Apollo Fill the Lanes 2021

Owensboro, KY
Hosted by Apollo
Timing/Results Terkhorn Timing

Meet Information

Apollo Fill the Lanes

The goal of this meet is to Fill the Lanes with 8 different teams in each event.  As such this meet will have a cap of 8 teams (email Coach Shoulta for the password).  Our hope is to see only a few empty lanes during this event, so when possible each team should try to enter two athletes in each event.

Each team will be allowed two athletes per laned event, thus each laned event will have two heats.  Each heat will have one representative from each school.  The athlete with the fastest seed time from each school will compete against each other in the 2nd heat.  Thus, make sure the athlete you want participating in the hot heat has the faster of the two seed times.

Each team will be allowed four athletes in the non-laned event.  These events will be contested using a one-turn stagger.  Each team will be assigned one lane based on their fastest athlete's seed time.  Also, on the topic of laned events... Being that our school colors are Red, White, and Blue (not in that order) and our mascot is the majestic Bald Eagle, I have made the executive decision from this moment forward to contest the All-American One-Mile on our track and not the 1600m.

Each team will be allowed one 4x100, 4x200, and 4x400 team.  You may enter multiple 4x800 teams if you'd like.  If there are any open lanes in the 4x400 at the end of the evening we will Fill the Lanes.  If you are interested in running two 4x400 squads let me know prior to the meet and I'll put your team on a waiting list.

Each team will be allowed four athletes per field event.  We will announce how the field events will be conducted the week of the meet.

Field Events and the 4x800 relays will begin at 5:00 and we will kick off the remainder of the events at 5:45.  The girls and boys 4x800m and the 3200m will be run together.

We will be selling concessions and fans will be allowed to attend.  More detailed information on the number of fans and the specific protocols will be announced closer to the meet date.

If you have any questions fill free to contact Coach Shoulta