Jonathan and David Show: Class A State Preview

Jonathan: Class A starts the day on Saturday, so it will start the last of the two previews.  Here we go! Class A has some big time names when it comes to Kentucky individual talent


David:  This is true, but long names don't win championships.


Jonathan:  Courtney Edwards is back and ready to defend his titles in the hurdles and jumps.  Is somebody going to challenge him?


David:  In the hurdles? No, but the jumps could be an issue.


Jonathan:  Just imagine if Brandon Bagley and him were in the same class


David:  Oh, now we would love to see them match-up more, but it seems that injuries have kept Edwards at bay much of the year.


David:  The jumps have plenty of athletes to battle with, including returners Nathan Bledsoe of Ballard Memorial, Timmy Perdue of Lyon County, and Michael Ross of Danville.


Jonathan:  Don't forget super athlete Tra Tharp from Heath.  He is going to play football at Murray State


David:  He is a name that people might end up knowing when this is all said and done.

Who else are we watching on the boys' side?


Jonathan:  Ben Bessler in the HJ #1 in KY regardless of class at 6-08. He has been phenomenal all year


 David:  He is definitely a stud and is the likely winner in the High Jump for a solid St. Henry crew.


 Jonathan:  In the throws Anthony Topps of Fort Campbell has really taken off this year.  He will receive some competition from defending champion, Michael Burden of McLean County.


 David:  It's a strong group in the throws for sure this year, with guys like Jordan White of Owensboro Catholic and Justin Ziegler of St. Henry, likely playing into the end results in a big way.


 Jonathan:  I assume we are both thinking the boys 1600 will be the best race of the day?


 David: I think it could be the best race of the day, that is if the boys’ 4x8 isn't better.

There's really only a few to watch in the 1600 with Kahleifeh and Thomson and maybe Maglasang, but the relay is wide open.


 Jonathan:  Wide open is one thing, but straight up competive is another.  Thomson the new face vs. the seniors who have been around the block in Kahlefieh and Maglasang.


 David:  Agreed, and we really shouldn't sell guys like Jacob McIntyre, Will Mullett, and Armand Frigo short, but I don't know that they can handle those big three.


 Jonathan:  Not selling them short, but five - eight seconds is a big difference in the 1600.  If it plays out as a race of strategy such as three laps of cruising and a foot race for 400m than those others guys could be in the mix no doubt.


 David:  Very true. I think Kahleifeh is the favorite in the 800 meters now with St. Henry's Cameron Rohmann out on a false start call up north, but will the 3200 be as strong a race as the 1600?


Jonathan:  The depth in the 3200m should be awesome.  Mullett, Maglasang, Thomson, Perronie, McIntyre, and Wellum. It will be interesting to see who sits out the 16 to be fresh for the 32. If someone like Maglasang sat out the 16 he would be tough for anyone to handle in the 3200, especially in the heat Saturday.


 David:  That's true. I could see Mullett or Perronie making that move. Maglasang has always run everything, but he would be dangerous in that situation.


 Jonathan:  Mullet is the defending champion.

 Jonathan:  Mullett v. Maglasang in the 3200 with neither running the 16 would be awesome.


 David:  Agreed.


 Jonathan:  Enough about the boys what about the girls


 David:  What about them? Danville brings in a very strong group of three that may push for the title on their own.


 Jonathan:  True, very true


 David:  Kaitlin Snapp made no attempt to sit back when racing Ann Eason and Maddox Patterson Saturday. I expect her to lay down that same challenge on Saturday.


 Jonathan:  The Sayre duo has been great this year, but Snapp has big time experience.


 David:  Maria Frigo has big time experience too, and their battles in the 1600, 800, and 3200 could be awesome.


 Jonathan:  These three head to head in the 16/32 will be nice

Snapp and Frigo will have run the 3200 Relay while Patterson and Eason will be fresh


 David:  That's a good point.


 David:  Candice Taylor has some experience too.


 Jonathan:  Taylor looks to have the Long Jump wrapped up.  She will have a battle in the 100m with Hannah McAllister, Chelsea Harnack, and Jourdan Lewis


 Jonathan:  McAllister along with Catherine Claywell lead a strong Murray bunch who has improved leaps and bounds under new coach Mark Boggess


 David:  Murray has been a more talented program recently, which is great because there definitely is some talent in that area.


 David:  Taylor and Pace will look to grab more points in the triple jump and Pace will try to defend her title in the 300 hurdles from last year.


 Jonathan:  Pace is as multi-talented as they come.


 David:  Kiara Austin of Fort Knox could be a big reason Danville doesn't take home the team title.


 Jonathan:  I think a star in the making is Kiarra Austin of Fort Knox. You took the words right out of my mouth


 David:  She will make things fun in the 300 hurdles, LJ, and TJ for sure. The 100m hurdles, though, could be the best race of the day.


 Jonathan:  Her best event might be the 100 Hurdles


 David:  Carroll County's Nora Fremin has very quietly been at the top of the short hurdle rankings all year and with Austin and Model's sprint stud Chelsea Harnack, it has all the makings of a great one.


 Jonathan:  Is there anything Harnack is not good at?


 David:  Anything under 800 meters?


 Jonathan:  800 meters, it is wide open and solid as can be


 Jonathan:  Deaton is defending, Frigo, Lelbach, Trimm all could pull the win.


 David:  Oh, that was supposed to be above 800 meters, but this works too. Raegan Deaton of

Green County, Maria Frigo of St. Henry, Tori Lelbach of LCA, Snapp, and Zhanna Trimm of

Lyon County all do have a great shot.


How about Mayfield going for the MS and HS double in the 4x2?


 Jonathan:  I am calling it now, in two years Mayfield is one of the top programs in the state under 2nd year coach Chris Champion.  There middle school crew is tough.


 David:  Asha Powell at 100 meters is tough, but they are more than that and could sneak points in all three sprints and sprint relays.


 Jonathan:  True


 David:  How about those throwers? McCarthy vs Sebastian should be great.

 David:  Frannie Schultz of Newport Catholic Central and Megan Helmer of St. Henry will factor in too, though their chances are higher in the shot.


 Jonathan:  Both have broken their school records this year


 David:  Alright, let's hear it then. Which teams are going to win the team titles?


 Jonathan:  Girls wide open, NCC, St. Henry, Danville, even Murray could sneak in there.


 David:  So, you’re not committing to jinxing the St. Henry crew again this year?

 Jonathan:  Ouch!!!!!


 David:  Alright, what about the boys?


 Jonathan:  No committing to anybody this year.


 David:  I think Bardstown and St. Henry can hang with Fort Campbell on the boys' side. Even Fort Knox could make it interesting, but I get the feeling that this one isn't coming down to the 4x4.


 Jonathan:  Fort Campbell did get as much out of the regional as usual. It is hard to go against Bardstown especially if Kahleifeh does solid work in the distance events.


 David:  Alright, that about does it for Class A. We are excited to get going with the State Championships tomorrow. We'll see you out there!