Titan Classic 2022

Shelbyville, KY
Hosted by Collins

Athlete Entries

Elementary Co-ed Open 1 Mile - A 42 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Davenport, Remi Anderson County Elementary
Smith, Ethan Shelby West Middle School
Bruner, Abby Cornerstone Christian Academy
Hammer, Garrett Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Bruner, Melanie Cornerstone Christian Academy
Bradley, Ethan Cornerstone Christian Academy
prince, benjamin Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Cox, Lily Anderson County Elementary
Van Zee, Isaac Anderson County Elementary
Butler, Gavin Cornerstone Christian Academy
Black, Grayson Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Hall, Jonah Anderson County Elementary
Doyle, Noah Cornerstone Christian Academy
ferry, cooper Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
King, Kraejus Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Gettelfinger, Samson Anderson County Elementary
Johnson, Tristan Anderson County Elementary
Call, Drew Shelby West Middle School
Mudd, Michael Cornerstone Christian Academy
bohanon, will Cornerstone Christian Academy
Bruner, Robert Cornerstone Christian Academy
Meeron, Kyler Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Bentley, Seth Cornerstone Christian Academy
pierce, colin Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Hagan, Addison Anderson County Elementary
Royse, Everett Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Dennison, Hadley Anderson County Elementary
Dages, Tripp Cornerstone Christian Academy
Koller, Benjamin South Oldham Middle School
Johanboeke, Henry Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Treece, Elyn Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
baker, cole Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Lopez, Kayden Anderson County Elementary
Soto, Mario 7:12.08 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Weber, Brooke 7:18.94 Shelby West Middle School
Brown, Grayson 7:29.56 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Kannady, Declan 8:08.02 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Michels, Lucas 8:42.43 Shelby West Middle School
Clay, Simon 8:45.80 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Clay, Abraham 9:01.47 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Midkiff, Isabella 9:29.90 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Michels, Isaac 9:42.13 Shelby West Middle School
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Elementary Co-ed Open 1 Mile - B 45 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Perez, Evelyn Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Randol, jaxten Cornerstone Christian Academy
Ostrom, Charlee Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Littlefield, Nolan Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Hahn, Clara Anderson County Elementary
Thurman, Ava Cornerstone Christian Academy
White, Mya Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
jewell, rowan Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Gettelfinger, Quartus Anderson County Elementary
Reed, Silas Cornerstone Christian Academy
deptola, jack Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Hatfield, Elijah Anderson County Elementary
Reed, Cooper Cornerstone Christian Academy
murphy, logan Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Curtsinger, Maxwel Anderson County Elementary
Perkins, Jase Cornerstone Christian Academy
Thurman, Preston Cornerstone Christian Academy
littlefield, paxton Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Gettelfinger, Uriah Anderson County Elementary
Dowell, Reagan Cornerstone Christian Academy
Smith, Merritt Anderson County Elementary
Stepp, Madison Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Perez, Elijah Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Puleo, Alison Cornerstone Christian Academy
Diakhate, Ali Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Bachmann, Nicholas Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Wilson, Tristan Anderson County Elementary
Reed, Annabelle Cornerstone Christian Academy
White, Elijah Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
dennis, emmett Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Wilcox, Cooper Anderson County Elementary
dowell, riley Cornerstone Christian Academy
Rodriguez, Alfredo Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Davenport, Case Anderson County Elementary
Smith, Beau Cornerstone Christian Academy
dalton, lincoln Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Finnell, Kinsley Anderson County Elementary
Reed, Aiden Cornerstone Christian Academy
Williams, Duke Cornerstone Christian Academy
vance, austin Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Whitnel, Ella Anderson County Elementary
Esterle, Amelia 10:08.45 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Thurman, Molli 10:45.60 Cornerstone Christian Academy
Hatcher, Kennedy 11:12.27 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Dreves, Blaise 11:15.39 Cornerstone Christian Academy
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Elementary Co-ed Open 1 Mile - C 24 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Linares, Eva Anderson County Elementary
Gallusser, Aubree Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Coffman, William Anderson County Elementary
Kadylak, Genevieve Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Gaines, Carter Anderson County Elementary
Black, Cole Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Cox, Ava Anderson County Elementary
Mefford, Maddox Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Sims, Kate Anderson County Elementary
McEntyre, Albany Anderson County Elementary
Liccardello, Sophia Anderson County Elementary
Dalton, Kate Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Lowery, Benji Anderson County Elementary
Hatcher, Amelia Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Newton, Eli Anderson County Elementary
Michels, Calvin Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Whisenhunt, Evan Anderson County Elementary
spalding, charlie Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Crothers, Emma Anderson County Elementary
Yann, Bennett 10:17.28 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Rodriguez, Sofia 11:18.45 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Dawson, Charlotte 12:30.30 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Baker, Ellie 12:32.20 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
Kim, Mason 8:39.10 Kenwood Station Elementary Schoo
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Elementary Co-ed Open 1 Mile - D 25 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Eggin, Austin Cornerstone Christian Academy
Page, Jacob Cornerstone Christian Academy
McAllister, Isaac Cornerstone Christian Academy
Hammond, Roselyn Anderson County Elementary
Hardin, Crosby Cornerstone Christian Academy
Helms, Victoria Anderson County Elementary
Slone, Addison Anderson County Elementary
Miller, Hudson Cornerstone Christian Academy
Morris, Ana Anderson County Elementary
Spivey, Steele Anderson County Elementary
Cornish, Karson Anderson County Elementary
Mallory, Ebby Cornerstone Christian Academy
Moody, Max Cornerstone Christian Academy
Doyle, Noah Cornerstone Christian Academy
Hardin, Silas Cornerstone Christian Academy
Crothers, William Anderson County Elementary
Kennedy, Jaelee Anderson County Elementary
Luken, Cameron Cornerstone Christian Academy
Gettelfinger, Wynona Anderson County Elementary
Hammond, Henry Anderson County Elementary
Parr, Isabella Cornerstone Christian Academy
Curry, Reese Anderson County Elementary
Hart, Trip Anderson County Elementary
Miller, Parker Cornerstone Christian Academy
Lee, Harrison Anderson County Elementary
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Middle School Boys 4000 Meter Run - A 48 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Trail, Sebastian Shelby County
Dunn, Gabriel Shelby County
Joukar, Artin Meyzeek Middle School
Bruner, Jethro Cornerstone Christian Academy
Shrader, Skyler Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Brown, Elijah Shelby County
Simuel, Xavier Meyzeek Middle School
Ellis, Mason Barret Traditional Middle School
Ostrom, Declan Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Mason Wehby, August Meyzeek Middle School
Fikreadam, Yosef Barret Traditional Middle School
Powell, Eli Barret Traditional Middle School
Harris III, Ronald Shelby West Middle School
Rivas, Marco Barret Traditional Middle School
Dunn, Conner Shelby West Middle School
Brown, Justin Shelby County
Wentworth, Luke Shelby County
Eads, Gabe Meyzeek Middle School
Haskins, Andrew South Oldham Middle School
Perez, Gabriel Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Rowlette, Tristan Shelby County
