brayden St. Michael
Back, Eli Highlands
Carrico, Jonah Walton Verona
McKinney, Casey East Carter
Bass, Brenden Bondurant Middle School
Watkins, Larry Newburg Middle School
Farmer, Justin East Oldham Middle School
Lampton, Noah North Oldham Middle School
Drury, Conlan Oldham County Middle School
Holmes, Warren Beaumont Middle School
Millette, Gage Ashland Middle School
Desylvia, Josh Highlands
Heckathorn, Andrew Woodford County
Hindorff, Tristan North Oldham Middle School
Powell, Easton Elkhorn Middle School
Schultz, Travis Larue County
Knore, Cole Bourbon County
Williams, Ethan Oldham County Middle School
Absher, Ian West Jessamine Middle School
Marks, Spencer Newburg Middle School
Velasquez, Melbyn Shelby West Middle School
Johnson-Holt, Taylin Mason County
Andrade, Ben East Oldham Middle School
McAllister, Blake North Oldham Middle School
Koch, Max Saints Peter and Paul School
Wheeler, Toby Milton Middle
Anderson, Conner St. Michael
Hack, Ben Highlands
Perez, Luis Bondurant Middle School
Napier, Mavrick West Jessamine Middle School
Liford, Braden Newburg Middle School
Harrod, Ian Portland Christian
Ward, Gabe East Oldham Middle School
Townsend, Charley North Oldham Middle School
Haynes, Jackson Beaumont Middle School
Decker, Austin Ashland Middle School
Miller, Gage Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Loyall, Gordon Highlands
Geilear, Carter Woodford County
Godbey, Sam North Oldham Middle School
Routt, Patrick North Hardin Christian School
Clements, Matthew Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Caldwell, Bryric Gallatin County
Aldridge, Mikeal Larue County
Toohey, Seth Bourbon County
Maloy, Braylon Oldham County Middle School
Van Heemst, Henk Beaumont Middle School
Schmidt, Palmer West Jessamine Middle School
Schmidt, Cale Shelby West Middle School
Adams, Colby Mason County
Whitlock, Matthew East Oldham Middle School
Richards, Cannon North Oldham Middle School
Valladares, Ismael Elkhorn Middle School
Brann, Alaric Saints Peter and Paul School
Coyle, Gavin Milton Middle
Kawata, Keanu St. Michael
Gubser, Jacob Highlands
Fogg, Colson West Jessamine Middle School
Cooper, Noah Newburg Middle School
Kimbler, Jacob Shelby West Middle School
Brannon, Alex Mason County
Henderson, Shawn Portland Christian
Crady, Kyle East Oldham Middle School
Murphy, Grant North Oldham Middle School
Estepp, Steven Beaumont Middle School
Barnett, Troy Ashland Middle School
Evans, Davis Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Exterkamp, John Highlands
Sumner, RJ Woodford County
Ransdell, Jack North Oldham Middle School
Clements, Patrick Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Webster, Austin Gallatin County
Hawkins, Logan Larue County
Beauman, Luke Bourbon County
Moch, Joey Oldham County Middle School
Brown, Zach Beaumont Middle School
Barker, Jake West Jessamine Middle School
Call, Nate Shelby West Middle School
Hudson, Colt North Oldham Middle School
Andrews, Isaac Elkhorn Middle School
Bowen, Caden Milton Middle
Trimble, Micah Jessamine Striders
Fernandez, Landen Highlands
Gipson, Grady East Oldham Middle School
Kloos, Karsen North Oldham Middle School
Weitlauf, J P Beaumont Middle School
Todd, Dylan Ashland Middle School
Wallace, Beckett Milton Middle
Delaney, Reece Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Kremer, Matthew Highlands
Thurman, Chase Woodford County
Patel, Adam North Oldham Middle School
Thompson, John Paul Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Cayton, DJ Gallatin County
Schultz, Holten Williamstown
Craft, Bryan Bourbon County
Buel, Lance North Oldham Middle School
Dunmire, Ben Elkhorn Middle School
Rivest, Cam Milton Middle
Falciola, Titus Oldham County Middle School
Imamura, Haruto Beaumont Middle School
Hamilton, Zach West Jessamine Middle School
Porter, Timothy Shelby West Middle School
Keith, Grason Woodford County
Parker, Hayes Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Sanchez, Brayan Bourbon County
Clickner, Leonardo East Oldham Middle School
Key, Kaelan North Oldham Middle School
Todd, Trey Beaumont Middle School
Rolfe, Trevor Milton Middle
Hamm, Connor Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Surrett, Charles Grant County
Gieske, Lucas Highlands
Wendling, Jacob North Oldham Middle School
Johnson, Maxston Elkhorn Middle School
LeRose, Trace Milton Middle
McIntyre, Rory Oldham County Middle School
Sharp, Jackson Beaumont Middle School
Brown, Cambel West Jessamine Middle School
Wehrheim, Greyson Shelby West Middle School
Griffith, Landon Russell
Scott, Andrew Woodford County
Morales-Guizer, Abraham Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Perraut, Mark Bourbon County
Neal, Caleb East Oldham Middle School
Dunlap, Ian North Oldham Middle School
Crawford, Tyler Beaumont Middle School
Johnson, Cole Milton Middle
Long, Zack St. Michael
Wieringa, Jack Christian Academy Middle School
Delaney, Chase Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Webster, Carson Grant County
Pawsat, Chase Highlands
Cockrell, Seth Walton Verona
Tang, Zeppelin Oldham County Middle School
Nomura, Yuta Beaumont Middle School
Edmonds, Wade West Jessamine Middle School
Pridemore, Luke Russell
Creech, Noah Woodford County
Ruggles, Brendan North Oldham Middle School
Prewitt, Logan Elkhorn Middle School
Blake, Gavin Milton Middle
Mynhier, Liam East Oldham Middle School
Zakharov, Anton North Oldham Middle School
Bowen, Nathan Milton Middle
Howard, Cade St. Michael
Herbig, Samuel Christian Academy Middle School
Stucki, Max Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Schweitzer, Ethan Highlands
