Somerset All Comers 2021

Somerset, KY
Hosted by Somerset
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Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 56 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Froedge, Landon Metcalfe County
Smith, Parker Wayne County
Garrett, Keshawn Cumberland County
Roberts, Eli Lincoln County
Gold, Jonathan Adair County
Garmon, Silas Cumberland County
Kinnear, Jason Somerset
Catron, Gunnar Pulaski County
Rich, Luke Adair County
Compton, Ethan Adair County
Batchelder, Gordon Madison Southern
Samples, Cole Clay County
Jones, Taren Wayne County
Dowdy, Tyler Cumberland County
Camacho, Dylan Southwestern
Blair, Brody Adair County
Grant, Tyler Adair County
King, Kolt Adair County
Hernandez, William Madison Southern
Turner, Nathanael 16:45.02 Southwestern
Hansen, Trevor 17:07.05 Southwestern
Scott, Garrett 17:48.10 Cumberland County
Cundiff, Kannon 18:33.48 Southwestern
Pence, Andrew 18:34.12 Lincoln County
Perrin, Caleb 18:40.10 Southwestern
Trosper, Clayton 18:48.56 Russell County High School
Johnson, Elijah 18:50.65 Lincoln County
Escobar-Lopez, Jason 18:54.09 Somerset
Bortz, Zabrey 18:57.03 Southwestern
Escobar-Lopez, Arrlie 19:50.13 Somerset
Warren, Christopher 19:53.18 Pulaski County
Conover, Reiley 20:21.20 Cumberland County
Buras, Mason 20:31.90 Russell County High School
Turner, Isaac 20:53.34 Southwestern
Akers, Logan 20:58.77 Madison Southern
Prather, Noah 21:07.81 Somerset
Sallee, Toby 21:10.85 Lincoln County
Shelley, Parker 21:45.92 Cumberland County
Correll, Gus 21:47.60 Lincoln County
Morgan, Kaden 21:54.25 Cumberland County
Flynn, Seth 21:55.36 Wayne County
Wilkinson, Tyler 22:13.90 Pulaski County
Lackey, John 22:26.07 Somerset
Bradley, Michael 22:26.14 Pulaski County
Neikirk, Cooper 23:16.19 Somerset
Epperson, Griffin 23:32.00 Southwestern
Boling, Cabot 23:58.32 Metcalfe County
Cloyd, Chase 24:41.77 Metcalfe County
Gibaszek, Norman 24:47.34 Pulaski County
Dotson, Brady 25:39.23 Lincoln County
Bartrug, Nathan 27:10.86 Russell County High School
Lovett, AJ 27:36.91 Clay County
Moore, Arlin 28:43.70 Southwestern
Osborne, Andrew 31:43.81 Southwestern
Branstetter, Connor 31:51.70 Metcalfe County
Atwood, Chase 35:44.40 Southwestern
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Boys Elementary 182 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Langford, Tristan Pulaski County
Thompson, Forrest Wayne County
Harris, Kasey Corbin Elementary
Cheuvront, Thompson Somerset
Smith, Dylan Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Pfeiffer, Jeremiah Pulaski County
Rigney, Zayryah Wayne County
Hartman, Aaren Lake Cumberland Runners
Moore, Cole Corbin Elementary
Weatherford, Oliver Somerset
Hamilton, Asher Pulaski County
Cornett, Renner Pulaski County
Vaughn, Aiden Wayne County
Gibson, Rowan Wayne County
Partin, Collin Corbin Elementary
Cheuvront, Anderson Somerset
Correll, Jude Pulaski County
Howard, Elijah Metcalfe County
Pyles, Oliver Wayne County
Baker, Nolan Corbin Elementary
West, Emerson Pulaski County
Gibson, Eli Wayne County
Singleton, Logan Southwestern
Parker, Wyatt Wayne County
Jody, Joshua Corbin Elementary
Alderdice, Clayton Pulaski County
Decker, Waylon Wayne County
Burke, Bellamy Somerset Christian School
Hayes, Grayson Pulaski County
Adcox, Levi Southwestern
Bryson, Caleb Somerset
Phillips, Honor Wayne County
Dixon, Easton Somerset Christian School
