Class AA Region 4 2019

Cynthiana, KY
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The previous link that was here was not the correct time schedule.  I couldn't open it so I don't know what was there.  This is the link to a shared file that is the correct time schedule for the Class 2A Region 4 Championships that will be hosted by Harrison County.  It is identical to the state meet schedule except that the start will be at 11am instead of 10am.

Specific information for the coaches is being sent directly to them via a regional coaches email list only.  Refer to the info below regarding entering the meet.

David Clark - C3 Timing

In the event that you have any questions concerning the online registration process, please do the following in the order prescribed:

1. Check this link for any helpful tips:

2. Contact Chris Hawboldt at

Please do not wait until the last minute to get your entries submitted.

Deadline is May 14 at 8:59PM