Sundys, Nicholas Madison Central
Sweeney, Hunter Walton Verona
Hendrix, Ryan Woodford County
McRae, Andre Newburg Middle School
Goonan, Martin Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Sidwell, Jack East Oldham Middle School
Linnean, Joe Oldham County Middle School
Mathews, Noah Beaumont Middle School
Bender, Cooper West Jessamine Middle School
Webb, Michael Ashland Middle School
Pack, Ethan Russell
Morris, Gage Woodford County
Morgan, Samuel North Oldham Middle School
Sowders, Isaiah Elkhorn Middle School
Burns, Chase Christian Academy of Carrollton
Johnson, Tyler East Oldham Middle School
Hill, Lucas North Oldham Middle School
Brunty, Griffin Milton Middle
Bohn, Caleb St. Michael
McKenzie, Ezra Highlands
Morrison, Blake Walton Verona
Baker, Ethan Bondurant Middle School
Glass, Isaac Newburg Middle School
MacKenzie, Gavin East Oldham Middle School
Kaminski, Alex North Oldham Middle School
Gilbert, Walker Oldham County Middle School
Hunt, Chris Beaumont Middle School
Hicks, Sam Ashland Middle School
Wallace, Evan Highlands
Heim, Landon Woodford County
Lancaster, Tucker North Oldham Middle School
Lyles, Elijah Elkhorn Middle School
Mattingly, Levi Larue County
Lindsey, Caleb Bourbon County
Sibley, Eric Oldham County Middle School
Arnold, Evan West Jessamine Middle School
Chhetri, Susant Newburg Middle School
LauBach, Owen Shelby West Middle School
Lake, Landon Mason County
Brown, Lawson East Oldham Middle School
Dugan, Charlie North Oldham Middle School
Nazario, Gabe Saints Peter and Paul School
Elswick, Colson Milton Middle
Bryant, John St. Michael
Zengel, Max Highlands
Menix, Grant East Carter
Lynn, Lex Bondurant Middle School
Bish, Spencer West Jessamine Middle School
Recktenwald, Noah Newburg Middle School
Bishoff, Nolan Portland Christian
Zirkle, Christopher East Oldham Middle School
Bearance, Jack North Oldham Middle School
Dant, Jacob Oldham County Middle School
Hill, Chace Beaumont Middle School
Watts, Braydon Ashland Middle School
Miller, Jude Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Ruschman, Sam Highlands
Gray, Jackson Woodford County
Gray, Davis North Oldham Middle School
Clements, Graham Elkhorn Middle School
Womack, Kevin North Hardin Christian School
Goonan, Chris Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Marksbury, Jacob Larue County
Perraut, Grant Bourbon County
Dowling, David Oldham County Middle School
Smetanko, Alex West Jessamine Middle School
Wentz, Elijah Shelby West Middle School
Ullery, Peyton Mason County
Gard, Jacob East Oldham Middle School
Drake, Elijah North Oldham Middle School
Carpenter, Gavin Saints Peter and Paul School
Gibson, Thomas Milton Middle
Payne, Dakota St. Michael
Robinson, Brady Highlands
Jones, Matthias Bondurant Middle School
Willis, Reed West Jessamine Middle School
Brown, Jordan Newburg Middle School
Goodwin, Robert Shelby West Middle School
Morgan, Andrew Mason County
Howard, Caleb Portland Christian
Crady, Sean East Oldham Middle School
Robinett, Jackson North Oldham Middle School
Hayes, Nate Beaumont Middle School
Witt, Christian Ashland Middle School
Daily, Nash Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Lehmann, Luke Highlands
Carter, Brayden Woodford County
Bobay, Conlan North Oldham Middle School
Sykes, Eli Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Sorrell, Ryan Gallatin County
Laughner, Bradley Larue County
Owens, Will Bourbon County
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Middle School Girls 3,000 Meter Run 306 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Auton, Riley North Oldham Middle School
Saleh, Hala Newburg Middle School
Wendel, Grace Oldham County Middle School
Sturgill, Rowan Beaumont Middle School
Greenwell, Taylor Christian Academy Middle School
Fuller, Aubrey Walton Verona
Gampper, Gabby Woodford County
Peak, Aydynlynn North Oldham Middle School
Penmecha, Ridhi Bondurant Middle School
Thompson, Julia Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Mulvey, Reagan Portland Christian
Wiemers, Ashley Bourbon County
Young, Lily Oldham County Middle School
Stevens, Piper West Jessamine Middle School
Sheehan, Maggie Shelby West Middle School
Townsend, Chloe Russell
Johnson, Bailey East Oldham Middle School
Litteral, Ava Milton Middle
Jones, Sarah Highlands
Heath, Payton Larue County
Wendling, Daisy North Oldham Middle School
Clore, Riley Newburg Middle School
Current, Anna Mason County
Young, Abbie East Oldham Middle School
Holmes, Avery Oldham County Middle School
Rusing, Bella Beaumont Middle School
Holmes, Alexis Saints Peter and Paul School
Greenwell, Brooke Christian Academy Middle School
Lee, Eliana Jessamine Striders
Fuller, Ava Walton Verona
Koch, Taylor Bourbon County
Farmer, Elisabeth Oldham County Middle School
Hylen, Gabby West Jessamine Middle School
Embry, Riley Shelby West Middle School
Daniels, Haley Russell
Fusner, Amber East Oldham Middle School
Sensenbrenner, Vita North Oldham Middle School
Hathaway, Emily Milton Middle
Baker, London Gallatin County
Faulkner, Bridget Larue County
Odom, Caylee East Oldham Middle School
Goodloe, Riley Oldham County Middle School
Leahy, Morgan Beaumont Middle School
Bobnar, Megan Christian Academy Middle School
Smith, Franny Highlands
Sams, Claire Walton Verona
Schmitt, Julia North Oldham Middle School
Guerrero, Carmen Newburg Middle School
Hamilton, Haven Mason County
Buehler, Abby East Oldham Middle School
Mbaraka, Naila North Oldham Middle School
Winter, Cambreigh Milton Middle
Towles, Carly Gallatin County
Cecil, Alana Larue County
