McCracken County Cross Country Invitational 2021

Paducah, KY
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Athlete Entries

Elementary Boys One Mile Run 61 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Walters, Sam Community Christian (Paducah)
Alvey, Axton College View Middle School
Reed, Jake Community Christian (Paducah)
Guthrie, Kanan Christian Fellowship
Colvis, Jack Community Christian (Paducah)
Edwards, Gage Muhlenberg County
VerSteegh, Anthony Christian Fellowship
Phillips, Reed Community Christian (Paducah)
Watkins, Easton Muhlenberg County
Fetzer, Kayson Community Christian (Paducah)
Cunningham, Garnett New Covenant Christian Academy
Bivins, Colton College View Middle School
Crane, Noah St. Mary
Young, Reed Muhlenberg County
Webb, Gavin Community Christian (Paducah)
Thompson, Landon College View Middle School
Burton, Hunter St. Mary
Wheat, Rhys New Covenant Christian Academy
Wahl, Matthew College View Middle School
Burgan, Scott College View Middle School
McCardle, Urijah College View Middle School
Brennan, Jordan College View Middle School
Dycus, Briar Christian Fellowship
Webb, Noah Community Christian (Paducah)
Bolen, Coby Muhlenberg County
Hill, Ethan Christian Fellowship
Brantley, Charlie Community Christian (Paducah)
Rolley, Bentley Muhlenberg County
Rambo, Jake Community Christian (Paducah)
Cunningham, Finn New Covenant Christian Academy
Wicenski, John Paul St. Mary
Lear, Ross Muhlenberg County
Bullock, Grant College View Middle School
Elder, Baker St. Mary
Brennan, Caleb College View Middle School
Jones, Patrick St. Mary
DeShields, Jax New Covenant Christian Academy
Outlaw, Cameron College View Middle School
Gross, Seth College View Middle School
Stanger, Lincoln 10:02.40 New Covenant Christian Academy
Onuoha, Michael 10:27.00 St. Mary
Parnell, Zeke 11:22.80 Community Christian (Paducah)
Bone, Brady 11:34.20 Community Christian (Paducah)
Bethel, Elliot 12:05.00 Muhlenberg County
Sullivan, Dawson 14:00.23 Community Christian (Paducah)
Shoulta, Tate 6:18.58 St. Mary
Roark, Ethan 6:48.31 St. Mary
Puckett, Solomon 7:16.21 Community Christian (Paducah)
Jones, Waylen 7:18.11 Community Christian (Paducah)
Boggess, Briar 7:24.00 Muhlenberg County
Hicks, Coleman 7:39.31 Community Christian (Paducah)
Evans, Abishai 7:42.33 Community Christian (Paducah)
Bletzinger, Landon 7:46.00 Muhlenberg County
Ault, Ben 7:57.80 St. Mary
Blythe, Brady 8:11.62 Community Christian (Paducah)
Savells, Alek 8:35.26 Community Christian (Paducah)
Lawrence, Graham 8:37.25 New Covenant Christian Academy
Sullivan, Ethan 8:38.54 Community Christian (Paducah)
Carrico, Carter 9:21.20 Community Christian (Paducah)
Meadows, Andrew 9:24.00 New Covenant Christian Academy
Ashford, Trey 9:25.70 St. Mary
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Elementary Girls One Mile Run 45 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Paxton, Meredith St. Mary
Carrigan, Trinity Christian Fellowship
Hays, Kynlee Community Christian (Paducah)
Reed, Ellie Jo Community Christian (Paducah)
Bower, Emelia Community Christian (Paducah)
Yates, Maguire New Covenant Christian Academy
Miller, Annie-Laurie College View Middle School
Parker, Carolina Fulton County
Blythe, Ally Rose Community Christian (Paducah)
Latham, Kylie Dawson Springs
Pointer, Olivia Muhlenberg County
Collier, Addy Christian Fellowship
Hicks, Bella Community Christian (Paducah)
Jones, Clayton St. Mary
Latham, Temprence Muhlenberg County
Harshman, Evelyn Christian Fellowship
Toombs, Walker Community Christian (Paducah)
Berry, Emmalyn St. Mary
Watkins, Malone Muhlenberg County
Hornback, Naomi Christian Fellowship
