Class AA Region 4 2018

Covington, KY
Hosted by Scott
Timing/Results C3 Timing

Meet Information

Time Schedule


In the event that you have any questions concerning the online registration process, please do the following in the order prescribed:

1. Check this link for any helpful tips:

2. Contact Chris Hawboldt at

Please do not wait until the last minute to get your entries submitted.

Deadline is May 7 at 8:59PM

Class 2A Region 4 Championships
hosted by Scott High School


Monday, May 7--- By 8:59pm, 4 Days prior to

the Regional Meet, All entries for Region 4 need to be sent. After this

time, an athlete may be added only to replace an injured or ill competitor, and

only if documentation, signed by a physician, is presented to the KHSAA to

cause the need for substitution. Since entry process is done via

Milesplit, the window will close at 8:59 PM EST on this day. NO


Tuesday, May 8 --- By 9:00pm, 3 days

prior to the regional meet, the manager shall distribute a preliminary

performance listing. EMAIL ME/DAVE/ROSE

Wednesday, May 9 --- By 9:00pm, 2 days

before the region, all coaches desiring to challenge a particular time shall

have notified the regional manager as to the objection, and the regional

manager shall thereafter resolve and determine the entry time.


Thursday, May 10- One day before the region, the final performance list will be distributed.


Friday, May 11- 6:00PM Regional Meet at Scott High School

Fill the Relays!



a.Each Gender per team pays 100 dollars. If you are a team with 6 or less running at regionals it will be 5 dollars per athlete.

b.Make Checks to Scott High School Attn: Zach Triplett (Must have this BY

REGIONALS AT LATEST); Mail to 5400 Old Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill KY 41015


Inhalers Form KSHAA Form TR120 & Pole Vault 4 Meet Verification Form KHSAA Form TR122. Remember Pole Vault proof of 4 meets has to be on the spot proof if challenged!


Entry will be 7$$ for Spectators

T-Shirts:(Pass along to Parents & Athletes) Pre-Order ONLY

Reminder that all Region shirt orders must be placed by Sunday May 6th. No sales at the

meet.Back of all shirts will be printed with school names.All pre-ordered shirts can be picked up at the meet.

Coaches Meeting!

This is it, we will have one at the scheduled time on the attached meet schedule the day of regionals

Jury of Appeals!

NEED VOLUNTEERS: Please email coach Triple

Boys: Coach

Girls: Coach


Still waiting on word


Yes, one will be there

Rain Date!

At this point does not exist

Field Events!

3 Jumps/Throws then TOP 7to finals, those making it to finals will get 3 more throws/jumps.

Open Pit for Jumps 45 Minutes then a brief break leading into finals. Finals have to throw/jump in order (Worst to Best)

Shot and Disc will be separated into 2 equal flights, with abrief warm up period before each flight

Pole Vault Starting Heights 5 for girls, 7 for boys.High Jump 4 for girls, 5 for boys.

Weigh IN!

Pole Vault and Shots/Discs. Remember the MOMENT animplement is weighed it becomes a common implement that ANY athlete can use.

Check IN!:

100 Meter Start line for ALL running events, field eventat the venue. Fast Heat (Last Heat will

always be full 9 lanes)


Top 2 in each event, then automatic times (This rarely

happens), then next best 10 in the state. Our Region is LOADED as always,

remind your athletes, especially relays (Baton Throws) that the 6th

best time at regional, could still be the 6th best time in the

state. We want ZERO silly, unnecessary DQ's

Jobs! We need your help!

Make sure you have help! I may have a few runners/parents

here or there that can do some dirty work (Getting the discus, putting up HJ

bar, raking pits) but cannot guarantee this!

Most of my parents are helping with concessions, awards, shirts, gate announcing, etc.

I will have an extra official at the following field events...

Buddy Dittus: High Jump

Jerry Mohr: LJ/TJ

Bobbi Grimm: Clerk


Shot- Highlands

HJ- Western Hills

LJ- Harrison Co.

TJ- Holmes

Discus- Franklin Co.

PV- Pendleton


Shot- HighlandsHJ- Scot

LJ- Lexington Catholic

TJ- Bourbon

Discus- Scott

PV- Pendleton



(Far Zone):Bourbon, Harrison Co, Scott, Lexington Catholic

(Start Line):Holmes, Pendleton, Western Hills


1st Exchange: Franklin Co, Highlands

2nd Exchange: Bourbon, Harrison Co

3rd: Exchange Lexington Catholic

Hurdles: (Scott)
Keep the Same Hurdle for 100/110's and 300H