Bauer, Elizabeth Oldham County Middle School
Branham-Hubbard, Elissa West Jessamine Middle School
Mertz, Sydney Ashland Middle School
Fitzpatrick, Courtney Russell
Bramer, Reese North Oldham Middle School
Hinkle, Bryana Newburg Middle School
O'Daniel, Mya Shelby West Middle School
Schroer, Taylor Mason County
Findley, Mia East Oldham Middle School
Arrazola, Lily Oldham County Middle School
Breitigan, Zoe Beaumont Middle School
Halbauer, Stella Highlands
Hensley, Dixie Walton Verona
Gard, Jamie East Oldham Middle School
Buel, Claire North Oldham Middle School
Hammond, Brooklyn Gallatin County
Ainsworth, Piper Oldham County Middle School
Bower, Stella West Jessamine Middle School
Hicks, Sarah Ashland Middle School
Finch, Cori Grant County
Cunningham, Maddie Shelby West Middle School
Priddy, Andrea East Oldham Middle School
Henage, Kate Oldham County Middle School
Amin, Kaya Beaumont Middle School
Moore, Jasmine Milton Middle
Hansman, Amber Highlands
Roberts, Ruby Oldham County Middle School
Antoni, Keira Beaumont Middle School
Shouse, Layni West Jessamine Middle School
Houk, Vera Ashland Middle School
Stucki, Isabelle Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Million, Megan Grant County
Ecleberry, Keely North Oldham Middle School
Olivigni, Isabella Gallatin County
Brainard, Kayla Bourbon County
Pearman, Jenna West Jessamine Middle School
Watts, Madelyn Shelby West Middle School
Boa, Hope East Oldham Middle School
Floyd, Anna Milton Middle
Hon, Adara Christian Academy of Carrollton
Jackson, Daisa Pleasant View Christian School
Schulte, Danica Highlands
Govey, Sami Boyd County
Harper, Lily North Oldham Middle School
Parker, Nora Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Evans, Audrey Portland Christian
Smith, Aubrey Oldham County Middle School
Vaish, Sia Beaumont Middle School
Kratzer, Esther West Jessamine Middle School
Barrett, Emma Christian Academy Middle School
DeMichele, Naia Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Cruey, Gracie Grant County
Gugel, Jamie Madison Central
Stickel, Macy Woodford County
Green, Sydney North Oldham Middle School
Adams, Alexandra Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Bussell, Makenzie Gallatin County
Sanford, Chloe Bourbon County
Burns, Emily West Jessamine Middle School
Sager, Blaire Shelby West Middle School
Van, Julie Russell
Eckert, Brooke East Oldham Middle School
Hazelett, Quinn Milton Middle
Hunt, Ava Pleasant View Christian School
Price, Sara Highlands
Steineker, Melody North Oldham Middle School
Sloan, Hadley Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Lay, Sophia Oldham County Middle School
Moseley, Elena Beaumont Middle School
Stryker, Kiersten West Jessamine Middle School
Lewis, Marybeth Christian Academy Middle School
Evans, Grace Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Calhoun, Allie Grant County
Campbell, Meredith Madison Central
Throckmorton, Mckayla Walton Verona
Sherrard, Mary East Carter
Crume, Annabelle Woodford County
Tarbet, Hallie North Oldham Middle School
Brown, Corinne Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
McKinzie, Macey Bourbon County
Tigue, Lily Oldham County Middle School
LeMaster, Lucy West Jessamine Middle School
Burgess, Michele Shelby West Middle School
Arbogast, Jenna Russell
Shirrell, Ila East Oldham Middle School
Ruwet, Ruby Elkhorn Middle School
Ashworth, Brooke Milton Middle
Vannunen, Abby Pleasant View Christian School
Nieporte, Avery Highlands
Hans, Corinne North Oldham Middle School
Yi, Sarah Newburg Middle School
Lay, Madeline Oldham County Middle School
Barrett, Megan Beaumont Middle School
Hydes, Maggie Christian Academy Middle School
Kolacki, Tess Oldham County Homeschool Middle
Ryan, Caydence Walton Verona
Dewar, Kendyhl Woodford County
Peak, Alexis North Oldham Middle School
Riddell, Holland Bondurant Middle School
Voss, Maggie Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Wells, Sarah Bourbon County
Zimlich, Caroline Oldham County Middle School
Trent, Riley West Jessamine Middle School
Watts, Mackenzie Shelby West Middle School
Floyd, Ceeley Russell
Nay, Kaylee East Oldham Middle School
Alvis, Kate Elkhorn Middle School
Wendell, Abby Milton Middle
Dressler, Autumn North Hardin Christian School
Farris, Gemma Highlands
Makk, Sophia North Oldham Middle School
Marquez-Cordova, Ximena Newburg Middle School
McKenney, Victoryia Mason County
Dumke, Whitney East Oldham Middle School
McIntyre, Ailey Oldham County Middle School
Seng, Natalie Beaumont Middle School
Prieto, Marlene Saints Peter and Paul School
Greenwell, Skylar Christian Academy Middle School
Schwanenberger, Chloe Walton Verona
Hernandez, Ava Bourbon County
Gaona, Adaleigh Oldham County Middle School
Johnston, Jana West Jessamine Middle School
Hardigree, Olivia Shelby West Middle School
Jones, Lily Russell
Gerdes, Ava East Oldham Middle School
Hunt, Rebekah Milton Middle
Metcalf, Cameron Larue County
Rigsby, Presley East Oldham Middle School
Hefner, Ella Oldham County Middle School
Radhakrishnan, Reyna Beaumont Middle School
Bogale, Savannah Saints Peter and Paul School
Copenhaver, Eden Christian Academy Middle School
Thomas, Audrey Highlands
Vonhandorf, Addison Walton Verona
Smith, Katie North Oldham Middle School
Craft, Keaira Newburg Middle School
Galloway, Kolby Mason County
Fawbush, Tula East Oldham Middle School
Roesler, Piper North Oldham Middle School
Harshbarger, Kyilee Milton Middle
Young, Lydia Gallatin County
Skaggs, Morgan Larue County
Dowling, Ella Oldham County Middle School
Brown, Ada West Jessamine Middle School
