Oldham County Sundown (Meet is full) 2021

Buckner, KY
Hosted by Oldham County
Timing/Results DC Timing LLC

Athlete Entries

HS Boys 100 Meter Dash 33 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Northington, Jawaun 10.99 duPont Manual
O'Bannon, Terrance 11.11 Eastern
Cole, Jaylen 11.20 Male
Yamnitz, Nic 11.24h Oldham County
Jackson, Kendrick 11.25 Pleasure Ridge Park
Brown, Tyler 11.33 Male
Bando, Elohim 11.40 Fern Creek
Johnson, Ja'raylan 11.48 New Albany High School
Fruth, Nicholas 11.62 Carroll County
Winford, Kyondre 11.63 New Albany High School
Robertson, Elijah 11.64 Fern Creek
Gilbert, Corion 11.65 Pleasure Ridge Park
Surran, Evan 11.87 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Hayward, Marshall 11.88 Eastern
Sproul, Peter 11.94 Martha Layne Collins
Robbins, Gilbert 11.99 duPont Manual
Miracle, Zach 12.04 Shelby County
Catchot, Clark 12.15 North Oldham
Vinson, Carter 12.22 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Schuff, Ethan 12.27 Oldham County
Cole, Blake 12.29 Henry County
Canfield, Luke 12.30 North Oldham
Rodriguez, Juan 12.54 Shelby County
Padgett, Michael 12.58 Henry County
Railey, Jonah 12.60 Martha Layne Collins
Wilkerson, Nathaniel 12.65 Christian Educational Consortium
Cunningham, Preston 12.94 Carroll County
Ishmael, Ian 13.00 South Oldham
Nicholson, Kaleb 13.01 Christian Academy of Indiana
Ma, He 13.08 Christian Academy of Indiana
Farr, Andrew 13.11 South Oldham
Steffen, Hunter 13.41 Owen County
Mitchell, Evan 15.37 Christian Educational Consortium
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HS Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brown, Darius 14.48 duPont Manual
Washington, Dion 15.25 Male
Brown, Khol 15.27 New Albany High School
Anthony, Vinny 15.72 Male
Pruitt, Xzavier 15.83 New Albany High School
Woods, Jakob 16.65 Shelby County
Cox, Hayden 16.71 North Oldham
Thompson, Shawn 17.08 Shelby County
Martens, Cole 17.87 Martha Layne Collins
Smith, Jaden 18.02 Pleasure Ridge Park
Clark, Carson 18.51 North Oldham
Riddell, Michael 18.92 Carroll County
Arroyo, Conner 19.06 Eastern
Gibson, Ethan 20.34 Pleasure Ridge Park
Wilkerson, Nathaniel 20.51 Christian Educational Consortium
Wilson, Dylan 21.44h Oldham County
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HS Boys 200 Meter Dash 33 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wheeler, Dawson Martha Layne Collins
Jackson, Kendrick 22.62 Pleasure Ridge Park
Anthony, Vinny 23.15 Male
Johnson, Myles 23.36 New Albany High School
Northington, Jawaun 23.38 duPont Manual
Fruth, Nicholas 23.81 Carroll County
O'Bannon, Terrance 23.93 Eastern
Durham, Ben 23.96 South Oldham
Cole, Jaylen 23.96 Male
Tapia-Reyna, Alejandro 24.23 North Oldham
Johnson, Dakota 24.24 New Albany High School
Robbins, Gilbert 24.52 duPont Manual
Moore, Travon 24.82 Eastern
Gibson, Ethan 24.89 Pleasure Ridge Park
Wells, Dustin 24.89 Shelby County
Griffin, Trevon 24.97 South Oldham
Stratton, Jalen 24.98 Oldham County
Hoffman, Lucas 25.37 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Cole, Blake 25.39 Henry County
Bryant, Julian 25.55 Fern Creek
King, David 25.62 Fern Creek
Davis, Jacob 25.66 Oldham County
Gastineau, Lucas 25.98 North Oldham
Padgett, Michael 26.29 Henry County
Dowdy, Chris 26.35 Christian Educational Consortium
Ma, He 27.01 Christian Academy of Indiana
Hauser, Bryson 27.04 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Cunningham, Jacob 27.05 Carroll County
Steffen, Hunter 27.33 Owen County
Rodriguez, Moctezumac 27.64 Shelby County
Nicholson, Kaleb 28.71 Christian Academy of Indiana
Monteiro, Jacob 29.84 Christian Educational Consortium
Newell, Patrick 30.81 Owen County
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HS Boys 300 Meter Hurdles 24 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kaston, Bo Henry County
Osbourne, Jianni Fern Creek
Johnson, Anthony 1:00.16 Christian Educational Consortium
Lucas, Ryan 1:08.05 Henry County
Brown, Darius 39.35 duPont Manual
Anthony, Vinny 39.91 Male
Pruitt, Xzavier 40.50 New Albany High School
Washington, Dion 41.86 Male
Brown, Khol 42.98 New Albany High School
Cox, Hayden 43.23 North Oldham
Woods, Jakob 43.28 Shelby County
Thompson, Shawn 43.60 Shelby County
Martens, Cole 44.96 Martha Layne Collins
Tchyombo, Andy 45.36 Fern Creek
Arroyo, Conner 45.95 Eastern
Smith, Jaden 46.95 Pleasure Ridge Park
Carr, Owen 47.11 South Oldham
Dixon, Jakob 47.46 Pleasure Ridge Park
Riddell, Michael 48.69 Carroll County
Bottorff, John Tyler 49.09 Oldham County
Clark, Carson 50.00 North Oldham
Agbola, Ayodeji 51.49 duPont Manual
Nunn, Payton 53.48 Christian Academy (Louisville)
McIntyre, Rory 54.34h Oldham County
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HS Boys 3200 Meter Run 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
House, Oliver South Oldham
Lampe, Andrew Christian Academy (Louisville)
Cain, Key'Shawn 10:24.61 Male
Chandler, Cooper 10:31.46 Male
Ellis, Dylan 10:31.99 Eastern
Schroeder, James 10:36.46 Eastern
Barrett, Ryan 10:47.52 duPont Manual
Day, Ryan 10:56.74 Oldham County
Jacobs, Ben 11:14.23 New Albany High School
Guilford, Carson 11:19.02 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Mattingly, Andrew 11:42.96 Christian Educational Consortium
Wagner, Randy 11:50.00 North Oldham
Mynhier, Liam 11:50.91 South Oldham
Moreno, Eli 11:56.56 Martha Layne Collins
Sheppard, Braxton 11:57.02 New Albany High School
Copeland, Joby 12:10.00 North Oldham
Mikels, Skyy 12:13.95 Christian Educational Consortium
Courtney, Lucas 13:38.45 Shelby County