DeJarnett, Piper Community Christian (Paducah)
Porte, Trinity Muhlenberg County
Dumas, Pearl Christian Fellowship
Bower, Raya Community Christian (Paducah)
Onuoha, Ivy St. Mary
Vallelunga, Maci Community Christian (Paducah)
Brannon, Braxton Community Christian (Paducah)
Vaughn, Cora New Covenant Christian Academy
Alvey, Addy College View Middle School
Dewitt, Haley College View Middle School
Madding, Avery Graves County Middle School
Rolley, Presley Muhlenberg County
Pentecost, Pasynn Muhlenberg County
Palm, Emma Christian Fellowship
Brantley, Lola Community Christian (Paducah)
Atcher, Blakely Muhlenberg County
Peal, Aspen Christian Fellowship
Hardison, Aly Community Christian (Paducah)
Hill, Maliyah Paducah Tilghman
Savells, Avery 10:57.61 Community Christian (Paducah)
Garner, Ainsley 11:13.04 Community Christian (Paducah)
Romine, Hudson 11:22.49 Community Christian (Paducah)
Onuoha, Jane 13:52.32 St. Mary
Carrico, Bailey 8:05.60 Community Christian (Paducah)
Onuoha, Christiana 9:52.60 St. Mary
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HS Boys 5,000 Meter Run 112 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Paitsel, Taylen Hickman County
Terry, Carter Hickman County
Briseno, Wes Fort Campbell
Hodges, Cody Murray
STEWART, JONATHAN Livingston Central
White, Aaron Christian Fellowship
Hoff, Tyler Hickman County
DAVIDSON, REESE Livingston Central
Mayes, Glenn Union County
Harshman, Landon Christian Fellowship
Larson, Sam Logan County
MEYERS, ZION Livingston Central
Baker, Trevor 16:52.43 Webster County
West, Garrett 17:11.20 Webster County
Newton, Thomas 17:14.46 McCracken County
Crittendon, Jake 17:15.05 McCracken County
Dugger, Levi 17:24.59 Graves County
Grogan, Jeremiah 17:25.20 McCracken County
Revo, Bryce 17:26.14 Muhlenberg County
Strader, Jake 17:26.99 Muhlenberg County
Whitsell, Aidan 17:35.13 Webster County
Mefford, Grant 17:45.53 Muhlenberg County
Wagoner, Layden 17:47.26 Webster County
Smith, Aaron 17:49.49 Graves County
Groves, Carson 17:53.68 Muhlenberg County
Cross, Luke 17:57.09 Murray
Knight, Corbin 18:14.93 McCracken County
Madding, Tray 18:18.11 Graves County
Osborne, Ethan 18:27.06 Dawson Springs
Osborne, Lucas 18:29.53 Dawson Springs
Groves, Landon 18:37.82 Muhlenberg County
Sheffer, Gerrick 18:39.30 Union County
Davis, Logan 18:43.30 Graves County
Warford, Eli 18:48.53 McCracken County
Black, Liam 18:55.80 Paducah Tilghman
Morris, Bryson 18:57.24 Muhlenberg County
DAVIDSON, MACHI 18:57.96 Livingston Central
Palmer, Finn 18:59.46 McCracken County
Edwards, Hudson 19:08.10 McCracken County
Goodman, Elijah 19:08.81 Hickman County
McCune, Yosiyah 19:10.66 Dawson Springs
Hale, Tyler 19:12.37 Dawson Springs
Joyce, Caleb 19:12.65 McCracken County
Moreno, Ruben 19:16.29 Graves County
Coy, Tristan 19:25.90 Union County
Everett, Chade 19:27.09 Fulton County
Lubas, William 19:30.64 Fort Campbell
Quigley, Brandon 19:31.24 St. Mary
Harris, Reed 19:42.07 Paducah Tilghman
Cole, Richard 19:42.10 Graves County
Grogan, Owen 19:42.68 McCracken County
Motsinger, Denton 19:57.66 Logan County
Waddy, Amari 20:01.20 Fort Campbell
Sykes, Clay 20:01.73 McCracken County
Nelson, Brice 20:05.25 Webster County
Williams, Clayton 20:07.81 Paducah Tilghman
Faughn, Michael 20:08.68 Dawson Springs
McCurren, Caleb 20:12.63 McCracken County
Glassco, Preston 20:15.34 Webster County
Sipes, Jay 20:17.90 Fulton County
Wring, Mark 20:18.69 McCracken County
Hampton, Wyatt 20:22.00 Murray
Brazzell, Austin 20:32.43 McCracken County
Dorsey, William 20:36.70 Paducah Tilghman
McReynolds, Carter 20:37.86 McCracken County
Clark, Gage 20:41.52 McCracken County
Aydt, Evan 20:44.95 McCracken County
