Murray Tiger Meet 2021

Murray, KY
Hosted by Murray

Athlete Entries

Boys 3000 Meter Run 45 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Gay, Rex Paducah Tilghman
Rogers, Ross Calloway County Middle School
Smith, Shadow New Covenant Christian Academy
Black, Ford Paducah Tilghman
Gesler, Sinjin Calloway County Middle School
Jackson, Tyler Fulton County
Larkin, Bram Murray
Williams, Jude Paducah Tilghman
Wallace, Jaxon Calloway County Middle School
Mavigliano, Nic Community Christian (Paducah)
Binfield-Smith, Guervenson Murray
Riley, Mason Calloway County Middle School
Brantley, Henry Community Christian (Paducah)
Gibson, Jayden Crittenden County
Doublin, Michael Community Christian (Paducah)
Martin, Logan Crittenden County
HARRIS, JAYCEN Livingston Central Middle
CHAMPION, SAWYER Livingston Central Middle
Crowell, Caleb New Covenant Christian Academy
Thomas, George New Covenant Christian Academy
Durfee, Theo Paducah Tilghman
Carlisle, Roman Calloway County Middle School
Wheat, Max New Covenant Christian Academy
Eye, Cooper Murray
Lee, Jackson Paducah Tilghman
Briedwell, Matthew Calloway County Middle School
DeHart, Collin Fulton County
Stiff, Jack Murray
Franklin, Nathan Paducah Tilghman
Jansma, Jack Calloway County Middle School
DeJarnatt, Bradon Community Christian (Paducah)
Binfield-Smith, Steeven Murray
Starkey, Landon Crittenden County
Tennyson, Colton Calloway County Middle School
Anderson, Jonah Community Christian (Paducah)
Belt, Colt Crittenden County
WATSON, RYDER Livingston Central Middle
TALIAFERRO, CARSON Livingston Central Middle
KEELING, BRAYDEN Livingston Central Middle
Wolfrom, Charlie Paducah Tilghman
Larkin, Cullen 13:03.19 Murray
Martin, Sam 14:17.59 Marshall County Middle School
Cox, Ayden 17:18.21 Hickman County
Boaz, Boston 17:23.60 Hickman County
Bucy, Thomas 20:25.20 Murray
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Boys 5000 Meter Run 59 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cauley, Ben Murray
Foote, Ezra Calloway County
Tompkins, Luke Murray
Hoff, Tyler Hickman County
Puckett, Nathan Calloway County
STEWART, JONATHAN Livingston Central
Long, Ethan Crittenden County
Briseno, Wes Fort Campbell
Hodges, Cody Murray
Patton, Micah Calloway County
Reeves, Bryan Murray
Paitsel, Taylen Hickman County
Rogers, Gary Calloway County
Dorsey, William Paducah Tilghman
Terry, Carter Hickman County
Villeda, Cesar Calloway County
DAVIDSON, REESE Livingston Central
McCartney, Landon 16:59.00 Calloway County
Puckett, Daniel 17:04.55 Calloway County
Cashion, Dominic 17:30.08 Calloway County
Foote, David 18:47.73 Calloway County
Black, Liam 18:55.80 Paducah Tilghman
DAVIDSON, MACHI 18:57.96 Livingston Central
Goodman, Elijah 19:08.81 Hickman County
Everett, Chade 19:27.09 Fulton County
Lubas, William 19:30.64 Fort Campbell
Harris, Reed 19:42.07 Paducah Tilghman
Waddy, Amari 20:01.20 Fort Campbell
Williams, Clayton 20:07.81 Paducah Tilghman
Sipes, Jay 20:17.90 Fulton County
Hampton, Wyatt 20:22.00 Murray
Caldwell, Nick 20:28.89 Calloway County
Price, Dylan 20:39.77 Calloway County
Grooms, Aiden 21:05.09 Calloway County