Pinckney, Alexander 9:43.94 Christian Academy of Indiana
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HS Boys 400 Meter Dash 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Tichenor, Gus Oldham County
Dowdy, Chris Christian Educational Consortium
Masters, James North Oldham
Stubbs, Blake New Albany High School
Cunningham, Jacob 1:00.07 Carroll County
Bryant, Julian 1:00.15 Fern Creek
Taylor, Mason 1:00.23 Christian Academy of Indiana
Rehnberg, Ben 1:00.33 Christian Academy of Indiana
Boien, Dale 1:00.58 Shelby County
Sutton, Tony 1:01.65 Fern Creek
Bowling, Philip 1:03.35 North Oldham
Roberts, Quincy 1:03.97 Shelby County
Johnson, Anthony 1:08.88 Christian Educational Consortium
Miles, Asius 50.36 New Albany High School
Sloan, Myles 51.36 Male
Yamnitz, Nic 51.74 Oldham County
Warfield, Jaden 52.47 Male
Geren, Gage 53.96 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Maurer, Gabriel 55.16 Owen County
Jackson, Kendrick 55.48 Pleasure Ridge Park
Hiner, Caleb 55.59 South Oldham
Vinson, Carter 56.00 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Brown Jr., Richard 56.05 Pleasure Ridge Park
Schnurr, Justin 56.09 duPont Manual
Snell, Brandon 57.03 Owen County
Gaesser, Connor 57.13 Eastern
Gant, Howie 57.88 duPont Manual
Crask, Ben 58.72 South Oldham
Ellison, Sinceer 58.85 Eastern
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HS Boys 4x100 Meter Relay 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 43.90 Fern Creek
Relay Team A 44.14 Male
Relay Team A 44.65 duPont Manual
Relay Team A 45.00 Eastern
Relay Team A 45.31 New Albany High School
Relay Team A 45.34 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Relay Team A 46.23 Pleasure Ridge Park
Relay Team A 46.32 Shelby County
Relay Team A 46.35 South Oldham
Relay Team A 46.36 North Oldham
Relay Team A 47.10 Oldham County
Relay Team A 49.32 Carroll County
Relay Team A 51.20 Owen County
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HS Boys 4x200 Meter Relay 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A Owen County
Relay Team A 1:30.32 Male
Relay Team A 1:32.50 duPont Manual
Relay Team A 1:33.00 Pleasure Ridge Park
Relay Team A 1:33.96 North Oldham
Relay Team A 1:34.14 New Albany High School
Relay Team A 1:34.94 Fern Creek
Relay Team A 1:35.18 Eastern
Relay Team A 1:35.93 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Relay Team A 1:38.43 Shelby County
Relay Team A 1:42.41 Oldham County
Relay Team A 1:42.57 Carroll County
Relay Team A 1:44.86 South Oldham
Relay Team A 1:59.63 Christian Educational Consortium
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HS Boys 4x400 Meter Relay 15 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A Carroll County
Relay Team A Martha Layne Collins
Relay Team A 3:31.10 Male
Relay Team A 3:32.00 New Albany High School
Relay Team A 3:39.30 North Oldham
Relay Team A 3:45.70 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Relay Team A 3:46.77 Oldham County
Relay Team A 3:54.14 Eastern
Relay Team A 3:54.52 Owen County
Relay Team A 3:54.97 Shelby County
Relay Team A 3:58.97 Pleasure Ridge Park
Relay Team A 3:59.08 South Oldham
Relay Team A 4:01.66 Henry County
Relay Team A 4:04.18 Christian Academy of Indiana
Relay Team A 4:08.73 Christian Educational Consortium
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HS Boys 4x800 Meter Relay 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 10:10.67 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Relay Team A 10:34.07 Christian Educational Consortium
Relay Team A 8:23.93 New Albany High School
Relay Team A 8:24.36 Male
Relay Team A 8:32.11 Oldham County
Relay Team A 8:52.58 North Oldham
Relay Team A 9:17.97 Owen County
Relay Team A 9:31.44 Pleasure Ridge Park
Relay Team A 9:35.00 Fern Creek
Relay Team A 9:46.56 South Oldham
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HS Boys 800 Meter Run 33 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wehrheim, Greyson Martha Layne Collins
Phan, Elijah 2:01.11 Male
Lord, Aidan 2:01.70 New Albany High School
Vergara, Gabriel 2:02.58 Martha Layne Collins
Balcom, Wade 2:04.73 Eastern
Ott, Tommy 2:05.45 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Bird, Zach 2:06.44 Eastern
Pearson, Nicholas 2:06.53 Male
Pinckney, Alexander 2:07.00 Christian Academy of Indiana
Lord, Aaron 2:08.42 New Albany High School
Woodhouse, John 2:08.42 duPont Manual
Steineker, Micah 2:09.43 North Oldham
Carter, Clayton 2:09.58 Oldham County
Howlett, Sam 2:09.59 duPont Manual
Hobbs, Ian 2:10.75 Oldham County
Taylor, Skylar 2:10.88 North Oldham
Rosenbaum, Matt 2:12.99 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Ennis, Ryan 2:13.26 South Oldham
Elmore, Dain 2:17.82 Fern Creek
Perry, Ethan 2:21.86 Shelby County
Taylor, Mason 2:23.41 Christian Academy of Indiana
Wilhoite, Sawyer 2:25.95 Owen County
Mattingly, Andrew 2:26.41 Christian Educational Consortium
Trowell, D'Anico 2:30.72 Pleasure Ridge Park
Coursey, James 2:31.58 Shelby County
Wright, Kevin 2:31.83 Fern Creek
McFall, Jacob 2:32.59 Pleasure Ridge Park
James, Jacob 2:33.77 South Oldham
Leatherwood, DJ 2:35.33 Henry County
Dowdy, Dallas 2:42.67 Christian Educational Consortium
Smith, Ben 2:47.77 Owen County
Kinman, Grayson 2:50.32 Carroll County
Lucas, Ryan 3:13.20 Henry County
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HS Boys Discus 30 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cole, Alexander 152-9.5 Eastern
Lopez, Emmanuel 136-6 Fern Creek
Coleman, Bryan 126-9 Oldham County
Keown, Dustin 126-9 Oldham County
Haag, Phillip 122-8 New Albany High School
