Athlete Entries

Elementary Boys One Mile Run 26 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wolfrom, Charlie Paducah Tilghman
Ray, Gunner Black Oak Middle School
Dunn, Ryder Community Christian (Paducah)
Lea, Lucas St. Mary
Puckett, Solomon Community Christian (Paducah)
Weaks, Tanner Hillcrest Middle School
Jackson, Tyler Fulton County
Luker, Shad Community Christian (Paducah)
Johnson, Benjamin St. Mary
Polsgrove, Lee Hickman County
Sipes, Schaeffer Fulton County
Evans, Will Community Christian (Paducah)
Roark, Ethan St. Mary
Gay, Rex Paducah Tilghman
Sullivan, Ethan Community Christian (Paducah)
Shoulta, Cole St. Mary
Savells, Alek Community Christian (Paducah)
Taylor, Kai Hillcrest Middle School
Jones, Waylen Community Christian (Paducah)
Sanford, Cooper Hillcrest Middle School
Brown, Kamare Fulton County
Evans, Abishai Community Christian (Paducah)
Scarpino, Matthew St. Mary
Harris, Tristan Hickman County
Hicks, Coleman Community Christian (Paducah)
Shoulta, Tate St. Mary
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Elementary Girls One Mile Run 6 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Rickert, Lynlee Hillcrest Middle School
Collins, Abigail Fulton County
Baker, Avery St. Mary
Varden, Miriam Fulton County
Hancock, Kathleen Community Christian (Paducah)
Forester, Colee Hillcrest Middle School
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HS Boys 5,000 Meter Run 82 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Claudio, DJ Paducah Tilghman
Smith Fee, Aidan Union City High School
Simpson, Ryan Trigg County
Bobo, Carson Calloway County
Griffiths, Logan Fulton County
Parks, Alex Livingston Central
Garland, Mark Christian Fellowship
Thrift, Ethan Calloway County
Jones, Evan Paducah Tilghman
Butler, Colby Union City High School
Dodson, Samuel Hickman County
Gilliland, Xander Hickman County
Nelson, Ben Calloway County
Black, Dawson Paducah Tilghman
Martinek, Ben Union City High School
Goodaker, Kainan Livingston Central
Burnett, Boaz Christian Fellowship
Cavanaugh, Austin Trigg County
Dalton, Bone Union City High School
Everett, Chade Fulton County
Johnson, JB Hickman County
Schmitt, Robert Livingston Central
Cashion, Dominic Calloway County
Harris, Reed Paducah Tilghman
Cavalier, Elijah Union City High School
Skinner, Alex Trigg County
Seay, William St. Mary
Williams, Clayton Paducah Tilghman
Parr, Matthew Union City High School
Haws, Dakota Murray
Kitchens, Carson Livingston Central
Posey, Harrison Fulton County
Jackson, Alex Livingston Central
Price, Dylan Calloway County
Garcia, Daniel Paducah Tilghman
Brown, Quailvarious Union City High School
Polsgrove, Luke Hickman County
Middleton, Myles Paducah Tilghman
Rivers, Tucker Union City High School
Futrell, Ethan Calloway County
Freeman, Tyler Trigg County
Collins, Daniel Fulton County
Hubbard, Dayton Livingston Central
Wright, Morgan Christian Fellowship
Lewis, Daven Calloway County
Conner, Censier Paducah Tilghman
Jernigan, Grant Union City High School
Dodson, Jacob Hickman County
Dorsey, William Paducah Tilghman
Meade, Brendan Union City High School
Puckett, Daniel Calloway County
Goodaker, Johnathon Livingston Central
Harris, William Christian Fellowship
Maggart, Eli Calloway County
Gray, Reice Union City High School
Johnson, Cameron Hickman County
Sipes, Jay Fulton County
Goodman, Elijah Hickman County
Wooten, Dylan Livingston Central
Carraway, Preston Calloway County
Christ, Bishop Paducah Tilghman
Cox, Alexander Union City High School
Clendenen, Trey Christian Fellowship
Jenkins, Marshall Trigg County
Newton, Thomas St. Mary
Williams, Nick Paducah Tilghman
Frankum, BJ Union City High School
Harris, Jarrett Livingston Central
Boaz, Bentley Hickman County
Morgan, Aiden Livingston Central
Foote, David Calloway County
Black, Liam Paducah Tilghman
