Tiger Run

August 25, 2001 @ Seneca Park in Louisville, KY

Hosted by St. Xavier (Lou)    

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Meet Comparison Parameters

Gender: Male Female   Level: High School
Event: 1500m 1Mile 2000m 3000m 2Mile 4000m 3Mile
5000m 6000m 8000m 10000m
Overall Stats
WhatThis MeetThat Meet
Average Time:00.0016:10.48
Top 100 Average:00.0016:10.48
1st-10th Place:00.0013:52.83
11th-20th Place:00.0014:35.78
21st-30th Place:00.0015:08.49
31st-40th Place:00.0015:40.55
41st-50th Place:00.0016:02.05
51st-60th Place:00.0016:38.44
61st-70th Place:00.0016:24.21
71st-80th Place:00.0016:24.21
81st-90th Place:00.0000.00
91st-100th Place:00.0000.00

Beta This is an experimental feature. We will be developing this futher and offering other statistical comparisons and combinations. Please share your ideas and feedback to make it better.