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Elementary Boys 424 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Tigges, Jake Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Matheis, Charlie Tully Elementary
Hoyle, Johnathan Field Elementary
Burgess, Andrew Rosa Parks Elementary
Crume, Elijah
Lamb, Colton Scott County Middle School
Mohr, Ethan Stopher Elementary School
Baker, Tyler Tully Elementary
Zilliox, Justus Boone County Jaguars
Smith, Blake Field Elementary
Waltrip, Luke Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Hisel, Henry Classics Home School
Berrong, Ryan Lincoln Elementary
Verbroekken, Kix Middletown Elementary
Nida, James Rosa Parks Elementary
Neal, Jacob Garden Springs Elementary School
Lawson, Zachary Scott County Middle School
Shaw, J G Glendover Elementary
Patel, Ohm Stopher Elementary School
Smith, Nathaniel Tully Elementary
Parker, Koster Field Elementary
Shemwell, Charles Lincoln Elementary
Johnson, Cash Maxwell Elementary School
Dowdell, Bennett Woodford County
Russell, Eli Scott County Middle School
Noble, Coen St. John School
Eden, Landon Stopher Elementary School
Brown, Hudson Scapa Bluegrass
Hammons, Nolan Boone County Jaguars
Harris, Connor Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Imamura, Masato Rosa Parks Elementary
Maynes, Eli Corbin Elementary
Smith, Bradley Garden Springs Elementary School
Theron, Tristan Glendover Elementary
Tolson, Luke Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Schloesser, Bowen Tully Elementary
Flynn, Declan Field Elementary
Bratton, Kolston Elkhorn Middle School
Brown, Jude Scott County Middle School
Piccioli, Jorge Stopher Elementary School
Danford, Elijah St. Leo School
De Roche, Joshua Boone County Jaguars
Ward, Kyle Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Duerson, Walker Classics Home School
Harter, Walker Lincoln Elementary
Chen, Jiaze Glendover Elementary
Osmer, Sawyer Stopher Elementary School
Petrie, Benjamin Tully Elementary
Harvey, Arlo Field Elementary
Wagoner, Walter Lincoln Elementary
Parks, Max Maxwell Elementary School
Logsdon, Silas Woodford County
Mayer, Ben St. John School
Barrett, Nathan Stopher Elementary School
Smith, Griffin Boone County Jaguars
Smith, Colin Rosa Parks Elementary
Goonan, Chris Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Lee, Jonah Corbin Elementary
Clement, Andrew Garden Springs Elementary School
Eleson, Carson Stopher Elementary School
Stark, Austin Scapa Bluegrass
Tran, Ian Boone County Jaguars
Paris, Chaii Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Davison, Yakob Glendover Elementary
Driskell, Grayson Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Dupin, Alex Tully Elementary
Richards, Carter Field Elementary
Saunders, Mason Louisville TigerSharks
Schreiner, Brock Scott County Middle School
Miles, Drew Stopher Elementary School
willen, liam Boone County Jaguars
Rowe, Liam Rosa Parks Elementary
Sykes, Eli Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Curry, Isaiah Corbin Elementary
Colthurst, Charlie Garden Springs Elementary School
Moore, Jadon Glendover Elementary
Williams, Cameron Stopher Elementary School
McClave, Calvin Tully Elementary
Fillebrown, James Field Elementary
Weaver, Romell Lincoln Elementary
Cristino, Anthony Maxwell Elementary School
Gresham, Nate Woodford County
Nicholson, Trey Glendover Elementary
Caudill, Jameson Tully Elementary
May, Dylan Field Elementary
Richardson, Wyatt Scott County Middle School
Leffler, Ben Stopher Elementary School
Kolli, Saikrish Scapa Bluegrass
Freeman, Trevor Boone County Jaguars
Kustelski, Trent Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Patel, Jai Stopher Elementary School
Fain, Colton Rosa Parks Elementary
Beardsley, Boothe Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Lee, Jace Corbin Elementary
Perez, Daniel Garden Springs Elementary School
Felice, Isaiah Glendover Elementary
Roberson, Lincoln Stopher Elementary School
Ledford, Pete Tully Elementary
Davis, Lincoln Field Elementary
Sobon, Leon Providence Christian Academy
Cornett, Devan Lincoln Elementary
Madison, Bryant Maxwell Elementary School
Cummins, Will Woodford County
Lehman, Paxton Glendover Elementary
Bailey-Shaw, Houston Stopher Elementary School
Hartlage, Caleb Tully Elementary
Baldon, Avion Field Elementary
Bourget, Russ Scott County Middle School
McMorran, Noah Stopher Elementary School
Wise, Grainger Scapa Bluegrass
Burstein, Samuel Boone County Jaguars
Johnson, Liam Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Bradford, Ethan Glendover Elementary
Gezehey, Samuel Stopher Elementary School
Hofmann, Hunter Tully Elementary
O'Dell, Eli Field Elementary
Miller, Daniel Providence Christian Academy
Chapman, Michael Lincoln Elementary
Kern, Ryan Maxwell Elementary School
Butler, Luke Woodford County
Hurley, Nolan Stopher Elementary School
Corbin, Tristen Rosa Parks Elementary
Thompson, Nicholas Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Danniels, Sebastian Corbin Elementary
Wareham, Caleb Garden Springs Elementary School
Baro Reyes, Octavio Glendover Elementary
Patterson, Emmett Stopher Elementary School
Carpenter, Brennan Tully Elementary
Weedman, William Field Elementary
Duvall, Will Lincoln Elementary
Knight, Rhett Scott County Middle School
Walters, Samual St. John School
Edwards, Isaiah Stopher Elementary School
Moore, Gus Scapa Bluegrass
Eckler, Aaron Boone County Jaguars
Strong, Jordan Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Tremaine, Lucas Corbin Elementary
Suzuki, Go Rosa Parks Elementary
Tackett, Trey Garden Springs Elementary School
Cain, Sammy Scott County Middle School
Trumbo, Charles Glendover Elementary
Whitworth, Jackson Stopher Elementary School
Jackson, Nicholas Tully Elementary
Doyle, Jonathan Field Elementary
Barlow, Henry Classics Home School
Potts, Henry Lincoln Elementary
Stickel, Kyle Woodford County
Hearn, Truett Stopher Elementary School
Hobbs, Holden Rosa Parks Elementary
Costa, Tyler Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Lavey, Caden Garden Springs Elementary School
Deaton, Danny Scott County Middle School
Ware, Miles Glendover Elementary
Rowland, Aeden Stopher Elementary School
Allen, Cade Tully Elementary
Thomas, Julian Field Elementary
Artman, Saylor Lincoln Elementary
Falk, AJ Scott County Middle School
Conklin, Ian St. John School
Joynt, Samuel Stopher Elementary School
Malneni, Srikar Scapa Bluegrass
McCoy, Maddox Boone County Jaguars
Kiper, Luc Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Gupta, Ekansh Rosa Parks Elementary
Senel, Aiden Corbin Elementary
Williams, Case Garden Springs Elementary School
Pool, Zavier Tully Elementary
Nida Jr, Randall Rosa Parks Elementary
Navarro, Ikzander Garden Springs Elementary School
Fomby, Evan
Lyons, James Scott County Middle School
Badawy, Ammar Glendover Elementary
Lesshafft, Parker Stopher Elementary School
Medley, Collin Tully Elementary
Freeman, Grant Boone County Jaguars
Morgan, Collins Field Elementary
Heilig, Paxton Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Keating, Jed Classics Home School
Hagman, Asa Lincoln Elementary
Pellowe, Grant Stopher Elementary School
Nomura, Kota Rosa Parks Elementary
Dixon, Maximus Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Simmons, Jace Garden Springs Elementary School
Brown, Koen Scott County Middle School
Sylvester, Joseph Glendover Elementary
Eleson, Easton Stopher Elementary School
Mattingly, Preston Tully Elementary
Stratman, Jack Field Elementary
Kempf, Hatchett Lincoln Elementary
Distler, Loch Maxwell Elementary School
Mussman, James Scott County Middle School
Graham, Kieran St. John School
Stephens, Max Stopher Elementary School
Hummel, Tyler Scapa Bluegrass
Stout, Brody Boone County Jaguars
Dick, Henry Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
George, Aaron Rosa Parks Elementary
Scent, Jonas Corbin Elementary
Henning, Isaiah Garden Springs Elementary School
Schneider, Murdoch Tully Elementary
Samuels, Harlin Field Elementary
Vaish, Shiva Rosa Parks Elementary
Herrera, Abel Garden Springs Elementary School
Smith, Matthew
Garmon, Grayer Scott County Middle School
White, Hayden Glendover Elementary
Geren, Parker Stopher Elementary School
Hynes, Eli Tully Elementary
Kappen, Niko Boone County Jaguars
Metzger, Henry Field Elementary
Poynter, Mason Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Allen, Bennett Classics Home School
Wilson, Sam Lincoln Elementary
Moseley, Tommy Rosa Parks Elementary
Voss, Hank Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Lavey, Carson Garden Springs Elementary School
Branham, Braylin Scott County Middle School
Weimer, John Glendover Elementary
Jacoby, Liam Stopher Elementary School
Burns, Michael Tully Elementary
Pedicini, Julian Field Elementary
Shelton, Elliot Lincoln Elementary
Smith, Matthew Unattached Club
Sweat, Aiden Maxwell Elementary School
Hernandez, Carlos Woodford County
Marcum, Joshua Scott County Middle School
Taylor, Raeburn St. John School
Moore, Christopher Stopher Elementary School
Chapman, Owen Scapa Bluegrass
Janowiecki, Peyton Boone County Jaguars
Klose, Josh Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Krohmer, Owen Rosa Parks Elementary
Dixon, Kobe Corbin Elementary
Todd, Lucas Garden Springs Elementary School
Lakin, Desmond Glendover Elementary
Bullock, Zhou Yu Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Hinkel, Myles Tully Elementary
Bogel, Silas Field Elementary
Naehr, Charlie Rosa Parks Elementary
Seward, Dade Elkhorn Middle School
Bevins, Brentley Scott County Middle School
Mohr, Jack Stopher Elementary School
Jenkins, Aiden Tully Elementary
Friend, Noah St. Leo School
Dietz, Caleb Boone County Jaguars
Burchett, Ki Allen Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Hisel, Charlie Classics Home School
Moldoveanu, Roman Lincoln Elementary
Kingsolver, Joey Glendover Elementary
Dong, Washington Stopher Elementary School
North, Ethan Tully Elementary
Lierly, Finn Field Elementary
Lewis, Boston Lincoln Elementary
Nelson, Mattix Maxwell Elementary School
McAllister, Ethan Woodford County
Johnson, Koen Scott County Middle School
Reinhart, Mark St. John School
Barrett, Luke Stopher Elementary School
Dunham, Henry Boone County Jaguars
Blake, Garrett Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Chappell, Lee Rosa Parks Elementary
Middleton, Brady Corbin Elementary
Clement, Tanner Garden Springs Elementary School
Alvis, Ryder Elkhorn Middle School
Beltran, Brandon Scott County Middle School
DeLaney, Nathan Stopher Elementary School
Comstock, Anthony Boone County Jaguars
Waltrip, Harry Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Hutchison, Archer Glendover Elementary
Seargent, Jeremiah Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Gupta, Bhavit Tully Elementary
Eads, Gabriel Field Elementary
Hudson, Ethan Woodford County
Haller, Andrew Stopher Elementary School
Iseral, Ashton Boone County Jaguars
Borders, George Rosa Parks Elementary
Clements, Matthew Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Phipps, Hayden Corbin Elementary
Black, Lincoln Garden Springs Elementary School
Lee, Jason Glendover Elementary
Morgan, Graham Stopher Elementary School
Caudill, Joe Tully Elementary
Flagg, Ethan Field Elementary
Laughlin, Anson Lincoln Elementary
Johnson-Breazeale, Alex Maxwell Elementary School
Hart, Max Stopher Elementary School
Potterton, Levi Scapa Bluegrass
Hodorowski, Zach Boone County Jaguars
Hawley, Jonas Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Weimer, Van Glendover Elementary
Booth, Logan Tully Elementary
Moss, Walter Field Elementary
Juarez, Diego Scott County Middle School
Wiseman, Amir Stopher Elementary School
Morgan, Clayton Rosa Parks Elementary
Clements, Patrick Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Perez, Matthew Corbin Elementary
Braun, Gilbert Garden Springs Elementary School
Vaughn, Jack Glendover Elementary
Walston, Noah Stopher Elementary School
Burchett, Grayson Tully Elementary
Feaster, Jason Field Elementary
Stewart, Liam Providence Christian Academy
Sutton, Dash Lincoln Elementary
High, Anand Maxwell Elementary School
Gampper, Colston Woodford County
Cassidy, Stokes Glendover Elementary
Thieneman, Elliott Tully Elementary
Malin, Finn Field Elementary
Richardson, Jack Scott County Middle School
Justice, Luke Stopher Elementary School
Yang, Kyle Scapa Bluegrass
Brown, William Boone County Jaguars
Mayer, Clay Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Yost, Isaac Glendover Elementary
Ballard, Grant Stopher Elementary School
Petkovic, Beckett Tully Elementary
Agarwal, Cahil Field Elementary
Lucas, John Providence Christian Academy
Clayton, Knavi Lincoln Elementary
Schroeder, Carter Maxwell Elementary School
Crain, Jake Woodford County
Wiseman, Mohsin Stopher Elementary School
Corbin, Scott Rosa Parks Elementary
Thompson, John Paul Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Hale, Tucker Corbin Elementary
Tinker, Darius Garden Springs Elementary School
Chism, Oliver Glendover Elementary
Gezehey, Kalleabe Stopher Elementary School
Grivna, Mason Tully Elementary
Wells, Fisher Field Elementary
Zande, Jack Scott County Middle School
Walters, Alex St. John School
Dixon, Nicholas Stopher Elementary School
Morae, Caleb Scapa Bluegrass
Osborne, Carter Boone County Jaguars
Lear, Brayden Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Inman, Daniel Glendover Elementary
Ball, Charlie Stopher Elementary School
Acevedo, Joseph Tully Elementary
Eichenberger, Harper Field Elementary
Dedrick, Eben Providence Christian Academy
Obando-Shelton, Samuel Lincoln Elementary
Lamas, Asiel Esau Woodford County
Ennis, Noah Stopher Elementary School
Gill, Jack Rosa Parks Elementary
Parker, Hayes Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Dunne, Isaac Garden Springs Elementary School
Martin, Karl Scott County Middle School
Kennoy, Nate Glendover Elementary
Raj, Aryan Stopher Elementary School
Carpenter, Isaac Tully Elementary
Thomas, Quincy Field Elementary
Johnson, William Lincoln Elementary
Cash, Carter Scott County Middle School
Mayer, Samual St. John School
Durst, Hayden Stopher Elementary School
Miller, Luthur Scapa Bluegrass
Butta, Charlie Boone County Jaguars
Roberts, Silas Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Tuttle Jr, William Corbin Elementary
Williams, Rhett Garden Springs Elementary School
Shean, Quinn Tully Elementary
Roentz, Tristan Rosa Parks Elementary
Haynes, Lincoln Garden Springs Elementary School
Gent, Jaylen Scott County Middle School
Kaloyanov, Anton Glendover Elementary
Minton, James Stopher Elementary School
Coyle, Porter Tully Elementary
Emge, Elom Field Elementary
Barlow, John Paul Classics Home School
Stearman, Linus Lincoln Elementary
Shea, Wyatt Woodford County
Gilkey, Hunter Stopher Elementary School
Roenker, Josh Rosa Parks Elementary
Morales-Guizer, Abraham Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Neal, Hayden Garden Springs Elementary School
Winkler, Avery Scott County Middle School
McLeod, Mekhi Glendover Elementary
Musaid, Adam Stopher Elementary School
Whitham, Henley Tully Elementary
Taila, Darian Field Elementary
Massey, Landon Lincoln Elementary
Knight, Ramsey Scott County Middle School
Graham, Owen St. John School
Tinsley, Tuck Stopher Elementary School
Kolli, Easham Scapa Bluegrass
Kappen, Finn Boone County Jaguars
Erdmann, Andrew Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Fidowicz, Alex Rosa Parks Elementary
Croley, Blake Corbin Elementary
Wilkerson, Calvin Garden Springs Elementary School
Silvers, Isaac Tully Elementary
Fidowicz, Adam Rosa Parks Elementary
Herrera, Angel Garden Springs Elementary School
Earlywine, Adler
Slone, Jackson Scott County Middle School
Bacon, Graham Glendover Elementary
Rawlings, Jack Stopher Elementary School
Walker, Ian Tully Elementary
Ingram, Orion Boone County Jaguars
Watkins, Leo Field Elementary
Arvin, Hayden Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Franklin, Tucker Classics Home School
Lambdin, Patrick Lincoln Elementary
Morris, Ryan Rosa Parks Elementary
Goonan, Martin Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Keeton, Jake Garden Springs Elementary School
Brown, Eeagan Scott County Middle School
Richardson, Jordan Glendover Elementary
White, Alec Stopher Elementary School
Yarbrough, Keegan Tully Elementary
Smith, Crew Field Elementary
Paris, Finn Lincoln Elementary
Jackson, London Maxwell Elementary School
Rutledge, Tyler Scott County Middle School
Hughes, Griffin St. John School
Hearn, Joshua Stopher Elementary School
Edelen, Max Scapa Bluegrass
Ridings, Matthew Boone County Jaguars
Miner, Ben Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Suzuki, Kai Rosa Parks Elementary
House, Charlie Corbin Elementary
Jones, Ethan Garden Springs Elementary School
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Elementary Girls 367 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Piascik, Rylee Stopher Elementary School
Hofmann, Skylar Tully Elementary
Hodorowski, Natalie Boone County Jaguars
Thompson, Julia Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Spray, Rylee Corbin Elementary
Wilkerson, Molly Garden Springs Elementary School
Bowman, Natalie Glendover Elementary
Warren, Sylvia Maxwell Elementary School
Hunter, Emma Woodford County
Cain, Savannah Scott County Middle School
Durbin, Ella Stopher Elementary School
Prather, Randi Tully Elementary
White, Blakely Boone County Jaguars
Baker, Riley Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Peterson, Emma Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Wood, Piper Lincoln Elementary
Mahan, Audrey Corbin Elementary
King, Olivia Stopher Elementary School
Howard, Da Nasia Glendover Elementary
Foree, Kara Tully Elementary
Parker, Wiley Field Elementary
Snowden, Sudie Lincoln Elementary
Bandy, Lyric Scott County Middle School
McClish, Molly Stopher Elementary School
Allen, Riley Tully Elementary
Jones, Hanli Boone County Jaguars
Khan, Fatima Rosa Parks Elementary
Hosey, Sarah Louise Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Herren, Alex Corbin Elementary
Damron, Alexa Garden Springs Elementary School
Bradley, Alice Glendover Elementary
Willis, Abilene Tully Elementary
Carmichael-Murphy, Ione Field Elementary
Mongiardo, Lidia Maxwell Elementary School
Greer, Kenley Woodford County
Duran, Margot Scott County Middle School
Baird, Brooklyn Stopher Elementary School
Atha, Odella Scott County Middle School
Davison, Cathey Glendover Elementary
Cresp-Leon, Sinahi Tully Elementary
Tyler, Syd-Nee Scapa Bluegrass
Malin, Hazel Field Elementary
Miner, Sophia Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Roth, Eloise Lincoln Elementary
Cornett, Isabella Scott County Middle School
Cruz, Yamileth Glendover Elementary
Luna, Bella Tully Elementary
Flagg, Makenzie Field Elementary
Smith, Sophia Classics Home School
Rees, Jocelyn Lincoln Elementary
Fereday, Olivia Maxwell Elementary School
Aubrey, Layla Woodford County
Downs, Luella Scott County Middle School
Piascik, Aubree Stopher Elementary School
Crespo, Genesis Tully Elementary
Butta, Harper Boone County Jaguars
Trammell, Kara Rosa Parks Elementary
Simons, Mary Corbin Elementary
Mashni, Helena Garden Springs Elementary School
Hughes, Hailey Elkhorn Middle School
Greinke, Ava Glendover Elementary
Dozer, Lilly St. John School
Luna, Natalie Tully Elementary
Tay, Lily Scapa Bluegrass
Holbrook, Rowan Field Elementary
Blank, Kelsie Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Martin, Arianna Lincoln Elementary
Marcum, Annabelle Scott County Middle School
Lindy, Elisabeth Stopher Elementary School
Winkler, Avery Scott County Middle School
Marshall, Sophie Scott County Middle School
Landers, Ryann Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Derringer, Nalani Stopher Elementary School
Fuchs, Ryleigh Tully Elementary
Carpenter, Evelyn Boone County Jaguars
Smith, Kherington Rosa Parks Elementary
Frye, Jaycee Corbin Elementary
Smith, Reese Garden Springs Elementary School
Welsh, Addison Elkhorn Middle School
Hopper, Stella Glendover Elementary
Gross, Samantha Tully Elementary
Van Beek, Sylvia Field Elementary
Hogg, Isabella Classics Home School
Llohar, Vrisha Lincoln Elementary
Schuman, Abby Maxwell Elementary School
Eads, Anna Glendover Elementary
Laco, Tess St. John School
Eaton, Ava Tully Elementary
Potterton, Eden Scapa Bluegrass
Chapman, Lia Boone County Jaguars
Doligale, Evelyn Field Elementary
Bradley, Eva Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Chapman, Amber Lincoln Elementary
Martin, Rory Stopher Elementary School
Vest, Gabriella Scott County Middle School
Landers, Rosie Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Durst, Kathryn Stopher Elementary School
Baker, Arden Rosa Parks Elementary
Flannery, Abigail Garden Springs Elementary School
McClain, Kendall Elkhorn Middle School
Kirkland, Ruby Glendover Elementary
Duncan, Ayla Tully Elementary
Bugg, Willow Field Elementary
Hisel, Eleanor Classics Home School
Embry, Sophia Lincoln Elementary
Schroeder, Alexis Maxwell Elementary School
Johnson, Adaline Scott County Middle School
Kassie, Maya Stopher Elementary School
Falk, Annie Scott County Middle School
Carrico, Lillian Tully Elementary
Hatton, Kayla Scapa Bluegrass
Stewart, Emily Boone County Jaguars
Winke, Avery Field Elementary
Martin, London Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Capo, Sydney Lincoln Elementary
Miles, Avery Stopher Elementary School
Arain, Ilma Rosa Parks Elementary
Braun, Evie Garden Springs Elementary School
Mendes, Mercy Glendover Elementary
Edwards, Camiyah Tully Elementary
Rankin, Reece Field Elementary
McCormick, Kennedy Classics Home School
Ward, Isla Lincoln Elementary
Kern, Summer Maxwell Elementary School
Bourget, Maive Scott County Middle School
Cox, Erin Stopher Elementary School
Yarbrough, Hadley Tully Elementary
Stow, Natalie Boone County Jaguars
Miner, Molly Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Adams, Alexandra Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Wilson, Millie Lincoln Elementary
Moore, Autumn Corbin Elementary
Schaefer, Audrina Stopher Elementary School
Miller, Leah Providence Christian Academy
Walker, Tylah Maxwell Elementary School
Sellers, Aubry Scott County Middle School
Haskins, Emery Tully Elementary
El Amin-Stewart, A Melody Scapa Bluegrass
Collins, Olivia Boone County Jaguars
Morgan, Dagny Field Elementary
Dollar, Audrey Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Miller, Lorelei Lincoln Elementary
Howington, Reagan Corbin Elementary
Dyer, Sophie Stopher Elementary School
Quenon, Lainey Rosa Parks Elementary
Smith, Riley Garden Springs Elementary School
White, Hadley Glendover Elementary
Atherton, Olivia Tully Elementary
Kordus, Olivia Field Elementary
Massey, Addison Lincoln Elementary
Cooper, Jillian Scott County Middle School
Justice, Lilly Stopher Elementary School
Dresel, Ryanne Tully Elementary
Jaeger, Lillian Boone County Jaguars
Buffington, Lily Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Brown, Corinne Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Feehan, Stella Lincoln Elementary
Storm, Saige Corbin Elementary
MacFarlane, Lily Maxwell Elementary School
Tyler, Loralei Woodford County
Dyer, Lydia Scott County Middle School
Carrico, Emma Tully Elementary
Colthurst, Maggie Scapa Bluegrass
Houglan, Kensley Boone County Jaguars
Blair, Shelby Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Moldoveanu, Charlie Lincoln Elementary
North, Briley Corbin Elementary
Lee, Sophia Stopher Elementary School
Estepp, Vivian Rosa Parks Elementary
McBride, Paige Garden Springs Elementary School
Matias Ramirez, Gisselle Glendover Elementary
Villagran-Ordonez, Gabriela Tully Elementary
Wells, Meredith Field Elementary
Fox, Hazel Lincoln Elementary
Dixon, Isabella Scott County Middle School
Patel, Pooja Stopher Elementary School
McClave, Ella Tully Elementary
Patterson, Delaney Boone County Jaguars
Voss, Maggie Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Herren, Lucy Corbin Elementary
Aguirre, Bert Maxwell Elementary School
Thurman, Clara Woodford County
Gent, Zariah Scott County Middle School
Shah, Jaival Stopher Elementary School
Stoops, Addelyn Tully Elementary
Moore, Wells Scapa Bluegrass
Dobbins, Kyleigh Boone County Jaguars
Baz, Sarah Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Stearman, Charlotte Lincoln Elementary
Spray, Cami Corbin Elementary
Beard, Emily Stopher Elementary School
Brooks, Kennedy Rosa Parks Elementary
Shooter, Ella Glendover Elementary
Wilson, Abigail Tully Elementary
Taila, Aava Field Elementary
Swan, Janiya Lincoln Elementary
Parker, Sadie Scott County Middle School
Sharma, Suhana Stopher Elementary School
Petkovic, Hyla Tully Elementary
Houglan, Taylor Boone County Jaguars
Parker, Nora Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Hale, Lydia Corbin Elementary
Todd, Brooklyn Garden Springs Elementary School
Reed, Adrienne Glendover Elementary
Reid, Phoebe Field Elementary
Nelson, Cora Maxwell Elementary School
Hamilton, Lily Woodford County
Rose, Mia Scott County Middle School
Brown, Aniyah Stopher Elementary School
Meagher, Clara Glendover Elementary
Haskins, Violet Tully Elementary
Moore, Carys Scapa Bluegrass
O'Dell, Bella Field Elementary
Snowden, Louisa Lincoln Elementary
Griffith, Kira Scott County Middle School
Waterbury, Ainsley Glendover Elementary
Walton, Charlotte Tully Elementary
Lewis, Annabel St. Leo School
Humphrey, Cora Field Elementary
Barlow, Eva Classics Home School
Bowen, Scarlett Lincoln Elementary
Fereday, Adalyn Maxwell Elementary School
Bessinger, Jamie Woodford County
Lamb, Mallory Scott County Middle School
Beard, Adeline Stopher Elementary School
Butler, Madison Tully Elementary
Dietz, Zoey Boone County Jaguars
Trammell, Navaeh Rosa Parks Elementary
Sloan, Hadley Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Curry, Emilie Corbin Elementary
Drake, Riley Garden Springs Elementary School
Johnson, Kaitlyn Scott County Middle School
Warren, Caroline Glendover Elementary
Taylor, Carly St. John School
Meredith, Addison Tully Elementary
Terry, Myah Scapa Bluegrass
Lierly, Nola Field Elementary
Baum, Klaire Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Murdock, Sonia Lincoln Elementary
Shepherd, Chesney Scott County Middle School
Delaney, Kayleigh Stopher Elementary School
Bauer, Stina Glendover Elementary
Howard, CharlieKate Tully Elementary
Zike, Layla Field Elementary
Duerson, Addison Classics Home School
Petrie, Zoe Lincoln Elementary
Allen, Urijah Maxwell Elementary School
Lowery, Brooklyn Scott County Middle School
Uebel, Madeline Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Timbawala, Yashvi Stopher Elementary School
Prather, Lacey Tully Elementary
tran, Alexis Boone County Jaguars
Young, Maggie Grace Rosa Parks Elementary
Couch, Savannah Corbin Elementary
Clement, Ava Garden Springs Elementary School