Liu, Collin Meyzeek Middle School
Diakhate, Cherif Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Elmer, Grayson Barret Traditional Middle School
Njogu, Phillip Barret Traditional Middle School
Riley, Bradley Barret Traditional Middle School
Kelly, Aiden Shelby West Middle School
Thompson, Will 16:28.29 Meyzeek Middle School
Lesshafft, Parker 16:43.00 Barret Traditional Middle School
White, Alec 17:16.01 Barret Traditional Middle School
Brown, Benson 17:26.16 South Oldham Middle School
Carr, Keaton 17:47.40 South Oldham Middle School
Gordon, Rocco 17:59.40 South Oldham Middle School
Stocker, Tighe 18:02.40 South Oldham Middle School
Sorsa, Oliver 18:15.30 South Oldham Middle School
Wright, Donnie 18:15.66 Shelby County
Boyd, Vance 18:30.30 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Cornely, Quinn 18:34.57 Meyzeek Middle School
Nazarkewich, Joshua 18:53.08 Barret Traditional Middle School
Belcher, Ian 19:57.60 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Kendall, Boden 20:12.80 Shelby County
Midkiff, Josiah 20:55.40 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Kuzman, Ethan 21:04.28 Shelby West Middle School
Farmer, Levi 22:32.80 Shelby County
Fairbourn, JJ 22:36.20 Shelby West Middle School
Kiger, Sam 24:46.40 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Clary, Rocky 25:02.70 Shelby West Middle School
Burke, Jaden 36:53.10 Shelby County
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Middle School Boys 4000 Meter Run - B 12 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McGee, Brayden South Oldham Middle School
Aylor, Jacob South Oldham Middle School
Mattera, Reid South Oldham Middle School
Hatchell, Nick Meyzeek Middle School
Yu, Jayden Meyzeek Middle School
Rairick, Hudson South Oldham Middle School
Agehnejad, Mateen South Oldham Middle School
Letendre, Jake South Oldham Middle School
Hoyle, Johnathan Meyzeek Middle School
Piper, Graham South Oldham Middle School
Sarve, Veehan Meyzeek Middle School
King, Ziah Meyzeek Middle School
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Middle School Girls 4000 Meter Run - A 45 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Capps, Bailey Shelby West Middle School
Jarrett, Trinity Barret Traditional Middle School
Nagane, Siyone Meyzeek Middle School
Thornton, Sadie Barret Traditional Middle School
Iyer, Mahika Meyzeek Middle School
Daily, Sara Shelby West Middle School
Sriramuju, Akshitha Meyzeek Middle School
Dunn, Abbi Shelby West Middle School
Green, Kiley Shelby County
Quinn, Chloe South Oldham Middle School
Klemz, Justice Shelby County
Murnock, Avery South Oldham Middle School
Hart, Lily Shelby County
Chandler, Mason South Oldham Middle School
Wolf, Evelyn South Oldham Middle School
Attum, Nasra Barret Traditional Middle School
Padilla, Zoey Barret Traditional Middle School
Shanmugansthan, Asmita Meyzeek Middle School
Allgeier, Rio Meyzeek Middle School
Smith, Lisa Shelby West Middle School
Young, Adelaide Shelby County
Kakulamarri, Medhasvi Meyzeek Middle School
Van Zee, Esther Shelby County
Hamilton, Reese Shelby County
Koller, Rilla South Oldham Middle School
Rusnak, Linley South Oldham Middle School
Dereje, Abigail Barret Traditional Middle School
James, Claire 17:10.60 South Oldham Middle School
Johnson, Jaya 18:43.15 Shelby County
Multerer, Abby 18:48.30 Meyzeek Middle School
Cravens, Riley 19:06.90 Meyzeek Middle School
Multerer, Alli 19:12.40 Meyzeek Middle School
Treece, Margo 19:13.10 Marnel C. Moorman Middle School
Weber, Addison 19:39.50 Shelby West Middle School
Marvin, Emma 20:27.60 South Oldham Middle School
Young, Emmaline 20:32.40 Shelby County
Meredith, Taylor 20:41.10 South Oldham Middle School
Gayle, Gretchen 21:32.06 Shelby County
Watts, Madelyn 22:01.10 Shelby West Middle School
Smith, Maddy 22:15.10 Shelby West Middle School
Johnston, Molly 22:29.90 Meyzeek Middle School
Harris, Adaline 22:30.70 Shelby West Middle School
Magouh, Alia 22:42.10 Barret Traditional Middle School
Renda, Josephine 25:20.00 Shelby West Middle School
Robards, Riley 26:10.70 Shelby West Middle School
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Middle School Girls 4000 Meter Run - B 3 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Barker, Ali Shelby West Middle School
McClain, Ayla Shelby West Middle School
Hinske, Allison Shelby West Middle School
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