Inside Thomson Training: Part 1

    Last year, Jacob Thomson launched a new coaching service for young runners looking for guidance outside of the traditional school coaching route. Since the launch, Jacob has brought on two assistant coaches Thomas Cave and Bailey Davis, as well as 45 new runners across 10 different states! 

    Speaking with Coach Thomson he mentioned that the addition of former Assumption State Champ and University of Louisville All-American Bailey Davis to the staff has been huge. Over the last few months they've seen the biggest growth in the number of girls reaching out to join the training group.

- - -

Last Friday I met up with Assistant Coach Thomas Cave as he led the group of Jimmy Mullarkey, Theo Bachmann, Peter Dalmares, and Eddy Gilbert through a substantial workout. Coach Thomas stated that this is a workout they've been building up to for quite some time in preparation for an indoor 2 Mile race at the Louisville Indoor Games at the end of the month in a battle of the regions top distance stars. 

Stay tuned for Inside Thomson Training Part 2 and 3 coming soon!