KTCCCA Middle School State Championship 2024

Louisville, KY
Hosted by KTCCCA
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2024 KTCCCA Middle School State Championship

Eastern High School 


Gates open at 8:00 AM.

Field Event Schedule

Parking Information and Logistics

If you are bringing your entry fee, make sure you have the late fee also.

Coaches wristbands will be in the packet based on the following:

1-7 athletes    1 band

8-14 athletes  2 bands

15-21 athletes  3 bands

22 or more athletes  4 bands

Coaches wristbands only get admission.  No one is to be in the infield.   No coaches in the infield.

   Preschool free.

Only online tickets will be accepted.  No cash.

Only schools may enter this meet.  Athletes must compete for the school they attend.   Athletes that run for clubs or unattached have to be entered through their school name. 

 Also many athletes have multiple profiles on milesplit.   We will use the performances from the profile that is used to enter the meet.   Be forewarned as above, many athletes have multiple profiles (The record is 12 profiles (I am not kidding) for one athlete).   It is the responsibility of the coach entering to have profiles merged through Milesplit.   We will not shuffle performances after entries are closed.  Those must be done ahead of time.   In other words, if the athlete you enter has no performance on your entry file, it is because the athlete has multiple profiles.   You must get those profiles merged.

Only performances from the current indoor or outdoor season will be used.

SATURDAY, May 25, 2024

10:00 AM  Eastern High School  Louisville Ky

Events 10:00

Rolling schedule

3200 m (4X800) Relay G/B

100 m Hurdles G/B (girls- 8 meters spacing, boys- 8.5 meters spacing) 30" height

100 m Dash G/B

800 m (4X200) Relay G/B

1600 m Run G/B

Unified 4x100 Relay

400 m (4X100) Relay G/B

400 m Dash G/B

300 m Low Hurdles G/B 30" height

800 m Dash G/B

200 m Dash G/B

3200 m Run G/B

1600 m (4X400) Relay G/B

Entry fee: $100.00 per team (girls and boys are separate teams, one or thirty individuals is a team). Only one team per school. Athletes must be in the fifth to eighth grade. Coaches must be 2023-2024 KTCCCA members. ($50.00 membership dues) Go to www.ktccca.com and fill out the Google Form membership link.

Send check to KTCCCA 1106 Sycamore St Falmouth Ky 41040

One individual per event, one relay team per event.

The KTCCCA Elementary State Championship and the KTCCCA Middle School State Championship were to get a true school champion as a team as well as individual events.  



Meet is at Eastern High School:

12400 Old Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40243

Teams may bring tents and set up in the designated area

Limit of four events per athlete.

Online entry deadline 11:59 PM May 21

Admission charge: 

Medals to the top eight (8) in each event. Team champion and runner-up trophies.

All entries will be done online at www.ky.milesplit.com

Coaches cannot input performances. Milesplit will automatically input the athletes' best reported performances. All entries MUST have performances reported on www.ky.milesplit.com.  Performances must be achieved since January 1.    No entries will be accepted with NT (no time) or ND (no distance) Make sure during the season that the meet directors of any meets you attend send results in proper format to kymilesplit@gmail.com.   

If there is no reported performance, then the entry will not be accepted.

Mail entry fees to KTCCCA c/o Tim King 1106 Sycamore St. Falmouth KY 41040 $50 late fee per team (boys and girls are separate teams-That would be $150.00 for girls' team, $150.00 for boys' team for late entry or late entry fee) after May 21 (Late refers to entries AND fees.)  Make checks payable to KTCCCA. If you bring the check on meet day, be sure to include the $50 late fee per gender. If you want to pay by Credit card, then you must email Tim at teejayking@gmail.com and he will send you a link to pay by card. 

Enter all athletes who could possibly compete by entering as alternates on the relays. Athletes added to a team roster on meet day will be charged $10 for a bib number.

Athletes will wear bib numbers.

Uniform Rule for Middle School State: Relay teams must have similar jerseys.

Athletes should have no electronic devices-IPODS, radios, cell phones, walkie-talkies in the competition area.

Frank Miklavcic fmiklavcic2@gmail.com

1.Blocks required for all events 400 meters and below including 4x200, 4x100, and 4x400 lead off legs. Blocks will be provided.

2.4X400-3 turn stagger

3.4X800, 800, 1600, 3200- 1 turn stagger

4.FAT times only will be accepted for 100, 200, 100H.   Converted hand times will not be accepted for these events.

5.Entry performances are required. NT or ND will not be accepted. Performances must meet the minimum entry standard.

6.No substitutions on meet day. Any substitutions due to injuries, vacation, etc. must be submitted by email to Fmiklavcic2@gmail.com by 8:00 AM Friday May 24     You may change relay members as long as the athlete has his/her own bib number.

7.LJ board will be 9 ft

8. 5th grade and up only

9. Field events will have finals.

All schools are still permitted one entry per event as long as the entrant meets the MINIMUM standard below, in addition, schools will be allowed multiple (unlimited) entries in all except the relay events PROVIDED ALL ENTRIES IN THE EVENT FROMTHE SCHOOL MEET THE EXTRA ENTRY STANDARD. Only the school's top finisher will score for the team, but the others are permitted to compete for individual awards. The 2nd table below are the extra entry standards. You can expect that these standards will continue to be adjusted for future years based on previous years' performances. Again extra entries are allowed ONLY if ALL entries meet the EXTRA ENTRY STANDARD.

To enter an extra entry, enter one athlete on www.ky.milesplit.com, then enter the second entry at the EXTRA ENTRY section at the bottom of the online entry page. NOTE-both entries must exceed the extra entry standard. The table immediately below has the minimum standards. No entry will be allowed that does not meet the minimum standard. All times below are FAT times.

Link to printable minimum standards