Coverage T-Shirts $12.00 ORDER NOW!!! Mar 22, 2012

      Get your new T-Shirt delivered at the 5K Showdown on Friday.  They are $12.00 and will be hand-delivered to you at the meet.  If you are interested in purchasing a shirt please email me at    I will have them with me to buy at the meet even if you do not let me know ahead of time, but you will have to find me at the meet.  The athletes participating will be getting a speciality shirt for the race.   Sizes and Colors Available Below Green - 4 Medium, 3 Large Pink - 6 Small, 3 Medium Navy - 4 Large, 3 X-Large 5K Showdown on Friday Night Mar 21, 2012

  The 5000 Meter Run that is being held to open up the Harry Greschel Invitational this upcoming Friday night has been rebranded the 5K Showdown.  The girls race will start at 7:30 with the boys following at 8:00.  Below are the line-up for these All-Star events: