Green County HS All-Comer 1 2018

Greensburg, KY
Hosted by Green County

Meet Information

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Green County HS All-Comers 1

302 Brummal Avenue

Greensburg, Ky 42743

Dragon Stadium

Date of Meet: Thursday, 3/15/18

Arrive at school: 3:30 pm CST

Track Opens: 3:45 pm CST

Coaches Meeting 4:15 pm CST at the finish line

Meet Begins: 4:30 pm CST

Spectator Admission: $5 General admission

Concessions Available

Bus drivers get one free meal. You must provide their name for me to put them on the list.

Green County athletes expected to be the hurdle crew.

Field Rules:

No electronics on the track.

1/4 pyramid spikes only.

Infield for competing athletes only.

All spectators must be in the bleachers or on the hill.

All tents to be setup on the bleachers, or on the hill.

Clerk reserves the right to combine heats in the event of no shows to expedite the meet.

Substitutions allowed.

Uniform rule will be relaxed due to the temperatures but education of rules is important.

Sportsmanship is expected from athletes, coaches and fans.