Wood, Nathan 118-7 New Albany High School
Lagerblade, Rex 111-10 South Oldham
Cartwright, Seth 110-8 Male
Wilmoth, Jacob 109-3 Martha Layne Collins
Johnson, Nicholas 106-1 Shelby County
Mauzy, Matthew 101-7 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Wynn, Chaynon 101-7 Carroll County
Dowdy, Chris 101-6 Christian Educational Consortium
Mosby, Kevin 98-2 Fern Creek
Harrington, Miles 97-4 North Oldham
Spivak, Nick 97-1 Eastern
Washington, Brandon 92-11 Pleasure Ridge Park
Reynaldo, Jose 92-0 Eastern
Bowen, Ernest 90-9 duPont Manual
Jones, Louis 90-4 New Albany High School
Mattingly, Jonah 90-0 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Garner, Jaydin 87-1 Pleasure Ridge Park
Clark, Hayden 86-9.5 Christian Educational Consortium
Garrett, Andrew 84-5 South Oldham
Weber, Andrew 80-8 Male
Turpen, Josh 79-9 North Oldham
Wilson, Alex 77-6 Fern Creek
Cobb, Josiah 73-11 Owen County
Baumann, Charlie 58-10 Owen County
Lipari, Paul 57-3 Carroll County
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HS Boys High Jump 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Scheetz, Patrick 6-2 Oldham County
Lindemier, Tyler 5-8 Oldham County
Anthony Jr, Rj 5-8 Male
Stubbs, Blake 5-8 New Albany High School
Rearden III, Curtis 5-8 duPont Manual
Thrasher, Van 5-6 Male
Kleer, Michael 5-6 New Albany High School
Smith, Jaden 5-6 Pleasure Ridge Park
Franklin, Seth 5-6 Carroll County
Bale, Bishop 5-4 Shelby County
Bishop, Kyre 5-4 Shelby County
Carr, Owen 5-4 South Oldham
Snell, Brandon 5-2 Owen County
Steineker, Mason 5-2 North Oldham
Hobbs, Devon 5-2 Pleasure Ridge Park
Guilford, Carson 5-2 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Gross, Zach 5-0 North Oldham
Noltemeyer, Lincoln 4-8 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Wilkerson, Nathaniel Christian Educational Consortium
Sproul, Peter Martha Layne Collins
Kinman, Grayson Carroll County
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HS Boys Long Jump 28 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brown, Khol 22-7.5 New Albany High School
Johnson, Ja'raylan 21-10 New Albany High School
O'Bannon, Terrance 21-6 Eastern
Washington, Dion 21-4.5 Male
Wilson, Darien 20-8 duPont Manual
Dixon, Jakob 20-1 Pleasure Ridge Park
Bando, Elyon 20-0 Fern Creek
Gentry, Myles 19-11 Male
Ledford, Kiya 19-10 South Oldham
Bando, Elohim 19-5 Fern Creek
Gant, Howie 19-5 duPont Manual
Lindemier, Tyler 19-3 Oldham County
Reagan, Samuel 19-1.5 South Oldham
Thompson, Shawn 18-11 Shelby County
Riddell, Michael 18-9 Carroll County
Delaquis, Isaiah 18-7 Eastern
DeSpain, Andrew 18-3 Owen County
Cissell, Kane 17-8 Oldham County
Parks, Adin 17-6 Christian Educational Consortium
Rodriguez, Juan 17-4.25 Shelby County
Hobbs, Devon 17-1 Pleasure Ridge Park
Woods, Zachary 16-7 Henry County
Franklin, Seth 16-3 Carroll County
Cole, Blake 15-10.5 Henry County
Smith, Ben 12-9.5 Owen County
Hutchins, Charles 11-5 North Oldham
Nagle, Dawson North Oldham
Dowdy, Chris Christian Educational Consortium
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HS Boys One Mile Run 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Kinman, Grayson Carroll County
Rouse, Andrew Owen County
Coursey, James Shelby County
Leatherwood, DJ Henry County
Parks, Adin Christian Educational Consortium
Newell, Patrick Owen County
Perry, Ethan Shelby County
Mikels, Skyy Christian Educational Consortium
Neal, Caleb Oldham County
Lord, Aidan 4:30.35 New Albany High School
Pinckney, Alexander 4:34.48 Christian Academy of Indiana
Lord, Aaron 4:39.09 New Albany High School
Steed, Garrett 4:47.31 Male
Ellis, Dylan 4:48.36 Eastern
Ott, Tommy 4:48.71 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Lucas, Samuel 4:50.09 Male
Orton, Lucas 4:58.50h South Oldham
Smaldone, Quint 4:59.34 Eastern
McBride, Jacob 5:01.50 South Oldham
Smith, Joshua 5:04.06 Fern Creek
Hobbs, Ian 5:05.68 Oldham County
Rosenbaum, Matt 5:06.49 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Lee, Michael 5:10.00h North Oldham
Velasquez, Melbyn 5:11.95 Martha Layne Collins
Tichenor, Colin 5:25.00h North Oldham
McGuirk, Owen 5:26.06 duPont Manual
Fuhrmann, Jack 5:27.46 Martha Layne Collins
Meyer, Gray 5:29.45 Fern Creek
Blevins, Mikeal 5:31.85 Pleasure Ridge Park
McFall, Jacob 5:43.16 Pleasure Ridge Park
Woods, Zachary 5:47.41 Henry County
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HS Boys Pole Vault 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Levinson, Luke 15-8 Eastern
Franklin, Clay 15-7 Oldham County
Stewart, Evan 14-6 Oldham County
Christerson, Caleb 13-7 Male
Holthouser, Landon 12-0 Eastern
Spencer, Griffyn 12-0 Shelby County
Patton, Elijah 10-6 Martha Layne Collins
DeJesus, Amarie 10-6 New Albany High School
Hamm, Jacob 10-0 duPont Manual
Redd, Tyyus 8-6 New Albany High School
Reed, Gus 6-6 Shelby County
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HS Boys Shot Put 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cosby, Christopher 49-7 New Albany High School
Cartwright, Seth 48-5 Male
Lopez, Emmanuel 45-10.5 Fern Creek
Cole, Alexander 44-4.5 Eastern
Wood, Nicholas 43-5 New Albany High School
Anthony, VJ 42-7.25 Male
Coleman, Bryan 38-6 Oldham County
Bonner, Anthony 38-5.25 Pleasure Ridge Park
Meyer, Isaac 36-7 Oldham County
Mosby, Kevin 36-6.5 Fern Creek
Boone, Sawyer 35-5 North Oldham
Wilmoth, Jacob 35-2.5 Martha Layne Collins
Parr, Will 35-1.75 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Burnside, Antwoine 34-5 New Albany High School
Bowen, Ernest 34-0 duPont Manual
