Region 2 AAA 2016

Bowling Green, Ky
Hosted by Greenwood

Meet Information

Greenwood High is honored to host all three Region 2 classes on Saturday, Oct. 29th at Phil Moore Park in Bowling Green, KY.

Region 2AAA Registration:
This is only for class 3A teams within the Region 2 area that are officially registered with KHSAA. This includes the following teams: Barren, Bowling Green, Central Hardin, Grayson, Greenwood, Logan, North Hardin, Ohio, and South Warren.

Teams must be registered electronically through milesplit. Coaches can register up to 10 runners per race but only 7 will be eligible to compete. Coaches must declare at registration which 7 will actually compete. If a team does not have 5 runners, the team can still compete but will not qualify for team standings.

Registration will close on Tuesday, Oct. 25th at 5:00 PM. The deadline will be firm according to KHSAA regulations, so no changes can be made to a team roster after the registration deadline has expired.

Region 2 Schedule: Central Standard Time
Class AA Schedule:
8:30: Coaches Meeting
9:00: Boys Race
9:40: Girls Race
10:25: Awards

Class AAA Schedule:
10:10: Coaches Meeting
10:40: Boys Race
11:20: Girls Race
12:05: Awards

Class A Schedule:
11:50: Coaches Meeting
12:20: Boys Race
1:00: Girls Race
1:45: Awards

XC Forms:
*Team Meet Verification Form:
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*Inhaler Form
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State Qualification:
The number of teams that will advance to state is dependent upon the number eligible teams(full and registered teams via Milesplit) that compete in the regional meet. In regions with four (4) to (6) eligible teams registered and reporting to the starting line at the region, three teams shall advance to the State Meet. In regions with seven (7) to nine (9) eligible teams registered and reporting to the starting line at the region, four teams shall advance to the State Meet.
In addition to a specified amount of teams qualifying for state, the top 5 individuals(not affiliated with team qualifiers)will also advance to state.

Phil Moore Park is located 3 mi.south of Greenwood High School and straddles US 231(Scottsville Rd. It is exit 22 off I-65. The 5K course is primarily a natural grass surface with some gravel in areas prone to washout (hill and underpass).
Attached below is a map emphasizing the 5K race in green. The course is set-up and available for practice anytime. The map also addresses parking for buses and spectators, tent city locations, and spectator restrictions. Spectators will not be allowed on some parts of the course,the course to the right of the red line is prohibited by spectators on the map.
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Parking: There will be a $5 charge per car. There will be no charge for buses.
Buses will drop off runners and park on the south side of 231, which is the primary entrance to the park. All personal vehicles will need to turn to the north side of 231, directly opposite the main entrance sign. Car parking will take place in a large grass field and spectators will need to follow the path under the highway to get to Tent City and the start/finish lines. In the name of safety, please use the walkway under the highway. Again, see map above for clarification.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.
Laura Leeper
Greenwood Girls' Cross Country Coach

Kevin Clark
Greenwood Boys' Cross Country Coach