Dream Mile: Thomson & Receveur Win!

DON’T THINK JUST RUN FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The 3rd Annual Dream Mile will be held Friday night at St. Xavier High School in Louisville.  This still young event has quickly grown into the best mile/1600m race in the state annually with much speculation over who will have the times to be invited to the race.  There will be one race for the boys and girls tonight with the ladies leading off at 8 PM.

Last week at the Eastern Relays, Assumption’s Katherine Receveur became the first girl this season to go under 5:00 for the 1600m.  The sophomore won with a 4:56, making her the favorite tonight.  AAA State XC Champ Cassidy Hale (duPont Manual) will make a run at Receveur with a best of 5:01 from her win at the Mobile Challenge of Champions in March.  She will be looking to go under 5:00 for the first time to take down the Manual school record.  These two have yet to face each other this outdoor season which should make the race very interesting.  Danville’s Kaitlin Snapp, Assumption’s Bailey Davis, and Caroline McCaslin lead a nice size group of girls who will try to below 5 flat or as close to it as possible. 

If the race plays out as it should the front group will come through the 800m split at 2:28 hoping to come back in under 2:30 positioning themselves for the big target of sub 5.  The tremendous depth of quality Kentucky girl distance runner should shine tonight after all as we have had 20 girls run sub 5:18.  Girls, run fast and don’t worry about your place.

The boy’s race will follow with a crew of boys coming off best times from the Eastern Relays last week.  Holy Cross’s Jacob Thomson leads the field with a best of 4:10 which came last week in a third place finish.   Butler’s Patrick Gregory ran a 4:15 in the same race finishing five spots back of Thomson.  This time they will be side by side as the sophomore attempts to get into the 4:12 range.  Those two lead the field along with Luke Weishaar of Oldham County who ran a 4:21 back in March to show his conditioning early on in the outdoor season.  There are a ton of boys in this race going after that sub 4:20 barrier who are right on the cusp including Taylor Sanders (North Oldham), Nicholas Laureano (Lexington Catholic), Connor Sheryak (St. Xavier), Zack Beavin (St. Xavier), and Chase Geary (Muhlenberg County.)  The wildcard in this race is Tretez Kinnaird of Butler, the 800m specialist ran a #1 KY ALL-TIME mark of 1:49.97 last week and has 4:15 ability written all over him, but comes in with an all-time best of 4:20.  He could help push the field along in the first two laps as they come through in an expected split of 2:04. Ryan Eaton’s record time of 4:16 looks like it will be broken tonight by not just one but several.   

Check back tonight as KYtrackXC.com will have all the in race highlights and post races interviews from the Kentucky Dream Mile.



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  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Bring on the Dream Mile!!!!
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    And they are off

    Big pack with Hale, Snapp, Receveur, and Davis up front.


    73 first lap
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Pack of four

    Hale, Snapp, Receveur,

    Grogan hanging close

    800m split


    Hale, Snapp, Receveur, Grogan, 2 Assumption (assume Davis and McCaslin)
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    1000m Receveur is pushing, Hale is going with her

    Receveur is up five meters
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago



    3:49 Hale
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Receveur 4:59.06
    Davis 5:00.47
    C. Hale 5:01.43
    McCaslin 5:02.73
    BG 5:09.14
    BG 5:10.08
  • mommap / 3 Years Ago
    Thanks for the updates. Who won the girls mile?
  • mommap / 3 Years Ago
    Good job to the ladies! Great times!
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    KYtrackXC.com Tyler Karnes is on the scene and will be interviewing some of the athletes.
  • mommap / 3 Years Ago
    Have the guys started?
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago

    Nope, they have like 15 minutes of introductions before the race.
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Getting ready to start
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Leonard Faul is the rabbitt and he is rolling early.

    Thomson leads the pack, Tretez, Gregory, Weishaar, Beavin follow
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Gregory moves to side of JAcob

    400m 64 seconds

    big pack
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    800m in


    Thomson, Gregory

    Beavin moves into second. Tretez right there as well at 1000 2:43 split

    four moves away

    Thomson, Tretez, VBeavin, Gregory


    Gregory takes the lead
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Thomson and Gregory with 200 to go

    side by side

    Tre is right behind them.
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Thomson 4:13
    Gregory 4:14
    Tretez 4:15
    Laureano, Reader
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
  • parentsknowbest / 3 Years Ago
    Great race - Jonathan, thank you for the updates! Congrats runners!
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
  • professor / 3 Years Ago
    Based on what I believe is the correct finishing place, and after matching times from one of Jef Scott's videos, these should be the girls results:

    1. Katherine Receveur .....4:59.06
    2. Bailey Davis ................5:00.47
    3. Cassidy Hale ...............5:01.43
    4. Caroline McCaslin ........5:02.73
    5. Lauren Wheeler ...........5:09.13
    6. Ciara Scott ..................5:10.08
    7. Maggie Allen ................5:10.25
    8. Samantha Simms .........5:10.89
    9. Maddox Patterson ........5:11.32
    10. Sarah Barker .............5:11.77
    11. Kristen Hale ...............5:11.84
    12. Emily Bean .................5:12.82
    13. Rose Jolly ...................5:13.52
    14. Margaret Grogan ........5:14.13
    15. Kaitlin Snapp ..............5:14.90
    16. Christina Rucinski .......5:16.90
    17. Caroline Grogan .........5:21.64
    18. Caitlin Carroll .............5:24.83
    19. Kenzley Defler ............5:26.32
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago

    Thanks, updated the girls results.
  • professor / 3 Years Ago
    Again, using Jef's video, here's a stab at 11-15 on the boys.

    11. Chase Geary ........4:23.47
    12. Nick Eckert ..........4:23.48
    13. James Bell ...........4:25.17
    14. Taylor Sanders ....4:25.29
    15. Max Mudd ............4:28.28
  • Billy / 3 Years Ago
    It looks like the times are official but didn't they judge the places at the finish line and write down the finishers. They had someone picking and putting the finishers in order.