Naughton, Ethan 34-0 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Johnson, Nicholas 33-5.25 Shelby County
Lagerblade, Rex 33-5 South Oldham
Gentry, Griffin 32-11.5 Owen County
Clark, Hayden 32-3.5 Christian Educational Consortium
Wynn, Chaynon 31-9 Carroll County
Wilson, Alex 31-8 Fern Creek
Harrington, Miles 31-5 North Oldham
Garrett, Andrew 31-5 South Oldham
Spivak, Nick 31-3 Eastern
Arnold, Shane 30-5 Pleasure Ridge Park
Reynaldo, Jose 30-3 Eastern
Lipari, Paul 29-11.5 Carroll County
Cobb, Josiah 28-10.5 Owen County
Mitchell, Evan 27-11 Christian Educational Consortium
Bradford, A.J. Shelby County
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HS Boys Triple Jump 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wilson, Darien 42-11 duPont Manual
Cissell, Kane 40-2.5 Oldham County
Reagan, Samuel 39-5 South Oldham
Smith, Jaden 38-9 Pleasure Ridge Park
Thompson, Shawn 37-8 Shelby County
Agbola, Ayodeji 37-5 duPont Manual
Wilkerson, Nathaniel 36-9.5 Christian Educational Consortium
Harper, Austin 35-11 Oldham County
Rawlings, Tyon 35-11 Pleasure Ridge Park
Ledford, Kiya 35-6 South Oldham
Wehrheim, Greyson 35-0 Martha Layne Collins
Lilley, Christian 27-3 Carroll County
Fiorito, William North Oldham
Rodriguez, Juan Shelby County
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HS Girls 100 Meter Dash 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Morgan, Cami North Oldham
Ninamou, Veronique 11.87 Male
Cleaver, Trinity 12.50 Male
Richter, Sophia 12.56 duPont Manual
Nwosu, Ruby 12.68 duPont Manual
Lewis, Savannah 12.91 Oldham County
Neie, Kori 13.04h Oldham County
McAlister, Shawna 13.50 Carroll County
Staples, Jolie 13.81 Henry County
O'Dea, Annie 13.83 Assumption
Briggs, Tatiana 13.92 Fern Creek
Tooley, Nima 13.94 Eastern
Sampah, Abigail 13.95 Pleasure Ridge Park
Ivey, Paisli 14.10 South Oldham
Widman, Kate 14.20 Assumption
Embry, Abby 14.20h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Wilson, Maleah 14.21 Martha Layne Collins
Reed, Kiley 14.22 Pleasure Ridge Park
Johnson, Hannah 14.34h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Hawkins, Marea 14.46 Shelby County
Blincoe, Sheila 14.51 Eastern
Rawlins, Talia 14.53 Shelby County
Gross, Natalie 14.54 North Oldham
Masden, Alexandria 14.56 Fern Creek
Brieschke, Audrey 14.78 Christian Academy of Indiana
Singer, Sydney 14.99 Carroll County
Stocksdale, Nora 15.47 Christian Academy of Indiana
Burbank, Sarah 15.66 South Oldham
Frazier, Anna 16.57 Christian Educational Consortium
Malcomb, Ann 16.57 Owen County
Merchant, Malyn 17.67 Owen County
Woods, Karli 18.50 Henry County
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HS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 18 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dale, Cassie Shelby County
Bruener, Gracie Owen County
Cleaver, Trinity 15.74 Male
Allen, Makiyah 16.72 North Oldham
Franzel, Asia 16.94h North Oldham
Pruitt, Jayla 17.35 Shelby County
Allen, Aliyah 17.43 Eastern
Doezema, Jenna 18.05 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Young, Lily 18.56 Carroll County
Staley, Hope 18.86 Carroll County
Watkins, Emma 19.76 Oldham County
Jewell, Maggie 20.08 Eastern
Miller, Justice 20.62 Pleasure Ridge Park
Joiner, Ella 20.70 Henry County
Michels, Alexis 21.15 South Oldham
Kane, Kenzie 21.64h Oldham County
Staples, Jolie 22.00 Henry County
Ditch, Sophie 23.19 Christian Educational Consortium
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HS Girls 200 Meter Dash 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Holmes, Avery Oldham County
Richter, Sophia 25.60 duPont Manual
Nwosu, Ruby 26.26 duPont Manual
Lewis, Savannah 26.67 Oldham County
Doezema, Jenna 26.86 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Pazienza, Evelyn 26.86 South Oldham
Freilinger, Chloe 27.21 Assumption
Payne, Raven 27.44 Eastern
Severin, DeDe 27.61 Fern Creek
Johns, Madison 27.75 Male
Lewis, Makiaya 27.84 Male
Bramer, Ryan 28.15 North Oldham
Clark, Piper 28.71 Christian Educational Consortium
Cole, Brynn 29.06 North Oldham
Widman, Kate 29.08 Assumption
Tooley, Nima 29.18 Eastern
Krebs, Anne Marie 29.22 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Owen, Ashlin 29.28 Christian Academy of Indiana
Lusco, Jakiya 29.40 Pleasure Ridge Park
Stroggins, Jordan 29.95 Pleasure Ridge Park
Hawkins, Marea 30.80 Shelby County
McDuffus, Azana 30.84 Shelby County
Bruener, Gracie 31.19 Owen County
Malcomb, Ann 32.20 Owen County
Fischer, Jaycee 32.62 Henry County
Singer, Sydney 33.17 Carroll County
Masden, Alanna 33.29 Fern Creek
McAlister, Katie 33.46 Carroll County
Houston, Emily 33.46 South Oldham
Downs, Cecilia 34.26 Christian Educational Consortium
Woods, Karli 40.33 Henry County
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HS Girls 300 Meter Hurdles 23 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wilson, Callahan Christian Academy (Louisville)
Willman, Raelyn Assumption
Dermon, Kyley Carroll County
Mast, Ella Christian Academy (Louisville)
Downs, Cecilia 1:00.58 Christian Educational Consortium
Miller, Justice 1:01.89 Pleasure Ridge Park
Nelson, Grace 1:02.63 Martha Layne Collins
Cleaver, Trinity 47.52 Male
Allen, Aliyah 49.86 Eastern
Thompson, Shawnacee 49.89 Shelby County
Franzel, Asia 50.63 North Oldham
Sheffield, Ra Myah 50.71 Male
Smith, Koryn 51.45 duPont Manual
Burns, Kaylee 51.70 Oldham County
Rose, Emma 52.88 duPont Manual
Pruitt, Jayla 53.06 Shelby County
Allen, Makiyah 55.17 North Oldham
Staley, Hope 56.18 Carroll County
O'Leary, Meaghan 56.19 Oldham County
Owen, Ashlin 56.60h Christian Academy of Indiana
