Area 9 Championship 2021

Baxter, KY
Hosted by Harlan County
Timing/Results Leslie Smith Timing

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Meet Guidelines - A maximum of two athletes per event and one relay team per school is permitted.  There are unlimited entries for the open mile race.  All schools must have a certified KHSAA representative and all KHSAA rules will be enforced.  There are no entry additions on meet day and you must enter all your athletes via MileSplit, a hytek roster will not suffice.  

Schedule - Coaches meeting at 10:45, field events begin at 11 and running events will begin at 12:00.  There will be finals in the throws and long/triple jump.  The meet will be on a rolling schedule.

Officials - Gordon Bocock and Katie Hartney

School address - 4000 Hwy 119, Baxter, KY 40806

Entry fee - All coaches must be KTCCCA members.  There will be a 75.00 entry fee PER SCHOOL (not per boys/girls team). 

Awards - team trophies to the top two teams.  Medals for places 1-3, ribbons for 4-6. 

Admission - 5.00 for adults, 1.00 for students.

Concessions - full concessions will be available.

Other: Only athletes participating or warming up for events should be on the field to prevent an influx of athletes entering/exiting during competition.  Athletes should enter/exit in designated entry/exit points only.  Any athlete jumping the fence to enter the track will be disqualified from competition.  Parents/spectators are required to stay in spectator areas at all times.  

Please let your jumpers know we use fiberglass boards that can be slippery when wet.  We have replaced our boards this year in hopes of resolving this situation, but quite often it is safer to jump in trainers when raining.  

Contact Ryan Vitatoe with any questions, 606.344.1204 or