Senior Send-off: Collegiate's Sarah Bode



Sarah Bode just finished her senior year at Collegiate High School in Louisville.  Over the last few years she has been one of the best distance runners in Class A including a 4th place finish last fall in the Cross Country State Meet and a 3rd place finish in May in the 3200m Run.

She answered some Senior Send-off Questions below.  If you graduated and are interested in answering the same questions, please email them to



What was your most memorable race?

My most memorable race would probably be this year’s state track meet. I’d come in the top 10 three years in a row, but had never made the top 3. I had a pretty bad start, so I had to use a lot of energy getting up to the front of the pack, but I knew I had more in me than the other girls. Beating out all the other runners and crossing the finish line in third place made all the training and hard hours I put in worth it.


Where did you face your biggest competition?

The state cross-country meet is brutal every year, but I think the biggest competition I had was in the regional meet. Region 3 has some of the fastest runners in the state. That being said, during the track season my toughest competition was in the 3200 in the Eastern Relays. There were girls I’d never met from different states, most of whom had better times than I did. It was a grueling race, but I became a better runner for it.


Out of all of your high school accomplishments which stands out the most?

I would say my greatest accomplishment would be growing our cross-country and track teams from a 7-member team to a squad with over forty runners. It’s so gratifying and fulfilling to see that you inspire others to start running and continue running.


If you could do it all over again what would you change about your running career in high school?

 My freshman year I was sick with the flu at the state cross-country meet. I would have liked to know what I could have done had I been healthy. As it was, I came in 47th; that finish is the worst I have ever had in a meet. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing.


What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?

I have had some bad luck with injuries. I’ve had to overcome tearing three hip muscles at the same time, rehabbing that, and then getting through another muscle tear in the opposite hip. I’ve also dealt with asthma since I was little.


What will you miss the most?

 I will absolutely the sense of family and camaraderie between every runner. It doesn’t matter what team you’re from or what event you run; everyone knows that we all put everything we have into this sport, and we respect each other for that.


Do you have any advice for younger athletes?

One: Don’t take anything for granted. You may think that you have all the time in the world, but four years flies by in the blink of an eye. You never know what will happen in a year, be it injury or tragedy or something you can’t control, so enjoy every moment you have. Two: Get to know runners from other teams and other schools! I’ve made so many friends from other schools and I know we’ll keep in touch next year! And lastly, Three: Take care of your body. If other athletes break their equipment, they can replace it. Your body is your equipment, and it can’t be easily replaced. Treat your body like a sports car. Fuel it right, exercise it right, and you’ll be in excellent shape.


What are your college plans?

This fall I head to High Point University in Greenville, North Carolina. I plan to study International Business and Spanish, and of course, I will be running for the Panthers cross-country and track teams! I will miss my team and teammates from back home, but I can’t wait to see how I will improve in college!