Feitl, Sydney 56.88 Eastern
King, Rachel 58.27 Christian Educational Consortium
Joiner, Ella 58.36 Henry County
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HS Girls 3200 Meter Run 22 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gard, Jamie South Oldham
Cooper, Maelyn Christian Educational Consortium
Crask, Abigail South Oldham
Cagle, Savannah 11:30.72 Oldham County
Ellis, Hannah 11:43.27 Eastern
Jemley, Hannah 11:50.43 Assumption
Kendall, Emma 11:51.43 Martha Layne Collins
Nett, Caroline 11:59.90 Assumption
Goodrich, Destiny 12:09.51 Owen County
Vest, Lilly 12:11.32 Martha Layne Collins
Clarkson, Allie 12:15.62 Eastern
Greenwell, Brooke 12:17.19 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Wayland, Grace 12:20.94 Oldham County
Biro, Esther 12:26.00 duPont Manual
Gaynor, Rachel 12:39.71 North Oldham
Johnson, Emma 12:41.57 Male
Clark, Samantha 12:51.78 Christian Educational Consortium
Bailey, Juliet 13:08.25 duPont Manual
Matthiessen, Lily 13:16.80 North Oldham
Andres, Paige 14:20.30 Male
Scrogham, Kira 16:33.27 Shelby County
Scrogham, Kali 16:43.33 Shelby County
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HS Girls 400 Meter Dash 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Carder, Lilly Henry County
Jimenez, Gabriella Shelby County
Doezema, Jenna 1:00.00h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Lowe, Emily 1:00.24 Male
Pazienza, Evelyn 1:03.31 South Oldham
Payne, Raven 1:03.67 Eastern
Brooks, Kylah 1:03.80 Male
Clark, Piper 1:03.95 Christian Educational Consortium
Bramer, Ryan 1:04.44 North Oldham
Norrenbrock, Kendall 1:05.19 Assumption
Neubacher, Alyssa 1:05.87 Assumption
Moore, McKayla 1:06.03 Pleasure Ridge Park
Gaesser, Chelsea 1:06.04 Eastern
Elmore, Isabelle 1:06.76 Oldham County
Chappell, Macie 1:08.38 Owen County
Burns, Kaylee 1:08.40 Oldham County
Al-shimary, Sharuke 1:09.01 Pleasure Ridge Park
Mast, Molly 1:09.04h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Trevino, Josie 1:09.21 South Oldham
Young, Chloe 1:09.52 Carroll County
Fischer, Jaycee 1:12.80 Henry County
Brieschke, Audrey 1:14.70 Christian Academy of Indiana
Stocksdale, Nora 1:15.08 Christian Academy of Indiana
Rosenow, Hannah 1:15.94 Martha Layne Collins
Matthews, Bailee 1:16.47 Carroll County
Klemz, Paris 1:17.48 Shelby County
Frazier, Anna 1:17.82 Christian Educational Consortium
Merchant, Malyn 1:23.35 Owen County
Rankin, Sarah 57.39 North Oldham
Richter, Sophia 58.73 duPont Manual
Nwosu, Ruby 59.93 duPont Manual
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HS Girls 4x100 Meter Relay 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 1:05.46 Owen County
Relay Team A 50.30 Oldham County
Relay Team A 51.20 South Oldham
Relay Team A 51.50 North Oldham
Relay Team A 52.17 Male
Relay Team A 52.68 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Relay Team A 53.72 duPont Manual
Relay Team A 53.75 Eastern
Relay Team A 54.73 Shelby County
Relay Team A 55.03 Pleasure Ridge Park
Relay Team A 59.30 Assumption
Relay Team A 59.46 Carroll County
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HS Girls 4x200 Meter Relay 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 1:47.70 Male
Relay Team A 1:52.68 Oldham County
Relay Team A 1:54.48 North Oldham
Relay Team A 1:55.39 duPont Manual
Relay Team A 1:56.70 Eastern
Relay Team A 1:57.58 Assumption
Relay Team A 1:57.83 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Relay Team A 1:58.03 Pleasure Ridge Park
Relay Team A 2:01.78 Fern Creek
Relay Team A 2:02.25 Shelby County
Relay Team A 2:02.98 Owen County
Relay Team A 2:11.58 Carroll County
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HS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay 14 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A South Oldham
Relay Team A 4:14.41 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Relay Team A 4:15.20 Male
Relay Team A 4:15.40 Assumption
Relay Team A 4:28.49 Oldham County
Relay Team A 4:33.93 North Oldham
Relay Team A 4:38.65 Martha Layne Collins
Relay Team A 4:38.73 Owen County
Relay Team A 4:40.70 Eastern
Relay Team A 4:42.01 Christian Educational Consortium
Relay Team A 4:42.35 Pleasure Ridge Park
Relay Team A 4:52.90 Shelby County
Relay Team A 4:58.29 Carroll County
Relay Team A 5:07.08 Christian Academy of Indiana
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HS Girls 4x800 Meter Relay 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Relay Team A 10:09.61 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Relay Team A 10:20.87 North Oldham
Relay Team A 10:21.44 Assumption
Relay Team A 10:31.11 Male
Relay Team A 10:42.54 Owen County
Relay Team A 11:35.92 Christian Educational Consortium
Relay Team A 9:56.22 Oldham County
Relay Team A 9:57.50 duPont Manual
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HS Girls 800 Meter Run 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ditch, Sophie Christian Educational Consortium
Rankin, Sarah 2:19.58 North Oldham
Powell, Madeline 2:21.66 Assumption
Farnsley, Nicole 2:26.22 duPont Manual
Bourne, Allison 2:27.73 Owen County
Terry, Ashley 2:28.02 Oldham County
Jones, Nia 2:28.12 Eastern
King, Kelsey 2:28.62 South Oldham
Whitworth, Mattie 2:30.62 Assumption
Dye, Mary 2:32.20 duPont Manual
Marshall, Sarah 2:33.86 Carroll County
Bohn, Kristian 2:34.41 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Fadel, Abigail 2:36.60 North Oldham
Green- King, Lily 2:43.10 Male
Nay, Kaylee 2:43.20 Oldham County
Wilkins, Emma 2:43.76 Christian Academy (Louisville)
McNay, McKenna 2:44.81 Owen County
