Meet Information

-This meet is only for Bowling Green, Greenwood, South Warren, Warren Central and Warren East schools and feeder middle schools.

-This will be a high school school and middle school meet.Middle school athletes cannot compete for the high school and middle school team. Athletes can only compete on one team.

-2 entries per event and 1 relay. Athletes can only sub for other athletes, they cannot be added.

-Entry fee: $50 for each team: high school boys $50, high school girls $50, middle school boys $50, middle school girls $50. Make checks to Warren East track and field boosters

-Senior Night:

Please email ken.skea@warren.kyschools the following information about each of your senior athletes. They will be recognized at 5:15.


Number of years they have competed in track and field

Broad category for events they compete in (sprinter, jumper, thrower, mid-distance, distance, vaulter)

If a regional champion, list event and year

If state champion or runner up, list event and year

If a school record holder, list event

If they will continue their track and field career in college, list the school