Amoah, Angeleen Elkhorn Middle School
Marks, Audrey Glendover Elementary
Laco, Kate St. John School
Kyser, Grace Tully Elementary
Regalado, Alex Scapa Bluegrass
Collins, Sophia Boone County Jaguars
Gray, Lucy Field Elementary
Cable, Kallii Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Fields, Olive Lincoln Elementary
O'Brien, Lucy Stopher Elementary School
Ethington, Lily Scott County Middle School
Gilbert, Elizabeth Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Peyton, Madeline Stopher Elementary School
Yaden, Kinsley Tully Elementary
Hazelip, Eiley Rosa Parks Elementary
Watley, Jaylah Garden Springs Elementary School
Chagoya, Nilah Elkhorn Middle School
Pascale-Hague, Ruby Glendover Elementary
Lee, Harim Tully Elementary
Crawford, Fay Field Elementary
Maglinger, Hope Classics Home School
Cruz, Tyani Lincoln Elementary
Morris, Hadley Maxwell Elementary School
Beltran, Mariana Scott County Middle School
Lindy, Abigail Stopher Elementary School
Baires, Angela Scott County Middle School
Neaves, Cabrini St. John School
Peters, Sonya Tully Elementary
Martin, Rhyan Scapa Bluegrass
Hall, Elizabeth Boone County Jaguars
Brown, Blaise Field Elementary
Bixler, Allie Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Carmichael, Candace Lincoln Elementary
Bullock, Oakley Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Francis, Malia Stopher Elementary School
Burgess, Anna Grace Rosa Parks Elementary
Foust, Cara Garden Springs Elementary School
Richardson, Olivia Glendover Elementary
Kilcoyne, Natalie Tully Elementary
Baltzell, Eden Field Elementary
Brown, Rylee Classics Home School
Paris, Maya Lincoln Elementary
Kern, Anna Maxwell Elementary School
Buntin, Zion Scott County Middle School
Pellowe, Quinn Stopher Elementary School
Parker, Kaleigh Maxwell Elementary School
Buntin, Kambren Scott County Middle School
Ayres, Lucinda Tully Elementary
Hatton, Alexa Scapa Bluegrass
Nordine, Ana Boone County Jaguars
Murphy, Hazel Field Elementary
Vargas, Sophia Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Ross, Abby Lincoln Elementary
Walker, Jaycee Corbin Elementary
Angelini, Layla Stopher Elementary School
Rush, Katie Rosa Parks Elementary
Barrett, Shannon Garden Springs Elementary School
Allen, MaKenna Glendover Elementary
Ballinger, Lilly Tully Elementary
Metzger, Willa Field Elementary
Hisel, Lillian Classics Home School
Ross, Emily Lincoln Elementary
Duran, Lillyan Scott County Middle School
Parker, Penelope Stopher Elementary School
Watson, Molly Tully Elementary
Carpenter, Stella Boone County Jaguars
Hartman, Blair Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Wallett, Ava Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Kolb, Elaine Lincoln Elementary
Taylor, Payton Corbin Elementary
Johnson, Sanaya Stopher Elementary School
Dedrick, Bronwen Providence Christian Academy
Schroeder, Emma Kate Maxwell Elementary School
Brown, Lyla Scott County Middle School
Allen, Laney Tully Elementary
Detjen, Norah Scapa Bluegrass
Warren, Mc Kenzie Boone County Jaguars
McCord, Jordan Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Coffman, Eleanor Lincoln Elementary
Mahan, Caroline Corbin Elementary
Reichenbach, Kiele Stopher Elementary School
Weber, Colette Rosa Parks Elementary
Lavey, Ellie Garden Springs Elementary School
Zielke, Gracie Glendover Elementary
Aguilar, Andrea Tully Elementary
Eads, Penelope Field Elementary
Potts, Audrey Lincoln Elementary
Thomson, Jasmine Scott County Middle School
Pellowe, Rayah Stopher Elementary School
Croghan, Ellie Tully Elementary
Hoover, Marie Boone County Jaguars
Anderson, Sophia Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Hernandez, Olivia Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Jones, Faith Corbin Elementary
McBride, Sophie Maxwell Elementary School
Tyler, Kelsey Woodford County
Dyer, Cora Scott County Middle School
McKechnie, Cameron Stopher Elementary School
Jimenez, Alexis Tully Elementary
Bishop, Eva Scapa Bluegrass
Ingram, Jenna Boone County Jaguars
Dick, Nora Jane Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Fox, Violet Lincoln Elementary
Walker, Jaylen Corbin Elementary
Patterson, Raegan Stopher Elementary School
Arain, Diya Rosa Parks Elementary
Smith, Adelynn Garden Springs Elementary School
Rendon, Emma Glendover Elementary
Kratzer, Sadie Tully Elementary
Taila, Lilia Field Elementary
York, Cameron Lincoln Elementary
May, Allison Scott County Middle School
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JV Boys 149 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dollarhide, Aaron Great Crossing
Lavin, Shaun Woodford County
Kubicek, Blake Conner
Swietoniowski, Cody North Hardin
Hassan, Mohammad Tates Creek
Ridings, Ethan Conner
Adams, Jevon Henry Clay
Perkins, Koby Corbin
Vance, Ethan Thomas Nelson
Wright, Matthew Lexington Catholic
White, Nick Great Crossing
Keith, Kamden Woodford County
James, Colby Conner
Frese, Isaiah Frederick Douglass
Owsley, Laquan North Hardin
Dearinger, Nash Tates Creek
Sell, Clem Corbin
Shalash, Mahmoud Tates Creek
Taylor, Josh Lexington Catholic
Nichols, T.J. Frederick Douglass
Hejnal, Lawrence North Hardin
Schweigardt, Jacob Tates Creek
Miller, Alex Corbin
Keeton, Chad Great Crossing
Morris, Griffin Conner
Dalton, John Paul Lexington Catholic
Erskine, Andrew Tates Creek
Compton, Phoenix North Hardin
Walton, Leo Tates Creek
Prewitt, Jackson Franklin County
Siler, Eithan Corbin
Parret, Xavier Great Crossing
O'Laughlin, Colin Paul Dunbar
Notton, Robbie Conner
Norris, Ethan Frederick Douglass
Goonan, Phillip Lexington Catholic
Whitmore, Matthew Henry Clay
Christensen, Matthew Tates Creek
Pauig, Joaquin Corbin
Carter, Lee Central Hardin
Monette, Jacques Frankfort Christian Academy High
Morgan, Sully Paul Dunbar
Avery, Lance Frederick Douglass
Verde, Emmanuel North Hardin
Morton, Maxwell Tates Creek
Myers, Henry Henry Clay
Craft, Blayne Tates Creek
Combs, Lincoln Lexington Catholic
Lahmer, Ahmad Madison Southern
Mahan, Gabe Corbin
Schrock, Logan Central Hardin
Roach, Griffin Paul Dunbar
Stephens, Tyler Lexington Catholic
Szabo, Emanuel North Hardin
Wood, Carson Conner
Johnson, Matthew Henry Clay
Keith, Tanyin Tates Creek
Box, Henry Lexington Catholic
Clark, Caleb Henry Clay
Paul, Brady Central Hardin
Hernandez, Jesse Lexington Catholic
Cusimano, Gavin North Hardin
Maki, Kyle Conner
Gibaszek, Norman Pulaski County
Mattingly, Gabe Tates Creek
Grande, Pollux Lexington Catholic
Rowland, Parker Henry Clay
Brown, Connor Central Hardin
Hughes, Jackson Thomas Nelson
Cervoni, David Lexington Catholic
Scott, Mitchell Woodford County
Jackson, Brady Conner
Bradley, Michael Pulaski County
Lamartiniere, Philip Tates Creek
Taylor, Donovan Conner
Carlos, Andrew Henry Clay
Frederick, Ben Corbin
Brown, Nolan Thomas Nelson
Adams, Luke Lexington Catholic
Porter, Calloway Great Crossing
McGowan, Colin Woodford County
Reed, Nathan Conner
Skaggs, Timothy North Hardin
Jack, Asher Tates Creek
Marcum, Tanner Corbin
Hoyes, Lane Thomas Nelson
Wright, Jonathan Lexington Catholic
Smith, Brent Conner
Pentecost, Weston Frederick Douglass
Mitchum, Jaxon North Hardin
Hoagland, Nick Tates Creek
McCrickard, Evan Corbin
Marcum, Jacob Great Crossing
Ntakarutimana, Joseph Tates Creek
Gradek, Joseph Lexington Catholic
Sheroan, Bennett Frederick Douglass
Domek, Tyler North Hardin
Hall, Dylan Tates Creek
Boone, Brigham Franklin County
Brock, Nolan Corbin
Spears, Tyler Great Crossing
Elliott, Levi Conner
Croce, Will Lexington Catholic
Adams, Calvin Henry Clay
Skirboll, Ellis Tates Creek
Adkins, Christian Franklin County
Rose, Christopher Corbin
Demuth, Nathan Central Hardin
Crutchfield, Caden Frankfort Christian Academy High
Alcorn, CJ Great Crossing
Willaims, Ashton Paul Dunbar
Green, Zachary Conner
Aleman, Kaleb Frederick Douglass
Blue, Tre North Hardin
VanDemark, Reeve Tates Creek
Akers, Logan Madison Southern
Waits, Jake Henry Clay
Russell, Elijah Tates Creek
Hampton, Noah Lexington Catholic
Martin, Eligha Corbin
Schrock, Eli Central Hardin
McQueary, Hunter Frankfort Christian Academy High
Chapman, Tyler Paul Dunbar
Nichols, Alex Frederick Douglass
Arrigo, Tyler North Hardin
Burke, Brevin Tates Creek
Falk, Aaron Henry Clay
Craft, Brycen Tates Creek
Craft, Reed Lexington Catholic
Bonnell, Noah Corbin
Atcher, Brandon Central Hardin
Keller, Chris Lexington Catholic
Cusimano, Aiden North Hardin
Schneider, Ethan Conner
Fister, Oliver Henry Clay
Niemi, Davin Tates Creek
Pabin, Thomas Lexington Catholic
Morris, Max Henry Clay
Painter, John Central Hardin
Cioci, Hunter Lexington Catholic
Harper, Zach North Hardin
Malott, Jacob Conner
Wilkinson, Tyler Pulaski County
Yousef, Ayham Tates Creek
Keitz, Hayden Conner
Marino, Peter Henry Clay
Messer, Connor Corbin
Mattingly, Cameron Thomas Nelson
Razor, Matthew Lexington Catholic
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JV Girls 83 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Badgett, Eleanor Henry Clay
McMillin, Ava Lexington Catholic
