Athlete Entries

Middle School Boys 3000 Meter Run 10 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Osborne, William Williamstown
Patton, Ben Pendleton County
Straus, Adam Pendleton County
Steinborn, Conner Grant County
Patton, Patrick Pendleton County
Wolfe, Klaber 10:53.30 Pendleton County
Marksbury, Tyler 11:53.80 Grant County
Wolfe, Levi 12:54.03 Pendleton County
Hodge, Sam 13:12.88 Pendleton County
Webster, Carson 13:44.34 Grant County
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Middle School Girls 3000 Meter Run 6 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Buchanan, Kali Williamstown
Spivey, Madi Williamstown
Swartz, Jasmine 11:54.90 Williamstown
Walters, Peyton 12:50.36 Grant County
Cruey, Gracelyn 13:50.53 Grant County
Pollard, Nickie 18:12.56 Pendleton County
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Varsity Boys 5000 Meter Run 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McCain, Josiah Williamstown
Jack, Garrett Pendleton County
Morris, Korbyn Grant County
McCain, Joel 17:39.80 Williamstown
Walters, Elijah 17:43.31 Williamstown
Cheeks, McKinnley 19:11.68 Williamstown
Tien, CJ 20:03.28 Williamstown
Jordan, Garrett 20:05.32 Pendleton County
Pugh, Keitin 20:39.97 Pendleton County
Wodraska, Francisco 21:10.18 Grant County
Mirones, Alex 21:50.72 Williamstown
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Varsity Girls 5000 Meter Run 7 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hughes, Hannah Pendleton County
Shelton, Audrey 21:29.46 Grant County
Wilson, Kaitlyn 21:34.68 Grant County
Ward, Lexus 24:57.57 Grant County
Hanser, Kirsa 25:09.12 Pendleton County
Marksbury, Shelby 25:31.05 Grant County
Calhoun, Allie 25:38.90 Grant County
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