Edgington, Bentley Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Burton, Noah Pulaski County
Baker, Mike Southwestern
Roe, Joseph Wayne County
Washam, Gentry Somerset
Dishman, Easton Wayne County
Davis, Oliver Somerset Christian School
Middleton, Karson Lincoln County Elementary
Denton, Easton Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Middleton, Karson Lincoln County Middle School
Leigh, Brooks Pulaski County
Berwanger, Christian Southwestern
Bryson, Micah Somerset
Houk, Sebastian Wayne County
Decker, Bryson Somerset Christian School
Epperly-Brown, Lucas Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Lewis, Evan Pulaski County
Smith, Lukas Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Langford, Tucker Pulaski County
Bertram, Tate Wayne County
Warren, James Lake Cumberland Runners
Moore, Luke Corbin Elementary
Tuttle, John Somerset
Blythe, Owen Metcalfe County
Barnes, Jacob Pulaski County
Leverton, Alexander Wayne County
Elmore, Paxton Corbin Elementary
Booth, Aiden Somerset
Hutchinson, EJ Pulaski County
Blythe, Landon Metcalfe County
Heseman, Elisha Somerset
Kilburn, Jake Wayne County
Lunsford, Billy Corbin Elementary
Cotton, Britain Pulaski County
Branstetter, Trent Metcalfe County
Prone, Cooper Southwestern
Lawrence, Benson Wayne County
Pitman, Cooper Corbin Elementary
Anderkin, Carson Pulaski County
Philpot, Khovin Wayne County
Elmore, Wyatt Corbin Elementary
Wilson, Alex Pulaski County
Coffey, Tyler Pulaski County
Adcox, Ezekiel Southwestern
McClung, Pike Somerset
Brown, Carter Wayne County
Nichols, Landon Somerset Christian School
Johnson, Hunter Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Alderdice, Harrison Pulaski County
Tarter, Abel Pulaski County
Albertson, Carson Southwestern
Guffey, Collin Somerset
Phillips, Lochlan Wayne County
Martinez, Gabriel Somerset Christian School
Pelfrey, Micah Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Anderkin, Miles Pulaski County
Bartholemew, Maddox Southwestern
Parmley, Paxton Wayne County
Roberts, Cain Somerset
Jackson, Alex Wayne County
Burke, Gavin Somerset Christian School
Taylor, Landon Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Young, Nathaniel Pulaski County
Sanders, Christian Wayne County
Lopez, Luka Corbin Elementary
Hoelscher, Brooks Somerset
Pyles, Eli Wayne County
Ryan, Chapman Somerset Christian School
Guerrero, Samuel 10:05.83 Somerset Christian School
Lane, Eli 10:07.32 Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Jordan, Marcus 10:09.27 Cumberland County
York, Nicholas 10:18.98 Pulaski County
Lockard, Evan 10:33.40 Southwestern
Richardson, Will 10:36.35 Somerset
Mink, Kase 10:42.70 Somerset
Edgington, James 10:50.21 Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Brown, Cameryn 10:51.94 Pulaski County
Herren, Carson 10:59.20 Southwestern
Leclercq, Landen 10:59.78 Southwestern
Peterson, Brooks 11:06.10 Southwestern
McClung, Case 11:08.68 Somerset
Hall, Brycen 11:12.95 Southwestern
Siler, Deuce 11:28.45 Somerset
Palumbo, Vincent 12:24.30 Metcalfe County
Hansford, Carter 13:00.90 Southwestern
Blair, Wyatt 13:36.56 Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Clark, Grayson 14:25.79 Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Sexton, Jett 15:14.14 Wayne County
Joseph, Nathaniel 15:25.23 Somerset Christian School
Todd, Walter 15:46.90 Southwestern
Cook, Charlie 18:11.94 Somerset
