KCAA State Championship 2021

Independence, KY

Athlete Entries

Girls 1000 Meter Run 18 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hadley, Adalynn Micah Christian School
Wilcox, Molly North Hardin Christian School
Provost, Charlotte Summit Christian Academy
Thurman, Ava Cornerstone Christian Academy
dowell, riley Cornerstone Christian Academy
Lee, Kaitlyn Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Paul, McKayla Micah Christian School
Mudd, Victoria Micah Christian School
Wilcox, Grace North Hardin Christian School
Maroney, Grace Summit Christian Academy
Reed, Annabelle Cornerstone Christian Academy
Bruner, Melanie Cornerstone Christian Academy
Hensley, Jovie Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Wessel, Ada 10:23.22 Community Christian Academy - In
Thomas, Avarey 13:12.16 Community Christian Academy - In
McCarty, Chelsea 13:34.10 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Spain, Ella 14:03.10 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Daniels, Lydia 17:01.58 Community Christian Academy - In
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Boys 1000 Meter Run 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wambaja, Zachary Community Christian Academy - In
Reed, Silas Cornerstone Christian Academy
Caulk, Bentley Micah Christian School
Smith, Beau Cornerstone Christian Academy
Perronie, Aiden Micah Christian School
Paul, Jackson Micah Christian School
Clifford, Wyatt Micah Christian School
Rayhill, Matthew Micah Christian School
Meadors, Jaxon Micah Christian School
Bradley, Ethan Cornerstone Christian Academy
Gravens, Dalton Micah Christian School
Reed, Cooper Cornerstone Christian Academy
Burgess, Owen Summit Christian Academy
Walls, Cruz Micah Christian School
Bruner, Robert Cornerstone Christian Academy
Johnson, Elijah Micah Christian School
Paul, Thadeus Micah Christian School
Kerger, Conner Micah Christian School
Meadors, Jaiden Micah Christian School
Rider, Liam Community Christian Academy - In
Bender, Skyy Micah Christian School
Miller, Parker 10:01.31 Cornerstone Christian Academy
Hemsath, Sam 10:32.11 Community Christian Academy - In
Webster, Logan 10:45.66 Lakeside Christian Academy
Wadlington, Sawyer 11:07.70 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Casillas, Oliver 11:12.80 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Barrickman, Beau 11:44.69 Cornerstone Christian Academy
Dreves, Blaise 12:13.91 Cornerstone Christian Academy
Wilhite, Dax 13:40.95 Community Christian Academy - In
Bowman, Jonas 13:59.08 Community Christian Academy - In
Riley, Canaan 16:03.49 Community Christian Academy - In
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Boys 2000 Meter Run 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Volk, Sam Lakeside Christian Academy
Bruner, Jethro Cornerstone Christian Academy
Heltsey, Hunter Micah Christian School
Maroney, Asher Summit Christian Academy
Hess, Peyton Micah Christian School
Dowell, David Micah Christian School
Hemsath, Cy 10:08.90 Community Christian Academy - In
Venable, Scar 10:43.54 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Clifford, William 10:50.41 Micah Christian School
Sears, Levi 10:57.87 Micah Christian School
Womack, Kenny 11:28.15 North Hardin Christian School
Howard, Andrew 15:47.09 Micah Christian School
Spurling, John 7:16.74 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Gillum, Aden 8:45.27 Community Christian Academy - In
Hensley, Ben 9:01.30 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Mudd, Michael 9:56.66 Cornerstone Christian Academy
VanWinkle, Brayden 9:57.03 Micah Christian School
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Boys 3000 Meter Run 21 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Arledge, Dylan Community Christian Academy - In
Embrey, Xavier Micah Christian School
Staderman, Jack 11:59.83 North Hardin Christian School
Hanks, Jett 12:30.90 Community Christian Academy - In
Sherrow, Liam 13:07.02 North Hardin Christian School
Simmons, Jesse 13:13.36 Summit Christian Academy
Gates, Jackson 13:24.73 Community Christian Academy - In
Mooneyhan, Garrett 13:25.76 North Hardin Christian School
Light, Bryce 13:33.93 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Spencer, Gavin 13:39.48 North Hardin Christian School
Travis, Cadyn 14:09.80 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Ball, Jayden 14:46.60 Summit Christian Academy
Hensley, Aaron 14:58.35 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Riggleman, Wyatt 15:38.73 Micah Christian School
Lambert, Carson 15:57.78 Community Christian Academy - In
Walls, Carson 17:14.77 Micah Christian School
Starks, Jordan 17:47.08 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Masters, Ethan 17:47.96 Summit Christian Academy
Lambert, Cooper 19:04.17 Community Christian Academy - In
Johnson, Isaak 21:03.25 Micah Christian School
Simmons, Aaron 27:18.01 Summit Christian Academy
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Boys 5000 Meter Run 27 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Fukushige, Carlos Lexington Latin High School
Gayheart, Brice Academy of Individual Excellence
Wilson, Brinston 17:58.00 Community Christian Academy - In
Allen, Elijah 18:02.01 Micah Christian School
Dredger, Anthony 19:14.20 Assumption Academy High School
Hollinden, Lucas 19:16.49 Lexington Latin High School
Opalinski, John 19:40.60 Assumption Academy High School
La Joye, Thomas 19:50.20 Assumption Academy High School
Snyder, Joseph 20:14.70 Assumption Academy High School
Opalinski, Max 20:39.50 Assumption Academy High School
Murphy, Thomas 20:53.10 Assumption Academy High School
Dechman, Jonathan 20:54.35 Grace Christian Academy of Owens
Linsmayer, Benjamin 21:07.60 Assumption Academy High School
Beck, Francis 21:36.00 Assumption Academy High School
Butler, Mat 21:43.37 Lexington Latin High School
Kunkel, Nicholas 21:56.10 Assumption Academy High School
Lambert, Chayse 21:56.40 Community Christian Academy - In
Pollack, Trent 22:02.00 Summit Christian Academy
La Joye, Joseph 22:17.90 Assumption Academy High School
LaFollette, Cohen 24:05.03 Community Christian Academy - In
Voelkert, Max 25:32.32 Lexington Latin High School
Combs, Brett 25:58.10 Community Christian Academy - In
Gravens, Parker 26:23.56 Micah Christian School
Wells, Tucker 28:16.23 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Liggett, EJ 28:22.10 Community Christian Academy - In
Simmons, Solomon 34:57.00 Summit Christian Academy
Simmons, Joseph 38:22.43 Micah Christian School
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Girls 2000 Meter Run 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Paul, DeLaney Micah Christian School
Smith, Kyra Micah Christian School
McDaniel, Malayah Micah Christian School
Bates, Maile North Hardin Christian School
Bruner, Abby Cornerstone Christian Academy
Burgess, Megan 10:09.52 Summit Christian Academy
Katherine Henderson, Mary 10:17.02 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Ingels, Elly 11:11.03 Lakeside Christian Academy
Wessel, Evie 11:16.20 Community Christian Academy - In
Thurman, Molli 11:53.44 Cornerstone Christian Academy
Ward, Jerrica 12:03.03 Micah Christian School
Daniels, Jael 13:00.04 Community Christian Academy - In
Bowman, Kendall 13:23.10 Community Christian Academy - In
Acree, Ameerah 14:34.60 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Arledge, Briana 15:25.90 Community Christian Academy - In
Riggleman, Lylah 18:28.00 Micah Christian School
Eldridge, Reagan 9:36.12 Lakeside Christian Academy
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Girls 3000 Meter Run 18 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Reyes, Aryana Academy for Individual Excellenc
Baird, Amelia Cornerstone Christian Academy
Cross, Addison Community Christian Academy - In
Graham, Mason 14:14.96 Summit Christian Academy
McCarty, Makenzie 14:47.80 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Bates, Maddi 15:21.20 North Hardin Christian School
Carter, Elise 15:29.45 North Hardin Christian School
Dalke, MeKena 15:32.50 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Dalke, Emma 15:50.20 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Hendrickson, Erin 16:58.04 Summit Christian Academy
Calhoun, Genna 17:22.13 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Lawson, Layla 18:22.95 North Hardin Christian School
Gravens, Brooklyn 18:45.64 Micah Christian School
Sears, Leah 19:57.12 Micah Christian School
Carter, Laurel 20:00.89 North Hardin Christian School
Jewell, Paige 20:16.68 Micah Christian School
Hall, Mariah 20:48.56 Micah Christian School
Acree, LuAnna 20:56.40 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Burnett, Aaniyah Micah Christian School
Carter, Shyanne Micah Christian School
Lee, Lexi Cornerstone Christian Academy
House, Emmiefaith 25:16.10 Community Christian Academy - In
Morris, Taylor 26:56.29 Heritage Christian Academy (Hopk
Snow, Destinee 27:12.60 Community Christian Academy - In
Gravens, Madison 27:16.84 Micah Christian School
Burgess, Laura 34:19.04 Summit Christian Academy
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