Knisley, Lucy Ashland Middle School
Dempsey, Harley Shelby West Middle School
Cameron, Lylah Russell
Miniard, Brenna East Oldham Middle School
Dant, Riley Oldham County Middle School
Crawford, Taylor Beaumont Middle School
Wearsch, Megan Christian Academy Middle School
Neufarth, Isabella Highlands
Brooks, Lindsey Walton Verona
Mbaraka, Marya North Oldham Middle School
McFarland, Laney Newburg Middle School
Thompson, Ava Mason County
Brozack, Isabella East Oldham Middle School
Cargould, Elle North Oldham Middle School
Huffman, Ava Milton Middle
Foster, Kyndra Gallatin County
Salazar, Leticia Larue County
Williams, Josie Oldham County Middle School
Bellew, Courage West Jessamine Middle School
Adkins, Mia Ashland Middle School
Ransdell, Mollie North Oldham Middle School
Perkins, Whitney Newburg Middle School
Fisher, Kailani Shelby West Middle School
Buttery, Jennifer Mason County
Wright, Natalie East Oldham Middle School
Lutz-Buford, Heidi Oldham County Middle School
Baird, Nikki Beaumont Middle School
Lance, Madeline Highlands
Anderson, Sophia Walton Verona
Carpenter-aisch, Sophia Bourbon County
Smith, Taylor Oldham County Middle School
Estepp, Susanne Beaumont Middle School
Young, Sadie West Jessamine Middle School
Wiley, Olivia Ashland Middle School
Finch, Haley Grant County
Bobay, Helena North Oldham Middle School
Perry, Madison Gallatin County
Camera, Gianna Shelby West Middle School
Breeding, Ava East Oldham Middle School
Judy, Lindsey Oldham County Middle School
Hall, Hannah Beaumont Middle School
Casey, Haley Milton Middle
Abner, Madeline Highlands
Bowling, Alivia Boyd County
Wright, Caroline Oldham County Middle School
Bryant, Kate Beaumont Middle School
Rom-Touch, Sophia West Jessamine Middle School
Hall, Emma Ashland Middle School
Melgar, Gaby Christian Academy Middle School
Busby, Samantha Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Maynard, Sarah Grant County
Tabor, Diara Madison Central
Cottingham, Emery Woodford County
Welle, Alessandra North Oldham Middle School
Peterson, Emma Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Dunavent, Sarah Gallatin County
Scott, Sarah Bourbon County
Willis, Emmy West Jessamine Middle School
Riickert, Elle Shelby West Middle School
Brady, Ava Russell
Forseth, Eva East Oldham Middle School
Smith, Emma Milton Middle
Young, Abigail Christian Academy of Carrollton
Carpenter, Eowyn Pleasant View Christian School
Agin, Sophia Highlands
Ali, Afia North Oldham Middle School
Hosey, Sarah Louise Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Marx, Bailey Oldham County Middle School
Pfister, Sophia Beaumont Middle School
Bender, Kennedy West Jessamine Middle School
Lewis, Sarah Christian Academy Middle School
Garner, Emma Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Walters, Peyton Grant County
Reynolds, Amilya Madison Central
Browning, Alyssa Walton Verona
Hewett, Larkyn Woodford County
Raymond, Katie North Oldham Middle School
Wallett, Ava Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Perraut, Lillian Bourbon County
Kazee, Ava Boyd County
Greathouse, Lilliana West Jessamine Middle School
Nelson, Grace Shelby West Middle School
Whitlock, Maddison Russell
Boa, Anna East Oldham Middle School
Ball, Madison Milton Middle
Hamilton, Hailey Pleasant View Christian School
Gross, Kasey Highlands
Kothrade, Lillian North Oldham Middle School
Robinson, Janyia Newburg Middle School
Knorr, Bella Oldham County Middle School
Herrera, Diana Beaumont Middle School
Bohn, Kristian Christian Academy Middle School
Turpen, Claire Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Bowen, Alyson Walton Verona
Brammell, Kendall East Carter
Knight, Julianna Woodford County
Ward, Bethany North Oldham Middle School
Hernandez, Olivia Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Felty, Addison Bourbon County
Walker, Khyra Oldham County Middle School
Lukins, Alayna West Jessamine Middle School
Whitaker, Chloe Shelby West Middle School
Highfield, Allie Russell
Roberts, Grace East Oldham Middle School
Schaffner, Rylee Elkhorn Middle School
Addis, Handley Milton Middle
May, Ainsley North Hardin Christian School
Morel, Evelyn Highlands
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Varsity Boys 5,000 Meter Run 440 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rust, Connor Highlands
Stafford, Logan Montgomery County
Burge, Zach West Jessamine
Gross, Brock Larue County
Blankenship, Brayden Meade County
Cram, Carson Owen County
Hurley, Drew Pikeville
Bullen, Dylan Rockcastle County
Vogelpohl, Jacob Simon Kenton
Lilley, Aiden Carroll County
Brandel, Joe Dixie Heights
Kovach, Garrett Bourbon County
Fern, Leeland Franklin County
Myers, Cameron Highlands
Walters, Austin Montgomery County
Sloan, Matthew Russell
Thompson, Kyle South Oldham
Staude, Luke Western Hills
Dorsey, Aiden Ashland Blazer
Morgerson, Bailey Bryan Station
Perraut, John Bourbon County
O'Shea, Conner Madison Central
Boyd, Joseph North Oldham
Harmon, Joseph South Warren
Harris, Alex Highlands Latin School Elementar
Giles, Eli East Carter
Thompson, Tyler Mason County
Wallingford, Thomas North Hardin
Votaw, Steven Oldham County
Cavins, Abram Paul Dunbar
Bortz, Zabrey Southwestern
Kessinger, Connor St. Xavier(Lou)
Chambers, Rocky Burgin
Preston, Wesley West Jessamine
Miller, Grayson Larue County
Williams, Justin Carroll County
Berger, Joseph Dixie Heights
Boyle, Chandler Ashland Blazer
Johnson, Dehaun Cordia
Stewart, Kyler Madison Central
Irvin, Brandon South Warren
McGill, Carter Highlands Latin School Elementar