Ackerman, Claire Paul Dunbar
Bowen, Katie Conner
Ballesteros, Kendyl Tates Creek
Wallin, Samantha Frankfort
Wright, Abigale Henry Clay
Hayden, Sydney Lexington Catholic
Marksbury, Cassidy Thomas Nelson
Hinshaw, Carly Paul Dunbar
Yousef, Sally Tates Creek
Fehr, Kiera Henry Clay
Santos, Abigail Woodford County
Camuel, Maddy Tates Creek
Ballard, Emma Thomas Nelson
Jaeger, Caroline Paul Dunbar
Gilbert, Raegan Woodford County
Macedo, Sharliin Henry Clay
Sprague, Allie Tates Creek
Godbey, Molly Thomas Nelson
Wallin-Swanson, Jordan Great Crossing
Lacefield, Brianne Woodford County
Ketron, Madeline Conner
Gilpin, Maddie Thomas Nelson
Meadors, Abby Tates Creek
Sewall, Madison Great Crossing
Jetton, Emily Woodford County
Collins, Arianna Conner
Witherington, Caroline Tates Creek
Eubanks, Noelle Great Crossing
Zohary, Rowann Paul Dunbar
Hayes, Emma Woodford County
Stewart, Amy Conner
Megibben, Jeannette Tates Creek
Welch, Bethany Henry Clay
Parks, Emily Paul Dunbar
Steely, Isabella Woodford County
Hopper, Alison Conner
Asbury, Maggie Tates Creek
Walton, Elisabeth Henry Clay
Hampton, Katherine Lexington Catholic
Cecil, Tanaya Paul Dunbar
Jackson, Mckenna Conner
Merten, Janae Tates Creek
Klaene, Elsa Henry Clay
Ware, Lily Lexington Catholic
Gill, Asha Paul Dunbar
Fomby, Gabrielle Tates Creek
Moore, Claire Frankfort
Sprinkle, Emelia Woodford County
Bauer, Anna Henry Clay
Arbra, Claire Paul Dunbar
Hahnenstein, Ashleigh Tates Creek
Decker, Abigail Thomas Nelson
Whaley, Janna Henry Clay
Moore, Lauren Woodford County
Hassan, Iman Tates Creek
Mills, Kyra Thomas Nelson
Swartzentruber, Carolyn Paul Dunbar
McSorley, Maggie Woodford County
Farmer, Riley Henry Clay
Schweigardt, Anna Tates Creek
Eldridge, America Thomas Nelson
Milburn, Emilie Great Crossing
Keith, Arissa Woodford County
Murphy, Makenna Conner
Spalding, Carly Thomas Nelson
Johnson, Hannah Great Crossing
Zohary, Jenna Paul Dunbar
Higdon, Ashley Woodford County
Belisle, Kylie Conner
Shalash, Hannah Tates Creek
Johnson, Evelyn Great Crossing
Perkins, Tamari Paul Dunbar
Caldwell, MeiLi Woodford County
Hannigan, Shealey Conner
Trammell, Brianna Tates Creek
Combess, Annalee Henry Clay
Robinson, Darcy Lexington Catholic
Jackson, Del Paul Dunbar
Watercutter, Lauren Woodford County
Herrmann, Olivia Conner
Clore, Kelly Tates Creek
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MS Boys 4000 Meter Run 305 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Vander Plaats, Martin E.J. Hayes Middle School
Snow, Isaac Leestown Middle School
Danneels, Aidan Boone County Jaguars
Barnhart, Caden Jessie Clark Middle School
Kovach, Nathan St. John School
Beardsley, Boothe Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Espinosa, Sylvester Southern Middle School
Wells, Isaac Jessie Clark Middle School
Rowland, Lincoln E.J. Hayes Middle School
Meade, Nate Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Brantner, Jacob Boone County Jaguars
Watkins, Roan Bryan Station Middle School
Kemper, Drew Elkhorn Middle School
Slone, Tucker E.J. Hayes Middle School
Price, Joseph Leestown Middle School
Stewart, Logan Providence Christian Academy
Agent, Trevor Tates Creek Middle School
Shaver, Cole Jessie Clark Middle School
Figueiredo, Apolo Morton Middle School
Martinez, Salvador Washington County
Sumner, RJ Woodford County
Smith, Jerdan Crawford Middle School
Suarez, Micah E.J. Hayes Middle School
Timoney, Jordan Leestown Middle School
Merse, Harrison Boone County Jaguars
Hoskins, Gideon Jessie Clark Middle School
Crump, Taylor St. John School
Thompson, Nicholas Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Gilliam, Carter Southern Middle School
Housekeeper, Zaden Scott County Middle School
Roberts, John E.J. Hayes Middle School
Corbin, Brady Leestown Middle School
Parmalee, Jaxon Pulaski County
Zonio, Maxon Tates Creek Middle School
Profitt, Jack Jessie Clark Middle School
Sylvester, Luke Morton Middle School
Strunk, Taylor Model
Thurman, Chase Woodford County
Mitchell, Sam Crawford Middle School
Drummond, Josh St. John School
Costa, Tyler Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Deans, Michael Southern Middle School
Ramirez, Juan Scott County Middle School
Patel, Arya E.J. Hayes Middle School
Hamblen, Marshall Leestown Middle School
White, Lawson Boone County Jaguars
Song, Caleb Jessie Clark Middle School
Locklar, Cale Jessie Clark Middle School
Greinke, Eli Morton Middle School
Keith, Grason Woodford County
Carbajal, Caden Crawford Middle School
Burke, Brendan Leestown Middle School
Tackett, Camden Pulaski County
Eversole, Noah Tates Creek Middle School
Creech, Noah Woodford County
Eppley, Elijah Southern Middle School
Parret, Shad Scott County Middle School
Maharjan, Samuel E.J. Hayes Middle School
Bliziotis, Gabriel Leestown Middle School
Stewart, Ethan Conner Middle
Oberg, Mathew Jessie Clark Middle School
Dixon, Maximus Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Iwao, Yukimi Jessie Clark Middle School
Crume, Jase Woodford County
Kreuter, Christian Crawford Middle School
Roberts, Christian Elkhorn Middle School
Snow, Andrew Leestown Middle School
Stogdsdill, Jackson Pulaski County
Asbury, Liam Tates Creek Middle School
Cox, Charlie E.J. Hayes Middle School
McGee, Max Leestown Middle School
Pieper, Evan Conner Middle
Kikumoto, Keisuke Jessie Clark Middle School
Voss, Hank Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Twehues, Charlie Woodford County
Fields, Colt Scott County Middle School
Crawford, Spencer Leestown Middle School
Verdecchia, Diego Tates Creek Middle School
Greathouse, Flynn Jessie Clark Middle School
Cook, Michael E.J. Hayes Middle School
Sims, William Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
North, Griffin Woodford County
Amoah, Clement Elkhorn Middle School
Ashford, Montae E.J. Hayes Middle School
Tackett, Stephen Leestown Middle School
Bryant, Phenix Conner Middle
Kaylor, Griffin Tates Creek Middle School
DeBilzan, Sammy Jessie Clark Middle School
Feddock, Asher Morton Middle School
Jetton, Joshua Woodford County
Swartz, Cole Scott County Middle School
Woodard, Kevon E.J. Hayes Middle School
Chrisman, Rylee Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Eckler, Jacob Boone County Jaguars
Majors, Max Bryan Station Middle School
Lyles, Elijah Elkhorn Middle School
Kloss, Ethan Jessie Clark Middle School
Hayes, Sean St. Leo School
Dalton, Mitchell Jessie Clark Middle School
Klose, Jacob E.J. Hayes Middle School
Woodruff, Nikolas Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Lehmkuhler, Jack Woodford County
Bratton, Kaden Elkhorn Middle School
Goodpaster, Mason E.J. Hayes Middle School
Webb, Ayden Leestown Middle School
Carroll, Joey Conner Middle
Jack, Rylan Tates Creek Middle School
Thompson, Samuel Jessie Clark Middle School
Carman, Will Morton Middle School
Sorrell, Ryan Gallatin County
Campbell, Noah Washington County
Heckathorn, Andrew Woodford County
Bourget, Cash Scott County Middle School
Jin, Yukumo E.J. Hayes Middle School
Washington, EJ Leestown Middle School
Mcqueary, Connor Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Branter, Jesse Boone County Jaguars
McNamara, Connor Bryan Station Middle School
Clements, Graham Elkhorn Middle School
Gebb, Joseph Jessie Clark Middle School
Griffin, Porter St. John School
Griffin, Ian St. Leo School
Clements, Matthew Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Jones-miller, Rico Southern Middle School
Ruber, Nick Jessie Clark Middle School
Trimble, Jonah E.J. Hayes Middle School
Driskell, Stephen Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Seyfried, Matthew Boone County Jaguars
Prewitt, Logan Elkhorn Middle School
Barkley, Evan E.J. Hayes Middle School
Knapp, Payton Leestown Middle School
Hanak, Charlie Conner Middle
Smith, Jacob Tates Creek Middle School
Stuart, Jackson Jessie Clark Middle School
Hancock, Houston Second Street Elementary School
Kolodziej, Tobi Morton Middle School
Turner, Philip Gallatin County
Huntsberger, Dalton Washington County
Geilear, Carter Woodford County
Rashleigh, William Scott County Middle School
Walker, Tripp E.J. Hayes Middle School
Marshall, Luke Leestown Middle School
Smith, Dylan Boone County Jaguars
Farrar, Emerson Bryan Station Middle School
Chiles, Jacob Jessie Clark Middle School
Laco, Joey St. John School
Clements, Patrick Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Spata, Zach Southern Middle School
Wright, Samson Jessie Clark Middle School
Goodwin, Grant E.J. Hayes Middle School
Tigges, Andy Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Stanaland Jr., Michael Boone County Jaguars
Pettit, Hart Bryan Station Middle School
Sowders, Isaiah Elkhorn Middle School
Mitchell, Jake E.J. Hayes Middle School
Trowel, Sawyer Leestown Middle School
Benjamin, Dawson Conner Middle
Maxfield, Nicholas Tates Creek Middle School
Sheets, Jack Jessie Clark Middle School
Peabody, Dean Morton Middle School
Stannard, Robert Washington County
Burns, Blake Woodford County
Smith, Jeremiah Crawford Middle School
Barber, Rhett Scott County Middle School
Thomas, Canaan E.J. Hayes Middle School
Matsakis, Michael Leestown Middle School
Hammons, Landry Boone County Jaguars
Baker, Tyler Jessie Clark Middle School
Clark, River St. John School
Thompson, John Paul Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Montiel, Nery Southern Middle School
Campbell, Chase Scott County Middle School
Eggleston, Blake E.J. Hayes Middle School
Parman, Andrew Leestown Middle School
Gift, James Providence Christian Academy
Harris, Richard Tates Creek Middle School
Richardson, Xavier Jessie Clark Middle School
Richardson, Griffith Morton Middle School
Gorbett, Matthew Model
Wettlaufer, Landon Woodford County
Robertson, Phillip Crawford Middle School
Hill, Clark Jessie Clark Middle School
Luckett, Preston St. John School
Parker, Hayes Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Hacker, Will Southern Middle School
Fransisco, Miguel Scott County Middle School
Sheesley, Jack E.J. Hayes Middle School
Luebbehusen, Grady Leestown Middle School
Short, Eli Boone County Jaguars
Stamper, Logan Pulaski County
Noehren, Grant Tates Creek Middle School
Noble, Clay Jessie Clark Middle School
Johnson, Milo Morton Middle School
Newhart, Kevin Model
Lay, Christian Woodford County
Evans, Christopher Crawford Middle School
Flueck, Jonah E.J. Hayes Middle School
Coning, Will Leestown Middle School
Morales-Guizer, Abraham Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Christensen, Buzz Southern Middle School
Campbell, Donavan Scott County Middle School
McIntosh, Ethan E.J. Hayes Middle School
Darragh, Colin Leestown Middle School
Van Laningham, Paul Boone County Jaguars
Higgins, William Conner Middle
Osborne, Ezra Jessie Clark Middle School
Kloss, Eric Jessie Clark Middle School
Hoellein, Ben Morton Middle School
Wells, Jay Woodford County
Buchanan, Noah Crawford Middle School
Valladares, Ismael Elkhorn Middle School
Shearer, Mason Leestown Middle School
Warren, Christopher Pulaski County
Ellis, Riley Tates Creek Middle School
Hyde, Mason E.J. Hayes Middle School
Stark, Aiden Leestown Middle School
Shinkle, Rory Conner Middle
Owens, Elliott Jessie Clark Middle School
Goonan, Martin Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Banks, Gavin Woodford County
Trimble, Clay Southern Middle School
Winkler, Jacob Scott County Middle School
Scott, Andrew Woodford County
Whisman, William Crawford Middle School
Andrews, Isaac Elkhorn Middle School
Joyner, Andrew Leestown Middle School
Smith, Zavian Pulaski County
Skirboll, Ellis Tates Creek Middle School
Henry, Josh Jessie Clark Middle School
Roberts, Jackson E.J. Hayes Middle School
Baker, Riley E.J. Hayes Middle School
Lynch, Nolan Leestown Middle School
Hopper, Nathan Conner Middle
Heineman, Dylan Tates Creek Middle School
Henry, Garrett Jessie Clark Middle School
Beaulieu, Ewan Morton Middle School
Morris, Gage Woodford County
Stubbs, Griffin Scott County Middle School
Gago, Forrest Tates Creek Middle School
Fuqua, Spencer Jessie Clark Middle School
Finnell, Daniel E.J. Hayes Middle School
Kelly, Gavin Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Hendrix, Ryan Woodford County
Dunmire, Ben Elkhorn Middle School
Epps, Thomas E.J. Hayes Middle School
White, Teagan Leestown Middle School
Moore, Jack Conner Middle
Prichard, Peyton Tates Creek Middle School
Carpenter, Bryant Jessie Clark Middle School
O'Donnell, Garrett Morton Middle School
Caldwell, Bryric Gallatin County
Cheser, Brandon Washington County
Heim, Landon Woodford County
Lancia, Creek Scott County Middle School
Lawless, Aidan E.J. Hayes Middle School
Ratliff, Haynes Leestown Middle School
Asher, Grant Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Dunham, Ben Boone County Jaguars
Majors, Luke Bryan Station Middle School
Powell, Easton Elkhorn Middle School
Ghuneim, Husain Jessie Clark Middle School
Higdon, Luke St. Leo School
Goonan, Chris Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Rameriz, Sean Southern Middle School
Daily, Aiden Jessie Clark Middle School
DiLorenzo, Angelo E.J. Hayes Middle School
Welsh, Jimmy Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Eckler, Zachary Boone County Jaguars
Farr, Kaelin Elkhorn Middle School
Krouse, Eli E.J. Hayes Middle School
Grace, Andrew Leestown Middle School
Hawthorne, Bryce Conner Middle
Wheat, Ben Tates Creek Middle School
Surrett, Trevor Jessie Clark Middle School
Bingham, Will Morton Middle School
Webster, Austin Gallatin County
Piasecki, Jacob Washington County
Gray, Jackson Woodford County
Marcum, Joshua Scott County Middle School
Clinkscale, Zivon E.J. Hayes Middle School
Holliday, Jacob Leestown Middle School
Richards, Charles Ryan Boone County Jaguars
Bobadilla, Tyler Bryan Station Middle School
Dunn, Ethan Jessie Clark Middle School
Reinhart, John St. John School
Sykes, Eli Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Stewart, Sam Southern Middle School
Eastham, McCoy Jessie Clark Middle School
Mangas, Maxwell E.J. Hayes Middle School
Uebel, Lucas Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Ritchie, Gannon Boone County Jaguars
Hanfleet, Griffin Bryan Station Middle School
Ellis, Brady Elkhorn Middle School
Kolditz, Noah E.J. Hayes Middle School
Darragh, Will Leestown Middle School
Johnson, Warren Conner Middle
Miller, Elijah Tates Creek Middle School
Smith, Gabriel Jessie Clark Middle School
Wainscott, Khai Second Street Elementary School
Vines, Daniel Morton Middle School
Cayton, DJ Gallatin County
Barry, Adam Washington County
Carter, Brayden Woodford County
Thompson, Kavion Crawford Middle School
Johnson, Keith Scott County Middle School
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MS Girls 4000 Meter Run 196 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Mayberry, Kori Bryan Station Middle School
Alvis, Kate Elkhorn Middle School
Dambacher, Alessandra E.J. Hayes Middle School
Shliakhau, Nadya Leestown Middle School
Seitz, Claire St. Leo School
Cruse, Sophia Jessie Clark Middle School
Detjen, Ella Morton Middle School
Crume, Annabelle Woodford County
Mills, Caroline Boone County Jaguars
Meyers, Karlie Conner Middle
Fritz, Caroline Jessie Clark Middle School
Miklavcic, Emily Second Street Elementary School
Hosey, Sarah Louise Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Young, Lydia Gallatin County
Lumpkins, Mia Scott County Middle School
Findley, Cara Bryan Station Middle School
Clifford, Zariyha E.J. Hayes Middle School
Melrose, Isabella Leestown Middle School
Fossett, Avery Boone County Jaguars
Jamison, Josie Providence Christian Academy
Vanlandingham, Avery Conner Middle
Cahill, Maggie Jessie Clark Middle School
Starkey, Maddie Second Street Elementary School
Foster, Kyndra Gallatin County
Clouse, Lily Scott County Middle School
Wilson, Ava E.J. Hayes Middle School
Kelley, Kierstyn Leestown Middle School
Park, Neilsen Bryan Station Middle School
Monroe, Julie-Anne Second Street Elementary School
Perry, Madison Gallatin County
Jacobi, Rue Model
Dotson, Olivia Scott County Middle School
Gonzval, Maya E.J. Hayes Middle School
Skidmore, Jillian Boone County Jaguars
Dedrick, Ainsley Providence Christian Academy
Jackson, Isabelle Conner Middle
Wilson, Ileanna Jessie Clark Middle School
stanaland, trista Boone County Jaguars
Wren, Caroline Bryan Station Middle School
Garr, Asia E.J. Hayes Middle School
Burke, Meaghan Leestown Middle School
Neaves, Cabrini St. John School
Barber, Kenzie Second Street Elementary School
Bacchus, Jada Morton Middle School
Dunavent, Sarah Gallatin County
Lainier, Amelia Model
Juarez, Brenda Scott County Middle School
Heineman-Turner, Adina E.J. Hayes Middle School
Ingram, Isabella Boone County Jaguars
Frey, Ellie Conner Middle
Music, Rylan Jessie Clark Middle School
Maiya, Hayley Boone County Jaguars
Clare, Kristi E.J. Hayes Middle School
Paumi, Jade Leestown Middle School
Blankenship, Maddie St. John School
Kroggel, Sophie Southern Middle School
Webster, Amelia E.J. Hayes Middle School
Poe, Morgan Boone County Jaguars
VonLehman, Isabella Conner Middle
Murray, Hannah Pulaski County
Jones, Katherine Jessie Clark Middle School
Buss, Gracelyn Morton Middle School
Tapia, Maria Crawford Middle School
Sullivan, Emily Scott County Middle School
Gray, Savannah Boone County Jaguars
Anderson, Eden E.J. Hayes Middle School
Craig, Carley Leestown Middle School
Adams, Alexandra Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Dabney, Maggi Southern Middle School
Renfro, Abbott Morton Middle School
Bryant, Joanna Christ the King School
Knight, Julianna Woodford County
Webster, Aubrey E.J. Hayes Middle School
Parman, Carolina Leestown Middle School
Smal, Susanna Boone County Jaguars
Bertram, Maggie Pulaski County
Trammell, Brianna Tates Creek Middle School
Gomez, Samara Jessie Clark Middle School
Reilley, Maddy Morton Middle School
Parks, je'Kyra Crawford Middle School
Miller, Kaylyn Boone County Jaguars
Tyson, Cailie Jessie Clark Middle School