Henderson, Braedyn 18:18.23 Pulaski County
Cundiff, Michael 18:26.90 Southwestern
Munsey, Jayden 19:27.51 Wayne County
Daulton, Ransom 20:16.90 Southwestern
Hardy, James 6:17.94 Somerset Christian School
Upchurch, Zane 6:23.27 Wayne County
Liddle, Evan 6:40.27 Lake Cumberland Runners
Hoseclaw, Porter 6:52.75 Somerset
Parmley, Ryker 6:56.96 Wayne County
Reynolds, Mason 6:59.44 Southwestern
Sadler, Alexander 7:03.07 Somerset Christian School
Phelps, Tripp 7:04.57 Southwestern
Underwood, Cameron 7:09.76 Somerset
Roach, A J 7:13.77 Somerset Christian School
Sexton, Jase 7:17.15 Wayne County
Leigh, Hudson 7:18.28 Pulaski County
Cundiff, Carter 7:19.91 Somerset Christian School
Curry, Isaiah 7:21.34 Corbin Elementary
Maynes, Eli 7:22.46 Corbin Elementary
Baird, Finn 7:22.73 Pulaski County
Hoseclaw, Tripp 7:23.71 Somerset
Harris, Owen 7:29.71 Wayne County
Cook, Winston 7:46.86 Pulaski County
Helton, Cooper 7:47.73 Southwestern
Cole, David 7:52.59 Southwestern
Middleton, Brady 7:53.38 Corbin Elementary
House, Charlie 7:59.32 Somerset
House, Hank 8:03.22 Somerset
Vanhook, Liam 8:03.54 Southwestern
Dixon, Kobe 8:05.62 Corbin Elementary
Gehring, Parker 8:07.64 Somerset
Henderson, Silas 8:08.64 Wayne County
Flanagan, Boone 8:15.40 Lake Cumberland Runners
Cox, Carson 8:18.39 Southwestern
Parnell, Caden 8:25.03 Southwestern
Ison, Noah 8:31.50 Lake Cumberland Runners
Hicks, Talon 8:31.84 Southwestern
Walcott, Jackson 8:33.25 Wayne County
Burnett, Luke 8:34.59 Somerset
Neikirk, Tucker 8:35.86 Somerset
Gehring, Wilson 8:43.97 Somerset
Wilson, Jaxon 8:46.34 Southwestern
Dunagan, Luke 8:49.71 Somerset Christian School
Denham, Eli 8:50.06 Southwestern
Mullins, Griffin 8:57.99 Somerset
Masten, Samuel 9:01.18 Southwestern
Scent, Jonas 9:01.37 Corbin Elementary
Pace, Jasper 9:05.40 Southwestern
Lockard, Ashton 9:06.70 Southwestern
Burnett, Jack 9:13.06 Somerset
Cornelius, Kameron 9:13.11 Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Clark, Logan 9:16.20 Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Ousley, Luke 9:22.44 Pulaski County
Sanders, Justice 9:26.83 Wayne County
Thannoli, Ridge 9:29.12 Somerset Christian School
Cox, Carter 9:36.42 Southwestern
Cook, Maddox 9:48.40 Southwestern
Murray, Isaac 9:52.73 Pulaski County
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Boys Middle School 34 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Lovett, Aiden Clay County
Hansen, Brady Southwestern
Hutchinson, Eyan Pulaski County
Gibaszek, Luke Pulaski County
Bateman, Bryce Southwestern
Haynes, Zander Pulaski County
Parmley, Evan Wayne County
Boyd, Triston Lincoln County Middle School
Vaughn, Colson Wayne County
Burgan, Bradley Lincoln County Middle School
Ramsey, Collin Wayne County
Stille, Tyson Russell County High School
Mitchell, Neal Lincoln County Middle School
Washam, Miller Somerset
Buras, Carson Russell County High School
Middleton, Karson Lincoln County Middle School
Heist, Carter Pulaski County
Couch, Jackson Southwestern
Lewis, Owen Pulaski County
Jackson, Skylar Wayne County
Smith, Palmer Wayne County
Roberts, Eli Lincoln County Middle School
Abbott, Kru Wayne County
Pingleton, Ty Lincoln County Middle School
Connelly, Caden Somerset
Brumley, Aiden Russell County High School
Middleton, Hayden Lincoln County Middle School
Hardy-Moore, Treshawn 10:34.40 Lake Cumberland Runners
