Grant County Invitational 2012

Sherman, KY
Hosted by Grant County


Grant County Invitational Recap Sep 10, 2012

 As I was walking out of my dorm at 7:50 to head north to the Grant County Invitational, I was not anticipating a particularly pleasant day out on the course for myself, or any of the athletes, coaches, or spectators, for that matter. The rain was coming down at a steady pace and by the looks of the puddles forming on the road, had been raining for several hours.

Grant County Invitational Preview Sep 07, 2012

Fitting in with the same pattern of the EG Plummer Invitational the Grant County Invitational looks like it is following in the footsteps of the Ryle Invitational.  The question is how will the ACT affect the attendance of some of the top runners.