Wallace, Abigail 2:45.54 Eastern
Green-King, Josie 2:46.16 Male
Lee, Tayona 2:46.30 Fern Creek
Moore, McKayla 2:49.24 Pleasure Ridge Park
Young, Chloe 2:52.29 Carroll County
Findley, Mia 2:53.12 South Oldham
Fischer, Jaycee 2:57.12 Henry County
Al-shimary, Sharuke 2:58.37 Pleasure Ridge Park
Cooper, Maelyn 3:02.75 Christian Educational Consortium
White, Ella 3:03.42 Henry County
Geary, Kaytlynn 3:03.49 Christian Academy of Indiana
Smith, Madison 3:04.00h Christian Academy of Indiana
Johnson, Jocelyn 3:11.36 Shelby County
Williams, Amelia 3:13.35 Shelby County
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HS Girls Discus 27 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lowe, Emily 105-9 Male
Cheatham, Reagan 87-9 Oldham County
Castor, Anna Grace 87-6 North Oldham
Acklin, Nevaeh 80-7 Shelby County
Gold, Biz 80-0 South Oldham
Freeland, Sarah 79-4 Oldham County
Isa, Brianna 77-0 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Carby, Tessa 75-7.5 Pleasure Ridge Park
Lindemier, Claire 73-9 South Oldham
Hampton, Kennedy 72-3 duPont Manual
Wilson, Gabby 70-3 Fern Creek
Wilson, Makayla 68-10 Martha Layne Collins
Clark, Samantha 68-6 Christian Educational Consortium
Davenport, Whitney 68-2 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Walker, Cassie 67-2 North Oldham
Carby, Maya 66-8.5 Pleasure Ridge Park
Staley, Hope 66-4 Carroll County
Spalding, Ellie 57-6 Eastern
Peak, Emily 55-1 Shelby County
Tandy, Kennedy 54-7 duPont Manual
Shahid-Scott, Zoey 52-11 duPont Manual
Summerlin, Jewell 51-10 Eastern
Kennedy, Emily 51-10 Eastern
Coward, Taniya 51-3 Male
Mitchell, Erin 46-5 Christian Educational Consortium
Cobb, Jillian 45-11 Male
Woods, Karli 44-3 Henry County
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HS Girls High Jump 18 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hayes, Laila 5-2 duPont Manual
Korzeniowski, Kasia 5-1 Oldham County
Daniels, Ella 5-0 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Holmes, Avery 4-8 Oldham County
Gross, Natalie 4-8 North Oldham
Hubbard, Kaylyn 4-8 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Klemz, Paris 4-6 Shelby County
Marshall, Sarah 4-6 Carroll County
Nuckols, Sydney 4-4 Male
Nall, Sariah 4-4 Shelby County
Morgan, Taylor 4-2 Christian Educational Consortium
Gaddis, Katelynn 4-2 Martha Layne Collins
Turpen, Claire 4-2 Martha Layne Collins
Brieschke, Audrey 4-0 Christian Academy of Indiana
Dermon, Kyley 4-0 Carroll County
Murry, Jada Pleasure Ridge Park
Butler-McDonald, Kennedy Pleasure Ridge Park
Estes, Zyan Male
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HS Girls Long Jump 27 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cleaver, Trinity 18-1 Male
Pruitt, Jayla 17-0.75 Shelby County
Owens, Jazmyn 17-0.5 Male
Korzeniowski, Kasia 16-1.25 Oldham County
O'Dea, Annie 15-8.5 Assumption
Neubacher, Alyssa 15-2 Assumption
Allen, Aliyah 14-10 Eastern
Smith, Koryn 14-8 duPont Manual
Hubbard, Kaylyn 14-6.25 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Singer, Sydney 14-6 Carroll County
Wright, Charlotte 14-5.75 North Oldham
Morgan, Cami 14-2.5 North Oldham
Jewell, Maggie 14-1.5 Eastern
Burns, Kaylee 14-0.5 Oldham County
Miller, Justice 14-0 Pleasure Ridge Park
Young, Lily 14-0 Carroll County
Woods, Jaci 13-11 Shelby County
McCormick, India 13-10.25 duPont Manual
Towles, Jubilee 13-3 Owen County
Bobnar, Megan 13-2.5 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Salloum, Maria 13-1.5 South Oldham
Lusco, Jakiya 12-10.5 Pleasure Ridge Park
Salloum, Lara 12-4 South Oldham
Stocksdale, Nora 12-3 Christian Academy of Indiana
Malcomb, Ann 10-11 Owen County
White, Ella 10-10 Henry County
Fischer, Jaycee Henry County
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HS Girls One Mile Run 30 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McNay, McKenna Owen County
Morgan, Taylor Christian Educational Consortium
Young, Lily Carroll County
Carder, Lilly Henry County
Williams, Amelia Shelby County
Bobnar, Caroline Christian Academy (Louisville)
Goodrich, Destiny Owen County
Freeland, Sammy Oldham County
York, Savannah Christian Educational Consortium
Marshall, Sarah Carroll County
White, Ella Henry County
Johnson, Jocelyn Shelby County
Bader, Kaitlyn Christian Academy (Louisville)
Penick, Leah 5:25.18 Eastern
Boa, Chloe 5:36.62 Oldham County
Sherman, Kate 5:36.93 Assumption
King, Kelsey 5:37.39 South Oldham
French, Mary Kathryn 5:40.20 duPont Manual
Leef, Janna 5:50.00h North Oldham
Johnson, Lucy 5:51.96 Assumption
Cook, Maia 5:53.24 South Oldham
Evans, Grace 5:54.71 Martha Layne Collins
Fain, Aspen 5:55.0 North Oldham
Gaddis, Katelynn 5:55.02 Martha Layne Collins
Henn, Jordan 5:56.95 Eastern
Kolb, Caroline 5:58.49 Male
Wilson, Molly 6:06.01 Male
Biro, Flora 6:10.08 duPont Manual
Lee, Tayona 6:31.54 Fern Creek
Smith, Madison 7:04.93 Christian Academy of Indiana
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HS Girls Pole Vault 13 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wright, Katie 11-6 Assumption
Kaziska, Lena 11-6 duPont Manual
Korzeniowski, Kasia 10-6 Oldham County
Everett, Hannah 10-6 North Oldham
Franzel, Asia 10-6 North Oldham
Isa, Brianna 10-0 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Evans, Grace 8-6 Martha Layne Collins
Reed, Maddi 8-0 Shelby County
Turpen, Claire 7-6 Martha Layne Collins
Goodloe, Riley 7-0 Oldham County
Lewis, Makiaya 6-6 Male
Estes, Zyan Male
Dale, Cassie Shelby County
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HS Girls Shot Put 23 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cheatham, Reagan 34-7.5 Oldham County