McLendon, Cameron Union City High School
Arnett, Dominicc Paducah Tilghman
Martin, Isaac Calloway County
Black Bear-Francis, Apolo Trigg County
Brown, Wesley Fulton County
Hopkins, Payton Livingston Central
Allen, Sam Calloway County
Taylor, Jake Paducah Tilghman
Cook, Cedrion Union City High School
Franklin, David Hickman County
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HS Girls 5,000 Meter Run 58 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Jones, Lizzy Union City High School
Elder, Mariah Rodgers Carlisle County
Castiello, Julia Murray
McClure, McKayden Fulton County
Culver, Rylee Livingston Central
Barbee, Dede Trigg County
Wicker, Jessica Calloway County
Shockley, Allison St. Mary
Doss, Ryann Murray
Madding, Emma Fulton County
Alford, Kylie Trigg County
Gartner, Miranda St. Mary
Swain, Bella Calloway County
Jackson, Felicity Livingston Central
Taylor, Jane Paducah Tilghman
Harris, Emma Hickman County
Todd, Mia Murray
Jenkins, Madison Trigg County
Bathon, Leah Christian Fellowship
Davis, Alaina Calloway County
Stytz, Sheyenna Livingston Central
Durfee, Alicia Paducah Tilghman
Robinson, Au'Jha Fulton County
Rogers, Sarah Community Christian (Paducah)
Ricks, Livi Trigg County
Doran, Chiara St. Mary
Meade, Chloe Union City High School
Wilson, Kayla Carlisle County
Smith, Cammy Murray
Coulson, Callie Fulton County
Jackson, Kaylynn Livingston Central
Wicker, Alyssa Calloway County
Dossett, Phelan Trigg County
Wyatt, Sydney Murray
Everett, Taylor Fulton County
Nyakeraka, Alesha Trigg County
Burrus, Kaitlynn St. Mary
Patterson, Haylee Paducah Tilghman
Shutt, Kyra Murray
Sipes, Marlena Fulton County
Cavanaugh, Trinity Trigg County
Harris, Izzy St. Mary
Phillips, Ella Calloway County
McCormick, Kaydence Livingston Central
Levinson, Analiese Paducah Tilghman
Stahr, Kathryn Hickman County
Varden, Hannah Fulton County
Richey, Savannah Murray
Hill, Grace Trigg County
Smith, Ainsley Calloway County
Dixon, Rebecca St. Mary
Davidson, Kerah Livingston Central
Strenge, Madeline Paducah Tilghman
Lamb, Kaitlyn Union City High School
Riddle, Marlee Murray
Slinkard, Caylee Fulton County
Starczewski, Danielle Livingston Central
Ricks, Lexi Trigg County
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MS Boys Two Mile Run 65 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stover, Levi Black Oak Middle School
McCloud, Evan Lake Road Middle School
Dunn, Maddox Union City Middle School
Siener, Kip Community Christian (Paducah)
Yearry, Chase Murray
Johnson, Olin Black Oak Middle School
Forester, Cooper Hillcrest Middle School
Schmitz, Gabe Murray
Foote, Ezra Calloway County Middle School
Mosley, Jatlynn Black Oak Middle School
Gegg, Kody Hillcrest Middle School
Potts, Nathan Trigg County
Everage, Garrett Lake Road Middle School
Smith, Conner Union City Middle School
Forthman, Aiden Paducah Tilghman
Rickert, Grant Hillcrest Middle School
Homra, Carson Black Oak Middle School
Cunningham, Kane Hillcrest Middle School
Lynch, Brandon Trigg County
Yates, Keaton Lake Road Middle School
McAdams, Landon Union City Middle School
Parr, Wade Murray
Williams, Hunter Calloway County Middle School
Riley, Brody Hillcrest Middle School
Hill, Eli Trigg County
Larkin, Cullen Murray
Caldwell, Nicholas Calloway County Middle School
Warren, Bryson Black Oak Middle School
Parson, Kobe Black Oak Middle School
Clark, James Hickman County
Caldwell, Ethan Lake Road Middle School
Ragsdale, Will Union City Middle School
Bucy, Thomas Murray
Hutcheson, Jarred Black Oak Middle School
Temple, Landyn Ridgemont Middle School
Wheelis, Gavin Hillcrest Middle School
Jarvis, Reed Murray
Manning, Fulton Calloway County Middle School
Moore, Tucker Black Oak Middle School
Herrin, Gunner Hillcrest Middle School
Skinner, Dominic Trigg County
