Article Comment: KYtrackXC MS Boys Power 20: Murray #1

This post is in reference to article: is pleased to present the first set Middle School Boys Power 20.  The rankings below are based on individual events ranked from both high school and middle school meets in Kentucky except the hurdles, throws, and relays.  Those events are scored only on middle school meets as the hurdles are different heights and length between the two levels, throw implements are different weights, and the relays have to be composed of all four middle school runners which is only possible to vertify at a middle school meet.  
  • Brian Soverns

    The number at the end represents the number of points that athlete would score if all to date performaces were achieved at one meet. The scoring is that of a typical championship track & field meet.
    Place - Team Points
    1st - 10
    2nd - 8
    3rd - 6
    4th - 5
    5th - 4
    6th - 3
    7th - 2
    8th - 1

    Of course, it never plays out exactly this way. That is why they have the meet.