Grading Myself on The 2019 XC Season

    As we wrap up state competition for the year, It's time for me to look at how I did throughout the season and a few of you have been unhappy with me from the start. If you're not much of an article reader and more of a ranking looker, I urge you to keep reading. Most you have been used to the content provided by the fearless leader Chris Hawboldt for as long as you can remember, but I feel like I should introduce myself a bit. This past track season I've been working into a bigger role as a content producer for KY Milesplit. You may have heard my voice over the live streams for the 2019 track season, seen my name at the top of articles, or started to see me at meets around the state this cross country season or at your school filming a Workout Wednesday. A few of the hardcore Milesplit faithful may have done your research on me, but my name is Donnie Fry. I ran XC and mid-distance for Eastern High School graduating in 2016 and I'm now a Senior at Western Kentucky University studying Sport Management. Feel free to look me up, but I promise my times aren't much to brag about. Most of my point of view is directed towards the runners rather than the parents because I was a Milesplit fanboy just a few years ago and know what it's like to be in class everyday waiting for the newest article or video to come out.

    So here's what I'm going to do for you today. I know I'm supposed to avoid being too wordy, but I'll go through class by class and look back at my preseason rankings, in-season rankings, and comments on teams throughout the year as well as DM's from anyone who had a few words on what they thought about my rankings and review my own performance as I've done to all of you all season long.