Barnett, Ryan 20:48.40 Graves County
Orr, Hayden 20:50.40 Graves County
Major, John Rey 20:54.30 Fulton County
Worley, Dean 20:56.90 Graves County
Bletzinger, Ethan 21:00.30 Muhlenberg County
Evans, Isaac 21:01.60 Muhlenberg County
Williams, Corben 21:04.30 Paducah Tilghman
Griffiths, Logan 21:05.80 Fulton County
Lawyer, Will 21:06.60 Union County
Claudio, DJ 21:17.82 Paducah Tilghman
Dodson, Jacob 21:21.09 Hickman County
Palmer, Jett 21:25.43 McCracken County
Farris, Liam 21:25.48 Webster County
Steckenrider, Logan 21:25.63 McCracken County
Sharp, Brock 21:29.20 Fort Campbell
Blanton, Joshua 21:29.48 Fort Campbell
Polsgrove, Luke 21:34.11 Hickman County
Chalke, Ian 21:35.27 McCracken County
Faith, Nate 21:51.70 Crittenden County
Poleitus, Dalton 22:03.75 Union County
Mitchell, Alex 22:22.49 Dawson Springs
Clark, James 22:23.59 Hickman County
Boaz, Bentley 22:26.90 Hickman County
McCord, Asa 22:50.79 Crittenden County
Dossett, Abe 23:12.13 McCracken County
Yearry, Chayse 23:37.58 Murray
Kieffer, Noble 23:38.81 Murray
Morgan, Conner 23:44.45 Union County
Tompkins, Luke 23:52.21 Murray
Crocker, Landon 24:10.80 Logan County
Bethel, Miles 24:15.70 Muhlenberg County
Surrency, Ian 24:18.80 Fort Campbell
Cauley, Ben 24:20.22 Murray
Bricker, Scott 24:23.50 Fort Campbell
Wilson, Dennon 24:40.56 Crittenden County
Larkin, Cullen 25:03.23 Murray
Lawson, Garret 25:44.00 Logan County
Fisher, James 26:22.82 Fort Campbell
Lawson, Wyatt 26:45.40 Logan County
Cox, Ayden 27:26.60 Hickman County
HARGROVE, MASON 27:59.60 Livingston Central
Bucy, Thomas 30:25.32 Murray
BELCHER, CARTER 30:35.61 Livingston Central
Principe, Gunner 32:38.04 Fort Campbell
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HS Girls 5,000 Meter Run 70 entries

Athlete Seed Team
King, Kiara Union County
Connelly, Addison Logan County
Stoffel, Gabby McCracken County
Aguilera, Vasti Community Christian (Paducah)
Bratcher, Skye Dawson Springs
King, Charley Union County
Lawson, Ella Logan County
DAVIDSON, KARLEE Livingston Central
Rosas, Maritza Graves County
Whitsell, Lilly Webster County
Howell, Madeline Murray
Free, Rachel 20:50.66 Muhlenberg County
Gartner, Miranda 21:02.96 St. Mary
Madding, Emma 21:11.61 Graves County
Mathis, Rhaea 21:12.92 Graves County
Wilson, Mallory 21:23.45 Muhlenberg County
Lamb, Audrey 21:32.74 Graves County
Stone, Ava 22:11.27 Webster County
Powell, Reece 22:12.86 Webster County
Culbertson, Allie 22:23.50 Muhlenberg County
McClure, McKayden 22:32.56 Fulton County
Hoover, Kimberly 22:40.29 Dawson Springs
Walker, Kendra 22:43.41 Muhlenberg County
Baskett, Delani 23:23.03 Webster County
Nolin, Riley 23:24.63 Graves County
Workman, Ariel 23:25.27 McCracken County
Moore, Mayci 23:27.57 Webster County
Jenkins, Leah 23:29.19 Murray
Haynes, Grayson 23:32.69 Webster County
Powell, Ryleigh 23:37.69 Webster County
Stearns, Alexandra 24:06.19 Fort Campbell
Leath, Jenna 24:19.35 Graves County
Green, Jade 24:23.31 Murray
Williams, Olivia 24:28.10 McCracken County
Clark, Kennedy 24:36.55 Muhlenberg County
Wyatt, Drue 24:57.33 Webster County
Burgess, Hailey 24:59.20 Logan County
Boggess, Kaitlyn 25:09.88 Muhlenberg County
Joo, Sunny 25:12.67 Fort Campbell
Tharp, Baylee 25:51.74 McCracken County
Martinez, Mary 26:10.10 Crittenden County
Jones, Allie 26:25.13 Dawson Springs
Clark, Cora 26:42.38 Hickman County
Cox, Brielle 26:53.04 Hickman County
Tackett, Vanessa 26:55.44 Dawson Springs
Wray, Marlee 27:21.47 McCracken County
CULVER, RYLEE 27:42.51 Livingston Central
Rosales, Amy 28:03.00 Graves County
Corrales, Hannah 29:17.57 Fort Campbell
Smith, Cammy 29:36.08 Murray
Roberts, Ava 29:45.20 Fort Campbell
Cuentas, Melinda 29:45.87 Fort Campbell
