Russell All Comers 2021

Russell, KY
Hosted by Russell

Athlete Entries

Boys 93 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Day, Christian Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Chaney, Hayden Boyd County
Castle, Christian Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Fain, Carson Russell
Hudson, Waylon Russell
Clark, Wyatt Holy Family (Ashland)
Pence, Graham Boyd County
Erlenwein, Troy Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Sarver, Ian Russell
Rice, Cooper Ashland Middle School
Kazee, Harrison Russell
Darnell, Apollo Holy Family (Ashland)
Evans, Justus Boyd County
Holtzapfel, Mason Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Qualls, Atreyu Russell
Runyon, Reed Ashland Middle School
Monroe, Chris Russell
Layne, Cameron Holy Family (Ashland)
Wireman, Flynn Greenup Elementary
Payne, Gavin Boyd County
Meyers, Alden Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Romero, Dominic Russell
Barnett, Tristan Ashland Middle School
Tripplet, Connor Russell
Hall, James Ray Greenup Elementary
Smith, Tommy Boyd County
Rowe, Griffin Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Runyon, Sam Russell
Freeman, Tanner Ashland Middle School
Wyscarver, Brycen Russell
Chaffin, Gatlin Boyd County
Cummings, Isiah Greenup Elementary
Waginger, Boston Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Bowling, Haiden Russell
Moore, Kason Ashland Middle School
White, Jackson East Carter
Thornbury, Landry Boyd County
Dean, Adam Russell
Moore, Asher Ashland Middle School
Thacker, Grant Boyd County
Bowling, Kayden Russell
Samons, Ben Ashland Middle School
Varney, Cruz West Carter
Thacker, Grayson Boyd County
Clutters, Treyton Russell
Mattingly, Adrian Ashland Middle School
Davis, Elijah Russell
Fugitt, Noah Russell
Sublett, Luke Holy Family (Ashland)
Smith, Lucas Boyd County
Clyse, Briar Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Markel, Sam Russell
Johnson, Quinton Russell
Young, Aiden Holy Family (Ashland)
Tak, Tristan Boyd County
Gustin, Pierson Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Floyd, Max Russell
Kelley, Bransen Ashland Middle School
Maple, Bryson Russell
Miller, Chris Holy Family (Ashland)
Stevens, Gideon Greenup Elementary
Swim, Kolton Boyd County
Meyers, Abram Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Bonzo, Sawyer Russell
Griffith, Roman Ashland Middle School
Stephens, Austin Russell
Layne, Dylan Holy Family (Ashland)
Stanley, Bentley Boyd County
Meyers, Asher Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Craft, Eli Russell
Freeman, Karson Ashland Middle School
Washington, Aiden Russell
Branim, Alex Greenup Elementary
Maynard, Chris Boyd County
Waginger, Barrett Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Snyder, Brevin Russell
Holcomb, Hayden Ashland Middle School
Kazee, Blaine Russell
Harris, James East Carter
Riddle, Ayden Boyd County
Wilds, Briar Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Turner, Garrett Russell
Pierce, Will Ashland Middle School
Rich, James Boyd County
Bonzo, Colton Russell
Stout, Jacob Ashland Middle School
Davis, Gabriel West Carter
Adams, Eli Boyd County
Chandler, Max Russell
Enochs, Carson Ashland Middle School
White, Coen Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Burke, Weston Boyd County
Adkins, Isaiah 13:39.47 Greenup Elementary
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Boys 3000 Meter Run 32 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McClain, Aidan Ashland Middle School
Sherrard, Jacob East Carter
Fannin, CK Ashland Middle School
Turner, Wyatt Russell
Bemis, Liam Russell
Owens, Jacob West Carter
Heighton, Beckett Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Glasser, Caleb Russell
Listerman, Gus Holy Family (Ashland)
Udeagwu, Kamsi Holy Family (Ashland)
Griffith, Tyson Ashland Middle School
Bush, Reese East Carter
Crace, Harrison Ashland Middle School
Harris, Elijah East Carter
Kazee, Eli Russell
Walker, Kirk Ashland Middle School
Richards, Caden West Carter
Ferguson, Eli Russell
Listerman, Andy Holy Family (Ashland)
Waginger, Beckham Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Harrison, James Russell
Peacock, Chris Holy Family (Ashland)
Finch, Noah 12:06.30 Russell
Daniels, Ashton 12:09.10 Russell
Barnett, Troy 12:55.76 Ashland Middle School
Decker, Austin 13:08.61 Ashland Middle School
Douglas, Brady 13:47.18 Russell
Watts, Braydon 14:13.83 Ashland Middle School
Pridemore, Gabe 14:18.99 Russell