Lawson, Meshach 10:53.56 Lake Cumberland Runners
Stogdsdill, Jackson 12:57.09 Pulaski County
Reynolds, Andrew 14:37.88 Southwestern
Kelly, Drew 15:11.01 Southwestern
Phelps, Tyler 15:50.66 Southwestern
Singleton, Maddox 18:47.88 Southwestern
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 40 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Hamilton, Kenedy Pulaski County
Brown, Mayatu Adair County
Kohlman, Claire Madison Southern
Kohlman, Ellie Madison Southern
Keller, Corrine Metcalfe County
Mullins, Kimberly Madison Southern
Jackowski, Maile Madison Southern
McQueary, Luxy Adair County
Hortin, Caroline Madison Southern
Keller, Shiloh Metcalfe County
Miller, Preslee Madison Southern
London, Jalisa Metcalfe County
Bastin, Abigail 19:15.90 Lincoln County
Golden, Kate 19:29.50 Southwestern
Cundiff, Alex 20:36.94 Pulaski County
Peterson, Madeline 21:23.93 Southwestern
Craft, Graci 21:39.59 Cumberland County
Blythe, Anna Grace 21:48.48 Metcalfe County
Slone, Alexis 22:07.38 Lincoln County
Morgan , Ava 22:16.99 Lincoln County
Cundiff, Addison 22:20.36 Pulaski County
Carrington, Kathryn 23:43.83 Southwestern
Patterson, Lydia 23:49.10 Southwestern
Shaw, Emily 23:49.56 Metcalfe County
Howard, Carlie 24:21.89 Metcalfe County
Perrin, A.j 24:45.74 Southwestern
Hansen, Sidney 25:18.39 Southwestern
Robertson, Cheyenne 25:28.76 Russell County High School
Sousis, Olivia 25:30.97 Lincoln County
Shearer, Emily 25:50.60 Wayne County
Smith, Shelby 25:56.78 Lincoln County
Watters, Abigail 26:25.23 Southwestern
Howard, Kaitlyn 26:48.65 Metcalfe County
Peterson, Claire 27:16.05 Southwestern
Reed, Kinsley 28:43.70 Lincoln County
Andraca, Anna 30:04.69 Russell County High School
Smith, Katie 31:22.09 Southwestern
Booth, Natalie 32:08.50 Southwestern
Martinez, Celina 33:30.28 Southwestern
Roberts, Kaylee 37:31.40 Lincoln County
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Girls Elementary 182 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Brown, Kate Wayne County
Baker, Ella Somerset Christian School
Peel, Sadie Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Cox, Paisley Pulaski County
Asayash, Emma Trace Corbin Elementary
Palumbo, Olivia Metcalfe County
Ramsey, Ryver Wayne County
Fuller, Lena Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Cowan, Carabelle Pulaski County
Batt, Emalyn Corbin Elementary
Purcell, Sophia Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Adams, Kate Pulaski County
Cheuvront, Olivia Somerset
Ferguson, Aries Corbin Elementary
Dugger, Bella-Cate Pulaski County
Askins, Kylie Wayne County
King, River Somerset
Carroll, Shelbi Corbin Elementary
Young, Isabella Pulaski County
Lewis, Avah Pulaski County
Lopez, Isabella Corbin Elementary
Palmer, Zofear Southwestern
Bertram, Tyler Grace Wayne County
Keck, Olsen Somerset
Seagle, Kyra Corbin Elementary
Todd, Kate Lincoln County Elementary
Lakes, Alanna Pulaski County
Hammons, Mila Corbin Elementary
Wilson, Keira Southwestern
Huston, Mya Wayne County
Sadler, Emily Somerset Christian School
Gullett, Claire Lake Cumberland Runners
Middleton, Harper Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Fletcher, London Lincoln County Elementary
Coffey, Campbell Pulaski County
Bradshaw, Sophia Corbin Elementary
Todd, Anna Grace Lincoln County Middle School
Kilburn, Angel Wayne County
Davis, Brentlee Somerset Christian School
Johnson, Nora Lake Cumberland Runners
