IU Bloomington Indoor - Feb 13

  • Barry Haworth
    professor Edited
    Indiana Track Club is hosting their annual Winter Open on Feb 13 (Sat) this year and they've now got a website set up for entries: itcwinteropen.eventbrite.com

    The entry process is set up for individual entries only (like a road race). You go to the site and for your first individual, you indicate all the races you want them to run (max of 4). Then, click the "Order Now" button at the bottom of the list. After doing that, you'll see where you can fill in the name of the athlete and related info. After you finish with the first individual, you start with the second and continue as before.

    If you have a group where everyone's being asked to pay their own entry fee (e.g. club team), then this is easier because you can have each individual take care of their own entry and pay themselves. If you have a group where the team is paying for everyone, then this is a bit more cumbersome. The entry fee is a bit more pricey than in the past, but this is a world class track - elevated like Mason Dixon, but with a very fast mondo surface - that (at least in my experience) yields some quick marks.

    Here's some meet info from the site (contact info is given there as well).

    Indiana University Indoor Track
    Gladstein Fieldhouse, Fee Lane
    Bloomington, IN
    Gladstein Fieldhouse is located north of Center Campus. It is east of Assembly Hall along North Fee Lane, north of 17th Street and south of Ind. 45/46 Bypass

    Saturday February 13th

    Entry Fees: $8.25 per athlete, per event ($7.26 entry fee plus $0.99 processing fee per event) -- 4 event maximum.

    Meet Schedule:
    10:00 am Check In
    11:30 am All Field Events
    12:00 pm 4 X 800
    12:30 pm 60M Hurdles

    Order Of Events:

    Long Jump (M&W) 2
    High Jump (W followed by M) after 60M
    Pole Vault (W followed by M)
    Shot Put (W followed by M

    RUNNING EVENTS: W Followed by M
    4 x 800 Relay
    60 M Hurdles
    60 M
    1600 M (HS)
    Coaches Mile (The Coaches mile is for anyone age 20 and up)

    Eligibility: Open to HS athletes 19 & younger-- all will participate by seeded marks
    Scoring: None
    Spikes: 1/8 " Pyramid or Christmas tree only
    Track: Elevated 200M Mondo

    NOTICE: All participants will be required to sign a WAIVER before the start of their event. You may sign the waiver upon your arrival at the Fieldhouse.
  • Barry Haworth
    The Meet Director has also told me that they'll take older middle school kids who might be interested. E.g., 7th and 8th graders capable of running with HS age kids. Outside of that age range, then I'd say be careful but maybe contact the meet director (intrackclub@yahoo.com).
  • Barry Haworth
    Yep, we plan to run at IU - although it's Winter Break for our kids and a few may be out of town. The drive's just under 2 hours - assuming no farm equipment gets in your way along Hwy 46. We're hoping to run a group at National Scholastic, so this will be a nice opportunity to run on a banked track.
  • Barry Haworth
    When it says check in at 10:00, does this mean for every athlete? Because my race isn't untill the end of the day.

    My recollection is that 10:00 is just when check-in begins, but you may want to email them and check on how late they'll be doing check-in.
  • Brandon Lesher
    Update on a couple of events at IU. Jake Wildemann was also in the mix of the 1600m run with a 4:29.

    In the 800m Stewart actually won with a 1:58 and change with Ryan Eaton edging out Michael Caldwell at the line with both running 2:00.
  • Jonathan Grooms
    Site Admin
    FYI, I have emailed about these results and was told on Sunday night they were supposed to be posted that night. I emailed again this morning and the lady in charge of the Indiana Track Club website said she did not have them yet. I have emailed the head of the track club and have received no response.