Smith, Connor 15:38.00 Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Little, Reed 16:45.40 Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Leighty, Aidan 29:25.16 Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
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Boys 5000 Meter Run 39 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ryan, Connor Russell
Boggs, Sam West Carter
Perry, Jeremy Greenup County
Troxler, Tre Ashland Blazer
Runyon, Andy F.F. Green
Bloemer, Bryce East Carter
Whitt, Jared Russell
Clark, Kaden Greenup County
Griffith, Jackson Ashland Blazer
Young, Caleb East Carter
Runyon, Isaiah F.F. Green
Brown, Davis 16:09.10 Russell
Sabotchick, Nate 17:35.50 Russell
Brown, Cody 18:10.00 Greenup County
Sloan, Matthew 18:20.62 Russell
Rupert, Tyler 18:29.59 East Carter
Boyle, Chandler 18:35.16 Ashland Blazer
Fannin, Peyton 18:36.34 East Carter
Griffith, Landon 18:49.51 Ashland Blazer
Runyon, Ryan 19:03.37 Ashland Blazer
Grubb, Elijah 19:21.10 Russell
Pridemore, Luke 19:41.56 Russell
Lemaster, Xander 19:55.90 Russell
Fuller, Brayden 19:59.88 East Carter
Poe, Lethan 20:13.24 F.F. Green
Brammer, Layne 20:40.06 Ashland Blazer
Gray, Taylor 20:50.40 Ashland Blazer
Copeland, Stephen 20:50.68 East Carter
Williams, Parker 20:55.80 Ashland Blazer
Owens, Isaac 21:14.00 West Carter
James, Gabriel 22:00.21 East Carter
Webb, Michael 22:36.80 Ashland Blazer
Flowers, Jared 23:05.00 Greenup County
Hutchinson, David 23:10.30 East Carter
Abram, Kellen 23:17.06 F.F. Green
Summers, Austin 24:44.70 F.F. Green
McKinney, Casey 27:13.00 East Carter
Barker, Tyson 27:17.56 East Carter
Nunley, Byron 38:05.10 Greenup County
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Girls 83 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Troxler, Myla Russell
McCleese, Abby West Carter
McDowell, Leigha East Carter
Burke, Scarlett Boyd County
Clyse, Finley Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Stevens, Bailey Ashland Middle School
Bondurant, Addi Russell
Adkins, Aubrey Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Caroll, Addison East Carter
Pence, Cora Boyd County
Dalton, Olivia Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Adams, Kylee Ashland Middle School
Washington, Ava Russell
Young, Abigail Holy Family (Ashland)
Kluemper, Lucy Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Adkins, Maddison Boyd County
Dufore, Ava Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Braden, Rylan Ashland Middle School
Wilson, Adalynn Russell
Miller, Vivianne Holy Family (Ashland)
Gustin, Emma Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Griffith, Piper Ashland Middle School
Thomsen, Raegan Holy Family (Ashland)
Udeagwu, Somtochi Holy Family (Ashland)
McFann, Avery Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Sandifer, Jessenia Ashland Middle School
Mays, Averi Boyd County
Tackett, Ellie Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Hajjar, Anna Russell
Coleman, Addison Boyd County
Virgin, Ealynn Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Waginger, Bentlee Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Brady, Ava Russell
Russell, Juliette East Carter
Chaney, Maggie Boyd County
Virgin, Eris Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Wilds, Kaidy Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Stone, Annreed Russell
McDavid, Charolette East Carter
Elswick, Laiken Boyd County
Anderson, McKinley Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Amos, Izzy Boyd County
Brown, Marleigh Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Hicks, Molly Ashland Middle School
Bemis, Finley Russell
Raybourn, Reid West Carter
Smith, Kennedy Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Elam, Bennett East Carter
Davis, Abby Boyd County
Dalton, Lily Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Lee, Kyla Ashland Middle School
Skaggs, Audrey Russell
Sowards, Katie Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Skaggs, Kady East Carter
Prince, Cori Boyd County
Dalton, Addison Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Bocook, Emily Ashland Middle School
Williams, Ellie Russell
Pinkston, Allie Holy Family (Ashland)
Erlenwein, Evie Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Carver, Allie Ashland Middle School
Peacock, Allison Holy Family (Ashland)
Kingery, Addison Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Stephens, Evelyn Ashland Middle School
Sublett, Olivia Holy Family (Ashland)
Udeagwu, Akachi Holy Family (Ashland)
Moore, Brighton Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Brown, Violet Greenup Elementary
Adkins, Abby Boyd County
Turner, Avery Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Highfield, Paige Russell
Diamond, Sophie East Carter
Govey, Courtney Boyd County
Virgin, Elise Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Wertzfeld, Cinci Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Varju, Isabella Russell
Russell, Emma East Carter
Adkins, Ryleigh Boyd County
Anderson, Mabrie Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Lewis, Astrid Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Roll, Avalyn Russell
Raybourn, Rylan West Carter
McDowell, Trinity East Carter
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Girls 3000 Meter Run 48 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Listerman, Alex Holy Family (Ashland)
Hudson, Savannah Ashland Middle School
Bainer, Sydney F.F. Green
Knapp, Abby F.F. Green
Russell, Annika East Carter
Appling, Jayden F.F. Green
Blount, Kerygan East Carter
Pleasant, Leah Ashland Middle School
Bradley, Aliya F.F. Green
Imel, Abbygail Greenup County
Rose, Karsyn West Carter
Virgin, Elle Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Hampton, Bentley Greenup County
Robinson, Harper Russell
Yates, Caroline Ashland Middle School
Rowe, Sophia Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Vansickle, Breanna Greenup County
Roach, Sage Russell
Caudill, Mallorie Ashland Middle School
Davis, Eva Russell
Delong, Lily Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Elkins, Samantha Ashland Middle School
Salisbury, Meisha Ashland Middle School
Blizzard, Addison F.F. Green
Christian, Addy F.F. Green
Holbrook, Katie East Carter
Hayslip, Mattie F.F. Green
Varney, Camryn West Carter
Davis, Layla Greenup County
Highfield, Allie Russell
Lintner, Cate Ironton Saint Lawrence Elementar
Zinni, Hannah Greenup County
Adkins, Mia Russell
King, Jocelyn Holy Family (Ashland)
Howard, Kaelyn 12:24.60 Russell
Cameron, Lylah 12:39.15 Russell
Hicks, Sarah 13:23.67 Ashland Middle School
Daniels, Haley 13:48.88 Russell
Wiley, Olivia 14:25.96 Ashland Middle School
Mertz, Sydney 14:27.79 Ashland Middle School
Garten, Isabella 14:44.96 Russell
Fain, Ava 15:14.10 Russell
Hall, Emma 17:15.83 Ashland Middle School
Little, Claire 17:18.89 Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Hensley, Olivia 17:21.98 Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Chung, Marie 20:00.00 Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Day, Alaina 21:52.17 Our Lady of Fatima Parish School
Marshall, Kennadi 27:05.80 Russell
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 51 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Mcillnelly, Kinsley F.F. Green
Bemis, Scarlett Russell
Mattingly, Heaven F.F. Green
Callahan, Sarah Jo East Carter
Patrick, Erin Ashland Blazer
Madden, Gracie Ashland Blazer
Harris, Holly Ashland Blazer
Thompson, Mari Jo Russell
McFall, Hollis Russell
Brown, Mylee F.F. Green
Harris, Hope Ashland Blazer
Ogley, Hannah Russell
Stevens-Ison, Marissa F.F. Green
Mertz, Sydney Ashland Blazer
Lucas, Amelia Ashland Blazer
Sheridan, Sydnie Russell
Carroll, Grace Ashland Blazer
Holbrook, Madison Russell
Brown, Allison Russell
Hay, Aubree 19:42.11 Ashland Blazer
Brown, Riley 19:42.12 East Carter
Middleton, Elizabeth 19:58.40 West Carter
Fielding, Haley 20:42.31 Ashland Blazer
Osborn, Raegan 20:58.70 Russell
Fitzpatrick, Courtney 21:09.70 Russell
Goodman, Riley 21:09.70 Russell
Brown, Ryann 21:31.70 East Carter
Stephens, Mary 21:33.10 East Carter
McSorley, Stevie 21:49.70 Russell
Chaffins, Sadie 21:50.57 Greenup County
Floyd, Ceeley 22:14.82 Russell
Delaney, Grace 22:46.80 Ashland Blazer
Bevins, Macie 23:02.15 Ashland Blazer
Wiley, Emma 23:05.68 Ashland Blazer
Atkins, Josie 23:08.83 Russell
Wireman, Brooklynn 23:18.09 Greenup County
Jones, Addie 23:35.50 Russell
Wiley, Olivia 23:42.89 Ashland Blazer
Stevens, Lindsey 24:26.39 Greenup County
Satterfield, Kaitlyn 25:22.79 F.F. Green
Hersey, Ava 25:23.90 Russell
Davis, Destiny 25:42.00 West Carter
Burchett, Racheal 25:48.44 East Carter
Bush, Sydney 26:08.74 East Carter
Knapp, Ana 26:25.24 F.F. Green
Fannin, Lexie 27:29.01 Ashland Blazer
Laney, Hannah 28:38.88 Ashland Blazer
Brown, Lori 28:44.26 F.F. Green
Clark, Sydney 31:02.90 Ashland Blazer
Mcguire, Abby 32:04.60 Ashland Blazer
Christian, Kaylee 34:04.85 F.F. Green
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