Rocket High School Distance Night 2017

Louisville, KY
Hosted by Assumption
Timing/Results DC Timing LLC

Meet Information

Rocket High School Distance Night
Assumption Green
Monday, May 1, 2017

Rocket Distance Night is created for all levels of distance competitors with the goal of running a personal best time in the 800, 1600 or 3200 in a festive, fun environment. Races will be run in the evening across three different divisions (Open, Frosh-Soph and Varsity), with the faster races being held later at night.

Revised Schedule
(as of 4/29/17)

Time / Event
5:45 Coaches Meeting

6:00 AHS Senior Night Celebration

6:15 Star Spangled Banner

6:20 800m Open Girls
6:30 800m Open Boys

6:40 3200m Varsity Boys/Girls (combined)

7:00 800m Frosh-Soph Girls
7:10 800m Frosh-Soph Boys
7:20 1600m Frosh-Soph Girls
7:30 1600m Frosh-Soph Boys

7:40 Frosh-Soph Awards

7:50 800m Varsity Girls
8:00 800m Varsity Boys
8:10 1600m Varsity Girls
8:20 1600m Varsity Boys

8:30 Varsity Awards


Gate Admission: $5 adults, $3 students, $3 seniors, kids 12 years old and younger are free

Varsity races: 1st place get a gold winners tech shirt and medal, 2nd-6th place get gray tech shirts and medals
Frosh-Soph and Unified races: top 6 finishers get medals
Open race: no awards

Entry fees
Team entry fees (for 4 or more athletes): $30 per girls team, and $30 per boys team
Note: each team entry fee allows unlimited entries across all 3 divisions of girls or boys races
Individual entry fees (for 3 or fewer athletes): $8 per individual girl, $8 per individual boy

Entry deadline: Friday, April 28 by 9:00pm

Entry process
1. Entry submission will be through Milesplit. Entry opens on the morning of March 1, 2017.
2. Coaches will enter athletes in the 800, 1600 or 3200 (not FS 800 or Varsity 1600). Athletes will be placed in a division during seeding. Athletes can be entered in one event (only), not multiple events. If an athlete does not have a grade level listed and the athlete is not seeded into a Varsity division race, then that athlete will be entered in the open 800 or 1600 regardless of their seed time.
** 3200m entries. As there is only a Varsity division 3200 and no 3200 in any other division, athletes entered in the 3200 who do not make the top 20 cutoff in the Varsity 3200 will be moved to section 1 or 2 of the Open 1600.
3. Entries may close prior to the entry deadline if the meet (or an event) reaches capacity.

** Varsity races: 16 fastest entries in the 800 and 1600 and 20 fastest entries in the 3200, based on verifiable season bests from the 2017 indoor/outdoor season (including indoor performances from December, 2016).
** Frosh-Soph races will include the 16 fastest Freshmen and Sophomores entries in the 800 and 1600, not seeded into a Varsity race and based on verifiable season bests from the 2017 indoor/outdoor season (including indoor performances from December, 2016).
** Open races include athletes not seeded into a Frosh-Soph or Varsity race (see note above about 3200m entries).

The entry process on which seeding is based has been set up so that seed times are reported as Spring/Outdoor season bests. If athletes have a 2017 Winter/Indoor season best that is better than their 2017 Spring/Outdoor season best, then please contact Coach Haworth (email below) with the athlete's Winter/Indoor season best, the meet where the season best was achieved, and meet date.

Seeding will reflect all published performances through Saturday, April 29. If a meet does not publish results prior to seeding, then we cannot use those results to seed athletes. Relay splits are not used for seeded, as relay splits are not included in published results.

If coaches have athletes in Varsity or Frosh-Soph races that cannot compete, then please provide that information as soon as possible prior to the meet. Coaches should not show up on meet day with large numbers of scratches.

Communication. All communication regarding this meet must be conducted (only) via email.

Meet director Barry Haworths email address is: