KTCCCA Class AA/AAA Indoor State Championships 2023

Louisville, KY
Hosted by KTCCCA
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Start time will be 9 am. We will be running both classes at the same time. We will run heats of AA then heats of AAA after. Meets will be scored separate.

Field Event Schedule: Tentative

9:00  Girls Shot Put   AAA in the infield,   AA Boys in the cage

12:30 Girls Shot Put AA in the infield,   AAA Boys in the cage

9:00 Boys High Jump  AAA on south pit,  AA on north pit

12:30 Girls High Jump   AAA on south pit,  AA on north pit

9:00-10:15 Open pit(three jumps) Girls Long Jump  AAA outside pit,    AA inside pit

10:30-11:45 Open Pit(Three jumps)  Boys Long Jump  AAA outside pit,  AA inside pit

12:30-1:30  Open Pit(Three Jumps) Girls Triple Jump AAA outside pit,  AA inside pit

1:45-2:45  Open Pit(Three jumps)  Boys Triple Jump  AAA outside pit,  AA inside pit

9:00 AAA Girls Pole Vault  11:00  AA Girls  Pole  Vault  1:00  AAA Boys Pole Vault   3:00 AA Boys Pole Vault

Norton Health Care Sports and Learning Center

3029 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd

Louisville KY 40212

ENTRIES; All entries will be done online at Ky Milesplit

NOTE: Remember individuals may not participate in more than 4 events. Performances for 3000 entries and 4x800 relay must have been achieved between January 1 and February 26, 2023. Performances must be verifiable on  www.ky.milesplit.com Performances are based on 3000 meter time or equivalent (3200, 2 Mile, etc will be converted). Notification of qualifiers will be emailed & posted by midnight February 28,2023


Limit two entries per event, and one per relay.

There are many cases where athletes have four, five or even six profiles on milesplit due to running for the high school, the middle school,  for two or three different clubs or running unattached or coaches entered athletes under differently spelled first names or last names.    It is the coaches responsibility to make sure all the results have been posted on milesplit and all of these profiles are merged.    When data is downloaded and there are no performances in the profile,   they will be entered as NT or ND.     You may want to do a Milesplit SEARCH for your athletes name to make sure they only have one profile and all their performances are there next week when we download.
55 & 55H times will be converted to  60 times
For the 1500,   1500 and 1600 times will be converted to one mile times for the purpose of seeding.
For the 3000,  3000 and 3200 times will be converted to two mile times for seeding purposes.

RELAYS : We realize that names will change on meet day but do the best you can at getting your names right. Make sure you have anyone who might compete listed as an alternate on the relays. You may list 5 on the relay entry. 

HIGH SCHOOL ENTRY FEES: This meet will not have a separate fee for the individual entries. One athlete could win this meet if they are talented enough, therefore they must pay the full team entry fee. A boys team entry is $125.00 if received by the entry deadline, if late the entry fee is $225.00. A girls team entry is $125.00 if received by the entry deadline, if late the entry fee is $225.00. Entry fee must be received by February 28, 2023

Checks delivered on meet day will be considered late.

Get your entry fees in NOW

Along with the entry fee, all coaches that enter the meet must be a current (2022-2023) member of the Kentucky Track and Cross Country Coaches Association. Google Form membership link is onwww.ktccca.com When the info is filled out, you will be emailed an invoice to pay. If in doubt, contact  Teejayking@gmail.com    Please Do Not Send Cash: Make checks for entry fees to: KTCCCA Mail to: Tim King 1106 Sycamore St. Falmouth KY 41040

Schools are allowed two entries per event. Maximum of four events for high school

Athletes will be allowed admission by wearing their bib. Coaches, make arrangements to meet athletes outside with their bib so that they have it when they come through the athletes' entrance.

Rolling Schedule

Start times

4x800 Meter Relay (Top twelve 2023 performances accepted only)

60 Meter High Hurdles (BLOCKS REQUIRED)


Raise Track

1500 Meter Run

400 Meter Dash

800 Meter Run

200 Meter Dash (BLOCKS REQUIRED)

3000 Meter Run coaches will need to record running time for each lap) (Top twelve 2023 performances accepted only)

1600 Meter Relay (BLOCKS REQUIRED)

Girls Long Jump followed by boys long jump

Boys Triple Jump followed by girls triple jump

Girls Shot followed by boys shot put

Boys High Jump followed by girls high jump

Girls Pole Vault followed by boys pole vault.

ENTRIES: All high school and middle school entries will be done online

Please acquaint yourself with the milesplit online procedures. Entries must be entered by Feb 28

Awards: Team awards will be presented to the top 2 teams and will be presented as soon as possible at the end of each division. Individual awards will be medals for the top 3 places and ribbons for the next 5 places.

Top two per team will score. Scoring: 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1

General Information: General Admission will be $15.00 per person.