Bobcat Invitational 2021

Pineville, KY
Hosted by Bell County

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

2021 Bobcat Invitational

September 13th (Elementary and Middle School) 

Elementary girls will race at 5:15pm (2K), Boys elementary 5:30pm(2k)

Middle School will run combined at 5:45pm (3K)

September 14th (JV and Varsity)

JV will run combined at 5:15pm (3K)

Varsity girls at 5:30pm (5K), Boys varsity at 6:15pm (5K)

Entry Fees:

$175 Bus Load Special  (covers both boys and girls all races)

Elementary $50 each team ($10 individual)

Middle School $50 each team ($10 individual)

JV $50 each team ($10 individual)

Varsity $75 each team ($10 individual)

Team Awards

Middle School 1st Place Boys/Girls

Varsity 1st/2nd Place Boys/Girls

Individual Awards

Elementary Top 10 boys, Top 10 girls

Middle Top 10 boys, Top 10 girls

JV Top 10 boys, Top 10 girls

Varsity Top 15 boys, Top 15 girls