Meet Information

Williamstown Tri Meet Info:

Competing Teams:  Grant County, Pendleton County, & Williamstown

Time Schedule:  Events will be combined unless entry numbers reach more than 40 runners in either division.            Coaches Meeting 9:30am -- Combined Varsity Race (5K) 10:00am -- Combined MS Race (3K) 11:00am

Lane Assignments:  Box 1 - Grant County; Box 2 - Pendleton County; Box 3 - Williamstown

Meet Conditions:   2 SPECTATORS Per Runner.  Everyone in attendance must wear a mask until you have left school property! Social Distancing Please!!!!

Everyone must check in! Temp/Covid questions required of all staff, runners, parents (spectators), workers, and anyone else I didnt name.

Start Line procedures: Runners must wear masks in the start area until just before the start of each race . Runners must hang on to their mask (in some capacity) while running, and immediately put that mask back on once they have completed their race.  

Coaches will be responsible for collecting clothing and anything left by their runners at the starting line immediately after the race starts.  
Finish Line/Corral procedures - After crossing the finish line and entering the corral, runners should put their mask back on. Runners will receive a place card. Coaches, please write your runners bib number on their card - once you have collected all the cards for the 5K turn them into the scorers area immediately; repeat the process again if you have anyone participating in the 3K. The scorers area will be at the steps of the trailer that is directly behind and across from the finish corral.

Restrooms:  After the start of each race , the port a potty behind the starting line will be closed for sanitation. Since there will only be one near the start area, this restroom is for athlete's use only.  There are other bathrooms available at the baseball field, back behind home plate. You are encouraged to please use these before arriving at the starting line.

Concessions:  There will not be a concession stand. Hence, you must bring your own water, snacks, etc. Please do not share.

Course Guidelines: Spectators will not be permitted on the course - rather, spectators will have areas where they can watch the runners as they pass by that meets the social distancing guidelines. These areas shall be well over 6 feet away from the runners.

Team Areas: Teams will have their own meeting area. No tents permitted, only tarps.

Results will be posted on milesplit and sent to the listserve.  They will also be emailed directly to the coaches.

Parking - Available in loop back behind the school, near the bus parking lot. Park only on one side of the road. If full, go back and park in the band parking lot.