Friday Action at NON Kicks Off

Friday morning was kicked off at Nike Outdoor Nationals by the 4x800 crew from St. Xavier. The group placed fourth in their Emerging Elite heat with a time of 8:03.63 and ended up 8th overall in the Emerging Elite category. The group was comprised of relay mainstays Matt Hillenbrand and Geoff Spencer, along with Austin Carter and Evan Wright. Splits looked like: 1:57.48(1:57.48) 3:58.74(2:01.27) 6:01.21(2:02.47) 8:03.63(2:02.43). The group was in first off the first handoff and again off the last handoff according to the splits.


In the Boys Emerging Elite Mile, Ryan Eaton (Greenwood) doubled back after his 5k last night. Eaton finished 6th in his heat in 4:28.13 and 13th overall in the Emerging Elite group. His splits broke down like this: 1:05.38(1:05.38) 2:09.89(1:04.51) 3:18.24(1:08.36) 4:28.13(1:09.89). Eaton led the group through 800 meters before succumbing to the heat. The timing also gives a 1500 meter split which looks like 4:09.76.


In the Girls Emerging Elite Mile, Courtney Siefert (Lloyd Memorial) was also doubling back from last night's 5k and ran a 5:31.43 for the full mile. Siefert's splits broke down like this: 1:14.84(1:14.84) 2:36.11(1:21.27) 4:02.41(1:26.30) 5:31.43(1:29.02) and her 1500 split was 5:08.01. She finished 13th in her heat and 22nd overall in the Emerging Elite group.


More to come later today!