17 Annual Run for the Water Barrel 2020

Winchester, KY

Meet Information

**the meet is closed at this time to new teams. Teams that are already entered should make any changes to their entries by 9pm on Thursday using the password provided to you via email.
Folks, here is the long awaited instructions for Saturdays meet.  First we have over 100 entered in the boys and girls varsity race.  KHSAA recommended guidelines call for no more that 100 in a race with teams of no more than 10 runners.  We have several teams that have over 10 runners entered in the varsity race.  If you have over 10 then you need to move any over 10 to the JV race.  Also if you have runners that run a 5K in over 30 minutes then please consider moving your runners to the JV race.  If we do not get volunteers then we will need to move runners to the JV race on our own.
             Meet Schedule
9am Varsity Boys Top 40 fastest runners
9:02 Varsity Boys Wave 2 next fastest 40 runners
9:04 Varsity Boys Wave 3 next fastest 20 runners
(all Varsity Runners exit the meet at the end of their race and travel home)
10:30 Varisity Girls Top 40 runners
10:32 Varsity Girls  Wave 2 next 40 fastest runners
10:34 Varsity Girls Wave 3 next 20 fastest runners
(all Varsity Runners exit the meet at the end of their race and travel home)
12:00 JV Boys 40 runners
12:10 JV Girls 40 runners
(all Junior Varsity Runners exit the meet at the end of their race and travel home)
1:30  Middle School Boys 40 runners
1:35 6th Grade and Under boys 40 runners
(all Runners exit the meet at the end of their race and travel home)
2:15 Middle School Girls 40 runners
2:20 6th grade and Under Girls 40 runners
(All runners exit the meet at the end of their race and travel home)


3:10 3rd grade and under Boys 20 runners
3:20 3rd grade and under Girls 20 runners
(all Runners exit the meet at the end of their race and travel home)
All runners must wear a mask to the starting line.  If it is a disposable mask they must throw it away in a trash can at the start.  If it is not a disposable mask then the runner must carry it, put it in the elastic of their running shorts, or strap it around their wrist.  Do not discard your mask on the course.
All spectators must wear a mask.  If a spectator does not wear a mask they will be asked to  put one on.  If they refuse then they will be asked to leave.  If they continue to be an issue then it could result in the disqualification of the team they are there to support.
Two spectators per runner are allow.  Do not arrive at the race more than 45 minutes before the race.  When the race is over exit the race.
We will not have awards presentation.  Any awards earned will be mailed out to the coach after the race.  We will not take the poduim as we have in years past.  We will not have concessions nor t-shirt sales nor meet programs all in an effort to avoid Covid.
We will not have water at the finish line.  Each runner must bring their own water.  No tents will be allowed.  A coach from each team needs to be in or near the finish line to tend to their own athletes that need water.  Each Coach needs to perform a temperture check on their kids prior to entry into the park.  If a child or coach even has a hint of illness PLEASE HAVE THEM STAY AT HOME.  Teams can put down tarps in the usual team area.
We will not be charging for parking as many people will be traveling that typically take a school bus.  In a time of 40% unemployment charging for parking just does not seem right.

   We will be charging $50 per team (5 runners are a team) with a max fee $250. If less than 5 runners then    $10 per runner.

I know this is a lot.  I know that we have a lot of rules this meet.  However, this is an attempt to comply with the guidelines of the KHSAA to the best of our ability.
If you have any questions email me or our hytek operator Jim Kaiser jimkaiser@mindspring.com
Our meet official will be Kathy Johnston.  Both are professionals who have worked many large meets.  I expect a great day of competition.  Final heats/wave assignments will be issued soon. Again if you can move a runner to JV that would be great otherwise we will do that based upon KHSAA guidelines and time.
Dodd Dixon