KHSAA Region 3 Class AA 2021

Shelbyville, KY
Hosted by Shelby County
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Athlete Entries

Varsity Boys 5,000 Meter Run 67 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Chiles, Austin Waggener
Evans, Kemarion Doss
Roberts, Ty Doss
Gaines, Michael Doss
Wilkinson, Dex Doss
Druck, Josh Waggener
Campbell, Jayden Doss
Inscore Essick, Olin Henry County
Munoz, Bryant Doss
Ikiinwii, Syrus Doss
Patel, Adam 15:44.66 North Oldham
Pyles, Jake 15:57.71 North Oldham
Ransdell, Ethan 15:59.60 North Oldham
Ott, Tommy 16:32.91 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Patel, Evan 16:34.76 North Oldham
DeSilvey, Casey 16:45.78 Spencer County
Herbig, Samuel 16:59.10 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Steineker, Micah 17:15.04 North Oldham
Young, Max 17:16.85 Shelby County
Taylor, Skylar 17:31.10 North Oldham
Ward, Carter 17:42.50 Spencer County
Rosenbaum, Matt 17:47.09 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Woods, Jackson 17:54.46 Henry County
Jorden, Joshua 18:07.30 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Powell, Justin 18:17.94 DeSales
Ruggles, Brendan 18:24.87 North Oldham
Stivers, Avery 18:34.82 Henry County
Guilford, Carson 18:43.10 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Lancaster, Tucker 18:47.39 North Oldham
Downs, Henry 18:48.48 North Oldham
Schroering, Josh 19:01.76 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Murphy, Buck 19:10.70 Spencer County
McDowell, Jace 19:16.87 Shelby County
Moore, Will 19:20.17 Spencer County
Perry, Ethan 19:21.64 Shelby County
Lampe, Andrew 19:28.97 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Fix, Aiden 19:44.80 North Oldham
Revers, Ridge 19:50.63 Spencer County
Dwyer, Graham 19:56.08 Spencer County
Thompson, Lucas 20:20.30 Jeffersontown
Roberts, Quincy 20:22.44 Shelby County
Hendrickson, Kamron 20:23.20 DeSales
Courtney, Lucas 20:38.31 Shelby County
Korfhage, Jackson 20:41.75 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Brangers, Keenan 20:45.69 Shelby County
Sitlinger, John 20:47.20 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Young, Vincent 20:52.40 DeSales
Kasten, Bo 21:00.95 Henry County
Downey, Dillon 21:02.70 Henry County
Rivas, Randall 21:22.33 DeSales
York, Colby 21:22.64 Shelby County
Stephens, Luke 21:25.60 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Zogejani, Linden 21:29.20 Doss
Sumner, Caden 21:48.72 DeSales
Peoples, Conner 22:22.94 DeSales
Gigliotti, Hayden 22:33.82 DeSales
Edelen, Evan 22:40.49 Shelby County
Hamilton, Evan 23:04.85 Henry County
Golden, Mike 23:04.91 Henry County
Salvato, Dominic 23:57.75 Shelby County
Lewis, Drew 23:58.15 DeSales
Cook, Matthew 24:25.97 Spencer County
Randolph, Joseph 24:45.70 DeSales
Johnson, Elijiah 25:19.76 Jeffersontown
Phelps, Kenny 25:35.90 DeSales
Blakemore, Jeremy 26:53.10 Western
Puckett, Ayden 27:03.80 Doss
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Varsity Girls 5,000 Meter Run 44 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Bryant, Jenna Henry County
Payne, Addison Spencer County
Goodlet, Taylor Spencer County
Omay, Daniella Waggener
Schneider, Henrietta Henry County
Walker, Symia Waggener
Joiner, Ella Henry County
Bridges, Miracle Doss
Basham, Kayla Spencer County
Wilkins, Emma 19:58.20 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Greenwell, Brooke 20:20.85 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Harger, Kayla 20:44.25 Henry County
Bader, Kaitlyn 20:56.70 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Bobnar, Caroline 21:11.00 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Steineker, Melody 21:25.13 North Oldham
Boyd, Janie 21:35.90 North Oldham
Bramer, Reese 21:38.30 North Oldham
Wethington, Hayley 21:42.26 Spencer County
Fadel, Abigail 21:50.20 North Oldham
Blakely, Julia 22:08.20 North Oldham
Wearsch, Megan 22:35.54 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Kurtz, Akacia 22:46.27 Henry County
Kuppala, Shamitha 22:51.00 North Oldham
Ward, Bethany 22:51.10 North Oldham
Moylan, Leah 23:37.20 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Greenwell, Taylor 23:41.73 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Greenwell, Skylar 23:47.90 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Harrison, TaLeah 23:55.80 Doss
Wetzel, Madison 24:29.43 North Oldham
Johnson, Jocelyn 24:34.70 Shelby County
Johnson, Jaya 25:00.11 Shelby County
ZumBrunnen, Hannah 25:06.00 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Kelly, Katherine 25:06.30 Christian Academy (Louisville)
Schad, Avery 25:19.18 North Oldham
Williams, Amelia 25:30.31 Shelby County
Allen, Chelsea 25:37.80 Waggener
Hurt, Emalene 25:50.69 Shelby County
Rodrigues, Emely 26:07.96 North Oldham
Howell, Brinklee 26:10.00 Shelby County
Gayle, Gretchen 26:40.60 Shelby County
Golden, Meg 26:46.76 Henry County
Young, Emmaline 26:47.28 Shelby County
Sak, Lily 27:42.12 Shelby County
Lawson, Addison 36:11.87 Spencer County
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