Sergerson, Porter Lake Road Middle School
Wagoner, Owen Union City Middle School
Northern, Daniel Black Oak Middle School
Cornette, Dylan Hillcrest Middle School
Rogers, Gary Calloway County Middle School
Olenjniczak, Aiden Black Oak Middle School
Reagor, John Hillcrest Middle School
Nott, Christian Trigg County
Frost, Abram Lake Road Middle School
Howell, Rushdon Union City Middle School
Renick, Thomas Murray
Hall, Jace Black Oak Middle School
Daniels, Bryce Hillcrest Middle School
Lawrence, Jeremiah Trigg County
May, Hamilton Lake Road Middle School
Mason, Brody Murray
Waynick, Isaiah Calloway County Middle School
Smith, Justin Black Oak Middle School
Cox, Ayden Hickman County
Cochran, Jacob Hillcrest Middle School
Thompson, Riley Trigg County
Burkeen, WIlliam Murray
Grooms, Aiden Calloway County Middle School
Wilkins, Grady Black Oak Middle School
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MS Girls Two Mile Run 78 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Biggert, Madison Murray
Cox, Brielle Hickman County
Flowers, Avery Hillcrest Middle School
Theilacker, Lilly Hillcrest Middle School
Parr, Myranda Union City Middle School
Fair, Jamya Union City Middle School
Smith, Milleah St. Mary
Price, Makenzie Calloway County Middle School
Pate, Bethany Ridgemont Middle School
Roark, Samantha Trigg County
Guerrero, Veronica Lake Road Middle School
Blurton, Annabeth Hillcrest Middle School
Gandee, Sadi Livingston Central
Brown, Lilly Community Christian (Paducah)
Ault, Maddie St. Mary
Mason, Zoey Murray
McClure, Lexi Calloway County Middle School
Edwards, Hailee Hillcrest Middle School
Mulvaney, Peyton Black Oak Middle School
Campbell, Kelvia Ridgemont Middle School
Owen, Rose Trigg County
Guse, Abigail Murray
Underwood, Olyvia Lake Road Middle School
Kizer, Molly Union City Middle School
Drew, Ellen Murray
Martin, Emma Calloway County Middle School
Weaks, Avery Hillcrest Middle School
Bell, Olivia Black Oak Middle School
Ramirez, Elena Ridgemont Middle School
Warren, Taylor Hillcrest Middle School
Brame, Riley Trigg County
Waites, Emma Lake Road Middle School
Frankum, Jorge Union City Middle School
Sergerson, Ella Lake Road Middle School
Jenkins, Mimi Union City Middle School
Chipman, Kate Murray
Taylor, Kynli Hillcrest Middle School
Seals, Livee Black Oak Middle School
Sieg, Madison Hillcrest Middle School
Bush, Reese Trigg County
Frankum, Davey Union City Middle School
Kendall, Norah Lake Road Middle School
Jenkins, Bertie Union City Middle School
Pruitt, Carolina Calloway County Middle School
Oliver, Rayne Trigg County
Tucker, Audrey Hickman County
Rogers, Lakyn Hillcrest Middle School
Rogers, Ada Union City Middle School
Smith, Olivia Community Christian (Paducah)
Ault, Gabby St. Mary
Green, Jade Murray
Lilly, Sadie Calloway County Middle School
Temple, Briley Ridgemont Middle School
Paulter, Jessie Trigg County
Everage, Reagan Lake Road Middle School
Robinson, Kennedi Union City Middle School
Jenkins, Leah Murray
Smith, Brooklyn Calloway County Middle School
Correa, AnnaBrooke Hillcrest Middle School
Knox, Riley Black Oak Middle School
Norsworthy, Grace Ridgemont Middle School
Theilacker, Lexi Hillcrest Middle School
Miller, Zoe Trigg County
Guse, Hayley Murray
Beasley, Journey Lake Road Middle School
Bing, Lennon Union City Middle School
Mallory, Kaelin Community Christian (Paducah)
Wagoner, Bailey Union City Middle School
Collier, Macey Murray
Fussell, Alayna Hillcrest Middle School
Petty, Lily Grace Black Oak Middle School
Lee, Emeri Ridgemont Middle School
Clark, Hannah Hillcrest Middle School
Ricks, Mari Kate Trigg County
Cagle, Ella Lake Road Middle School
Frankum, Dani Union City Middle School
McCullough, Chloe Lake Road Middle School
Gray, Cadence Union City Middle School
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