2012 XC: Assumption's Emily Bean

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Emily Bean is a junior at Assumption High School in Louisville.  She was the Class AAA 3200m State Champion in May at the Kentucky State Track Meet where she helped guide her team to the Class AAA Team Title as well.  Last fall, she helped Assumption to a team win at the Kentucky State Cross Country Meet finishing 7th overall.  The team then went on to qualify for Nike Cross Nationals in Oregon. 


KY: Looking back on 2011-2012, can you describe the whole year in under 10 words.
EB: New experiences and coming to know our ability.

KY: 3 Goals for XC
1. Individually, I want to break 18 minutes in the 5k.
2. Our team goal is to qualify for Nike Cross Nationals again and hope for a better place, maybe in the top ten.
3. We would also like to win the team state title for the third year in a row, hopefully with an individual state title too.

KY: How will winning the 3200m at state help you going into this XC season?
Winning the 3200m at state definitely gave me a lot of confidence for the next cross country season. It let me know I am still improving, but so is everyone else. So there is no slacking and I will have to continue working as hard as I can. 

KY: How would you describe the Assumption girls team?
After traveling with each other to plenty of out of town meets, our team has grown pretty close. We love running and training together. We give each other motivation to work harder and we push each other in races and workouts. We are the type to make lofty goals, and not give up until we succeed.


KY: What is your perfect race plan for a 5K?
EB: I guess I would just pack with my team and stay with them. We like slowly moving up the entire race.


KY: With that being said, how do you learn patience when running and gradually moving up in a race?
EB: Well my teammate Bailey Davis once told me she likes to imagine herself as a tiger and all the other competitors are gazelles, and she must pick each off to feed her family. I guess this describes how I feel when I move up. I know if I'm patient and save my energy it will be easier to pass people up front, and each person I pass is better for our team score.

KY: With all the success you have had over the last year, what did you think when you crossed the line at NXN (124th overall) even though these were some of the best girls in the nation. 
I was a little disappointed in my performance, it was hard looking ahead and seeing so many people in front of me. But I knew these were the best runners in the nation and we were just beginners on this course. 

KY: We talked about you and the mile last spring at Eastern Relays, do you see yourself as a sub 5 runner over the next two years?
Now that Katherine has done it and Bailey is really close, it gives me the motivation to keep working towards that. So I will keep trying, but no promises.


KY: Obviously running comes up with your running friends, what about your non-running friends.  What do they think of this running stuff? It is a year-round job and all.
EB: Yeah they probably think I'm crazy. I'm just known as the runner. They don't really ask questions. But most of my friends are runners, because they understand my training and weird obsession.

KY: Out of all the states you have ran in, what has been your favorite non-KY course?
Even though it is also one of the hardest courses I have run, I am going to say the course we ran Nike Cross Nationals on, Portland Meadows. The course was so much different than any cross country course I have ever run on. There were man-made hills, deep mud, and hay bales. These little obstacles kept me distracted from any other pain I may have felt due to running. It was entertaining to run on.

KY: Give me your thoughts on this picture http://ky.milesplit.com/photos/files/3708560
EB: I think it is crazy how the end of a 3200m race can end that close. It's amazing how we both had that much energy. Cassidy and I have the exact same stride too, it's strange. 


KY: Give me a great Coach Haworth story
EB: One time we were running through Seneca and there was a pole about four feet tall in the middle of the sidewalk. Apparently Barry didn't see it, he ran right into and flipped in the air. It looked like he had landed right on his head. We were all shocked and thought we had witnessed his death. But he got up and had nothing but a scratch on his elbow. It was hilarious. We make fun of him often for not seeing the pole.