Franklin-Simpson Wildcat Wilderness Invitational

On October 25th, 2008 Franklin-Simpson will be hosting it's 1st Annual Wildcat Wilderness Run.  We promise excellent awards, and lower entry rates, than any other race held on this particular weekend. 

This is an absolutely amazing course, as it is half in open fields, and half in the woods, the terrain is smooth, and the 5k course is 1 big loop, as will the middle school race will also have the privilege of no overlapping.  Although many coaches including myself, worry about the safety of athletes in wooded areas, as we often deal with rough rooted areas.  This should not be a problem on our course.

The start of this race I can estimate could hold that of 15-20+ teams, and the start being well over 200 yards long, and a 100+ yards wide, which will lead onto a 5 to 6 feet wide gravel or dirt path, with the only exception being a couple tight spots in the deeper wooded section.

It would be of the greatest appreciation, if many of you could swing this on this seasons schedule. 

The course map will have spectator friendly areas in the woods, and WILL BE MARKED OFF ADEQUATELY!!