Griffiths, Logan 21:05.80 Fulton County
Claudio, DJ 21:17.82 Paducah Tilghman
Dodson, Jacob 21:21.09 Hickman County
Sharp, Brock 21:29.20 Fort Campbell
Blanton, Joshua 21:29.48 Fort Campbell
Martin, Isaac 21:30.72 Calloway County
Polsgrove, Luke 21:34.11 Hickman County
Williams, Corben 21:41.13 Paducah Tilghman
Carter, Landon 21:49.77 Calloway County
Faith, Nate 21:51.70 Crittenden County
PARKS, ALEX 21:54.62 Livingston Central
Clark, James 22:23.59 Hickman County
Boaz, Bentley 22:26.90 Hickman County
Hardesty, Jordan 22:33.61 Crittenden County
McCord, Asa 22:50.79 Crittenden County
Yearry, Chayse 23:37.58 Murray
Kieffer, Noble 23:38.81 Murray
Surrency, Ian 24:18.80 Fort Campbell
Bricker, Scott 24:23.50 Fort Campbell
Major, John Rey 24:30.90 Fulton County
Wilson, Dennon 24:40.56 Crittenden County
Fisher, James 26:22.82 Fort Campbell
BELCHER, CARTER 30:35.61 Livingston Central
HARGROVE, MASON 31:10.85 Livingston Central
Principe, Gunner 32:38.04 Fort Campbell
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Girls 3000 Meter Run 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Meadows, Emerson New Covenant Christian Academy
Chipman, Ginny Murray
Romine, Reese Community Christian (Paducah)
Potter, Presley Crittenden County
Gupton, Mirielle Calloway County Middle School
Williams, Jaye New Covenant Christian Academy
Carlisle, Vayla Calloway County Middle School
Jones, Lucy Community Christian (Paducah)
Geary, Ella Crittenden County
Rykken, Ramona Fort Campbell
Elkins, Rayne Calloway County Middle School
Key, Sara Kate Community Christian (Paducah)
Stoner, Kodi Crittenden County
Price, Makenzie 15:04.02 Calloway County Middle School
Grooms, Emma 16:27.61 Calloway County Middle School
Green, Jade 18:11.02 Murray
Green, Holly 19:08.14 Murray
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 33 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Emery, Angie Calloway County
Bagwell, Ana-Drew Community Christian (Paducah)
Campbell, Elizabeth Crittenden County
Robinson, Meg Murray
Norsworthy, Bella Calloway County
Aguilera, Vasti Community Christian (Paducah)
Roberts, Ava Fort Campbell
Collier, Macey Murray
Jennings, Addison Calloway County
Howell, Madeline Murray
Settle, Reese 20:56.20 Calloway County
Martin, Emma 21:48.77 Calloway County
McClure, McKayden 22:32.56 Fulton County
Jenkins, Leah 23:29.19 Murray
Fulkerson, Kara 23:29.66 Crittenden County
Stearns, Alexandra 24:06.19 Fort Campbell
Lilly, Sadie 25:05.69 Calloway County
Joo, Sunny 25:12.67 Fort Campbell
Riddle, Marlee 25:16.85 Murray
Potter, Karsyn 26:50.71 Crittenden County
Cox, Brielle 26:53.04 Hickman County
Martinez, Mary 27:12.38 Crittenden County
Long, Leah 27:34.17 Crittenden County
CULVER, RYLEE 27:42.51 Livingston Central
Corrales, Hannah 29:17.57 Fort Campbell
Smith, Cammy 29:36.08 Murray
Hill, Caylee 30:46.29 Fulton County
Duncan, Jayden 32:09.16 Crittenden County
Curry, Kenzie 33:12.78 Fulton County
HUBBARD, SIDNEY 33:17.92 Livingston Central
Worley, Carly 35:33.47 Fulton County
Galarza, Patricia 38:08.38 Fort Campbell
Glynn, Lilliana 41:13.45 Fort Campbell
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