Paumi, Kylie Leestown Middle School
Brown, Corinne Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Megibben, jeannette Southern Middle School
Dewar, Kendyhl Woodford County
Ensminger, Mackenzie E.J. Hayes Middle School
Sharpe, Jenna Leestown Middle School
Cahill, Sophia Jessie Clark Middle School
Carter, Zoe Morton Middle School
Cottingham, Emery Woodford County
Scaglione, Aaliyah Crawford Middle School
Yauch, Katlyn Boone County Jaguars
Kesler, Meredith Jessie Clark Middle School
Voss, Maggie Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Basham, Megan Southern Middle School
Miller, Priya Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Schaffner, Rylee Elkhorn Middle School
Ward, Tessa E.J. Hayes Middle School
Trowel, Haley Leestown Middle School
McEntee, Amelia St. Leo School
Holmberg, Krista Jessie Clark Middle School
Markowitz, Olivia Morton Middle School
Hewett, Larkyn Woodford County
Rooney, Ashley Boone County Jaguars
Hukle, Leah Jessie Clark Middle School
Looney, Cate Second Street Elementary School
Parker, Nora Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Baker, London Gallatin County
Keefe, Anabel Bryan Station Middle School
Guise, Hallie E.J. Hayes Middle School
Pinkerton, Diana Leestown Middle School
Dietz, Bailey Boone County Jaguars
Vogel, Abigail Conner Middle
Crovo, Kitty Jessie Clark Middle School
Moore, Emme Second Street Elementary School
Sloan, Hadley Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Towles, Carly Gallatin County
Higdon, Cecilia-Ellen Washington County
Baires, Yisell Scott County Middle School
Ingram, Edith Bryan Station Middle School
Manns, Lillian E.J. Hayes Middle School
Lamarche, Victoria Leestown Middle School
Watts, Kamaya Jessie Clark Middle School
Wainscott, Lillian Second Street Elementary School
Hammond, Brooklyn Gallatin County
Fryman, Cloe Scott County Middle School
Rakesh, Tanvi Boone County Jaguars
Myers, Cameron Providence Christian Academy
Scherff, Emma Conner Middle
Khan, Zoya E.J. Hayes Middle School
Helm, Natalie Leestown Middle School
Laco, Maura St. John School
Morris, Riley Bryan Station Middle School
Abney, Helen Hall Second Street Elementary School
Olivigni, Isabella Gallatin County
Meadows, Faith Model
Erwin, Emily Scott County Middle School
Boyd, Katie E.J. Hayes Middle School
Mc Main, Mackenzie Boone County Jaguars
Hagerty, Rose Conner Middle
Whitt, Maura Jessie Clark Middle School
Collins, Sophia Boone County Jaguars
Ginter, Kenzie E.J. Hayes Middle School
Bliziotis, Isabella Leestown Middle School
Hughes, Mackenzie St. John School
Fields, Savannah Scott County Middle School
Gregonis, Reagan E.J. Hayes Middle School
Aschermann, Piper Boone County Jaguars
Fay, Allee Conner Middle
Denham, Maya Jessie Clark Middle School
Preston, Harper Morton Middle School
Ashermann, Stella Boone County Jaguars
Adhikari, Puja E.J. Hayes Middle School
Hiens, Abigail Leestown Middle School
Peterson, Emma Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Riedmuller, Colleen Southern Middle School
Walker, Riley E.J. Hayes Middle School
Harney, Mckenzie Leestown Middle School
Armstrong, Addison Boone County Jaguars
Murphy, Makenna Conner Middle
McAlpin, Simi Pulaski County
Gray, Elaina Jessie Clark Middle School
Corley, Kate Morton Middle School
Simmons, NiAsia Crawford Middle School
Short, Lily Boone County Jaguars
Anderson, Riley E.J. Hayes Middle School
Stepetak, Alyssa Leestown Middle School
Wallett, Ava Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Pfankuch, Emma Kate Southern Middle School
Moore, Addison Woodford County
Frost, Fern E.J. Hayes Middle School
Matthews, Trinity Leestown Middle School
Rinear, Kylie Boone County Jaguars
Strunk, McKenzie Pulaski County
Ghuneim, Haneen Jessie Clark Middle School
Peets, Cooper Morton Middle School
Nuckols, Ainsley Woodford County
Miles, Isabella Crawford Middle School
Jones, Payslee Boone County Jaguars
Melchiore-Dayton, Natalia Jessie Clark Middle School
Crawford, Madison Leestown Middle School
Hernandez, Olivia Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
Yockey, Kaycie Southern Middle School
Welsh, Charlotte Frankfort Christian Academy Midd
Gampper, Gabby Woodford County
Ruwet, Ruby Elkhorn Middle School
Hancock, Alex E.J. Hayes Middle School
Adams, Charlotte Leestown Middle School
Rabinowitz, Caroline St. Leo School
Stewart, Reilly Jessie Clark Middle School
Schanding, Caroline Morton Middle School
Stickel, Macy Woodford County
Hurm, Chloe Boone County Jaguars
Hunt, Lexie Jessie Clark Middle School
Thompson, Julia Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Sc
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Varsity A Boys 190 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Niemi, Davin Tates Creek
Harney, Evan Lexington Catholic
Coates, Todd Eaton
Farr, Lucas Webb School of Knoxville
Bradshaw, Logan Paul Dunbar
Caudill, Corey Scott County
Palmer, Foster Nolensville High School
Chrisco, Dayne Frederick Douglass
Collier, Colton Model
Cochran, Cody Conner
Gettelfinger, Isaiah Anderson County
Robinson, Nate Pulaski County
Hassan, Mohammad Tates Creek
Culpepper, George Webb School of Knoxville
Melton, Christian Frederick Douglass
Shea, Kai Woodford County
Murphy, Jack Conner
Bargo, Logan Corbin
Beltran, Maximus Central Hardin
Shearer, Trace Anderson County
Butler, David Henry Clay
Proffitt, Koby Pulaski County
Hall, Dylan Tates Creek
Asher, Andon Corbin
Kraan, Eli Central Hardin
McHugh, Jordan Anderson County
Dietterick, Ethan Frederick Douglass
Charles, Colin Woodford County
Peavler, Luke Washington County
Joseph, Robbie Henry Clay
Pierce, Jeremiah Pulaski County
VanDemark, Reeve Tates Creek
Black, Jonah Corbin
Brown, Josh Central Hardin
Hunter, Justin Anderson County
Kropp, Zen Frederick Douglass
Garcia, Alejandro Tomas North Hardin
Shea, Jack Woodford County
Gilligan, Rob Henry Clay
Van Neste, Caleb Frankfort
Martin, Jonah Thomas Nelson
Ahanj, Antonio Nolensville High School
Smith, Jeremiah Pulaski County
Burke, Brevin Tates Creek
Jones, Noah Pickens County
Kearns, Andrew Gallatin County
Terrell, Austin Corbin
Abel, Marcus Central Hardin
Pollock, Alex Frederick Douglass
Lin, Kedrick North Hardin
Watson, Scott Woodford County
Rhea, Austin Webb School of Knoxville
Wilson, William Great Crossing
Lawrence, Nathaniel Franklin County
Upton, Mason Paul Dunbar
Kuchenbrod, Ryan Beth Haven
Gordon, Ben Nolensville High School
Cundiff, Kasen Pulaski County
Hall, Will Pickens County
Niebuhr, Marcelo Henry Clay
Barber, Preston Frankfort
Taylor, Ian Central Hardin
Baird, Tommy Paul Dunbar
Reinhart, John Lexington Catholic
Hamilton, Kolby Eaton
Mack, Zander North Hardin
Hash, Ryan Woodford County
Soto, Sebastian Webb School of Knoxville
Pierson, Scott Great Crossing
Gormley, Conner Franklin County
Pinto, Nick Paul Dunbar
Walker, Tyler Scott County
Stinson, Caleb Beth Haven
Beattie, Nick Nolensville High School
Dodson, Will Pickens County
Impellitteri, Joseph Conner
Taylor, Jacob Frankfort
Bauer, Patrick Lexington Catholic
Bortel, Jack Eaton
Hanson, Jayssen North Hardin
Chapman, Josh Webb School of Knoxville
Swicegood, Jake Great Crossing
Fern, Leeland Franklin County
Cavins, Abram Paul Dunbar
Wireman, James Scott County
Si, Haijun Nolensville High School
White, Seth Pickens County
Woolery, Eddie Model
Warth, Logan Conner
Carpenter, Ethan Frankfort
Christensen, Matthew Tates Creek
Kessler, Daniel Lexington Catholic
McCarty, Alex Eaton
Russell, Gabe North Hardin
Milam, Cooper Webb School of Knoxville
Bowling, Blake Paul Dunbar
Holt, Austin Scott County
Ritchie, Logan Anderson County
Phegley, Parker Nolensville High School
Pagel, Eric Pickens County
Lochmueller, Chase Model
Hanak, Ryan Conner
Miklavcic, Reed Frankfort
Cathers, Dylan Pulaski County
Lamartiniere, Philip Tates Creek
Cervoni, Mark Lexington Catholic
Newport, Alex Eaton
Evans, Bannon Webb School of Knoxville
Streeval, Levi Frederick Douglass
Gordon, Jackson Woodford County
Fairchild, Peyton Conner
Lykins, Nathaniel Anderson County
Gover, Eli Pulaski County
Jack, Asher Tates Creek
Orr, Ethan Henry Clay
Zaparanick-Brown, Aidan Woodford County
Hanak, Will Conner
Morris, Isaac Corbin
Muse, Matthew Central Hardin
Pierce, Mason Anderson County
Hollifield, Kaeden Frederick Douglass
Gaona, Conrad Washington County
Sims, Griffin Henry Clay
Heist, Bradley Pulaski County
Walton, Leo Tates Creek
Hail, John Corbin
Bennett, Samuel Central Hardin
Gettelfinger, Gabriel Anderson County
Maxey, AJ Frederick Douglass
Bradshaw, Jarom Woodford County
Chenou, Prince Henry Clay
Jury, Trey Thomas Nelson
Daniels, Cainan Pulaski County
Morton, Maxwell Tates Creek
Fuller, Ross Pickens County
Verry, Dominic Paul Dunbar
Simons, Sean Corbin
Hamlin, Jaece Central Hardin
Givens, Jalen Frederick Douglass
Everage, Chase North Hardin
Hawkins, James Woodford County
Barrett, William Great Crossing
Patel, Venish Franklin County
Vermillion, Ethan Frankfort
Mouser, Sam Thomas Nelson
Salisbury, Kellen Nolensville High School
Cundiff, Kannon Pulaski County
