Rumble Personalized Videos are Here!

The 2018 Rumble Through the Jungle was the first time the Milesplit network attempted to provide each athlete with an individualized race video at benchmarks throughout their race. The end product is pretty sweet, as 2,231 videos were produced that captured each runner and their progress as they traversed the muddy course. 

Each athlete has their own video tagged to their athlete profile and will stay with their profile forever. Furthermore, we have gathered each video and grouped them by team so that each coach, parent, and athlete can quickly reference each runner and their time on the 2018 Rumble course. 

So sit back, relax and relive the 2018 Rumble Through the Jungle.

Videos by Team

Varsity Boys
Varsity Girls
JV Girls
JV Boys
Middle School Boys A
Middle School Girls A
Middle School Boys Open
Middle School Girls Open
Elementary Boys A
Elementary Girls A
Elementary Boys 3-5
Elementary Girls 3-5
Elementary Boys 2-K
Elementary Girls 2-K