Masterson Station Park

DIRECTIONS TO MASTERSON STATION PARK: Destination address 3051 Leestown Rd, Lexington, Ky for better directions. From I-64 west- Take Exit 65. Turn right. Go down the hill to the intersection. Turn left toward Lexington. Go 7.8 miles. Turn left in to Masterson Station Park. From Bluegrass Parkway west-Take Bluegrass Parkway to Versailles Road. Go to New Circle Rd. Take New Circle north to Rt. 421 Exit. Turn left. Go 2.2 miles to Masterson Station Park on your right. I-75 North- Take Exit 115 Rt 922. Turn right. Go to New Circle Rd and turn right on to New Circle Rd. Take Exit 7. turn right. Go 2.1 miles. Turn right in to Masterson Station Park. I-75 South- Take Exit 113 Turn right on to Broadway. Go to New Circle Rd. Turn right on to New Circle. Take Exit 7. turn right. Go 2.1 miles. Turn right in to Masterson Station Park. I- 64 East. Turn north on I-75 and follow above directions for I-75 South.

Venue Records

NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS. These stats are according to our database.

Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2015-10-06 Fayette County Public Schools Cross Country Championships
2015-10-03 Tates Creek Invitational
2015-09-05 Henry Clay/Tanner Duke Invitational
2014-11-01 NIRCA Great Lakes Regional
2014-10-25 KTCCCA Meet of Champions
2014-10-08 Fayette County Public Schools Cross Country Championships
2014-10-04 Tates Creek Invitational
2014-08-30 Henry Clay/Tanner Duke Invitational
2014-08-16 BGSG
2014-08-16 Bluegrass State Games
2013-10-26 KTCCCA Meet of Champions
2013-10-08 Fayette County Public Schools Cross Country Championships
2013-10-05 Tates Creek Invitational
2013-09-24 CKC
2013-08-31 Henry Clay Invitational
2013-08-17 Bluegrass State Games
2012-11-03 Region 6 AAA
2012-10-27 KTCCCA Meet of Champions
2012-10-16 Fayette County Championship
2012-10-06 Tates Creek Invitational
2012-09-01 Henry Clay Invitational
2012-08-18 Bluegrass State Games
2011-10-29 KTCCCA Meet of Champions
2011-10-22 Area 6 Championship
2011-10-11 Fayette County Championship
2011-09-24 Trinity Christian Invitational
2011-09-03 Henry Clay Invitational
2011-08-20 Bluegrass State Games
2010-11-20 Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships
2010-10-30 KTCCCA Meet of Champions
2010-10-13 Fayette County Championship
2010-10-12 Area 6 MS Championship
2010-09-25 Dunbar Bulldog Invitational
2010-09-04 Henry Clay Invitational
2009-12-12 USATF National Club XC Championships
2009-11-21 KTCCCA Senior Challenge
2009-11-21 USATF Region 5 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships
2009-11-07 Region 6 AAA
2009-10-31 KTCCCA Meet of Champions
2009-10-14 Fayette County Championships
2009-10-13 Area 6 MS Championship
2009-10-03 Dunbar Bulldog Invitational
2009-09-05 Henry Clay Invitational
2008-11-22 Senior Challenge Meet
2008-11-22 Bluegrass State Games
2008-11-08 Region 6 AAA
2008-11-01 KTCCCA Meet of Champions
2008-10-15 Fayette County Public School Championship
2008-10-04 Dunbar Bulldog Cross Country Invitational
2008-10-01 The Lexington School All-Comers