Top 2022 Moment: Mercer Co. Sweep Track & Field State Titles

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In our final day of the Top 2022 Moments countdown, we land on a combined girls and boys effort by the Mercer County Titans. For the past handful of years, the Mercer County squad has been a mainstay at the top of the Class 2A standings. The 2022 KHSAA State Track and Field Championships was their chance to show out and dominate on both sides of the meet. 

Each group nearly won the championship by the same margin (25.5 for the girls and 24 for the boys) and in commanding fashion. The girl's squad put up 81.5 points to Mason County's 56 points while the boys had a cool 94 points to Highlands' 70. Both groups had points from all disciplines (sprint, distance, relay, jump, and throw) to turn out a well-rounded effort.

It is easy to see why the Mercer County faithful pack the stands early for each state championship. The group of fans cheer loud and proud for their athletes and propel them to great performances. The Lady Titans were led by Timberlynn Yeast and Jai Maria Piazza. Together they accounted for 50 of the individual points. Meanwhile, the boys had Jalen Lukitsch with 20 and Beau Brown with 18 individual points. However, none of those totals would have brought home the team title, so they needed support. Check out this list of scoring athletes for both squads to win the championship.


F 100m2Timberlynn Yeast1112.15-0.23
F 200m1Timberlynn Yeast1124.451.13
F 400m1Timberlynn Yeast1156.813
F 400m5Teigh Yeast858.873
F 1600m8Clayra Darnell115:28.831
F 100H1Jai Maria Piazza1115.44-0.23
F 300H2Jai Maria Piazza1146.083
F 4x400m14:00.013
F HJ7Ralasia Piazza84-10.001
F LJ5Jai Maria Piazza1116-11.002
F TJ5Teigh Yeast834-10.502
F D2Lindsay Jessie11105-02.002
F S7Lindsay Jessie1131-02.752
M 100m2Beau Brown10.72.13
M 200m1Beau Brown21.74-1.23
M 110H1Jalen Lukitsch1215.36-0.33
M 110H4Thaddeus Mays1015.83-0.33
M 300H1Jalen Lukitsch1240.433
M 4x100m142.653
M 4x200m21:30.153
M 4x400m83:34.853
M 4x800m68:33.462
M LJ8Matthew Mays1221-01.252
M TJ1Matthew Mays1244-04.502
M TJ4Thaddeus Mays1043-04.502
M PV6Thaddeus Mays1011-06.001
M S1Lleyton Penn1156-02.752

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