Drury, Nicholas Mason County
Cusimano, Gavin North Hardin
Bowling, Blake Paul Dunbar
Burchett, Ryan St. Xavier(Lou)
Stewart, Travis Burgin
Wilson, Brendan Community Christian Academy - In
Fortier, Gabe Larue County
Mooney, William Beechwood
Wallace, Will Carroll County
Newton, Justin Dixie Heights
Cox, Hudson Boyd County
Barnett, Caleb Cordia
Hemenover, Will West Jessamine
Lynch, Chase North Hardin
Baird, Tommy Paul Dunbar
Bunch, Walker St. Xavier(Lou)
Swanson, Aiden Williamsburg
Gettelfinger, Isaiah Anderson County
Ott, Tommy Christian Academy (Louisville)
Justice, Carter Pikeville
Theriot, Jude Simon Kenton
Taylor, Reese Trinity (Louisville)
Weldemichael, Natnael Beechwood
Patel, Ravi Carroll County
Howard, Drew Dixie Heights
Ashby, Thomas Apollo
Corey, Braidon Boyd County
Bargo, Logan Corbin
Sweger, Chase Frankfort
Dendler, David Community Christian Academy - In
Hughes, Dawson Nicholas County
Berger, Noah St. Xavier(Lou)
Coleman, Alex Williamsburg
Shearer, Trace Anderson County
Starmer, Josh Christian Academy (Louisville)
Acree, Kyle Martha Layne Collins
Garrison, Corbin Pikeville
Adams, Brett Simon Kenton
Murphy, Colin Trinity (Louisville)
Sandefur, Justin Apollo
Sworski, Adam Boyd County
Asher, Andon Corbin
Garrison, Matthew Eastern
Gambrel, Logan Grant County
Huffman, Noah Madison Central
Pronk, Justin Walton Verona
Adkisson, Elijah Somerset Christian School
Fannin, Peyton East Carter
Nichols, Andrew Villa Madonna
Mirones, Alex Williamstown
Roberdeaux, Christopher Beechwood
Clapper, David Dixie Heights
McHugh, Jordan Anderson County
Rosenbaum, Matt Christian Academy (Louisville)
Gordon, Jackson Woodford County
Martens, Cole Martha Layne Collins
Gonsalves, Roman Meade County
Swofford, Adam Pikeville
Reed, Aidan Simon Kenton
Guffey, Jack Trinity (Louisville)
Mckenna, Carter Cabell Midland
Rice, Liam St. Xavier(Lou)
Myers, Andrew Williamsburg
Ruth, Nathan Bishop Brossart
Smaldone, Quint Eastern
Surrett, Joel Grant County
Sizemore, Triston Carter Madison Central
Roblero, Orlando Mercer County
Webster, Sam Walton Verona
Morris, Isaac Somerset Christian School
Rupert, Tyler East Carter
Braughton, Asher Mason County
Owsley, Laquan North Hardin
Forcht, Ryan Oldham County
Thomas, Josh Southwestern
Schrader, Roman St. Xavier(Lou)
Davis, Keegan Villa Madonna
Kinsey, Ben Williamstown
Marker, Kaden Beechwood
Alvey, Jake Apollo
Meek, Hunter Boyd County
Black, Jonah Corbin
Hunter, Justin Anderson County
Tapp, Cameron Christian Academy (Louisville)
Robertson, Malcolm Highlands
Fegenbush, Ollie Montgomery County
Goodman, Jared Russell
Bachmann, Theo South Oldham
Goodpaster, Nathan Western Hills
Charles, Colin Woodford County
Vergara, Gabe Martha Layne Collins
Schwartz, Shawn Meade County
Mccoy, Daniel Pikeville
Fain, Ethan Rockcastle County
Donahue, Josh Simon Kenton
Montgomery, Austin Trinity (Louisville)
Watkins, Dorsey Bourbon County
Lerose, Sam Cabell Midland
Khi, Daniel Trinity Christian Academy
Kessinger, Adam South Oldham
Westerfield, Nolan St. Xavier(Lou)
Haus, Jamie Williamsburg
Williams, Parker Ashland Blazer
Neal, Alex Bryan Station
Gentry, Caleb Eastern
Rowe, Michael Grant County
Rule, Chase Madison Central
Mobley, Chase Mercer County
Gay, Miles North Oldham
Baker, Alex Walton Verona
Wilson, Josh East Carter
Riggs, Isaiah Mason County
Arrigo, Tyler North Hardin
Osborne, Sam Oldham County
Verry, Dominic Paul Dunbar
Turner, Isaac Southwestern
Smith, Christian St. Xavier(Lou)
Grannen, Joey Villa Madonna
Mccain, Micah Williamstown
Rigdon, Blake Apollo
Sullivan, Jack Boyd County
Terrell, Austin Corbin
Hickman, Matt Bishop Brossart
Hopper, Sam Highlands
Patel, Krish Montgomery County
Harrison, Logan Russell
Quinn, Nathan South Oldham
Staude, Griffin Western Hills
Hawkins, James Woodford County
Thomas, Nolan Martha Layne Collins
Wilson, Duke Meade County
Green, Eric Pikeville
Asher, Aaron Rockcastle County
Hewling, Ira Simon Kenton
O'Dea, Ryan Trinity (Louisville)
McKinzie, Conner Bourbon County
Wait, George Cabell Midland
Hauer, Steven Trinity Christian Academy
Lawrence, Nathaniel Franklin County
Brown, Davis Russell
Menard, Cayman South Oldham
Shaik, Sahil Western Hills
Boyle, Alex Ashland Blazer
George, Jywan Bryan Station
Mendoza-solis, Jesus Bourbon County
Nemtsev, Zack Eastern
Halloran, Noah Madison Central
Curtsinger, Cody Mercer County
Ransdell, Ethan North Oldham
McAlister, Bryce South Warren
LePrell, Matthew Highlands Latin School Elementar
Handley, Coby East Carter
Wright, Cole Mason County
Lin, Kedrick North Hardin
Hadaway, Tyler Oldham County
Salyer, Matthew Paul Dunbar
Hansen, Trevor Southwestern
George, Noah St. Xavier(Lou)
Davis, Matt Villa Madonna
Mccain, Joel Williamstown
Strand, Karl Burgin
Chaffin, Grant Boyd County
Smith, Noah Bishop Brossart
Hug, August Highlands
Stigall, Logan Montgomery County
Weber, Mark West Jessamine
Hash, Ryan Woodford County
Yocum, Jeremy Martha Layne Collins
French, Cody Larue County
Butler, Ryan Meade County
smith, Ben Owen County
Keathley, Rylan Pikeville
Clark, Aaron Rockcastle County
Cassidy, Cole Simon Kenton
Gutierrez, Elwin Carroll County
Schowalter, Tyler Dixie Heights
Sandefur, Jared Bourbon County
Coffey, Jacob Trinity Christian Academy
Kendall, Jacob Franklin County
Laskey, John Highlands
Hester, Kole Russell
Ennis, Ryan South Oldham
Eades, Jon Western Hills
Brammer, Layne Ashland Blazer
Norvell, Christian Bryan Station
Ison, Walker Bourbon County
Ackerman, Seth Eastern
Masters, Brady Madison Central
Profitt, Elijah Mercer County
Patel, Evan North Oldham
Harris, Roddick South Warren