Berger, Dillon Pickens County
Sterne, Conner Henry Clay
Logan, Zack Central Hardin
Henderson, Jayden Frederick Douglass
Morales, Max North Hardin
Thomas, Clay Woodford County
Orton, Marcus Webb School of Knoxville
Russell, Carter Great Crossing
Cox, Zac Franklin County
Salyer, Matthew Paul Dunbar
Bradley, Mason Scott County
Stinson, Noah Beth Haven
Blake, Jackson Nolensville High School
Hedgpeth, Connor Pickens County
Moore, Drew Conner
Fiscus, Clay Henry Clay
Barber, Mclain Frankfort
Hewitt, Graham Central Hardin
Willcutt, Jon Lexington Catholic
Kopf, Austin Eaton
Grizzell, Cory North Hardin
Brunson, Connor Webb School of Knoxville
Cash, Nolan Great Crossing
Kendall, Jacob Franklin County
Kubo, Rinta Paul Dunbar
Stephenson, Braydon Scott County
Ferris, Joshua Nolensville High School
Ford, Mason Pickens County
Johnson, George Conner
Yocum, Sam Frankfort
Garcia, Kevin Lexington Catholic
Bales, KeAnthony Eaton
Lynch, Chase North Hardin
Davis, Carson Webb School of Knoxville
Johnson, Kaiden Great Crossing
Carlile, Ethan Paul Dunbar
Risher, Parker Scott County
Watts, Austin Anderson County
Stallsmith, Ryan Nolensville High School
Cottrell, Josh Pickens County
Kutty-Poffenberger, Sahil Model
McMurray, Kyle Conner
Sweger, Chase Frankfort
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Varsity A Girls 152 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Eichelberger, Caitlyn Paul Dunbar
Hinton, Chloe Scott County
Privott, Jillian Frederick Douglass
Reynolds, Morgan Woodford County
Martin, Alexandra Great Crossing
Gillis, Riley Franklin County
Jackson, Nancy Jane Corbin
Tennant, Yomi Central Hardin
Bruin, Morgan Pulaski County
Schweigardt, Anna Tates Creek
Niebuhr, Micaela Henry Clay
Alonso, Vanessa Paul Dunbar
Monohan, Amelia Lexington Catholic
Haynes, Rylie Eaton
Murray, Caroline Woodford County
Valles, Elizabeth Franklin County
Tilly, Mckyla Central Hardin
Patton, Maddy Nolensville High School
Ralenkotter, Katelin Henry Clay
Adair, Emmy Kay Lexington Catholic
Elliott, Kiera Eaton
Crain, Katherine Woodford County
Vafaie-Partin, Ella Webb School of Knoxville
Gillion, Makena Franklin County
Sutherland, Grace Central Hardin
Bravard, Emily Paul Dunbar
Harlan, Josephine Conner
Vargas, Ali Henry Clay
Stegall, Hayley Nolensville High School
Jones, Erin Webb School of Knoxville
McKinney, Kylie Central Hardin
Wathen, Katherine Lexington Catholic
Baker, Maddie Eaton
Fisher, Aubrey Conner
Stuart, Jordyn Nolensville High School
Jazdzewski, Nina Lexington Catholic
Metz, Cari Eaton
Wilkerson, Hope Washington County
Ye, Meryl Webb School of Knoxville
McNulty, Angie Anderson County
Reynolds, Lauren Nolensville High School
Frey, Carrin Conner
Reiland, Olivia Thomas Nelson
Megibben, Jeannette Tates Creek
Wilson, Baily Gallatin County
Thompson, Gabrielle Washington County
Krishnan, Kamryn Webb School of Knoxville
Steely, Lauren Corbin
Leach, Grace Great Crossing
McEndree, Jade Anderson County
Wilkinson, Katelin Scott County
Kim, Hailey Nolensville High School
Klose, Megan Frederick Douglass
Benjamin, Daphne Conner
Chen, Abby Corbin
Janes, Caroline Thomas Nelson
Cundiff, Alex Pulaski County
Merten, Janae Tates Creek
Sparks, Olivia Henry Clay
Sallee, Mikayla Central Hardin
Deo, Amanda Great Crossing
Weitlauf, Bella Paul Dunbar
Burton, Caroline Scott County
Frese, Naomi Frederick Douglass
Probus, Eva Kate Woodford County
Gray, Ellen Conner
Curry, Mackenzie Corbin
French, Taylor Corbin
Shivel, Aliyah Pulaski County
Fomby, Gabrielle Tates Creek
Clifford, Lilly Henry Clay
Brown, Luka Great Crossing
Hazelwood, Kate Paul Dunbar
Luckett, Erin Scott County
Maxey, Annika Frederick Douglass
Hewett, McKenna Woodford County
Plumb, Ava Great Crossing
Boone, Eliza Franklin County
Jackson, Mary Hope Corbin
Baker, Arianna Central Hardin
Mounce, Ashlee Pulaski County
Sprague, Allie Tates Creek
Kovaleva, Anna Henry Clay
Bryant, Ella Paul Dunbar
Eggleston, Camryn Frederick Douglass
Banks, Lainey Woodford County
Carlee, Kiera Franklin County
Summit, Alexus Central Hardin
Welsch, Emily Nolensville High School
Smith, Ella Pulaski County
Meadors, Abby Tates Creek
Shea, Michaela Henry Clay
Daman, Nina Paul Dunbar
Regard, Kate Lexington Catholic
Hewitt, Kaili Eaton
Hamilton, Evelyn Woodford County
Ryan, Erin Webb School of Knoxville
Stigers, Molly Franklin County
Paul, Summer Central Hardin
Noehren, Haley Henry Clay
Earls, Chloe Nolensville High School
Schneider, Maggie Lexington Catholic
Guiley, Lauren Eaton
Bleuel, Abbey Woodford County
Perkinson, Katherine Webb School of Knoxville
McGuffin, Meghan Central Hardin
Siebenthaler, Kelsey Paul Dunbar
Vanlandingham, Ashlyn Conner
Plant, Auldyn Nolensville High School
Drummond, Kristin Lexington Catholic
Buckler, Rachel Eaton
Baker, Jessica Washington County
Slade, Lily Webb School of Knoxville
Mann, Ella Conner
Luna, Annaliese Anderson County
Shanks, Katie Nolensville High School
Shalash, Hannah Tates Creek
Cole, Lainey Lexington Catholic
Mylor, Ava Gallatin County
Hernandez, Esthephany Washington County
Phillips, Lawson Webb School of Knoxville
Mayer, Savannah Corbin
Luna, Sofia Anderson County
Vogelpohl, Sarah Nolensville High School
Williamson, Kira Conner
Cecil, Tori Thomas Nelson
Debord, Becca Pulaski County
Asbury, Maggie Tates Creek
Griffith, Annalee Great Crossing
Cox, Madison Anderson County
Gedritis, Anna Paul Dunbar
Vetter-Ryan, Sophia Scott County
Graves, Ann Frederick Douglass
Twehues, Maggie Woodford County
Fairchild, Kylie Conner
Ward, Lexi Corbin
Morton, Hannah Corbin
Manning, Alyssa Thomas Nelson
Strunk, Halana Pulaski County
Ballesteros, Kendyl Tates Creek
Lofwall, Justine Henry Clay
Fulkerson, Mariah Central Hardin
Barber, Lindsey Great Crossing
Talbert, Mandy Paul Dunbar
Spencer, Emily Scott County
Sanner, Layce Frederick Douglass
Gilbert, Cassidy Woodford County
Grimes, Abbagail Franklin County
Faulkner, Lauren Corbin
Cundiff, Addison Pulaski County
Hahnenstein, Ashleigh Tates Creek
O'Donnell, Caroline Henry Clay
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Varsity B Boys 57 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Feduccia, Joe Nolensville High School
Griese, Spencer Lexington Catholic
Cottle, Logan Eaton
Wyrick, Keaton Webb School of Knoxville
Painter, John Central Hardin
Stovall, Chase Nolensville High School
Brown, Lekendric Eaton
Marion, Will Webb School of Knoxville
Sigsgaard, Anton Paul Dunbar
Jones, Tyki Nolensville High School
Shalash, Mahmoud Tates Creek
Devlin, Liam Webb School of Knoxville
Upton, Craig Paul Dunbar
Erskine, Andrew Tates Creek
Robinson, Billy Webb School of Knoxville
Gedritis, Jack Paul Dunbar
Craft, Blayne Tates Creek
Naehr, Jack Paul Dunbar
Stachon, Ryan Lexington Catholic
Keith, Tanyin Tates Creek
Demuth, Nathan Central Hardin
Corman, Dylan Paul Dunbar
Bilotta, Dominic Lexington Catholic
Dearinger, Nash Tates Creek
Isaacs, Dominic Eaton
Schrock, Eli Central Hardin
Forrester, Tyler Nolensville High School
Drummond, Matt Lexington Catholic
Hauser, Cole Eaton
Paul, Brady Central Hardin
Tharpe, Andrew Nolensville High School
Pugh, Austin Eaton
Johnson, Hank Webb School of Knoxville
Brown, Connor Central Hardin
Gilreath, Bailey Nolensville High School
Wood, Cooper Webb School of Knoxville
Pruden, Jack Paul Dunbar
Romano, Peter Nolensville High School
Ntakarutimana, Joseph Tates Creek
Conley, Brian Webb School of Knoxville
Overstreet, Nick Paul Dunbar
Russell, Elijah Tates Creek
Narayani, Kaden Webb School of Knoxville
Sanning, Ethan Paul Dunbar
Williams, Rowen Lexington Catholic
Craft, Brycen Tates Creek
Hinshaw, Darin Paul Dunbar
Lane, Owen Lexington Catholic
Mattingly, Gabe Tates Creek
Carter, Lee Central Hardin
Durbin, Ashton Eaton
Farah, John Paul Dunbar
O'Neal, Grant Nolensville High School
Reinhart, David Lexington Catholic
Schweigardt, Jacob Tates Creek
Roth, Jaxon Eaton
Schrock, Logan Central Hardin
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Varsity B Girls 25 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Trammell, Brianna Tates Creek
Zhu, Bailey Paul Dunbar
Aldarondo, Isabella Paul Dunbar
Radhakrishnan, Camille Paul Dunbar
Risner, Grace Eaton
Starkes, Anna Grace Nolensville High School
Hallman, Alyssa Paul Dunbar
Bulach, Josie Eaton
Owen, Alexis Eaton
Clore, Kelly Tates Creek
Camuel, Maddy Tates Creek
Baird, Brittany Paul Dunbar
Witherington, Caroline Tates Creek
Scholl, Zoe Paul Dunbar
Elliot, Lynlee Paul Dunbar
Shakir, Menna Paul Dunbar
Gibson, Stephanie Eaton
Abell, Brooke Paul Dunbar
Rich, Katy Eaton
Wepking, Delaney Nolensville High School
Mowen, Allison Eaton
Baker, Briana Eaton
Yousef, Sally Tates Creek
Hassan, Iman Tates Creek
Mardini, Maya Paul Dunbar
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Varsity C Boys 6 entries

Athlete Seed Team
O'Laughlin, Colin Paul Dunbar
Morgan, Sully Paul Dunbar
Skirboll, Ellis Tates Creek
Willaims, Ashton Paul Dunbar
Chapman, Tyler Paul Dunbar
Yousef, Ayham Tates Creek
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