St. Henry Invitational MS Recap


MEET PICTURES by Angie Schell



MS Girls-
The Middle School Girl’s Race started was early in the meet schedule allowing the girls to enjoy cooler temperatures in the mid 60’s.  In the beginning stretch a large portion of the girls took off with an aggressive start.  This stretched the field of runners out from the very beginning.
At the ½ mile, 2 girls were in close contention for the lead spot: Brianna Perry with the Jag CCC middle school squad was in first followed closely and Rebecca Schroer from St. Joseph’s.  Hailey Hess from Summit View Middle School was in third 10 seconds behind them, followed shortly by Brook Reis from St. Henry.
The long hill climb at the end of the mile really required these girls to mentally and physically push their limits.  Schroer made a large move to take the lead on this hill, coming through the mile in 6:22.  Hess was not losing any ground, and was only 11 seconds behind the leader.  Reis was still right with her, and Brianna Perry was only shortly behind them.
Over the next mile, Schroer continued to widen her lead.  She came through the 2 mile in 13:35. Reis had now moved past Hess, and came through the mile in 13:55.  Hess came through the 2 mile in 14:06, with Sidney Reagor from Campbell County Middle School right on her tail.
Continuing her dominating race, Schroer finished the race in 15:15; 22 seconds behind her, Reis finished second with a time of 15:37.  Reagor managed to overtake Hess in the final portion of the race. Reagor finished in 15:50 and Hess in 15:53.
MS Boys-
The Middle School Boys race went off without a hitch.  The weather was wonderful: clear skies and temperatures in the mid-high 60’s, and the race started on time.  At the gun, several boys took off with a powerful stride; among them was Ethan Snyder from St. Henry. 
From the very beginning, Snyder went out to claim his position as the front runner.  At the half mile, there were a few boys trying to keep up, but during the uphill climb leading to the mile Snyder was able to break away.  Snyder came through the 1 mile in 5:45; the next set of runners was 10 seconds back.
By the end of the race, Snyder had opened up a 29 second gap between himself and the second place runner: Hank Birindelli from Beechwood.  Snyder finished the race 2+ mile race in 13:12 and Birindelli in 13:31.