Gilbert, Justin Carter Highlands Latin School Elementar
Copeland, Stephen East Carter
Adams, Carson Mason County
Cusimano, Aiden North Hardin
Brown, Nicholas Oldham County
Kubo, Rinta Paul Dunbar
Harris, Camden Southwestern
Edwards, William St. Xavier(Lou)
Walters, Elijah Williamstown
Stanley, Brenden Burgin
Crawford, Jake Boyd County
Verst, Luke Bishop Brossart
Griffith, Will Highlands
Taylor, Joshua Montgomery County
Robinson, Gunner West Jessamine
Hines, Chase Larue County
Martin, Anthony Owen County
Lin, Jason Pikeville
Reynolds, Harley Carroll County
Montes, Armando Dixie Heights
Aldridge, Eli Ashland Blazer
Arrowood, Johnny Cordia
Jacobson, Austin Madison Central
Varda, Theron North Oldham
Patterson, Kellen South Warren
Montgomery, Elijah Highlands Latin School Elementar
Giles, Curtis East Carter
Truesdell, Jackson Mason County
Grizzell, Cory North Hardin
Carlile, Ethan Paul Dunbar
Jones, Brycen Southwestern
Williams, Lincoln St. Xavier(Lou)
Boursaw, John Burgin
Faulkner, Nate Larue County
Crutcher, Aiden Carroll County
Jamison, Ethan Dixie Heights
Conn, Tyler Boyd County
Combs, Hunter Cordia
Kearns, John West Jessamine
Clemons, Hunter South Warren
Hanson, Jayssen North Hardin
Bradshaw, Logan Paul Dunbar
Hester, Nolan St. Xavier(Lou)
Ritchie, Logan Anderson County
Williams-Harris, Christopher Christian Academy (Louisville)
Kennedy, Ian Trinity (Louisville)
Wilson, Brinston Community Christian Academy - In
Greiner, Jack Beechwood
Watson, Derrius Carroll County
Kazmaier, James Dixie Heights
Perkins, Bryce Boyd County
Hidalgo, Anthony Cordia
Van Neste, Caleb Frankfort
Crockett, Grayson West Jessamine
Russell, Gabe North Hardin
O'Bryan, Aiden St. Xavier(Lou)
Baird, Nick Williamsburg
Lykins, Nathaniel Anderson County
Siegel, Zach Christian Academy (Louisville)
Schaub, Gabe Pikeville
Breitenbach, Nick Simon Kenton
Woodall, Zach Trinity (Louisville)
Szemethy, Nicholas Apollo
Caperton, Isaiah Boyd County
Rose, Christopher Corbin
Schroeder, James Eastern
Wodraska, Francisco Grant County
Perry, Zane Walton Verona
Adkisson, Cyrus Somerset Christian School
House, Jonah Community Christian Academy - In
Cheeks, McKinnley Williamstown
Hetzel, Cole Beechwood
Cook, Toby Dixie Heights
Pierce, Mason Anderson County
Bryan, Drew Christian Academy (Louisville)
Solinger, James Martha Layne Collins
Justice, Andrew Pikeville
Saner, Caleb Simon Kenton
Clark, Nick Trinity (Louisville)
Bailey, Jared Cabell Midland
Striegel, Joshua St. Xavier(Lou)
Schwarz, Robel Williamsburg
Payne, Ryan Apollo
Newsome, Mason Boyd County
Hail, John Corbin
Balcom, Wade Eastern
Powers, William Grant County
Hutchinson, Marcus Madison Central
Coy, Carson Mercer County
Dingus, Christian Walton Verona
Davis, Ryan Somerset Christian School
Sherrard, Sam East Carter
Hobbs, Ian Oldham County
Hall, Carson St. Xavier(Lou)
Carroll, Alex Villa Madonna
Reaves, Jackson Williamstown
Holt, Aiden Beechwood
Gettelfinger, Gabriel Anderson County
Guilford, Carson Christian Academy (Louisville)
Zaparanick-Brown, Aidan Woodford County
Ison, Jacob Martha Layne Collins
Mangay-Ayam, Phryxus Meade County
Sizemore, Teddy Pikeville
Gerth, Greysen Simon Kenton
Young, Daniel Trinity (Louisville)
Parker, Ben Cabell Midland
Kern, Austin South Oldham
Woo, Kaden St. Xavier(Lou)
Jones, Brady Williamsburg
Meek, Mckinney Ashland Blazer
Whitaker, Andrew Eastern
Powers, Benjamin Grant County
Gambrel, Dirk Madison Central
Conrad, Chase Mercer County
Fritz, Davis Walton Verona
James, Gabe East Carter
Kearns, Andrew Gallatin County
Campbell, Nate Mason County
Hejnal, Lawrence North Hardin
Day, Ryan Oldham County
Howard, Landon Southwestern
Whiteley, Blake St. Xavier(Lou)
Halpin, Ian Villa Madonna
Tien, Caden Williamstown
Marker, Jacob Beechwood
Dych, Ethan Apollo
Elswick, Spencer Boyd County
Simons, Sean Corbin
Branch, Ryan Bishop Brossart
Uhlenbrock, Grant Highlands
McKinley, Andrew Montgomery County
Kidwell, Carson Russell
Vorseth, Seth South Oldham
Downey, Joshua Western Hills
Shea, Jack Woodford County
Howell, Bradlee Martha Layne Collins
Cowman, Jace Meade County
Copley, Wade Pikeville
Durham, Silas Rockcastle County
McDaniel, Brandon Simon Kenton
Lewis, Nick Trinity (Louisville)
Perraut, Andrew Bourbon County
Salmons, Kaden Cabell Midland
Krinock, Adam Trinity Christian Academy
Patel, Venish Franklin County
Orton, Lucas South Oldham
Wantland, Matthew St. Xavier(Lou)
Gray, Dalton Ashland Blazer
Scmidt, Alex Bryan Station
Summerlin, Gage Eastern
King, Tylan Madison Central
Lewis, Jonah Mercer County
Taylor, Skylar North Oldham
Luis, Ethan South Warren
Snapp, Conner Augusta
Holtsclaw, Zachary East Carter
Green, Tyler Mason County
Everage, Chase North Hardin
Carter, Clayton Oldham County
Upton, Mason Paul Dunbar
Turner, Nathanael Southwestern
Jarboe, Nate St. Xavier(Lou)
Kovacic, Owen Villa Madonna
Tien, CJ Williamstown
Sheene, Seth Burgin
Terrill, JB Boyd County
Alwell, Andrew Bishop Brossart
Laskey, Peter Highlands
Burchett, Ethan Montgomery County
Thomas, Clay Woodford County
Lea, Teddy Martha Layne Collins
Metcalf, Connor Larue County
Burnett, Kizer Meade County
Newell, Patrick Owen County
Booher, Harrison Pikeville
Bullock, Logan Rockcastle County
Shaffer, Austin Simon Kenton
Musselman, Josh Carroll County
Berry, Nate Bourbon County
Gibson, Cooper Cabell Midland
Westerfield, Noah Trinity Christian Academy
Gormley, Conner Franklin County
Lacourt, Alex Highlands
Pridemore, Elijah Russell
Crask, Ben South Oldham
Staude, Kobe Western Hills
Skaggs, Luke Ashland Blazer
Esube, Machumbe Bryan Station
Green, Zaeland Bourbon County
Ballard, Devin Eastern
