UK High School Invitational

February 22, 2014 @ Nutter Fieldhouse in Lexington, KY

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Annie Heffernan follows up a win from Heat 2 in the mile to claim a new state-leading and Fieldhouse record time of 10:46 in the two mile
A small group of Virginians from Nansemond River and Hampton traveled out to Lexington, Kentucky this past weekend with a short break before preparing for the state...
Who wants race footage? Good thing you are here because has it. Check it out!!!!!!!'s Tyler Karnes will be live on-site at the UK High School Invitational all day today providing updates, splits, and video coverage.
Porter Gaud's Brent Demarest is entered in Saturday's 2-mile at the UK High School Invitational and listed as one of the top entries on
Live Results for the UK High School Invitational
Below are the Top Runners/Athletes in the 60m Dash, 60m Hurdles, 200m Dash, 400m Dash, 800m Run, One Mile Run, Two Mile Run, Long Jump, Pole Vault, and Shot Put. The...
Heat Sheets for the UK High School Invitational
Revised Time Schedule for the UK High School Invitational
UPDATED at 4:20pm to include all events
THESE LISTS DO NOT INCLUDE THE 200m, 400m, 800m, 1 mile or Long Jump events- we are verifying some entry performances before we announce the accepted athletes in...

Qualifies for...

This meet is a qualifier for the OATCCC Indoor State Championship.

Additional Information

Meet Registration

Running Events
Time Event Gender
12:30pm 60m Hurdles Prelim Girls
12:45pm 60m Hurdles Prelim Boys
1:00pm 60m Dash Prelim Girls
1:10pm 60m Dash Prelim Boys
1:25pm Mile Run Girls
1:45pm Mile Run Boys
2:05pm 60m Hurdles Final Girls
2:10pm 60m Hurdles Final Boys
2:15pm 60m Dash Final Girls
2:20pm 60m Dash Final Boys
2:30pm 400m Dash Girls
2:50pm 400m Dash Boys
3:05pm 800m Run Girls
3:20pm 800m Run Boys
3:30pm 200m Dash Girls
3:50pm 200m Dash Boys
4:10pm Two Mile Run Girls
4:35pm Two Mile Run Boys
5:00pm 4x 400m Relay Girls
5:20pm 4x 400m Relay Boys
5:40pm 4x 800m Relay Girls
5:55pm 4x 800m Relay Boys
Field Events
Time Event Gender
10:00am Weight Throw Girls
10:00am Long Jump Girls
10:00am High Jump Girls (Finish line pit)
10:00am High Jump Boys (Starting line pit)
11:00am Pole Vault Girls
11:30am Weight Throw Boys
12:30pm Long Jump Boys
1:00pm Shot Put Girls
3:00pm Triple Jump Girls
3:00pm Pole Vault Boys
4:00pm Shot Put Boys
4:30pm Triple Jump Boys

* All entry fees must be paid in full before your packet will be issued.

* Meet management will distribute the team packet to the first coach who arrives at the

packet pickup location. This packet will contain the access credentials for the entire team
and coaching staff.
* Packets will be available beginning at 8:30am on Saturday.

* Nutter Field House will be available to athletes for practice on Friday, February 15

2013 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Please advise your athletes that weights and measures will close 30 minutes prior to the event's
posted start time. The specific location for the weigh-ins will be posted on a facility map the
week of the competition.

Headphones and cell phones are ONLY permitted in the team staging area.
Pyramid spikes NO longer than ΒΌ" (9mm) can be worn on the track for ALL events, including
high jump. We will check the spike length of all contestants prior to competition. Athletes
whose spikes are too long will not be permitted to compete with those spikes
* In the case of multiple sections, final results will be based on the best performances

across all sections.
* In individual events, an award will be presented to the First through Third place finishers.

* In relay events, awards will be presented to the First through Third place teams.

* 60 meter and 60 meter hurdle warm-ups must be done on the backstretch. Only athletes

competing in the event currently being contested will be allowed on the home stretch.
* In Commonwealth Stadium there is an outdoor rubberized loop surrounding the football

field that will be available for distance runner warm-ups. DO NOT GO ON FIELD.

Although pre-competition snack food (nutritional bars, fruit, etc) are allowed in the field house,
team "fast food" picnic meals are not. Please limit all drinks to containers with lids and ask your
athletes to deposit refuse in the proper receptacles. Your assistance in keeping the field house
clean will be greatly appreciated.


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