Austin, Harper Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Keeney, Kaylee Pulaski County
Massengill, Emma Corbin Elementary
Decker, Emmalyn Wayne County
Nichols, Kyra Somerset Christian School
Duggins, Adeline Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Wheeler, Ava Pulaski County
Curry, Elin Corbin Elementary
Denney, Raylee Southwestern
Bolin, Emma Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Fisher, Blakelyn Pulaski County
Jody, Jayden Corbin Elementary
Denney, Emilee Southwestern
Dishman, Brilyn Wayne County
Middleton, Piper Somerset Christian School
Wilson, Emma Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Cox, Lilah Pulaski County
Herren, Lucy Corbin Elementary
Hill, Natalie Corbin Elementary
Tunrer, Leightyn Wayne County
Long, Cora Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
VanHook, Whitney Pulaski County
Lockard, Shelby Southwestern
Taylor, Reagan Corbin Elementary
Weigel, Hannah Pulaski County
Kidd, Braylee Wayne County
Crabtree, Pyper Pulaski County
Keck, Oaklee Somerset
Boswell, Bristol Corbin Elementary
Barnes, Kelsey Pulaski County
Huffman, Emery Corbin Elementary
Cross, Larisa Wayne County
Pyles, Elliete Somerset
Stansbury, Scarlett Corbin Elementary
Correll, Hillary Pulaski County
Hammons, Ella Corbin Elementary
Huston, Mia Wayne County
Saich, Maggie Somerset
Thomas, Violet Somerset Christian School
Hardy-Moore, Kylee Lake Cumberland Runners
Engle, Emma Corbin Elementary
Todd, Anna Lincoln County Elementary
Rudd, Maizy Pulaski County
Thomas, Kaylyn Corbin Elementary
Fletcher, London Lincoln County Middle School
McCullah, Makenzee Wayne County
Theisen, Harper Somerset Christian School
Johnson, Maura Lake Cumberland Runners
Bailey, Meredith Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Boyd, Allison Lincoln County Elementary
Baker, Haidyn Pulaski County
Stephens, Danica Corbin Elementary
Todd, Kate Lincoln County Middle School
Parker, Logan Wayne County
Decker, Sydney Somerset Christian School
Ison, Kyla Lake Cumberland Runners
McIntosh, Maylee Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Sanford, Sadie Pulaski County
Woods, Delanie Corbin Elementary
Keck, Olivia Somerset
Simpson, Josie Wayne County
Nichols, Raylee Somerset Christian School
Dowell, Kalli Jo 10:09.81 Somerset Christian School
Dowell, Summer 10:10.40 Somerset Christian School
Gilley, Sarah 10:33.30 Metcalfe County
Kelly, Emily 10:50.03 Southwestern
Ping, Emjay 10:51.40 Southwestern
Ison, Melody 10:57.85 Lake Cumberland Runners
Howington, Reagan 11:01.84 Corbin Elementary
Martin, Kaia 11:08.91 Somerset Christian School
Blythe, Lucy 11:19.20 Metcalfe County
Edwards, Anni 11:23.08 Somerset
Mahan, Caroline 11:25.66 Corbin Elementary
Boots, Peyton 11:43.59 Somerset
Cox, Reese 12:13.95 Southwestern
Jones, Kendrick 12:40.10 Southwestern
Marcum, Adyson 12:41.30 Somerset Christian School
Morris, Delia 12:44.61 Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
Meade, Cara 13:06.82 Camp Dick Robinson Elementary
McElroy, Morgan 13:12.90 Southwestern
Dowell, Raeahna 13:23.76 Somerset Christian School
Baldwin, Aspyn 13:31.41 Lake Cumberland Runners
Hall, Rosalyn 14:00.20 Southwestern
Burnett, Emma 14:06.20 Southwestern
Simpson, Kaydence 14:52.80 Southwestern
Wilson, Avery 14:58.37 Southwestern
Hoseclaw, MK 15:00.00 Somerset
Tralee, Thompson 15:17.49 Wayne County
Patel, Pari 15:26.80 Southwestern