Clary, Caila 30:15.10 Webster County
Hill, Caylee 30:46.29 Fulton County
Duncan, Jayden 32:09.16 Crittenden County
Nalley, caroline 32:36.95 Webster County
Curry, Kenzie 33:12.78 Fulton County
Denton, Lauren 34:03.12 McCracken County
Bayles, Jailyn 34:18.05 McCracken County
Bagwell, Ana-Drew 34:32.80 Community Christian (Paducah)
Manea, Mossy 34:53.59 McCracken County
Orange, Abby 34:55.77 McCracken County
Worley, Carly 35:33.47 Fulton County
Utley, Molley 35:51.30 Webster County
Nichols, Meranda 37:16.57 McCracken County
Major, Emily 38:28.48 Webster County
McMurray, Lexus 40:54.20 Logan County
Glynn, Lilliana 41:13.45 Fort Campbell
Mosley, Kimberly 45:32.22 McCracken County
Koinis, Elani 47:07.00 McCracken County
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MS Boys 4000 Meter Run 96 entries

Athlete Seed Team
WATSON, RYDER Livingston Central Middle
Anderson, Jonah Community Christian (Paducah)
Smith, Shadow New Covenant Christian Academy
Smith, Jewelious Graves County Middle School
DeHart, Collin Fulton County
TALIAFERRO, CARSON Livingston Central Middle
Doublin, Michael Community Christian (Paducah)
KEELING, BRAYDEN Livingston Central Middle
Dodson, Sam McCracken County
Futrell, Owen Marshall County Middle School
Gossum, Luke Graves County Middle School
Bullington, Hunter College View Middle School
Clifton, Liam McCracken County
Fite, Steven Marshall County Middle School
Gay, Rex Paducah Tilghman
Hayden, Avery Graves County Middle School
Davis, Landon Union County
Bartlett, Cole College View Middle School
Riley, Hunter Marshall County Middle School
Belt, Colt Crittenden County
McCune, Tobiyah Dawson Springs
Durfee, Theo Paducah Tilghman
Wright, Zachary Graves County Middle School
Hicks, Bobby College View Middle School
Eye, Cooper Murray
Halcomb, Owen Muhlenberg County
Williams, Jude Paducah Tilghman
Charley, Caleb Graves County Middle School
Payne, Tanner College View Middle School
Walters, Daniel Community Christian (Paducah)
Stiff, Jack Murray
Wilson, Phillip Graves County Middle School
Bell, Clark College View Middle School
Roby, Will St Mary of the Woods
DeJarnatt, Bradon Community Christian (Paducah)
Binfield-Smith, Steeven Murray
Crowell, Caleb New Covenant Christian Academy
Holliman, Xavion Graves County Middle School
Courtney, Rafe St. Mary
Wallace, Nathan Graves County Middle School
Jackson, Tyler Fulton County
Wurth, Tanner College View Middle School
HARRIS, JAYCEN Livingston Central Middle
Skiles, Ethan Community Christian (Paducah)
Wheat, Max New Covenant Christian Academy
Yoder, Hunter Graves County Middle School
CHAMPION, SAWYER Livingston Central Middle
McReynolds, Bennett McCracken County
Sullivan, JD McCracken County
Wolfrom, Charlie Paducah Tilghman
Fowler, Jackson Graves County Middle School
Garner, Gatlin College View Middle School
Keular, Andrew McCracken County
Beth, Fisher Marshall County Middle School
Gibson, Jayden Crittenden County
Hall, Cole Graves County Middle School
Alvey, Asher College View Middle School
Dyer, Nate Murray
Martin, Logan Crittenden County
Black, Ford Paducah Tilghman
Jackson, Daylen Graves County Middle School
Slaughter, Casey Logan County
Gordon, Samuel College View Middle School
Larkin, Bram Murray
Franklin, Nathan Paducah Tilghman
Smith, Alex Graves County Middle School
Masterson, Keigan College View Middle School
Mavigliano, Nic Community Christian (Paducah)
Binfield-Smith, Guervenson Murray
Orr, Joseph Graves County Middle School
Lea, Lucas St. Mary
Aud, Jacob St Mary of the Woods
Brantley, Henry Community Christian (Paducah)
Thomas, George New Covenant Christian Academy
Yates, Kobey 14:42.70 Marshall County Middle School