Gooden, Grace 33-0.75 Oldham County
Hampton, Kennedy 32-2.5 duPont Manual
Wilson, Gabby 28-8.5 Fern Creek
Shahid-Scott, Zoey 27-5 duPont Manual
Spalding, Ellie 26-5 Eastern
Gardner, Savannah 25-7 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Carby, Tessa 25-5.75 Pleasure Ridge Park
Carby, Maya 25-0 Pleasure Ridge Park
Acklin, Nevaeh 24-9.5 Shelby County
Mitchell, Erin 24-7.5 Christian Educational Consortium
Clark, Samantha 24-4 Christian Educational Consortium
Castor, Anna Grace 24-0 North Oldham
Stephens, Emily 23-10.5 North Oldham
Wilson, Makayla 23-9.25 Martha Layne Collins
Summerlin, Jewell 23-7.5 Eastern
Gold, Biz 23-6 South Oldham
Tandy, Kennedy 23-4.75 duPont Manual
Morgeson, Emma 23-0 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Peak, Emily 20-8 Shelby County
Kennedy, Emily 20-2.75 Eastern
Willen, Emma 13-7 South Oldham
Woods, Karli Henry County
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HS Girls Triple Jump 19 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Pruitt, Jayla 36-8.25 Shelby County
Schweitzer, Lauren 36-4.75 Assumption
Owens, Jazmyn 35-5.75 Male
O'Dea, Annie 35-4.25 Assumption
Korzeniowski, Kasia 34-10 Oldham County
Hayes, Laila 34-0 duPont Manual
Holmes, Avery 30-3 Oldham County
Morgan, Cami 30-2.5 North Oldham
Woods, Jaci 30-2 Shelby County
McCormick, India 29-11.75 duPont Manual
Wright, Charlotte 29-10.25 North Oldham
McAlister, Shawna 29-9.5 Carroll County
Bobnar, Megan 28-9 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Towles, Jubilee 28-3 Owen County
Burbank, Sarah 25-8 South Oldham
Houston, Emily 25-3.5 South Oldham
Simms Toogood, Harmony Male
Butler-McDonald, Kennedy Pleasure Ridge Park
Sampah, Abigail Pleasure Ridge Park
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Open Boys 100 Meter Dash 72 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rawlings, Tyon Pleasure Ridge Park
Hobbs, Devon Pleasure Ridge Park
Knight, Romaro duPont Manual
Smith, Jaden Pleasure Ridge Park
Vavra, Titus Pleasure Ridge Park
Prater, Max duPont Manual
Ellis, Patrick South Oldham
Brown Jr., Richard Pleasure Ridge Park
Patterson, Broderick 11.24h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Coates, Nick 11.35 Male
James, Shan 11.46 Male
Collins, Jeremiah 11.47 Male
Harris, Brooks 11.60 Male
Tchyombo, Andy 11.60 Fern Creek
Byrd III, Robert 11.66 Male
Simmons, Derell 11.70h New Albany High School
Anthony, Brandon 11.78 Male
Johnson, Dakota 11.83 New Albany High School
Blakey, Jeremiah 11.94 duPont Manual
Sneed, Elijah 11.94 New Albany High School
King, David 11.95 Fern Creek
Bryant, Julian 12.00h Fern Creek
Garrison, Trent 12.03 Oldham County
Bonner, Anthony 12.05 Pleasure Ridge Park
Moore, Travon 12.05 Eastern
Howard, Ronald 12.07 Male
Johnson, Tavon 12.16 duPont Manual
Delaquis, Isaiah 12.23 Eastern
Stewart, Evan 12.28 Oldham County
Joseph, Henry 12.34h Oldham County
Kent, Christian 12.35 Eastern
Breitenstein, Marc 12.39 duPont Manual
Osbourne, Jianni 12.40 Fern Creek
Hoffman, Lucas 12.41 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Hauser, Caden 12.50 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Tompkins, Ijalon 12.54 Eastern
Boren, Jacob 12.54 Oldham County
Davis, Jacob 12.54h Oldham County
Benson, Ryan 12.56 Eastern
Schuler, Evan 12.56 South Oldham
Ellison, Sinceer 12.64 Eastern
Nunn, Payton 12.66 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Flowers, Charlie 12.69 duPont Manual
Agbola, Ayodeji 12.73 duPont Manual
Rodgers, Jarod 12.81 North Oldham
Gastineau, Lucas 12.83 North Oldham
Barkley, Deshawn 12.86 Pleasure Ridge Park
Sutton, Tony 12.87 Fern Creek
Passamaneck, Isaac 12.92 duPont Manual
Garner, Jaydin 12.94 Pleasure Ridge Park
Dennis, Joseph 12.94h Oldham County
Heuke, Jake 13.05 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Forbey, Landon 13.08 Oldham County
George, Peyton 13.08 Oldham County
Rodriguez, Moctezumac 13.09 Shelby County
Gibson, Evan 13.12 Pleasure Ridge Park
Johnson, Myles 13.20h North Oldham
Hauser, Bryson 13.26 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Seadler, Connor 13.28 South Oldham
Bivins, Ryan 13.33 Oldham County
Wiegand, Caleb 13.34h Oldham County
Taylor, Bruce 13.60 Pleasure Ridge Park
Noltemeyer, Lincoln 13.64h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Gibson, Xzaveyer 13.84 Pleasure Ridge Park
Mosby, Kevin 13.93 Fern Creek
Lyninger, Jonathan 13.98 Eastern
Washington, Brandon 14.31 Pleasure Ridge Park
Thornton, Brian 14.34 Pleasure Ridge Park
Wilson, Dylan 14.74h Oldham County
Sarceno, Gabe 14.88 South Oldham
Page, Wyatt 14.91 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Krebs, Andrew 15.34h Christian Academy (Louisville)
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Open Boys 110 Meter Hurdles 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Eze, Ugochukwu 16.31 New Albany High School
Johnson, Myles 16.50h New Albany High School
Jarrett, Jayden 16.84 Male
Johnson, Dakota 17.5 New Albany High School
Arroyo, Conner 19.06 Eastern
Garner, Jaydin 21.42 Pleasure Ridge Park
Rawlings, Tyon 21.52 Pleasure Ridge Park
Bonner, Anthony 23.47 Pleasure Ridge Park
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Open Boys One Mile Run 47 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gard, Jacob South Oldham
Schwendler, Cameron Oldham County
Swinney, Logan South Oldham
Prater, Max duPont Manual
Bryan, Nathanael Christian Academy (Louisville)
Ballard, Jack duPont Manual
Fischer, Andrew Oldham County
Linnean, Nick Oldham County
Martinez, Gavin Fern Creek