Clark, Penelope 15:54.58 Wayne County
Melton, Hadley 17:09.70 Southwestern
Hill, Paylee 18:16.30 Southwestern
Doss, Reagan 18:47.90 Southwestern
Hansford, Kynlee 19:09.70 Southwestern
Scales, Ellery 19:10.40 Southwestern
Cook, Gracyn 6:53.56 Pulaski County
Sexton, Jenna 7:09.49 Wayne County
Heist, Caroline 7:12.22 Pulaski County
Craft, Lexi 7:12.37 Cumberland County
Hardy, Claire 7:13.07 Somerset Christian School
Murray, Adalynn 7:14.74 Pulaski County
Blanton, Marley 7:15.34 Lake Cumberland Runners
Wilson, Aletheia 7:43.52 Lake Cumberland Runners
Blanton, Darcy Kate 7:48.88 Lake Cumberland Runners
Meadows, Kendyl 7:50.53 Somerset Christian School
Roe, Cora 7:54.88 Wayne County
Brown, Lilly 8:02.66 Lake Cumberland Runners
Atwood, Abigail 8:07.92 Southwestern
Ross, Chaney 8:11.59 Pulaski County
Hardy, Rachel 8:22.55 Somerset Christian School
Poynter, Julia 8:22.79 Somerset
Hamilton, Scarlett 8:34.78 Pulaski County
Hensley, Ava 8:34.93 Somerset Christian School
Wilson, Sophia 8:37.06 Lake Cumberland Runners
Upchurch, Addyson 8:40.95 Wayne County
Shrum, Bella 8:42.38 Somerset
McElroy, Lauren 8:44.33 Southwestern
Meadows, Averi 8:47.76 Somerset Christian School
Dixon, Ayslinn 8:49.90 Somerset Christian School
Mink, Kinley 8:51.55 Somerset
Tuttle, Harper 8:57.95 Somerset
Petitt, Leighton 9:01.96 Somerset Christian School
Clark, Harlow 9:05.07 Wayne County
Kidd, Maggie 9:09.92 Wayne County
Clark, Harper 9:16.73 Wayne County
Denham, Elizabeth 9:18.23 Southwestern
Jones, Faith 9:22.00 Corbin Elementary
Guerrero, Sophia 9:26.27 Somerset Christian School
Poynter, Ansley 9:29.81 Somerset
Johnson, Klara 9:30.70 Somerset Christian School
Thompson, Breelee 9:32.59 Wayne County
Beard, Jillian 9:33.24 Lake Cumberland Runners
Baldwin, Jacklynn 9:36.07 Lake Cumberland Runners
Cross, Ally Kate 9:38.21 Wayne County
Jones, Savannah 9:38.60 Southwestern
Crockett, Naomi 9:39.15 Pulaski County
Blascoe, Kynlee 9:40.06 Southwestern
Beard, Jacqueline 9:42.25 Lake Cumberland Runners
Spray, Cami 9:42.38 Corbin Elementary
Walker, Jaylen 9:43.50 Corbin Elementary
Ross, Layla 9:44.79 Lake Cumberland Runners
Ping, Aiden 9:57.30 Southwestern
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Girls Middle School 25 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ketchum, Shelby Ann Pulaski County
Crook, Madison Lincoln County Middle School
Humphrey, Abbygale Wayne County
Todd, Anna Grace Lincoln County Middle School
Woodall, Morgan Southwestern
Slaven, Hailey Pulaski County
Wilshire, Madison Lincoln County Middle School
Fletcher, London Lincoln County Middle School
Todd, Kate Lincoln County Middle School
Elmore, Abby Cumberland County
Compton, Maime Pulaski County
Patel, Hetvi Southwestern
Bastin, Abigail 11:11.00 Lincoln County Middle School
Gullett, Evelyn 11:57.79 Lake Cumberland Runners
James, Riley 12:05.94 Lake Cumberland Runners
Bertram, Maggie 12:14.78 Pulaski County
Murray, Hannah 13:07.09 Pulaski County
Smith, Shelby 14:00.00 Lincoln County Middle School
Martin, Cherise 14:46.70 Lake Cumberland Runners
Burton, Gracie 14:55.51 Pulaski County
Jirak, Amelia 14:58.00 Lake Cumberland Runners
McFarland , Keyera 16:32.00 Lincoln County Middle School
Sallee, Autumn 17:57.00 Lincoln County Middle School
Turner, Caroline 18:52.19 Southwestern
Justus, Ellianna 20:50.04 Lake Cumberland Runners
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