Stokes, Wesley Madison Central
Howard, Brady Mercer County
Pyles, Jake North Oldham
Stiltner, Patrick South Warren
Wheat, Cade Highlands Latin School Elementar
Brammell, Blaine East Carter
Dodge, Mathew Mason County
Morales, Max North Hardin
Payne, Luke Oldham County
Pinto, Nick Paul Dunbar
Epperson, Griffin Southwestern
Brooks, Nick St. Xavier(Lou)
Alden, Kaleb Villa Madonna
Stephens, Spencer Williamstown
Hart, Marshall Burgin
Brock, Gavin Boyd County
Bain, Carter Bishop Brossart
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Varsity Girls 5,000 Meter Run 348 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stigers, Molly Franklin County
Osborn, Raegan Russell
O'Gara, Hannah South Oldham
Vavala, Gaia Western Hills
Twehues, Maggie Woodford County
Kendall, Emma Martha Layne Collins
Chapman, Isabelle St. Henry District
Mckenna, Tatum Cabell Midland
Krinock, Audrey Trinity Christian Academy
Seilhymer, Alyssa East Carter
Cox, Madison Anderson County
Leef, Janna Christian Academy (Louisville)
Wallace, Abigail Eastern
Wilson, Kaitlyn Grant County
Lewis, Katherine Mercer County
Hurles, Kalyn Walton Verona
Dooley, Adair Notre Dame
Ernst, Nora Villa Madonna
Shoyat, Tanya Beechwood
Wheeldon, Shayla Dixie Heights
Heaton, Kaeley Boyd County
Jackson, Nancy Jane Corbin
Bertsch, Cora Bishop Brossart
Wolfinbarger, Kayma Highlands
Stull, Hannah Montgomery County
McSorley, Stevie Russell
Lancaster, Eleanor South Oldham
Bradley, Jett Western Hills
Gilbert, Cassidy Woodford County
Vest, Lilly Martha Layne Collins
Brown, Kylei Meade County
Smith, Shya Owen County
Allen, Ella Pikeville
Hodge, Alyssa Rockcastle County
Donahue, Lauren Simon Kenton
Pawsat, Meghan St. Henry District
Smith, Abigail Bourbon County
Nathaniel, Brendley Bryan Station
Clarkson, Allie Eastern
Ward, Lexus Grant County
Wimsatt, Brianna Mercer County
Waters, Caileigh Walton Verona
Stewart, Gracie East Carter
Ellsworth, Jacquelyn Oldham County
Jager, Emily Southwestern
Rice, Sarah Villa Madonna
Russell, Alexis Boyd County
French, Taylor Corbin
Wittrock, Madison Bishop Brossart
Banks, Lainey Woodford County
Bucknam, Audrey Martha Layne Collins
Wilson, Zoe Meade County
McNay, McKenna Owen County
Wright, Rachel Pikeville
Watson, Emma Rockcastle County
Behne, Meredith Simon Kenton
Young, Jocey Bourbon County
Fielding, Haley Ashland Blazer
Workman, Bella Highlands
Paige, Shelby Montgomery County
Cook, Maia South Oldham
Best, Hayley South Warren
Vickery, Olivia Highlands Latin School Elementar
Meenach, Cadence East Carter
Lavinder, Elizabeth Mason County
Terry, Ashley Oldham County
Hansen, Sidney Southwestern
Ernst, Abby Villa Madonna
Cocanougher, Grace Burgin
Steel, Emma Boyd County
Curtsinger, Claire Bishop Brossart
Dermody, Laura Eastern
Jacobson, Audrey Madison Central
Blevins, Haley Mercer County
Tamariz, Ximena Bourbon County
Harris, Alyssa Highlands
Booher, Taylor Montgomery County
Buchanan, Abigail South Oldham
Brannan, Sophia West Jessamine
Middleton, Elizabeth West Carter
Bleuel, Abbey Woodford County
Dennis, Mia Larue County
Greenwell, Kaitlyn Meade County
Goodrich, Destiny Owen County
Howard, Sara Kate Pikeville
Reagan, Learin Rockcastle County
Koehl, Sophie Simon Kenton
Crosby, Anslee South Warren
Walrad, Chloe Highlands Latin School Elementar
Bloemer, Jade East Carter
Decker, Alexis Mason County
Cagle, Savannah Oldham County
Gedritis, Anna Paul Dunbar
Akin, Jasmine Southwestern
Motley, Ellen Villa Madonna
Church, Abigale Burgin
Harrington, Emily Boyd County
Klocke, Maria Bishop Brossart
Darland, Erin Mercer County
Campbell, Alissa Highlands
Taylor, Rebekah Montgomery County
Barker, Ela West Jessamine
Maupin, Kayla Larue County
Sullivan, Isabella Meade County
Cram, Kailey Owen County
Booher, Jewel Pikeville
Dotson, Alexis Rockcastle County
Glover, Ashley Simon Kenton
Horner, Alyssa Carroll County
Hernandez, Kylie Bourbon County
Borders, Erin Boyd County
Kitchens, Megan South Warren
Hanel, Avery Highlands Latin School Elementar
Stephens, Mary East Carter
Henderson, Layla Mason County
Prather, Shaylee Nicholas County
Talbert, Mandy Paul Dunbar
Patterson, Lydia Southwestern
Humber, Kenzie Burgin
Brumer, Eden Highlands
Madill, Kate West Jessamine
Gibson, Abigail Larue County
Janzaruk, Natalie Notre Dame
Copley, Tiffany Pikeville
Stoutt, Savannah Sacred Heart Academy
Espinoza, Diana Carroll County
Vogelpohl, Kylie Dixie Heights
Andrick, Ellie Cabell Midland
Hopper, Jenna Raye Trinity Christian Academy
Grimes, Abbagail Franklin County
McMain, Reganne St. Henry District
Dewey, Addi Christian Academy (Louisville)
Nathan, Lydia South Warren
Brown, Ryann East Carter
Carpenter, Morgan Mason County
Caswell, Katie Nicholas County
Eichelberger, Caitlyn Paul Dunbar
Carrington, Kathryn Southwestern
West, Chloe Somerset Christian School
Mylor, Ava Gallatin County
Schrinner, Claire Notre Dame
Haugh, Erin Sacred Heart Academy
Reis, Maya Beechwood
Marshall, Sarah Carroll County
Elliot, Abigail Dixie Heights
Londeree, Emma Cabell Midland
Gillis, Riley Franklin County
Hill, Kasey St. Henry District
Wilkins, Emma Christian Academy (Louisville)
Mullins, Connor South Warren
Brown, Riley East Carter
Gambrell, Alexandria Holy Cross (Louisville)
Shoemaker, Kendra Mason County
Allison, Destiny Nicholas County
Daman, Nina Paul Dunbar
McNulty, Angie Anderson County
Bader, Kaitlyn Christian Academy (Louisville)
Million, Alexis Grant County
Caithamer, Jodie Walton Verona
Cain, Aly Notre Dame
Wilkinson, Sarah Sacred Heart Academy
Grunkemeyer, Becca Beechwood
Miller, Clarissa Dixie Heights
Curry, Mackenzie Corbin