Dowling, David Oldham County
Thornton, Brian Pleasure Ridge Park
Sullivan, Karlyle Male
Gilbert, Walker Oldham County
Edelen, Evan Shelby County
Walker, William Oldham County
Neal, Kiefer Oldham County
Kessinger, Adam South Oldham
Nash, Gavin South Oldham
Hamill, Jake South Oldham
Holdener, Matthew duPont Manual
Walters, Daniel Christian Academy (Louisville)
Dennis, Joseph Oldham County
Leckie, James Oldham County
Kaston, Bo Henry County
Bottorff, John Tyler Oldham County
Drury, Conlan Oldham County
McCall, Gordon Pleasure Ridge Park
McIntyre, Rory Oldham County
Courtney, Lucas Shelby County
Williams, Ethan Oldham County
Rogers, Nate 4:58.64 Male
Benson, James 5:01.30 Eastern
Cull, Caden 5:03.75 Male
Stewart, Kalid 5:04.21 Eastern
Powers, Nate 5:07.91 Eastern
Chmielewski, Luke 5:07.99 Eastern
Pinnick, Ethan 5:09.62 Eastern
Horton, Isaiah 5:12.10 Male
Hardin, Jacob 5:16.73 Male
Tapp, Cameron 5:18.47 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Thompson, Gavin 5:19.82 New Albany High School
Sheppard, Braxton 5:19.96 New Albany High School
Moore, Jackson 5:20.08 Oldham County
Bryan, Drew 5:28.19 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Monson, Trey 5:30 North Oldham
Chick, Josh 5:55 North Oldham
Hoyer, Trey 6:05.0 North Oldham
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Open Girls 100 Meter Dash 46 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McDuffus, Azana Shelby County
Holmes, Avery Oldham County
Butler-McDonald, Kennedy Pleasure Ridge Park
Carlton, Sidney Oldham County
O'Leary, Meaghan Oldham County
Jimenez, Gabriella Shelby County
Wise, Lexi Oldham County
Gibson, Anna Grace 13.75 Assumption
Arnold, Charlotte 13.90 duPont Manual
Smith, Koryn 13.90 duPont Manual
Bouldin, Sophie 13.92 Assumption
Jones, Dari 14.05 Eastern
Johnson, Hannah 14.34h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Porter, Rachel 14.36 Assumption
Pham, Vy 14.44 duPont Manual
Hubbard, Kaylyn 14.52 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Gardner, Savannah 14.61 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Noltemeyer, Mirabel 14.62 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Mast, Molly 14.64h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Jacinto, Kayla 14.66 Assumption
Morgeson, Emma 14.69 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Holman, Jayla 14.71 Eastern
Udoh, Liz 14.97 Assumption
Finley, Karissa 15.03 Pleasure Ridge Park
Johnson, Abigail 15.11 Eastern
Atcher, Lena 15.16 Pleasure Ridge Park
Wallace, Skylar 15.28 Eastern
Lutz-Buford, Heidi 15.31 Oldham County
Denny, Heather 15.37 Oldham County
Watkins, Emma 15.39 Oldham County
Goodloe, Riley 15.45 Oldham County
Kane, Kenzie 15.55 Oldham County
Bobnar, Megan 15.62 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Wieringa, Madeline 15.64 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Bottjen, Madison 15.66 Eastern
Zaranko, Penny 15.77 Oldham County
Shaw, Dani 15.96 Eastern
Lee, Brooke 16.04h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Runice, LoganAnn 16.22 Eastern
Isa, Brianna 16.24h Christian Academy (Louisville)
Agee, Logan 16.52 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Lancaster, Eleanor 16.82 South Oldham
Plummer, Chloe 16.84h Christian Academy (Louisville)
McDarment, Shayla 17.31 South Oldham
Jones, Avery 17.39 Oldham County
Hill, Abigail 17.88 Oldham County
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Open Girls 100 Meter Hurdles 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wilson, Callahan Christian Academy (Louisville)
Mast, Ella Christian Academy (Louisville)
Bensenhaver, Stella 20.50 Assumption
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Open Girls One Mile Run 41 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Burke, Destiny Shelby County
Bell, Caroline North Oldham
Howell, Brinklee Shelby County
Wiedmar, Sophie North Oldham
Zaranko, Abigail Oldham County
Scrogham, Kira Shelby County
Hinson-Hasty, Emmeline duPont Manual
Boyd, Janie North Oldham
Fusner, Amber Oldham County
Sak, Lily Shelby County
Jones, Elena North Oldham
McIntyre, Ailey Oldham County
Hamm, Jenna North Oldham
Smaldone, Julia Eastern
Arnold, Grace Male
Salvato, Gabrielle Shelby County
Zaranko, Aurora North Oldham
Scrogham, Kali Shelby County
Thornsbury, Ellie duPont Manual
Blakely, Julia North Oldham
Boa, Anna Oldham County
Rincon, Michelle Shelby County
Leef, Madeline North Oldham
Hefner, Ella Oldham County
Bramer, Reese North Oldham
Tolson, Lily Eastern
Nay, Kaylee Oldham County
Boyd, Sydney 5:53.09 duPont Manual
Keal, Sarah 5:55.78 Assumption
Flaherty, Katie 5:56.88 Assumption
McIntyre, Cammie 5:59.09 Assumption
Sexton, Trisha 5:59.39 Assumption
Burns, Ellie 5:59.94 Assumption
Mikulec, Jacqueline 6:00.13 Assumption
Hendrick, Ryley 6:01.39 Assumption
Wessel, Gabby 6:12.70 Assumption
Richards, Makaela 6:18.40 Male
Dahal, Trishna 6:18.60 Fern Creek
Weigel, Emma 6:22.02 Assumption
Mechlin, Claire 6:30.85 Male
Burgess, Michele 7:24.33 Martha Layne Collins
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Unified Events 16 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Delaquis, Isaiah Eastern
Smaldone, Julia Eastern
Shaw, Dani Eastern
Back, Eric Eastern
Waters, Michael Eastern
Carter, Cameron Owen County
Cole, Alexander Eastern
Kohlstruk, Caylin Eastern
Reynaldo, Jose Eastern
Runice, LoganAnn Eastern
Bird, Samuel Eastern
Linder, Hadley Eastern
Newell, Joey Owen County
Malone, Jayden Eastern
Cruikshanks, Lily Eastern
Tucker, Darryl Male
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