Athlete Entries

Elementary Mixed 2000 Meter Run 11 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Sargent, Jayden Harlan County
Gross, Alice 11:28.78 Harlan County
Sanders, Carson 9:59.06 Harlan County
Obenshain, Aleah 18:28.88 Pineville
Collins, Zakk 15:29.12 Harlan County
Daniels, Tanner 6:52.84 Harlan County
Gross, Anna 13:31.28 Harlan County
Stevens, Kalob 14:18.66 Harlan County
Creech, Trey 7:49.66 Harlan County
Obenshain, Alyssa 11:22.87 Pineville
Gross, Luther 7:31.56 Harlan County
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MiddleSchool 6 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Smith, DaShaun 13:25.69 Harlan County
Lewis, Ethan 18:45.57 Harlan County
Brock, Bradley 13:55.18 Harlan County
Fleet, Dalton Middlesboro
Coots, Kaydie 18:08.56 Harlan County
Crain, Braxton 22:30.19 Harlan County
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Varsity Boys 24 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Daniels, Breydy 21:33.88 Harlan County
Mills, Chandler 21:09.15 Knox Central
Yeary, Andrew 20:32.38 Harlan County
Crain, Austin 19:09.34 Harlan County
Epperson, Lucas 19:30.81 Harlan County
Larew, Aiden 32:12.57 Middlesboro
Baker, Caleb 20:56.94 Middlesboro
Jackson, Chris Pineville
Martin, Drew 21:57.17 Middlesboro
Lambert, Dalton Pineville
Boggs, Kaden 23:50.38 Harlan County
Brock, Caleb 17:18.84 Harlan County
Hibbard, Cory 18:10.84 Knox Central
Yeary, Matt 18:43.53 Harlan County
Joseph, Daniel 17:45.56 Harlan County
Mchargue, Cooper 19:15.81 Harlan County
Raney, Trevor 22:39.12 Middlesboro
Delph, Brendan 18:34.15 Middlesboro
Norris, Ozzy 17:40.25 Middlesboro
Messer, Shane Pineville
Farley, Kyle 20:26.04 Harlan County
Gregory, Will 25:36.44 Pineville
Summers, Jody 22:56.69 Harlan County
Middleton, Jacob 20:02.94 Knox Central
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Varsity Girls 18 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Keith, Kirsten 23:13.75 Middlesboro
Fergeson, Cadance 23:12.02 Harlan County
James, Mallory 20:14.84 Middlesboro
Delk, Katelyn 22:20.34 Middlesboro
Lunsford, Peyton 20:54.50 Harlan County
Wilson, Torie 27:37.09 Knox Central
Farley, Summer 28:18.60 Harlan County
Rice, Caitlin 23:55.69 Harlan County
Fleet, Hannah 30:54.80 Middlesboro
Larew, Kennadi 23:21.22 Middlesboro
Vitatoe, Abby 26:48.90 Harlan County
Rose, Grace 20:48.11 Middlesboro
Obenshain, Aurelia 29:48.72 Pineville
Kelly, Olivia 28:27.62 Harlan County
Broughton, Haley Knox Central
Key, Riley 24:07.28 Harlan County
Garrett, Lainey 27:04.75 Harlan County
Keith, Kamryn 33:50.59 Middlesboro
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