Meet Information

This is an all relay event. There will be no individual running events for this meet. We will have all field events except pole vault. This will be our Senior Night, so we will honor seniors at 5 p.m. with events starting shortly after that. Dan Bertke will be our KHSAA Official for the night. We will have concessions.

This will be a fully automatic timing.  The timer will provide bib numbers to reduce contact at the finish line.

In the field events, High Jumpers will jump to completion starting with the girls.  Each team will only be allowed two high jumpers per boys and girls.  Long and Triple jump, the jumper will do all three jumps, there will be no rotation.  In Shot Put (if weather allows) and Discus, all throwers will get one measurable throw.  After their measurable throw, throwers will have to make a minimum distance be measured (Shot Put 20 feet for women, 30 feet for Men; Discus 60 feet for Women, 80 feet for Men).

Since this is an all relay event, you may substitute at the line in your relays, as long as the athlete is listed with that relay team and they have not completed 4 events by that point.

We will allow fans, but to do this, teams will be assigned a location on the hill around our track.  Athletes cannot be in the stands.  Fans can only sit with family groups, otherwise they must keep six feet apart.  They will be able to use the stands on both sides of the track.  All fans, athletes and coaches must wear masks.  Athletes may take theirs off when they are actually competing.  All other times, they must have a mask on.  Don't make me the the mask Nazi and constantly harp on you, your teams and your fans about wearing mask!  This is a KHSAA protocol that is required.  Please help me enforce this.

Entry fee for fans will be $3 per person.

I look forward to having you at McLean County for the Relays!