Lexington Catholic Small School Race Breakdown





Lexington Catholic Inv Small School Race Breakdown (Large School Tomorrow)
I knew I goofed when I woke up today. It was pretty clear from the fact that I woke up at 9:45, when the first race started at 9:30 at the Lexington Catholic Inv. that something had definitely gone awry. That something was the fact that my dumb self must have turned my alarm off when it went off at 7:30 and went back to sleep before I could even realize what had happened. Flustered and frustrated, I sprinted out to my car and got on my way to the Horse Park. Admittedly missing the first two races of the day, an honest recap is simply not possible. However, what I have come up with instead is a breakdown of the meet based on Small School or Large School races where I will organize the results into a couple categories. Outstanding Performance is exactly what it says. Recognizing athletes and teams that ran great races relative to their “typical” performances. Performer to Watch will point out performances that, while they may not have been the “best” of the day, are still notable and could be a team/individual to keep your eyes on while state approaches. Something to prove will point out performances that show who has the potential to do well at state, but may not be shining through right now.
Small School Races
Boys Outstanding Performances
Michael Caldwell – Bishop Brossart – Because why not? The guy has only NOT won 2 races this entire season (Trinity Valkyrie and Saturday Night Lights) and almost dipping below the 16 minute mark on the Horse Park’s course is no small feat. Oh, and did I mention that by winning he collectively beat some of the top competition of two classes?
Hunter Trenary – Owen County – Running his second fastest time of the year (besides Grant Co Inv.) and coming in second on the state course against the top competition in Class A is nothing to overlook. He also defeated a few of the runners ranked ahead of him and finished closer to Caldwell than he has all season.
Covington Catholic/Highlands – Going toe-to-toe with only 3 points difference between the two. The AA boys race up front is going to be a dog fight come time for state.
Boys Performers to Watch
Quentyn Parmley – Wayne Co. – Coming off a few of the best performances of his career, his 12th place finish at Lex Cath is probably the end to his flight under the radar. Wayne Co also becomes a much more dangerous team going into post season racing with a solid 1-2 punch up top if he can keep these kinds of races going
Austin Anderson – Boyle Co. – The state course is never a bad time to pop off the fastest race of your career especially when it lands you in 15th place. He has been hovering around the mid 20s – 30s on season bests and average times and this may be the launching point for a great post season run.
Boys Something to Prove
Aaron Osborne – Warren East – He has loads of potential for a big time race and has dipped under 17 many times this season. While his place at Lex Cath may not have been what he had in mind, if is able to channel his stellar performances into one race on Nov. 9th, he’ll have a podium seat waiting for him.
Christian Academy of Louisville – They have been sitting around 8th in the rankings for most of the season as a team and while runners on their team have individually put out great performances, they have yet to do so all on the same day. Losing their top runner last year to injury has hurt their chances at a trophy, but there’s no reason all runners clicking on the same day couldn’t make some noise in AA.
Girls Outstanding Performance 
Michaela Reinhart – Lexington Catholic – Big surprise on this one right? In a huge race for her, she defeated her fellow phenom freshman Gabby Karas at the Lexington Catholic Invitational, which is not something many Kentuckians can say, regardless of the meet.
Karly Gawarecki – Lou. Holy Cross – The top Class A runner at the meet today, she defeated two of the runners ranked ahead of her. After battling an injury earlier on this season it is definitely beneficial to our sport to see another big name in Class A performing at a high level this close to the state meet.
St. Henry – Regardless of class this is a top team in the state. Point Blank. Period. Defeating Highlands (without a few of their top runners) this week after defeating Sacred Heart last week should effectively prove their meddle against anyone in the state and today proved no different.
Girls Performers to Watch
Nikki Coffey – Boyle Co. – Nikki has been a top runner around the AA scene for most of her career and after hanging out in the mid-teens in the rankings for most of the year, this is a solid performance she can definitely hang her hat on. She came in 6th out of all the AA runners on the course where it will count the most on in November.
Hancock Co. – The 9th ranked team in Class A did not run like the 9th ranked team on this day, finishing 6th overall regardless of class. They were also missing a top finisher on their team and look to show plenty of promise at State rolls around
Girls Something to Prove
Christian Academy of Louisville – Ranked as high as second in the last rankings, their team has faced some troubles as of late. Amidst an injury to a top runner and a DNF last week at Fast Cats they seem to be facing the same sort of problem their guys are having: They can’t seem to find a day where they all click on the same day. The talent is there, but will they find it before Nov. 9th 
Maddox Patterson – Sayre – The 2011 Cross Country Champion is just now starting to find her grove again after taking time off this spring due to injury. With a few elite performances under her belt this season and the last rankings placing her back at #1, it is certainly our hopes that she can keep this string of solid performances up and make another run at a state championship.