A Few Questions with Cullen Kuntz

Favorite Race:

Woodford County Invitational (home meet, home crowd)

Favorite Course:

Marshall County (because I really like the natural setting - trees, creek, hills...)

Hardest Course you have run:

Pendleton County (the hills are insane)

Favorite Band:
Pink Floyd is the greatest band to grace the face of this planet.

Two goals for this upcoming season:

My two main goals for this cross country season are to become one of the top competitors in the state, and for our team to get its highest finish ever in the state meet. But my goal always is to never forget why I run.

What did you gain from track season?

I gained the confidence in my running ability that will help me reach closer to my potential in cross country.

What is different about this cross country season compared to last year?

Our team has really come together and realized that we can make this year very special.

Describe the Woodford County XC team?

We are a tight group that was friends before our running days. We have always had a fierce passion to defeat teams considered better than us.

What makes Coach Muniz a good coach?

Coach Muniz has run with us since we were in middle school. He knows each runner on a personal level and is quite capable of leading each of us to our potential.