Kentucky State Track Meet 2017

  • Tim Holman
    @ChrisHaw What is their rationale? I am having trouble understanding how making this available harms the KHSAA in any way. I like to use race video as an instructional tool and have relied on the fact that there is video of the State races. I guess I'll need to bring my own video person from here on.
  • Chris Hawboldt
    Site Admin
    @ManualXC I agree. I agree! It is related to a contact with NFHS and all that goes with it. Bottom line was that another company was putting together a highlight package and we are not permitted to post full race videos due to that contract. I am frustrated as well!
  • Ian Johnstone
    That's interesting considering you can go to several other sites and see videos from other state meets. Aren't all states members of the NFHS? It seems to me that the people in charge of KHSAA don't really care about the kids at all. Julian Tackett and his cronies would rather us just not have track. It's not football or basketball, so it doesn't really matter anyway...

    So over the last 10 years we've reduced the state meet to a small invitational 1-day format. Let's be honest, no real outdoor championship doesn't have prelims and finals. Somehow the state swim meet still does! Also, they've shortened the season, didn't finish the AAA meet, and now we can't even go back and watch any of it. Nice job KHSAA. Keep it up. You're doing great.
  • Power User
    KRCC-TV has 8 hours of meet footage. Regrettably it can not be posted to at this time but it can be viewed on KRCC-TV. Previously broadcast has been the State AA and A race videos. Currently in production is the Class A field events (l hour long) and the AAA race videos (2 to 2.5 hours long). All will be rebroadcast again on the Station. This was the best that we could do under existing agreements that KHSAA is in with NFHS. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to post the entire footage to someplace that people can readily access. That is a topic that KHSAA has indicated that we can discuss going forward.

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