What Boys State Records will Fall Saturday?



November 08, 2014 @ New Horse Park in Lexington, KY


Current Kentucky State Meet Records (Paddock Course @ Kentucky Horse Park)

Overall State/Class A – Jacob Thomson (Holy Cross) 15:21.40

Class AA – Jared Skrabacz (South Warren) 16:16.70

Class AAA – Evan Ehrenheim (Daviess County) 15:33.24


Someone pass the word down to North Carolina that the state meet record held by a certain NC State sophomore is probably safe for another year.  That 15:21.40 on the Horse Park course is pretty stout and should be standing come Sunday. 

If the overall record is safe that also means Class A as well.  Speedster Eric Baugh has run 15:21 this season, but that was on a very fast course at Masterson Station across town in Lexington.  High 15s is much more likely compared to 15:21. 

The Class AA battle should give us the first boys’ record of the day to be broken.  Highland’s Ethan Shuley has run multiple sub 15:40’s this season and North Oldham’s Trenton Fryman has added a 15:47 as well.  These two going head to head should easily allow that 16:16 to fall. 

The Class AAA record is a toss-up.  The list of potential winners is too big to list.  At Lexington Catholic on the State Meet course South Oldham’s Cole Dowdy won with a 15:48.49 over Zach Stewart’s 15:49.18.  The record of 15:33 is 16 seconds away, but if this race goes out hard and goes full blast through three miles that record could go down.