Jenkins, Emma Cabell Midland
Valles, Elizabeth Franklin County
Webb, Jasmine Russell
Turner, Lauren South Oldham
LoBosco, Irene Western Hills
Cleary, Emily St. Henry District
Meek, Kate Cabell Midland
Copeland, Alice East Carter
Bowles, Kenzie Nicholas County
Siebenthaler, Kelsey Paul Dunbar
McEndree, Jade Anderson County
Melhorn, Allison Christian Academy (Louisville)
Shelton, Audrey Grant County
Brames, Madison Walton Verona
Nerswick, Mary Ann Notre Dame
Guerrein, Charli Villa Madonna
Lohre, Ava Beechwood
Palmer, Sophia Dixie Heights
Jackson, Mary Hope Corbin
Gillion, Makena Franklin County
Goodman, Riley Russell
Michels, Allison South Oldham
Campbell, Emma Western Hills
Probus, Eva Kate Woodford County
Vidourek, Laura Martha Layne Collins
Mitoraj, Madisyn Meade County
Marcum, Cayla Rockcastle County
St. Clair, Madelyn Simon Kenton
Harlan, Gabriele St. Henry District
Gambill, Ashleigh Bourbon County
Wright, Lauren Bryan Station
Sandy, Courtney Eastern
Calhoun, Isabella Grant County
Darnell, Clayra Mercer County
Akins, Ashley Walton Verona
Maschinot, Olivia Notre Dame
Wayland, Grace Oldham County
Durstock, Sofia Villa Madonna
Skeen, Katherine Beechwood
Harmon, Savanah Dixie Heights
Kirk, Havannah Boyd County
Morton, Hannah Corbin
Reis, Natalie Bishop Brossart
Reynolds, Morgan Woodford County
Huelsman, Shelby Martha Layne Collins
Collins, Brianna Meade County
Cobb, Shayna Owen County
Crum, Mattie Pikeville
Peavie, Gracie Rockcastle County
Dauenbaugh, Matisse Simon Kenton
Simpson, Bethany Bourbon County
Hay, Aubree Ashland Blazer
Hoffmeister, Lilli Highlands
Paige, Taylor Montgomery County
Riley, Jordan Russell
King, Kelsey South Oldham
Heffley, Harper Western Hills
Haner, Emily Grace Highlands Latin School Elementar
Sherrard, Mary East Carter
Bisotti, Alyssa Mason County
Bassett, Kynzlei Oldham County
Watters, Abigail Southwestern
Bailey, Maddie Villa Madonna
McCoy, Lincoln Burgin
Crawford, Taylor Boyd County
Klocke, Amy Bishop Brossart
Jones, Nia Eastern
Boyd, Kaley Madison Central
King, Madison Mercer County
Lightner, Olivia Walton Verona
Hamilton, Evelyn Woodford County
Rackcliffe, Aiden Larue County
Sipes, Maddy Meade County
McPherson, Morrissa Owen County
Adams, Kelcie Pikeville
Delph, Darla Rockcastle County
Mason, Carlee Simon Kenton
Boshears, Katie Bourbon County
Howard, Rebekah Ashland Blazer
Smith, Ruby Highlands
Kerns, Kaylan Montgomery County
Gard, Jaycie South Oldham
Brown, Taylor South Warren
Pottlitzer, Lilly Highlands Latin School Elementar
Vanhorn, Peyton East Carter
Decker, Paige Mason County
Henage, Ella Oldham County
Zhu, Bailey Paul Dunbar
Bortz, Snow Brooke Southwestern
Mcdonald, Caroline Villa Madonna
Biggs, Rebecca Burgin
Baldridge, Abby Boyd County
Bezold, Emma Bishop Brossart
Pohlman-Singleton, Justice Eastern
O'Shea, Ciara Madison Central
Profitt, Corban Mercer County
Mckiernan, Nikki Highlands
Patel, Driti Montgomery County
Buchanan, Trinity South Oldham
Miller, Ava West Jessamine
Harned, Gracie Larue County
Burnett, Anna Meade County
Bourne, Allison Owen County
Al Akhrass, Christina Pikeville
Holt, Lila Rockcastle County
Staley, Isabella Simon Kenton
Perkinson, Lauren Carroll County
Felty, MaKayla Bourbon County
Jenkins, Ellie Burgin
Newsome, Sophia Boyd County
Leitenberger, Emma Mercer County
Wilkins, Brooklynn South Warren
Moran, Kara Highlands Latin School Elementar
Bush, Sydney East Carter
Faris, Hayden Mason County
Cook, Annie Nicholas County
Henage, Hannah Oldham County
Weitlauf, Bella Paul Dunbar
Perrin, A.j Southwestern
Dickman, Maddie Villa Madonna
Schroeder, Maggie Highlands
Wilson, Kate West Jessamine
Gross, Laila Larue County
Bruner, Ellie Meade County
Green, Peyton Notre Dame
Samples, Allie Pikeville
Dotson, Victoria Rockcastle County
Mohlenkamp, Alice Sacred Heart Academy
Staley, Hope Carroll County
Orr, Veronica Dixie Heights
Perraut, Madi Bourbon County
Maschinot, Meredith St. Henry District
Johnson, Ryleigh South Warren
Bitner, Abigail Highlands Latin School Elementar
Burchett, Racheal East Carter
Maher, Hadley Mason County
Hunt, Riley Nicholas County
Hazelwood, Kate Paul Dunbar
Peterson, Madeline Southwestern
Harmon, Avery Burgin
Boyd, Allison Somerset Christian School
Taylor, Hailey Notre Dame
Williams, Madison Pikeville
Gilvin, Josie Sacred Heart Academy
Searcy, Andrea Carroll County
Erney, Scarlett Dixie Heights
Fynn, Emma Cabell Midland
Rowe, Kendall Trinity Christian Academy
Boone, Eliza Franklin County
Ryan, Kate St. Henry District
Wilson, Kaylee Christian Academy (Louisville)
Graves, Annslee South Warren
Bryant, Danielle East Carter
Howe, Kylee Mason County
Prather, Audree Nicholas County
Alonso, Vanessa Paul Dunbar
Weiss, Cassie Williamsburg
Luna, Annaliese Anderson County
Stitzinger, Macy Christian Academy (Louisville)
Marksbury, Shelby Grant County
Riggins, Olivia Walton Verona
Wilson, Baily Gallatin County
Gartman, Paxton Notre Dame
Cornett, Katelyn Sacred Heart Academy
Jobert, Victoria Beechwood
Smith, Trinity Dixie Heights
Chen, Abby Corbin
Smith, Brynn Cabell Midland
Carlee, Kiera Franklin County
Atkins, Josie Russell
Willen, Emma South Oldham
Diano, Giorgia Western Hills
Kluemper, Ella St. Henry District
Giles, Averie East Carter
Tedder, Lauren Nicholas County
Bravard, Emily Paul Dunbar
Luna, Sofia Anderson County
Bobnar, Caroline Christian Academy (Louisville)
Spratt, Claudia Grant County
Russo, Aubrey Walton Verona
Kramer, Grace Notre Dame
Grunkemeyer, Gracie Beechwood
Parsons, Emily Dixie Heights
Faulkner, Lauren Corbin
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