Double S Stampede Recap Tyler Karnes Sep 16, 2012

The rolling hills of the Double Stink Hog Farm just outside of Georgetown, KY were graced with perfect weather for Cross Country as the skies were clear and the temperature hung around the upper 50s.

Grant County Invitational Recap Tyler Karnes Sep 10, 2012

 As I was walking out of my dorm at 7:50 to head north to the Grant County Invitational, I was not anticipating a particularly pleasant day out on the course for myself, or any of the athletes, coaches, or spectators, for that matter. The rain was coming down at a steady pace and by the looks of the puddles forming on the road, had been raining for several hours.

Shelby County Invite Recap: Karas 18:35, Gregory Wins Tyler Karnes Sep 01, 2012


With the inland rains of hurricane Isaac looming over the Midwest, and already causing havoc for Cross Country in the Western portion of Kentucky, I was wondering how much of a factor the weather was going to play into today’s race. However, as I stepped out of my car and onto the course, the sun was covered by non-threatening clouds and the temperature was hanging around the upper 70s, a beautiful day for racing.

Tyler Karnes: Reflections of a Career Tyler Karnes Jun 04, 2011

I was standing on the fence looking out at the last track I would view from the perspective of a high school athlete when the thought hit me, "I was surrounded." Now, you probably thought I was going to say something generic like "it was over" or "I wish I could do it all again", but to be completely honest, that was of secondary importance. 

5K on the Track, 5K in XC: What a Difference Tyler Karnes Apr 27, 2011

Tyler Karnes is a senior at Christian Academy in Louisville.  He finished 9th at the Harry Greschel Invitational in the 5000 Meter Run with a 17:36 on April 15th.  In the article below he writes about the difference running a 5K on the track and on the cross country course.