Howard, Grant 16:16.67 St Mary of the Woods
Spain, Samuel 17:06.64 Graves County Middle School
Walker, Daniel 17:25.20 Marshall County Middle School
Forthman, Aiden 17:26.70 Paducah Tilghman
Johnson, Brayden 17:50.40 College View Middle School
Payne, Thomas 18:08.21 St Mary of the Woods
Howard, Tate 18:32.11 St Mary of the Woods
Nunley, Ben 18:53.20 College View Middle School
Newnum, Thatcher 18:57.90 Marshall County Middle School
Shelton, Colt 19:23.53 Graves County Middle School
Hall, Braxton 19:47.70 College View Middle School
Howard, Greyson 19:51.19 St Mary of the Woods
Darnell, Isaac 20:40.86 Marshall County Middle School
Cecil, Rylen 20:40.90 St Mary of the Woods
Martin, Sam 21:18.30 Marshall County Middle School
Weidemann, Camryn 21:34.40 College View Middle School
Thompson, Parker 21:37.60 College View Middle School
York, Noah 22:00.36 College View Middle School
Howard, Trevor 22:06.63 St Mary of the Woods
Patton, Luke 22:12.30 College View Middle School
Carr, Hunter 28:12.27 Graves County Middle School
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MS Girls 4000 Meter Run 62 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Busby, Kaleigha Graves County Middle School
Rodgers, Taylor McCracken County
Viersen, Layla Graves County Middle School
Mendoza, Ana McCracken County
Fairchild, Jenna Dawson Springs
holmes, amiyah Paducah Tilghman
James, Tyleah College View Middle School
Boggess, Samantha Muhlenberg County
Geary, Ella Crittenden County
Swatzell, Ashtyn Dawson Springs
Jones, Yosely College View Middle School
Higgins, Faith Logan County
Chipman, Ginny Murray
Willis, Reese Muhlenberg County
Taber, Lilly College View Middle School
Thompson, Avery Logan County
Romine, Reese Community Christian (Paducah)
McCardle, Trinity College View Middle School
Sullivan, Aislynn McCracken County
Meadows, Emerson New Covenant Christian Academy
Outlaw, Allison College View Middle School
Gaugler, Lily McCracken County
Rosas, Michelle Graves County Middle School
Knight, Abagail McCracken County
Lafollette, Kenni McCracken County
Spalding, Braelyn Marshall County Middle School
Clark, Emilia Graves County Middle School
Baird, Briley McCracken County
Day, Marley College View Middle School
McCoy, Audrey Dawson Springs
Bullock, Grace College View Middle School
Swatzell, Baylee Dawson Springs
McWhorter, Morgan College View Middle School
Jones, Sarah Union County
Page, Savannah Muhlenberg County
Coates, Addison Dawson Springs
Johannemann, Faith College View Middle School
Dukes, Leah Logan County
Jones, Lucy Community Christian (Paducah)
Barber, Blair Muhlenberg County
McCardle, Kyree College View Middle School
Brazzell, Campbell McCracken County
Key, Sara Kate Community Christian (Paducah)
Hill, Millie College View Middle School
Barabas, Harper McCracken County
Babb, Claire Graves County Middle School
Mattingly, Abigail New Covenant Christian Academy
Hicks, Catherine College View Middle School
Gregory, McCoy McCracken County
Smith, Anna Claire Graves County Middle School
Ault, Gabby 17:10.33 St. Mary
Wolfe, Haley 18:18.25 College View Middle School
Sandlin, Eden 18:44.20 Marshall County Middle School
Peffer, Ann Marie 19:14.90 Marshall County Middle School
Ollis, Jersey 19:48.08 College View Middle School
Arnold, Baliegh 21:38.92 McCracken County
West, Mariah 23:15.70 McCracken County
Patterson, Bailey 24:22.49 Graves County Middle School
Hunt, Rainbow 24:25.84 College View Middle School
Green, Holly 27:22.46 Murray
Wilson, Kelsey 27:48.89 Graves County Middle School
Green, Evan 30:21.20 Graves County Middle School
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