    Just thought some of you would like to know.
  • Jonathan Grooms
    Site Admin

    KY kids

    F-1600m Sara Davis asu 5:30.97 Edit | Delete
    F-1600m Catherine Allen sha 5:33.59 Edit | Delete
    F-1600m Jessica Byrd STE 5:42.08 Edit | Delete
    F-1600m Olivia Boughey asu 6:21.99 Edit | Delete
    F-1600m Emily Bean STE 6:26.79 Edit | Delete
    F-1600m Paige Harpring asu 6:58.52 Edit | Delete
    F-200m Diamond Tedford male 27.87 Edit | Delete
    F-200m Mallory Dunn male 28.27 Edit | Delete
    F-200m Cayla Johnson male 29.52 Edit | Delete
    F-200m Mariah Mays male 31.01 Edit | Delete
    F-200m Katie Casale asu 31.02 Edit | Delete
    F-200m Emily Bryan asu 31.68 Edit | Delete
    F-200m Rachel Smith asu 34.44 Edit | Delete
    F-400m Diamond Tedford male 1:03.65 Edit | Delete
    F-400m Mallory Dunn male 1:05.00 Edit | Delete
    F-400m Alexa Wagoner male 1:05.26 Edit | Delete
    F-400m Elizabeth Lohr asu 1:05.49 Edit | Delete
    F-400m Ziah Nelson male 1:07.53 Edit | Delete
    F-400m Nayia Bishop male 1:08.14 Edit | Delete
    F-400m Natalie Remmers asu 1:12.65 Edit | Delete
    F-4x800m male 10:43.87 Edit | Delete
    F-60m Ziah Nelson male 8.30 Edit | Delete
    F-60m Nayia Bishop male 8.46 Edit | Delete
    F-60m Felicia Bland male 8.75 Edit | Delete
    F-60m Katie Casale asu 9.10 Edit | Delete
    F-60m Emily Bryan asu 9.72 Edit | Delete
    F-60m Rachel Smith asu 10.23 Edit | Delete
    F-800m Raeven Wilson male 2:31.50 Edit | Delete
    F-800m Caitlin Beyea nold 2:51.09 Edit | Delete
    F-800m Christ Rucinski STE 3:27.33 Edit | Delete
    F-LJ Felicia Bland male 14-0.5 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Ryan Eaton gwood 4:22.09 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Andrew Stewart nhard 4:24.33 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Darius Berry but 4:31.21 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Austin Houchens gwood 4:38.14 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Colin Medley trinl 4:45.94 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Sam Meredith trinl 4:49.79 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Timmy Ganschow but 4:56.14 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Robert Jolly but 4:56.22 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Chris Judd male 4:57.52 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Max Mudd HT 4:59.79 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Spencer Cottrell but 5:00.04 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Joey Hartlage but 5:09.25 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Christopher Striegel HT 5:09.40 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Rikus Vanzyl male 5:09.60 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Holden Wells CRO 5:13.19 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Lovice Pollock bg 5:19.27 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Jake Wunsch waldn 5:29.85 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Connor Strange gwood 5:36.37 Edit | Delete
    M-1600m Justin Price gwood 5:50.11 Edit | Delete
    M-200m Chisom Omenyinma male 22.64 Edit | Delete
    M-200m Seth Adkins mason 22.99 Edit | Delete
    M-200m Kieran Story male 23.23 Edit | Delete
    M-200m John Giddens male 23.32 Edit | Delete
    M-200m Stewart Brown male 23.93 Edit | Delete
    M-200m Alex Hughes stx 24.75 Edit | Delete
    M-400m Jalon Kemp male 52.10 Edit | Delete
    M-400m Will Newman bg 52.61 Edit | Delete
    M-400m Robbie Graham male 53.65 Edit | Delete
    M-400m Donnell Whitlock male 54.70 Edit | Delete
    M-4x800m male 8:39.46 Edit | Delete
    M-60H Kieran Story male 8.62 Edit | Delete
    M-60H Stewart Brown male 9.36 Edit | Delete
    M-60m Chisom Omenyinma male 6.97 Edit | Delete
    M-60m Donnell Whitlock male 7.22 Edit | Delete
    M-60m Robbie Graham male 7.31 Edit | Delete
    M-60m Alex Hughes stx 7.48 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Andrew Stewart nhard 1:58.67 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Ryan Eaton gwood 2:00.77 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Michael Caldwell but 2:00.81 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Zack Stewart trinl 2:07.77 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Jake Wunsch waldn 2:10.28 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Colin Medley trinl 2:10.66 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Allen Matthews but 2:10.82 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Shawn Thomas but 2:10.84 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Quinn Lackey pd 2:10.90 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Colin Jones male 2:12.60 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Ryan Harris male 2:13.63 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Alex Hack but 2:16.67 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Kevin Kwan male 2:16.98 Edit | Delete
    M-800m RaShaun Langdon but 2:20.94 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Max Mudd HT 2:22.55 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Sidney Abramson male 2:23.18 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Lovice Pollock bg 2:25.13 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Connor Strange gwood 2:34.77 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Holden Wells CRO 2:34.89 Edit | Delete
    M-800m Justin Price gwood 2:54.03 Edit | Delete
    M-LJ Michael Patterson male 20-1.75 Edit | Delete
    M-LJ Ronjae Morris male 21-0 Edit | Delete
    M-PV Ryan Ramsey stx 14-0 Edit | Delete
    M-S Damarius Gibson male 42-8 Edit | Delete
    M-S Cameron Levis male 42-8 Edit | Delete
    M-S Dominique Davis male 43-4 Edit | Delete
    M-S Kyle Jenkins male 51-3 Edit | Delete
    M-S Reddr Blakemore male 51-6 Edit | Delete